Three Ways to Build Your Brand on Twitter

It's easy to get overwhelmed on Twitter. You have so many messages going out all at once that you tend to get lost in the crowd a little bit. So if you are trying to build up your brand, it becomes that much more important that your message is heard. How exactly do you do that though? With these few simple tasks, you can actually begin to see your brand grow on the popular social networking sites.


1) Follow people. A lot of them.

There isn't any real secret here. Don't be afraid to follow a lot of people when you are first getting started. After a while, your following will grow on it's own, but at first, you need to start to follow some Twitter accounts. Target your niche audience, of course, but don't be afraid to branch out a little bit.

If someone does follow you, stalk their followers a bit and see who you can follow on there.

2) Unfollow who isn't following you.

Although I would give yourself a couple of weeks before you clean house, don't be afraid to unfollow the people who aren't following you back. That's the only way to build up a definite following and to build up your brand on the site. Take warning, though, if you excessively unfollow accounts, Twitter may think you are a spammer. So only unfollow just a little bit at a time.

3) Consider giveaways on Twitter.

One quick and easy way to generate interest in you and your brand on Twitter is a giveaway. Have people retweet to enter to win a prize. If you are building the type of business that is less product related and more service based, you can still giveaway items, such as promotional products with your business logo on it. Those small business marketing materials can increase enthusiasm for your brand and not to mention, people love free stuff.

It’s important to learn how to build your brand on Twitter and these steps are just the beginning. But once you conquer these, you can build confidence to branch out and try new things with your social networking skills. Once you've grown your Twitter following, there are few more things you can do to increase your website traffic with social media.

One more thing...

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