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This module is a very customizable Joomla module to enable you to accept Paypal Donations. It allows you to accept payments online and by using Paypal as your online payment gateway.

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  • Allows you to use whether to display a Paypal Image or your own text
  • Customizable Paypal email
  • Paypal Name of Organization to send money to
  • User selectable Currency for Payment
  • Choose whether to enable timed payments, and choose the frequency of the timed payment (Weekly, Monthly, Annually)
  • Fixed value or user entered monetary value, with smallest amount of payment possible
  • Choice of default currency
  • Choice of text for Submit button e.g. Donate, Pay Now etc.
  • Return address (URL) when payment is complete
  • Cancel address (URL) in case payment is cancelled.
  • CSS aware for customizable style of module