Forgot administrator account or password? Create a new admin user

There could be many reasons why during some phase of your website design, you lose administrator access to your website. You might have forgotten the username or password of the administrator, or some otherway got locked out of your backend. It is easy to create a new administrator user via phpmyadmin on your affordable hosting server. The following is a command which will add a new user to the users table in Joomla! The username is admin2 and the password is "secret" (no quotes).


You simply need to enter the following command in the cpanel of your hosting company via phpmyadmin for your hosting database. Once you enter the command below you can access the administrator backend. Don't forget to change the password from secret to something more secure to ensure your website doesn't get hacked!

INSERT INTO `jos_users`
   (`name`, `username`, `password`, `usertype`, `gid`, `params`)
VALUES ('Administrator2', 'admin2',
    'Super Administrator', 25, '');
INSERT INTO `jos_core_acl_aro`
VALUES (NULL, 'users', LAST_INSERT_ID(), 0, 'Administrator2', 0);
INSERT INTO `jos_core_acl_groups_aro_map`

One more thing...

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