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With the invention of ready-made website templates, it has become so much easier to get started with your web project without any additional help from a web designer. It may sound like something unreal, but today you do not need to have any advanced coding or design knowledge to deploy your project to the web - the best Joomla templates can handle all the nitty-gritty details for you.

Pre-made website themes will get the job done for you. Just pick a solution that you think will fit your future site/blog/shop ideally, personalize and customize its layout and options, and publish it on your live website.

As you could have already guessed, the most popular responsive Joomla templates of are in the focus of our article today.

The Joomla community keeps growing bigger and even more professional every year. The CMS is not for blogging purposes only - in fact, blogging, such as what we do here, write web design blogs, is one of the least things that Joomla is popular for.

Based on the CMS, you can build corporate portals, impressive work portfolios, and even web stores for pushing eCommerce from your site.


More and more often theme providers release templates that are suited for an array of purposes. All-in-one solutions are much more alluring to webmasters who want to upload their works with all types of built-in functionality. These will also work well for the users who still haven't come up with a final decision of what type of web resource they would like to launch.

In this article about multipurpose Joomla templates, most of the items in this showcase were designed and developed by TemplateMonster.

Suited for users of all skill levels and backgrounds, these multipurpose designs make it possible to get started with your web project in a few days or even a few hours if you've got enough experience.

All templates run on the fully responsive Bootstrap framework. All of them feature pre-designed page templates, which make it so much quicker and easier to get your website and specific pages live quickly. Compliant with the current web standards, all of the 21 best-selling Joomla templates are SEO optimized for top-notch performance in search engines.

The themes are not only designed and developed with care, but they are also well-documented and feature free 24/7 support by a team of professional customer-care managers. The provider has also taken care of creating several 

for startups and small business owners.

In case you are looking for a web design studio that can help you with the customization of the chosen template, welcome to the Web Design Studios Catalogue. This is a directory of the most trusted TemplateMonster's partners who have passed the company's certification and proven to have a high-level of expertise in handling the company's themes.

There is also an option to refer to TM Service Center to get your product customized and the site launched within 24 hours.

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21 Best Joomla Templates

1. Jumerix

Jumerix is a truly multipurpose Joomla template featuring every piece of functionality needed to launch any web project starting from blogs and online portfolios and ending with feature-rich eCommerce sites.

The theme comes with full VirtueMart integration.

The pack is pre-loaded with ready-made page templates for product pages, product catalogues, portfolio showcases, and blog posts that are ready to go live out-of-the-box. Multiple home page and blog layouts, a rich UI kit, theme color switcher tool, and a whole lot of other options are integrated for quicker and effortless customization of the template.

The template from the vendor Zemez (one of the top vendors on TemplateMonster) can be purchased for $75. 

Jumerix Multipurpose Joomla Theme


Details   Demo

2. Photographer - Portfolio Responsive Template

Use this fully responsive Joomla template for building online portfolios of photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals.

The front page is designed in a black-and-white minimal style (see why sites with a dark background can work better). The navigation elements are minimalistic.

It features a hamburger menu icon, with a fly-out menu.

This Joomla template also incorporates a social login feature, which can be used to access a personal profile page via the existing social media accounts.

The theme is enhanced with sliders and photo galleries intended for a more remarkable portfolio showcase. A set of working forms is pre-loaded into the theme’s package.

It can be downloaded for a one-time usage fee of $75.

Photographer Portfolio Responsive Joomla Template


Details   Demo

3. Virginia - Corporate Joomla Theme

This item on our list of best Joomla templates is best suited for bringing a sleek and professional look to business and corporate pages.

Each element of the theme’s design was hand-picked for presenting products/services in a reliable and trustworthy manner, something which is critical in a corporate website.

A simple layout of the template features smart use of whitespace, making it so much easier to scan through the content.

Parallax scrolling backgrounds and well-thought-out animation effects keep the users immersed in captivating storytelling. All elements of the theme’s design are fully editable.

A color switcher tool allows you to come up with a color palette that perfectly fits your brand identity.

Virginia, another template from Zemez can be used and downloaded for $75, a small price to pay for such a high-standard design. You can also take it for 10% OFF if you use our coupon code.

Corporate Joomla Theme


Details   Demo

4. JSN Meetup - Professional event template

JSN Meetup is a relatively recent template, released in November 2018, but boy has it hit the ground running!

It's one of the most popular downloads right now at Joomlashine and is the perfect choice if you're creating a site for a professional conference, event, meetup or another similar gathering of people.

Looking at the conference demo immediately shows you why this design has been a hit.

The homepage has all of the necessary modules an event-based website would need, such as Agenda, speakers, event registration and booking, sponsors, news - besides an attractive homepage banner to sell the event, all in a single page, all leading to more detailed pages as necessary.

Even with all of this content, the design does not feel cluttered or busy - a delicate balance that is not easy to achieve, but these guys have nailed it.

To mention a few of the winning features of this template:

  • Pre-built pages to ensure you can get your site up and running quickly
  • Integrated events booking solution
  • Fully supported and documented
  • Flexible and configurable, SEO-ready, including micro-data

We do believe this is an excellent option for anybody setting up a conference or similar event using a Joomla framework.

JSN Meetup can be purchased as part of Joomlashine subscription which starts at $49.

Joomlashine meetup

Details   Demo


5. Pasta & Ravioli

The theme is intended to bring an appetizing look to a variety of food and drink-related websites.

It will ideally match web resources showcasing Italian cuisine. The design features a dark color scheme, which brings the users’ focus of attention to quality images of dishes on the menu. The theme features hand-written fonts, which add a touch of personality to the design.

Thanks to the integration of a split-screen technique, you can display various types of content simultaneously. The main navigation panel and login icon remain in a fixed position as a user browses the content.

This Joomla template is available on TemplateMonster, through vendor Zemez for the price of $75 - but also check out our discount.

Food And Beverages Joomla Template


Details   Demo

6. Wegy - Business Journal Joomla Theme

Wegy is a responsive, feature-rich template that is intended to be used for a variety of business web projects. We've reviewed this in full here.

It comes loaded with 14 pre-designed pages that are ready to go live out-of-the-box.

The theme features full VirtueMart integration. The latter makes it possible to launch a fully-fledged web store based on the Wegy theme.

Advanced filtering options, smart display of products and catalogs allow getting started with an eCommerce site in the short run. Additional page templates will only make your site more informative.

Wegy can be bought for $75 from the TemplateMonster site, or you can get a discount through our code.

Business Journal Joomla Theme


Details   Demo

7. Diving Club

This responsive Joomla template will come in handy to everyone looking for a rock-solid starting point of sports, travel, and adventure sites.

The template is fully editable through the template's built-in mechanisms. It includes a handy color switcher tool, with the help of which you can modify the theme's color palette in any way possible.

The download package includes several working forms that are ready to go live straight away. The availability of a set of handy widgets makes it so much easier to organize the content presented in any way required.

A social login option allows web users to log in without the necessity to fill in long, nasty registration forms.

Diving Club is available for purchase for $75, but you can get it for a limited-time-only at 10% OFF.

Diving Joomla Template


Details   Demo

8. IronMass

With the help of this responsive Joomla template, you can get started with a sports-related blog or site.

The layout is built-in energetic red hues. If you wish to change the color palette for a different one, you can do this with a few clicks owing to the theme color switcher tool. It allows you to choose from pre-designed color schemes or create a custom scheme for you.

The product will easily handle content-heavy web resources thanks to the lazy loading effect. It is integrated with Google maps and has many working forms included to let the users get in touch with you online.

IronMass can be purchased and used for $75, but check out our offer today.

This is another product from Zemez, one of the top vendors which often produces some of the best Joomla templates around.

Fitness Joomla Template


Details   Demo

9. Plastic Surgery

Use this theme for medical and healthcare sites.

A clean and spacious layout is a perfect fit for setting the right accents.

The template is both mobile- and SEO-friendly. The layout is adjusted to perform flawlessly across a variety of screen sizes and web browsers.

For better scannability of the content, the theme makes use of grids and tabs with a large hero slider welcomes every user and drives their attention to featured topics or specific CTAs you need them to follow.

As with most Joomla templates on TemplateMonster, this is priced at $75, but you can get it at 10% OFF with our coupon code

Plastic Surgery Joomla Template


Details   Demo

10. S2 Business Company

You can use this best Joomla template design for small-to-large-sized business projects.

It's a perfect fit for presenting both personal and corporate sites.

The layout features a clean and refined style, which projects a trustworthy and reliable feel to a web project built on this design. The theme includes background video support, which is known as a great conversion booster.

The parallax scrolling animation spices up a concise style of the theme.

S2 can be bought for $75, or cheaper if you use our discount code.

Business Company


Details   Demo

11. Djuci - Web Design Agency

Djuci is intended to make any website built on its basis an eye-catcher.

The layout features bold, touch-friendly navigation elements. The theme is made highly usable and quick-to-scan. The main navigation panel remains sticky as a user browses the content. The template supports every type of content you can think of.

All design elements are clearly differentiated, with the content being organized in a logical hierarchy.

Web Design Agency


Details   Demo

12. Perfect Rent Joomla Template

Perfect Rent is designed for real estate, architecture, and design sites (Incidentally, CollectiveRay has created a great roundup of real estate website templates).

It will also suit travel and hotel sites perfectly.

An integrated booking form makes it possible to make a reservation online.

A filterable gallery welcomes the users to take a look at the preferred real estate offerings on the front page. The theme is abundant in spaces that can feature high-quality images of your property, which will help showcase your site's offerings in the best way possible.

Contact details can be found at the bottom of the homepage. User testimonials are also included to grow the vendor's credibility.

Get this Joomla template for $75.

Apartment Rent Joomla Theme


Details   Demo

13. Harvest - Agriculture company

Here is a ready-made solution for agriculture and industrial sites.

The design features a split-screen technique, which makes it look far trendier and more functional. Blurred backgrounds and parallax scrolling images add a feeling of depth to the theme.

The header features a sticky MegaMenu. This is a functional and fully editable element. It supports both visual and written content.

Rows and columns are fully editable as well. With the purpose to save on space yet present lots of content on the theme's pages, carousel galleries were integrated.



Details   Demo

14. BeDentist

BeDentist is a ready-made solution for medical and healthcare sites.

It features a clean and spacious layout, with the main emphasis put on content.

The template is built with usability in mind. Thus, a user can feel the ease of coming across the desired piece of data via MegaMenu or advanced search.

A responsive slider in the header of the page guides the users’ eye to the most trending topics and the hottest discussions. A handful of UI elements and a set of pre-designed page templates make it easier to bring the desired look and feel to the template.

Get it for $75, or use our coupon code (collectiveray) for 10% OFF.

Dentistry Joomla Template


Details   Demo

Make use of this template for presenting photo-heavy projects on the web. It will fit art gallery sites perfectly.

Photographers and videographers can showcase their creative portfolios with their help. Designed in dark hues, the layout brings emphasis to the quality visual content. Sliders and photo galleries are pre-loaded into the theme’s package.

Advanced animation options are included for a more remarkable presentation of your site's data and captivating storytelling.

Get this best Joomla template for photography for $75 at TemplateMonster, or use our coupon for 10% OFF.  

Art Gallery


Details   Demo

16. Gerdo - Business Blog

Gerdo will fit everyone looking for a ready-made starting point of a variety of business web projects.

Whether you need to build a blog or a personal web page, the theme will perfectly meet your needs. It features a fully responsive framework, which is intended to adjust every piece of data provided on your site's page to any screen size.

A functional and fully editable MegaMenu placed at the top of the page lets the users access any data with a click. A handful of additional page templates allow webmasters to make their online projects more informative and feature-rich.

Business Blog


Details   Demo

17. Advertising Agency

The theme will perfectly fit advertising, communication, and media sites.

Featuring polygonal backgrounds, it looks trendy and eye-catching.

The card-based content structure makes it possible to share different pieces of data in a quick-to-scan way. The design features a perfect balance of visual and written content, which provides for its better readability.

Touch-friendly design elements make the template easy to browse on mobile devices. The theme is integrated with social media options and features Google maps widget for adding your location to the site.

Buy it today for $75 or get a discount through our offer.

Advertising Agency


Details   Demo

18. Photographers Theme

Use this product for presenting photographer and videographer portfolios on the web.

The template features a flexible and dynamic layout. It can adjust flawlessly to any screen size and resolution a site is browsed on.

Built with valid, semantic code, the template is compliant with the latest web standards. Its pack includes 14 pre-designed pages and additional page templates that are ready to go live out-of-the-box.

There is also a built-in forum and a commenting system available, which allow you to establish better contact with the web audience.

You can get 10% OFF the price of $75 by using our code: collectiveraytm10.

Photographers Joomla Theme


Details   Demo

19. Harmony - Massage Salon

Bring the atmosphere of relief and harmony to your website through this responsive Joomla template.

Designed in neutral colors, it looks so calm and relaxing. The users will feel the ease of browsing the site's pages thanks to the thought-out, easy-to-follow navigation.

A large hero slider welcomes every visitor and can be used to showcase the best you are offering.

Neat ghost elements perfectly harmonize with the rest of the theme's elements. Integrated with a commenting system, the theme makes it possible for your site's visitors to speak directly to you about the services that you provide, in a casual way.

Get this Joomla template for $75, or less if you use our offer.



Details   Demo

20. Radio

The Radio theme is an impressive starting point for a variety of media web pages, not just for radio stations.

These include radio, television, events and fun conferences or meetups.

Musicians and bands looking for the ways to present their works to a wider audience can make use of this item as well.

The Material Design style of the theme gives it trendier look. As with most Joomla templates presented here, all elements of the design are fully editable.

You can upload the theme's pages with any type of written/audio/video content you can think of.

The theme can be used against a fee of $75 but you should check out our offer to get it even cheaper.



Details   Demo

21. Artist Portfolio

This is one of the last, but not the least impressive best-selling template from this compilation. Incidentally, if you are looking for similar themes, but based on WordPress, we've got this covered too. Check out our list of WordPress themes for artists in this article.

It is intended to be used for building creative model portfolios and fashion-related web projects.

Developed to perform flawlessly across a variety of browsers and gadgets, the template includes a set of pre-designed pages that will make a site more informative and let you get started with a web project in the shortest time.

The item is social media ready, letting the users spread the word about their preferred content and reach your official social media pages with a click.

This template is available for $75, or get it at 10% off with our offer.

Artist Portfolio Joomla Template


Details   Demo

22. JD Shop  

JD Shop is an advanced and productive Joomla 3.8.x Template specially designed for an E-commerce website.

It is built with the HikaShop Joomla extension that has proved to be one of the best e-commerce Joomla extensions.

This ultimate template gives a modern design and feel to your website.

With the customization features and flexibility it brings, JD Shop is an absolutely great choice for any small or large e-commerce website.  

This fully responsive best Joomla template comes such an attractive slider, customized blog layout, K2 & EasyBlog styling and many more features that are great proven to catch your visitor's attention and keep them on your site, this is what you want.

JD Shop can be purchased for $39 from JoomDev.

JD Shop

Details   Demo


These were 21 22 of the trendiest, top-selling, best Joomla templates for the beginning of . All compliant with the latest web standards and featuring trendy designs, they are intended to make projects that they represent more noticeable and reachable on the web.

Thirsty for more impressive Joomla templates? Find them over here.

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