45 Real Estate Website Templates + Tips to Sell Property (2024)

Real estate website templates

A home is the largest, most expensive purchase any of us will make and showcasing properties for sale is crucial to gathering interest and booking viewings. As the property market is moving increasingly online, a good looking real estate website is key to your success. This page will showcase some of the best WordPress real estate themes and general real estate website templates currently available to help you sell property.

We have searched the internet and collated some of the best examples of premium and free themes we have seen.

Truth be told, if you're developing a website for a real-estate agency, then a great user experience when it comes to helping customers find the properties they want is key to success.

Search filters and an intuitive experience will be the determining factor.

If you're selling a single property, then showcasing that property in the best possible way will ensure you sell it quickly, for the right price.



As with all of our roundups, we have selected the very best real estate website templates out there and WordPress real estate themes. We have tested them compared them and used our experience to sort the good from the bad and the mediocre from the excellent.

What you see here is the cream of the crop.

You will recognize some old favourites in this roundup and some top-class free real estate WordPress themes and templates. We have done our best to provide the widest range of designs, options, and features.

Whoever you are, wherever you operate, there will be a real estate WordPress theme here that can take you to the next level!

Best Real Estate Website Templates 2024

First, let’s check out more than 30 of the best premium real estate website templates and WordPress themes. There is a wide cross-section here that will help you showcase properties, provide excellent usability for your audience, and make setting up your real estate website as simple as possible.

1. Divi Real Estate

Divi Real Estate Website Template

No list of ‘best WordPress real estate templates’ would be complete without an appearance from Divi. Divi Real Estate is one of the best real estate WordPress themes out there. It is clean, flat and colourful. It uses fonts very well, has great white space, an excellent background image that manages to be attractive while unobtrusive at the same time.

All the features are there. A contact area, listings area and page, advanced search function, browse listings function, contact page, sections for different property types, a stylish content area and lots of extras you could add to your website if you wanted to.

Divi Real Estate offers:

  • The power of the Divi theme with a real estate design
  • Excellent coding for fast loading and stability
  • A ton of page features ideal for property
  • Clean design with attractive fonts
  • Fully responsive design for maximum flexibility

Get Divi at 10% OFF until May 2024

Want to read more about this theme? Check out our Divi vs Elementor comparison.

2. Astra – Real Estate

Astra Real Estate result

Astra is another favourite of ours with a very strong real estate WordPress theme. The strong header colour and image, bold font and starkly contrasted purple and white certainly makes an impression. It can be toned down if you don’t want to stand out quite so much, but that flexibility is part of its strength.

The theme has a featured properties section, listings section and ancillary pages but no advanced search or filter function. This is a slight downside but the rest of the design is so strong that you could easily get a real estate plugin and remedy that. Otherwise, Astra Real Estate works very well indeed!

Features of Astra – Real Estate include:

  • Strong first impression with contrasted header
  • Nice page balance with excellent imagery options
  • Very attractive feature properties and listing sections
  • Loads quickly and is very stable
  • Great support from the developers

Check out the Astra Pro theme and plugin and see the excellent benefits this theme offers.

More Information + Download and Demo

3. Webify - Real Estate Website Template


Webify from ThemeForest is a multipurpose theme with a great real estate demo template. It’s a modern flat design with an appointment form above the fold and a simple menu and image header.

The theme uses the WordPress customizer to help build using blocks. There are a number of real estate-specific blocks that deliver property showcases, portfolio pages, individual property pages and everything you need to see on a property site.

Highlights of Webify include:

  • Multipurpose theme with a real estate template
  • Nice designs with great balance
  • Works with the WordPress block editor and customizer
  • Attractive content and portfolio sections
  • Regularly updated


4. Neve Real Estate

Neve Real Estate result

Neve Real Estate is more of a traditional WordPress real estate theme with a listings feature. It features a strong colour, excellent fonts, a strong highlight section and featured property areas. There is no advanced search function but you could always add one with some code or a plugin.

This is one of the most striking real estate WordPress themes in this list for its design, colour, layout and appeal. The template also loads quickly, is fully responsive, has a directory page for listings, supports custom widgets, and has a highlight page for individual properties.

Everything is covered here.

Neve Real Estate is:

  • Clean, flat and colourful
  • Attractive to look at thanks to those fonts
  • Easy to use and pleasing to the eye
  • Ready for commercial or residential listings
  • SEO-friendly and WPML-ready
  • Well priced with excellent customer support

More Information + Download

5. Wealty - Real Estate Listings Template

Wealty result

Wealty is more than just a template, it’s a collection of very powerful WordPress real estate themes. It is fully compatible with IDX and MLS so managing property is simple. Strong designs, good layouts and flexible page features means you can tune your website to your exact needs.

Layouts include single agent, agency and marketplaces, ideal for any kind of property business. Pages load quickly, templates are SEO-friendly, responsive and include a drag and drop page builder and property management dashboard for easy administration.

Considering just how much is on offer, this is one of the best real estate WordPress themes here!

Wealty delivers:

  • Modern flat design with excellent use of colour
  • Strong fonts and superb use of white space
  • Strong real estate features including IDX and MLS integration
  • Loads quickly and is SEO-friendly
  • Good support

Demo + Download

6. StudioPress - Agent Focused Pro

StudioPress Agent Focused Pro result

Agent Focused Pro is one of two WordPress real estate website templates we are featuring from StudioPress. The developer has a couple of exquisite designs suitable for property and this is one of them. The design is clean with strong fonts and an attractive first impression.

The template includes an advanced search and filter function front and centre. There is also a featured listings section, a flexible content area for neighbourhood information or supplementary content, support for custom widgets, a contact form, and IDX integration. It’s a fully-featured theme that is well worth checking out.

StudioPress - Agent Focused Pro offers:

  • Highly tuned real estate WordPress theme
  • Search and filter function front and centre
  • Clean modern design with strong imagery
  • Excellent layout with good use of white space
  • Optional content areas for any use

More Information + Download

7. StudioPress - Winning Agent Pro 2

StudioPress Winning Agent Pro 2 result

Winning Agent Pro 2 is the second of the real estate WordPress themes from StudioPress. This template is equally attractive and designed specifically for property. It’s another strong theme with impactful imagery, modern fonts, good layout and an advanced search and filter function at the top of the page.

The first impression of this design is different to Agent Focused Pro even though the layout is very similar. This is more upscale thanks to the colours used and imagery. It could of course be tweaked to whatever type of impression you want to make by changing both of those.

StudioPress - Winning Agent Pro 2 delivers:

  • An upscale WordPress real estate theme for premium property
  • Flexible enough to be tweaked for any market
  • Advanced search and filter function front and centre
  • Flexible content areas
  • Fully responsive design and translation ready

More Information + Download / Demo

8.WPZoom - Balance

WPZoom Balance result

Balance from WPZoom is another template where you will have to use your imagination. It’s an ecommerce theme we have used before and is an excellent theme to look at, use and manage. Just switch the existing clothing images for property and the shop menu item for property types and you’re there.

The template is very contemporary with strong fonts, good use of white space, colourful imagery, subtle menu, a search function and a smooth contact form. This is a competent theme that could be tweaked to property with minimal effort which is why it’s in this list.

WPZoom – Balance provides:

  • Scope for any type of property listings from low end to premium
  • Excellent page balance with good use of white space
  • Strong, modern fonts
  • Search and ecommerce functions
  • Fully responsive design and translation ready

More Information + Download

9. Realtyspace


Realtyspace from CodeFactory47 is a superb WordPress real estate theme. It delivers a strong first impression, shows everything you need above the fold and includes a very fast property filter and search function. It also works with IDX and MLS, has Google Maps integration, includes property listing areas and highlighted property sections.

The contemporary design works well for the niche. A strong header image with contrasting font sets the scene nicely allowing the user to search immediately or scroll down to highlighted properties or explore the site.

It’s a very competent design from a developer who has really thought about how a real estate website would be used.

Highlights of Realtyspace include:

  • Very attractive WordPress real estate theme
  • Good looking advanced search and filter section
  • Lots of property highlighting opportunities
  • Regionalisation options built in
  • IDX and MLS compatible

More Information + Demo/Download

10. Houzez

Houzez result

Houzez by Favethemes is another of those multitalented WordPress real estate themes. Like Wealty, Houzez is a collection of real estate website templates that can be used in almost any situation from single agents to agencies, listings to sales. There are 16 different designs to choose from and all look great.

Templates typically have a search and filter prominently on the page, a strong header image, simple navigation, strong sans serif fonts, a good balance of white space and content and optional extra features.

All pages load quickly and deliver an excellent experience too!

Houzez real estate WordPress themes provide:

  • Modern property templates in a variety of designs
  • Prominent search and filter function
  • Easy to use page builder and data importer
  • Fully responsive design with translation opportunities
  • Attractive design with usability in mind

More Information + Download

11. Elviria - WPCasa

Elviria WPCasa result

Elviria is a WordPress real estate theme for WPCasa, a WordPress theme package with dozens of designs. Each has been built around property and provides a completely different first impression. We chose Elviria because of the use of colour, font, header image and overall design.

The template includes simple navigation, a filter and advanced search box, second menu option, featured properties, latest properties, listing pages, custom widget areas, agent info box and everything you need from a real estate agent website. It is a simple but very effective design which is why we feature it here.

Highlights of Elviria – WPCasa include:

  • Strong first impression with that header image
  • Good use of colour and font
  • Lots of real estate features you need
  • Search and filter options
  • One of many designs available with WPCasa

Demo + Download

12. London - WPCasa

London WPCasa result

London is our second featured template from WPCasa. While it shares the same back end as Elviria, the design is completely different. London is greyscale and much more contemporary. It would work amazingly well for commercial or high end property or for a younger demographic.

London is one of our favourite real estate website templates. It has all the characteristics we look for with strong design, good use of white space, Google Maps option, fully responsive design, font and images, a simple filter and search function, attractive property pages and a whole lot more.

London from WPCasa delivers:

  • Contemporary property listing options
  • Greyscale design with excellent contrast and colour use
  • Simple property filter function
  • Flexible page options including content and property features
  • Fast loading and SEO-friendly

More Information + Download

13. Real Homes

Real Homes

Real Homes is one of the most popular real estate websites templates around and for good reason! It has a nice, clean design and it comes fully loaded with lots of features. It includes a contemporary layout with lots of images, search and filter, featured properties and attractive individual property pages.

The use of colour, imagery and white space is superb. The design makes an excellent first impression and performs well too. Pages load quickly and work well on any device. That’s why it is regarded as one of the best real estate WordPress themes around right now.

Real Homes offers:

  • Responsive layout powered by Bootstrap
  • Advanced search for property
  • Google Map with property location markers
  • IDX Plugin support
  • WPML plugin support

More Information + Demo/Download

14. WP Residence


WP Residence is a versatile WordPress real estate theme ideal for most company types. It includes templates for agents, agencies, property listings websites and even a marketplace. All areas of real estate are covered here.

Each template is well-designed with nice flow, advanced search and filter section, maps, featured properties, individual property pages, lots of imagery and everything you expect to see on a professional website. As this theme uses Elementor, your options are genuinely limitless in terms of personalization.

WP Residence provides:

  • Elementor drag and drop page builder plugin
  • IDX Plugin support
  • Clean design with lots of customization options
  • Search and filter options
  • Responsive design and translation-ready

More Information + Download

15. Solus - Single Property Theme

Solus - Single Property wordpress theme

If you just want to create a website for a particular property you want to sell instead of listings, you'll need to find a real estate website template that can showcase it at its best. The Solus - Single Property Theme is just what you need.

Solus is ideal for FSBOs or those who would rather set up a unique website for individual properties rather than listings websites. The design is excellent, with strong images, an image slider, Google Maps option, breakout boxes, a map and everything you would expect to see.

Solus provides:

  • Demo content is included so that your theme matches the live preview
  • Retina support, optimized for high-resolution displays like the Macbook Pro with Retina Display, iPhones and iPads
  • Responsive layout
  • Video documentation with a detailed written help file
  • Built using HTML5 Boilerplate for a fast, robust and future-proof site

More Information + Download

16. Homeland


Homeland is a responsive and retina ready WordPress real estate theme with a minimalist approach and flat clean design. A strong header with great contrast, stark fonts and a property filter section at the top of the page make a great first impression.

Homeland includes features that make it very easy to add property listings to your site and organize and categorize them in the ways which make sense for potential clients. It is fully responsive, has two theme layouts, full width and boxed style for a little extra design freedom.

The Homeland real estate WordPress theme offers:

  • Modern flat design
  • Strong use of contrasting colours, images and fonts
  • Search and filter options
  • Attractive property pages
  • Fast loading and very easy to use

Demo + Download

17. Resido


Resido is a dedicated real estate website theme with 6 demos. It uses calm, relaxed design with a search and filter element up top and simple navigation. All layouts have been designed with usability in mind and could work for any type of real estate business.

The theme comes with attractive property pages, Elementor compatibility, one-click demo importer, a listings plugin and the ability to customize everything you see on the page. It’s a stylish theme that delivers all you look for in a real estate template.

Highlights of Resido include:

  • Clean, modern design with 6 demos
  • Nice layouts with search and filter options
  • Very attractive property pages
  • Listings plugin included
  • Compatible with the Elementor page builder


18. WP Estate


WP Estate is an excellent example of WordPress real estate themes done well. The template includes a number of themes ranging from modern to upscale, comfortable to commercial. Each offers a clean user experience with fast loading pages, usable filters and maps.

WP Estate is a great looking template with some very colourful designs. Each includes good use of white space, contrasting colours, sans serif fonts, Google Maps option, property filters, featured property function, neighbourhood content options, forms and agent bios. Everything you would expect to see from a professional real estate website.

Key features of the WP Estate WordPress theme.

  • Attractive modern themes
  • Strong colours and images
  • Good font choices
  • Property filter and search options
  • Great layout with flexible content blocks

More Information + Download


19. Presence by WPZoom

Presence by WPZoom result

Presence is the second of our WordPress real estate themes from WPZoom. This is a purpose-built property template with strong images, a header slider, search and filter function, listings and property pages and extra content options for below the fold.

This is a very clean design with superb use of white space with pops of colour from image blocks, subtle but clear fonts, Google Maps option, smooth scrolling and a professional feel throughout. Pages load quickly and there is the opportunity to customize the theme however you like.

Highlights of the Presence real estate WordPress theme:

  • Clean and contemporary
  • Smooth and fast working
  • Nice pops of colour from images
  • Slick property filter and search
  • Fully responsive

Demo + Download

20. Divi


You’re going to have to bear with us for a moment with Divi. This is a flexible, multi-purpose theme that has proven its worth by being the best-selling WordPress theme ever, with more than 600,000 customers.

If you look at the demo layout and the features, you will see that it could easily be tweaked for property. 

The design is striking with its strong image header and use of strong fonts. Like the execution of Divi Real Estate, Divi in general is a strong template with the backing of a top class development team, a ton of support and all the features you could want.

Highlights of Divi include:

  • Strong design that could easily be tweaked for property
  • Stable and fast loading
  • Readymade listings, landing and feature pages
  • Advanced search and query function
  • Fully responsive design and WPML ready

More Information + Download

Read CollectiveRay's complete Divi theme review.

21. Ultra


Ultra is a WordPress multipurpose theme that could easily be tweaked to fit real estate. There are a couple of agency templates and a construction template that could work for real estate agents or management firms.

We recommend Ultra because it’s so fast and flexible. It even has its own page builder, the Themify Builder. It’s something else you’ll need to learn but provides all the tools you need to build your website any way you like. This theme is also very flexible, so can literally be anything to anyone.

Highlights of Ultra include:

  • Multipurpose theme with predefined templates
  • Comes with its very own page builder
  • Performs well even on shared hosting
  • Readymade templates cover most requirements
  • Works with most WordPress plugins

22. EstateEngine


EstateEngine is a dedicated real estate theme for WordPress that manages to pack a lot into a page while not overpowering the experience. It’s a well-balanced theme with an attractive design and some nice touches.

One of those touches is the map element at the top of the page. It corresponds to listings within the page to enable visitors to search by location as well as by aesthetics. That, along with attractive listings pages make this a must-see.

Highlights of EstateEngine include:

  • Dedicated real estate template
  • Map feature is very useful
  • Property listings and dedicated listings page
  • Supports user submissions for listings
  • Lots of extra tools

23. WPCasa Bahia

WPCasa Bahia

WPCasa Bahia is a vacation-themes real estate template. It’s attractive to look at and utilizes blue well to inspire confidence and help you relax. Subtle tropical cues provide the feeling of vacations to help you get into a buying mood.

WPCasa Bahia has a search function front and centre to help search or filter property. The page includes listings sections that open into well designed property pages. It’s a well thought out design that keeps things simple, in a good way.

Highlights of WPCasa Bahia include:

  • Attractive vacation property vibe
  • Can be customized to suit any property niche
  • Search and filter function is front and centre
  • Nice default colours and typography
  • Fully responsive and SEO friendly

24. WPCasa Oslo


WPCasa OsloWPCasa Oslo is another option from WPCasa. It has a completely different feel to other templates from the developer which we think work well here. This is a calmer boxed layout with a light background and bolder colours in the content areas.

The search and filter function uses a strong colour to help it stand out while the property elements are calmer, allowing the images to tell the story. It’s a very well designed theme that would be ideal for real estate agents.

Highlights of WPCasa Oslo include:

  • Attractive boxed real estate theme
  • Default colours are well chosen and work nicely
  • Search function is clear and easy to use
  • Listings pages are equally attractive
  • The default theme performs well

25. Main Street

Main Street

Main Street is an old school WordPress real estate theme that works well to our eyes. Modern design is all very well but if you want to appeal to a different audience, or stand out from the crowd, this theme will help you do it.

It’s a largely greyscale design with a mixture of fonts and interest added mainly by images. This is a clever way to let the properties stand out and to draw interest to what will actually make you the money, the real estate. With IDX and MLs integration, this is a great theme to try.

Highlights of Main Street include:

  • Old school design done well
  • Allows property images to grab your attention
  • Includes search and filter
  • Integrates with IDX and MLs
  • Attractive mobile version

26. Oikia


Oikia is another real estate theme with a vacation vibe. It uses contrasting light and dark with a bold colour to make a statement. It also uses an integrated image slider to attract interest and showcase properties. It’s a very well designed template.

Scroll down to a search and filter section and further still for property listings. Listings pages are simple but include everything you need, including a loan calculator, which is a neat touch. The rest of the theme includes all the core pages you’ll need, which makes life easier.

Highlights of Oikia include:

  • Contrasting light and dark elements works well
  • Integrated slider within the header section
  • Simple but elegant listings pages
  • Search and filter section works quickly
  • Compatible with page builders

27. Real Estate 7

Real Estate 7

Real Estate 7 is a ThemeForest template with a selection of designs, including some very contemporary ones we really like. Each uses imagery, colour and typography very well and delivers the features a real estate website would need.

All templates include image showcases with lots of images, search and filter elements, an interactive map and a mixture of other sections, from testimonials to a blog. You can customize every template easily, so could make it anything you wish.

Highlights of Real Estate 7 include:

  • Contemporary designs with some very nice touches
  • Images, colours and typography are used well
  • Can work with MLS plugins
  • Lots of opportunity to make your site unique
  • Well-reviewed developer

28. Rehomes


Rehomes is a more traditional corporate style real estate theme for WordPress. That’s not a negative, far from it as it could work for architects and larger design firms. The theme has several versions, all with a similar look and feel that could be ideal for larger firms.

Designs use imagery well and use animations, parallax scrolling and other tricks to keep you engaged and to help navigation. A mixture of graphics and photographs keep things interesting while you explore the page, ideal for a more corporate appeal.

Highlights of Rehomes includes:

  • Ideal for corporate real estate firms, architects and others
  • Fullscreen designs with animations throughout
  • Lots of images plus whitespace to help create balance
  • Fully responsive design
  • Smart property plan function

29. Homlisti


Homlisti has 5 different real estate designs, each is light, easy going and modern. They create a welcome few other designs can match along with being approachable and easy to use at the same time. It’s definitely worth checking out.

All themes include a search and filter, modern fonts and colours and mostly flat design. Pages load quickly and include property showcases, attractive property pages and the opportunity to customize the theme however you like. It’s ideal for new real estate agents who want to start as they mean to go on.

Highlights of Homlisti include:

  • Modern flat designs with a genuine welcome
  • Well chosen colours and fonts
  • Attractive property pages and showcase elements
  • Plenty of customization options on every page
  • Has its own app as an option

30. RealPlaces


RealPlaces is a Themeforest theme that ticks all the boxes. It has several versions, all displaying great design, well-balanced layouts and plenty of room to showcase properties. It’s a very modern design that works incredibly well.

Pages can include search and filter, property showcases, interactive maps, video and everything a real estate agent is likely to need. All wrapped up in a fast, responsive design. It’s a great option for anyone with a little WordPress knowledge.

Highlights of RealPlaces include:

  • Series of well designed templates
  • Lots of opportunities to use images to tell the story
  • Integrated search and filter section
  • Listings pages are colourful and attractive
  • Looks and feels professional

31. Open House by WP Real Estate

Open House by WP Real Estate

Open House by WP Real Estate is a high quality WordPress real estate template that delivers the usability and the visuals we look for in a theme. It comes with several designs, all based around real estate. Each uses great colours, images and typography to showcase your brand.

There are images everywhere to help you show and tell as well as featured listings sections, attractive individual listing pages, a blog section and flexible page elements so you can add whatever features you like to a page.

Highlights of Open House include:

  • Well-balanced design with plenty of white space and imagery
  • Nice design with colours and typography
  • Lots of customization options throughout each page
  • Readymade listings pages are well designed
  • Easy to use regardless of skill level

32. BuildWall


BuildWall is aimed at construction companies, investors and anyone involved in the building and running of real estate businesses. It’s compatible with leading drag and drop page builders and most WordPress plugins.

The theme includes attractive images, some nice colours, useful prebuild pages and the change to include an eCommerce store if you wanted one. It’s a very flexible template that could be endlessly customized to suit any business.

Highlights of BuildWall include:

  • Attractive design with a nice layout
  • Can be fully customized to suit any brand
  • Compatible with page builders, WooCommerce and other plugins
  • Nice page blocks like testimonials to help convert
  • Reasonable price considering the quality

33. Homepress


Homepress from Stylemix Themes is an impressive real estate theme from a responsive developer. It’s a very modern design with flat elements, nice colours and a very balanced layout. It’s ideal for real estate agents looking to appeal to a younger market.

There are several demos available. Each uses typography and colour well and include filtering, property showcases, nice property pages, social media elements and maps. Everything you need to build a professional real estate website with the minimum of fuss.

Highlights of Homepress include:

  • Very cool designs with several options
  • Modern flat layouts with wide appeal
  • Search and filter function
  • Nice property pages
  • Interactive and social elements included


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Free real estate WordPress themes

Free real estate WordPress themes may require a little more setting up and won’t have the support of a premium theme but they still look the part. All of these free options have been carefully selected for the quality of design, ease of use and reliability.

Free real estate WordPress themes won’t always come with property filters but you can use a plugin to add that function. Otherwise, all of these themes represent viable options for your property business at no cost.


1. Frealestate

Frealestate result

Frealestate from Envothemes is the first of our free real estate WordPress themes. It’s a traditional design reminiscent of New Mexico or Nevada but could work anywhere in the world. It’s a flexible theme and is fully featured even though it is free.

The design is clean, includes an image slider, property highlight blocks and flexible content areas. It doesn’t include a property filter but has a search function. Considering the template is free, we think this is a strong showing.

Frealestate features include:

  • Removable image slider
  • Lots of page and feature options
  • Google Maps
  • Search function
  • Compatible with WordPress Gutenberg blocks


2. WP Real Estate

WP Real Estate result

WP Real Estate is a minimalist design and another free real estate WordPress theme. A strong header image with simple design, lots of white space, property listing blocks and the opportunity to build the page up with Gutenberg blocks make this template worth checking out.

Minimalism is a strong design trend on the web right now and this theme taps into that nicely. It’s a very simple theme with not much content, strong fonts and simple navigation. It can also be built up using standard WordPress features if required.

WP Real Estate offers:

  • Free real estate WordPress theme with minimalist design
  • Clean first impression with strong header image
  • Good font use
  • Can be built out using WordPress Gutenberg blocks
  • Compatible with most plugins


3. Real Estate Lite

Real Estate Lite result

At first glance, Real Estate Lite looks like a premium theme. Only the absence of a property filter marks it as a freebie. That makes it one of the more popular free real estate WordPress themes out there.

A strong design with slider complete with property outline, menu filters under the header and a range of flexible content blocks marks this template out from the crowd. All complemented by great page balance, simple fonts and lots of white space.

Real Estate Lite delivers:

  • Premium experience despite being free
  • Usable image slider with property box
  • Search and filter via navigation
  • Clean, attractive design
  • Compatible with most plugins


4. Azenta

Azenta by Colorlib result

Azenta by Colorlib is another free real estate WordPress theme that could easily be mistaken for premium. This template also includes a property filter which marks it out above most free themes.

The design is very attractive with strong header images, excellent fonts, good use of colour and empty space and a simple highlight box. Extra content areas could include neighbourhood information, local highlights or anything you might want users to see on your page.

Highlights of the Azenta free real estate WordPress theme include:

  • Another premium-looking design that is completely free
  • Property filter box
  • Highlighted property feature
  • Strong image placement
  • Good use of fonts and empty space


5. RealEstate2

RealEstate2 result

Azenta was so good we thought we would feature another strong free real estate WordPress theme from Colorlib, RealEstate2. This is another strong entry complete with a property filter. It has a strong header, modern fonts, superb use of colour, a very attractive layout and a premium appearance.

The featured property section is particularly strong with nice shadowing, subtle colours and good placement. There is also the opportunity to add agent bios, further content using Gutenberg blocks and anything else you might need.

RealEstate2 includes:

  • A professional design that costs nothing
  • Property filter box
  • Excellent page layout with positive UX
  • Compelling highlighted property boxes
  • Simple menu nice page flow


6. Neptune Pro

Neptune Pro result

Neptune Pro is a free real estate WordPress theme with minimalism at its core. A great contrast colour, nice image placement, simple navigation and strong imagery makes this a good looking website template for any kind of property business.

This theme also includes a property filter, featured properties section, attractive property page, Google Map integration, side menu property highlighter and simple modern fonts.

Key features of Neptune Pro include:

  • Professional-looking free real estate WordPress theme
  • Includes a property filter
  • Attractive highlighted properties section
  • Complete individual property pages
  • Optional features can easily be added with Gutenberg blocks


7. Real Estate Lite – WordPress.org

Real Estate Lite WordPress.org result

Real Estate Lite is the second of our free real estate WordPress themes with that name but this is a completely different template. This is a much more simple theme with minimal features and all the space you need to showcase properties.

This template requires more setting up than these others but once done, you have a great-looking theme with image blocks, extra content blocks, a search function and form options. You can build it out as you need with standard WordPress tools.

Real Estate Lite offers:

  • Clean, minimal design
  • The opportunity to build pages using Gutenberg blocks
  • Attractive pages with lots of white space
  • Nice font choice
  • Can be infinitely customized with a little work


8. Real Estate Salient

Real Estate Salient result

Real Estate Salient is a new real estate website template that works well. Like Real Estate Lite, it will take a bit of setting up but once done you will have a clean, modern design ideal for showing property.

This free real estate WordPress theme uses an attractive green contrast colour alongside image blocks and a header image with highlight box to make a great first impression.

Highlights of Real Estate Salient include:

  • New free real estate WordPress theme
  • Clean design with good use of white space
  • Strong contrast colour and font
  • Lots of layout options with a little work
  • Property highlight sections and contact form


9. Real Estater

Real Estater

Real Estater could be ideal as a single property showcase or FSBO website. It doesn’t have the property filter, property highlighter or any of those features but does have a very attractive design with inspired colour choice, good use of font and a simple layout.

Real Estater is another free real estate WordPress theme that requires imagination before you set it up. You can build this template up to include everything you would expect from a property website or keep it as minimalist as you like. It’s a flexible template worth checking out.

Real Estater delivers:

  • A barebones free real estate WordPress theme with huge potential
  • Nice font and colour choice
  • Ideal for single properties, holiday homes or FSBO
  • Fresh and functional with no unwanted frippery
  • Can be customized with a little effort

10. Realestate Base

Realestate Base result

Realestate Base is exactly that. A competent free real estate WordPress theme that can be used as a base for something fantastic. It’s a clean, fresh design with a minimalist appeal, strong use of images and unusual serif fonts. Yet they work perfectly.

While the demo is centred around commercial property and architecture, it wouldn’t take too much work to turn this into residential or holiday lets. It’s a customizable design that could work well for any area of the industry.

Realestate Base provides:

  • The basis for a strong modern website
  • Clean, almost minimalist layout
  • New template compatible with most plugins
  • Bold image blocks and serif fonts
  • Flexible enough to be tweaked to any type of real estate

11. Real Estate Directory

Real Estate Directory

Real Estate Directory is a free WordPress real estate theme. It’s a calm, composed design with white, blue and gold but could be customized with any brand colour. It opens simply, with a coloured header before opening out into the page in full. It’s a very confident design.

Scroll down the page for listings, highlighted property sections, a search and filter element, blog, testimonials and more. The theme also has an interactive map element to help select by location which is a great option in a free theme.

Highlights of Real Estate Directory include:

  • Calm colours and a nice feel throughout
  • Includes a search and filter element
  • Interactive map as part of the package
  • Nice property pages
  • Can be fully customized to suit any brand

12. VW Construction Estate

VW Construction Estate

VW Construction Estate is another free real estate theme worth checking out. There is a premium version too if you like the look. This is a more construction or developer oriented theme, complete with bold colours, strong header image and lots of opportunities to engage.

This is a bold theme with strong colours but can be fully customized to fit your brand. It uses alternating light and dark elements to create interest along with graphics, stats and clever page elements to keep engagement high. It’s a very competent theme whether you go with the free or premium version.

Highlights of VW Construction Estate include:

  • Bold colours and design
  • Ideal for construction or architect firms
  • Lots of interesting page elements throughout the page
  • Supports audio, video and interactive elements
  • Can customize everything you see on the page

Those are what we think are the top 30+ premium WordPress real estate themes and real estate website templates  and the top 10+ free real estate WordPress themes. Each offers something slightly different but always delivers the same excellent user experience.

Why opt for WordPress Real Estate themes?

A realtor business requires several things from its website. First, no matter the size of your company, your website should be designed such that it demonstrates your professionalism as well as your housing stock.

Second, the site should use the latest web standards, design trends and make sure the site delivers a top-notch user experience. Otherwise, how will people believe that your business is the type of enterprise they will want to do business with?

Third, a real estate website should include attractive listings and search and filter functions. A real estate template needs to be easy to use as well as look amazing. If properties are difficult to find, lack relevant filters or is hard to use, it isn’t going to work.

The real estate market is one of the most competitive out there so you need to be at the top of your game to survive!

Custom designs or ready-made templates?

There are typically two options for building your own website. Use a custom or ready-made template.

Custom designs can be built to your exact specifications and include everything you want from a website, including custom widgets, custom headers, special features or other, more esoteric needs. But they can be very expensive.

If you have the budget, having a website designed specifically for you is definitely the way to go. But, it takes time and can be very expensive.

Time and money are usually two things we never have enough of. Hence our recommendation for using readymade templates.

Going with pre-made WordPress real estate themes has significant advantages. They are much, much cheaper. They still can be customized to fit your brand exactly and they will often be ready to launch within hours.

White Property WordPress Theme

Ready-made real estate WordPress templates

But why should you opt for ready-made WordPress real estate website templates?

If you go with an established web developer like those we list on this page, you can be sure that all the latest web standards are followed. Themes are built using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 with the code being clean and as simple as possible.

But simple does not mean that these products are not feature-rich. In all of WordPress, real estate has to be one of the most competitive niches. That means choice is certainly not something you’re short of and compromise is not something you should have to contend with.

The groundwork has been laid for detailed customization and some neat features, like parallax scrolling, animated image sliders, bundled drag and drop page builders and whatever else you require for your site.

2. Customization

One of the most popular myths about pre-built WordPress real estate themes is that they are not customizable. Using such a theme will result in a cookie-cutter design and end up looking like a hundred other property businesses online.

This is a real fear, right? Well, we can put your mind at rest about this. These days, pre-made templates offer a huge degree of customization down to the smallest detail.

You can change button designs, menus, switch panels around, add custom widgets, mess around with colours and palette and, of course, change all of the imagery. You can vary the layouts, the columns, the widgets, the fonts and everything your visitors will see on the page.

If you have the time and the patience, you can genuinely make one of these templates your own!

Using drag and drop page builders, you can even create a design using drag and drop functionality to build something genuinely unique. (Read our review of Elementor to learn more or check our Divi vs Elementor 2024 review).

Invest some time into learning how page builders work and what you'll achieve is a result that looks nothing like any other property agency websites on the internet!

Apartment Responsive Websites Templates

3. Cost

A custom WordPress design could easily cost more than a family car. Web development services don't come cheap as they require significant web design expertise and a lot of development time. Good developers are in high demand and that means the price of services can be expensive.

A pre-made real-estate website template can cost less than a dinner at your favourite restaurant. More importantly, you know what you’re buying right from the very beginning. With every theme having a live demo you can always look at the design in action before you buy.

4. Time

If you’re already a realtor, you know that time really is money. Can you afford to wait up to 3 months for a website to be built? Do you have the time for consultations, conference calls, A/B testing and the administration that goes into building a custom website?

Or would you rather buy something that could be ready to go in a couple of hours?

There is a learning curve to setting up your own WordPress real estate theme but you could always hire someone to do that part for you. It would still be much, much cheaper than having a custom website built!

5. Features

The beauty of WordPress is that if your web design doesn’t include a feature you want, there is surely a plugin out there that can add it. Most of the designs we feature are compatible with most WordPress plugins and should work seamlessly with any feature you want to add.

You may have to learn how the plugin works and be able to include it on the page but all the hard work is done for you. Most WordPress plugins are free too!

The templates we feature on this page will include more features you look for built in. For anything else, there’s a plugin for that.

The best real estate WordPress themes will be:

  • Customizable as aspects of the theme can be branded easily
  • WPML and translation-ready
  • Fully responsive
  • SEO-friendly
  • Ready for advanced search and/or filter options
  • Compatible with extra options like floor plans, 3D tours, video tours
  • Parallax-capable
  • Designed using HTML5 and CSS3
  • Portfolio-ready
  • Compatible with popular drag and drop page builders
  • GDPR compliant

All of the WordPress real estate themes in this list offer most or all of these features and more!

Now let us share those 20 tips to help you sell property from your new website!

Realtor Agency website theme

20 proven tips to help sell property online with real estate website templates

1. The home you want to buy is beautiful so its showcase should be too

Beautiful websites sell just like beautiful homes sell. If you portray the house you want to sell as beautiful by featuring photographs taken professionally, by somebody who has the eye for it, your sales pitch is already halfway there!

All of the WordPress real estate themes and real estate website templates on this page allow you to create an eye-catching layout for your website. Each has search, filters and all those ingredients necessary to help sell houses.

You can find lots of different features with these templates including a visual builder that allows you to create almost any kind of layouts you can imagine. All without touching a line of code.

Themes also have ready-made layouts, so you don't have to do much design yourself. Just import the ready-made layout, tweak it to your needs and you're good to go!

Different WordPress themes work slightly differently but most of the premium ones will include a drag and drop page builder, plugin integration and some high quality demo sites. You can load a demo and either load your properties or redesign it depending on what you need.

Free real estate WordPress themes will require more work but are still of a sufficient quality to showcase your stock at their best!

2. Your design should sell aspirations

We all know that a realtor's business is based on selling aspirations and making dreams come true. When people seek a new house to buy or rent, they often want to change their lifestyle for the better too.

Implementing that kind of feeling in your website's design may be a powerful tool in inspiring your clients. Inspired clients make emotional decisions. Just what we want when selling a lifestyle!

3. Keep it simple

Finding and researching property for sale should not be complex. A house is an essential asset and the procedure to find, decide and buy a house is already a complex undertaking.

You need to make it simple for your potential client to research properties. Having an advanced search function is essential. So are filters for price, bedrooms, bathrooms and other features. A hero banner with featured properties can also be lucrative too!

People look for simplicity. They want an easy and fully accessible user-experience with simple usage and the short succinct descriptions. Keep the content short and let the imagery do the talking.

While simplicity is key, adding extras such as floor plans, 3D tours, video tours and other interactivity can help the buyer visualize the property so don’t forget those!

Realtor Agency Responsive Website Theme

4. An image is worth a thousand words

Whoever said ‘A picture paints a thousand words’ must have been in real estate!

If you want to make a lasting impression, high quality images of the best features of the property will do more selling than any property description. Images enable buyers to visualize the property, to see it for real and imagine themselves living there.

This approach is even better if you use an image slider. This way the cover photo will switch every few seconds and provide an automatic view of any property’s highlights.

If you can add 3D video, a video tour, a virtual reality tour or something else too, all the better!

5. Don't be afraid to be different

Too many websites, including for real estate, tend to fall into the trap of following an established design. This happens to the extent that they start to look pretty much identical to each other.

If you feel brave enough, opt for something more minimalist. It gives you the chance to stand out from the crowd and appeal to young, modern-thinking and forward-looking customers.

Go with a large typeface, lots of white space and a series of high definition images. Try poster-like design or monochrome. Try magazine style layouts or try something else entirely. Anything that makes you stand out for all the right reasons.

6. Choose calls to action that people engage with

One way to make your WordPress real estate theme more presentable and engaging is by choosing a powerful call to action. You may already have some that work and if so, great. Implement them across your website to help drive visitors to convert.

Use buttons, use banners, popups or whatever works for you. Make them attractive, colourful and stand out. Use language to drive that conversion and use the same design on every page so the user gets used to consistency.


7. People want you to show them the way so use a map

Location, location, location. The power of position should never be underestimated and you can use that on your website too. Maps are essential to show neighbourhoods, local amenities, transport links, shopping, dining, schools and all those other things that make up an area.

Featuring a map on your website is mandatory. The more detailed that map is, the better. You can use standard Google Maps if you like but a more detailed map would be more beneficial. If your map outlines position, distance, public transport and all those other little details that make up a neighbourhood, all the better.

Nothing compares to seeing the property and its position for real but a good quality map is the next best thing.

8. Be ready to speak many languages

The world is globalized and so is its economy. People are relocating from one country to another much more often than ever before. Some of them may even not know the language, and still make the move but they still want to buy or rent a house for themselves. After all, everybody needs a home.

Launching a version of your website in another language, or various languages, is a great way to attract customers and enlarge your client base. The best way to achieve this is to have your website translated by a native speaker but that isn’t always possible.

Fortunately, there’s a plugin for that.

If you're going with WordPress, the WPML plugin (which we have reviewed here) is your best option. With it, it's easy to launch a version of your site in whatever language you think will be in demand in your area. You could even feature all of them!


divi 3

Flat design. Responsiveness. Parallax scrolling. Negative space. Behind these terms stands a philosophy of design that believes that a website should not be a simple tool. It should also look gorgeous while doing its job.

The best real estate WordPress theme’s design should look stunning. Not because it's trendy, but because your customers will want to feel impressed while choosing a property.

Whether its minimalism, flat design, dark design or something else, being on trend isn’t always a bad thing.

10. Search engines are your best friend

There are literally billions of websites on the internet. With each day there, many more come online. Even the most obscure niche will have thousands of websites, so a high-demand business will have plenty of competition to contend with.

To break through the noise and find your customers you have to pay attention to good SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimization’.

SEO is the process of optimizing your site for search engines. This means investing time, energy and money to get a good ranking position on the search result pages for relevant queries.

The more effort you put into SEO, the higher you'll be eventually on the search result pages. The higher your position, the more visitors you’ll get. The more visitors, the more chances you have to convert. It’s a refreshingly simple concept with some fiendishly complicated techniques.

Fortunately, you have some help in SEO-friendly design and SEO plugins.

SEO-friendly design. SEO-friendly design just means a theme has been built to load quickly which is a positive marker with the search engines.

SEO plugins. SEO plugins such as SEOPress can do a lot of the work for you. There is a free and a premium version and both can give you genuine help with your website SEO.

11. Colour can work in your favour

There is a whole category of science and of psychology that deals with colour. It is a powerful influencer over human behaviour and using it on a website harnesses some of that power.

A carefully chosen colour palette can attract a lot of customers all on its own. And that's what a good real estate website template will do.

After all, it's no secret that a lot of people are visually oriented. Their first impression can make or break their experience with your website. A good design will use colour to great effect and sell the lifestyle as well as the property.

Contrast is one way to achieve a striking colour palette but leave that for areas you want to attract attention to.

For the rest, stick to colours that complement each other. Use your brand colours or read a little about colour theory. Trust us, colour selection for websites is one of the most important decisions you can make!

Real Estate Website Templates

12. Readability is key

Typography is another incredibly influential part of website design. Every other tip we've mentioned so far will fall flat if your website is hard to read.

People who have spent hours reading various descriptions of properties and comparing them will quickly lose interest in small typefaces and hard to read fonts.

Large fonts, with good line-spacing and legible, common typography will do lots of good to your website. Easy to read text has a subtle positive effect on the visitor.

Often the best way to achieve great readability is to go for a classic combination of a dark grey text on a simple white background.

Make sure the background and the font colour contrast enough to make the content easily legible and you should be fine. Remember that visitors will be using many device types and screen sizes so test to make sure your website is legible on all of them!

13. Put social media front and centre

You could have the best real estate WordPress theme in the world but if nobody knows it is there, it won’t do any good.

More and more, your client's lives are happening on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the other social networks. You probably already engage with customers on social media. Your website should use it too.

Placing social buttons right on top of your pages is a great idea. As is adding social sharing buttons to each property page, blog post and informational article you publish. Give readers the chance to share and give them something valuable and they can do some of your marketing for you!

Just remember to always monitor your social channels. There’s nothing worse than a business that doesn’t answer queries quickly!

Apartments for Rent WordPress Theme

14. Sell yourself as well as the lifestyle

Real estate is a people business. You meet and greet, shake hands, look the customer in the eye and do your work. Online is much more difficult. You need to sell yourself as well as the properties but do it in such a way as to not seem like you’re selling.

One way to do this is to be helpful. Offer lots of content outlining different neighbourhoods in your area. Lists of good schools, major employers, hospitals, traffic hotspots, leisure opportunities and other helpful content.

Another great touch would be a case study or interview. A short video showing a client doing a home visit and being thrilled with the property. Or an interview with a happy client telling the world how good you are.

This is not only selling your real estate business, it also feeds into the power of social proof. The power of reviews to help clinch a deal.

All these things help sell you as an agent without directly selling. It’s subtle and many visitors won’t even know it’s happening, which is all the better!

15. Use a slogan that is worth believing

Don't waste time writing long wordy descriptions of what you're offering and why you're different. Instead, choose a slogan and build your design around it. That way, your entire website can be a powerful call to action and your real estate website templates will be doing the heavy lifting.

If you have been selling property for a while, you may already have a USP, mission statement or key phrase. Use it all over your website to help maintain your business persona.

If you’re new to the industry, come up with a key phrase to use everywhere. Just make sure it is believable and not cringeworthy and it should do the trick.

16. Use a Responsive Design

We live in a world where a lot of people use their smartphones as the primary means to browse the web. If mobile use hasn’t overtaken desktop or laptop use, it soon will. You have to be ready for that and responsive design is how you do it.

Responsiveness means that your website template adapts to the size of the screen on the fly. Essentially the content is split into a grid-like structure that flows depending on the device being used to access it.

The most important quality of responsiveness is continuity. Your website will look different on a Retina MacBook and a smaller screen of an Android phone, that's a given. However, your website must not only look good on both of those screens but also has to offer a very similar user experience.

Many potential customers will surf on the go and may be in the area visiting and want a fast viewing. You need to be sure that you can cater well to this segment of the market.

That's why making the website of your property agency business responsive is a must.

What’s more, Google has a mobile-first requirement for SEO. That means a mobile-friendly website will be ranked higher than a site that doesn’t work on mobile. Other search engines have something similar so responsiveness is not even optional anymore.

Unique Property Website Theme

17. Show them what you've got

One of the most common mistakes among online agents is not showing what they are offering front and centre. Your website should be pleasant to look sure. It should also be well balanced. But what's the most important information you can share with your customers right away?

It's the price (or price range) of a property. Putting up listings on the main page and showing their prices will instantly engage your clients. It will also avoid any surprises or disappointment.

There is a school of thought that says ‘if you have to know the price you cannot afford it’. That may have been true in the eighties but we are in the information age. Customers demand all the information and for that information to be accurate.

It may be tempting to hide prices behind page selection or use other tricks to obfuscate prices, but don’t. Customers will not engage with a real estate website if they think you’re not being honest.

18. Make your customers speak for you

Sometimes hearing a friendly voice who is satisfied with their results is just the tipping point you need. That's why putting a testimonials section on your website can be a great way to rapidly increase your business and closure rate.

The science behind it is easy. People don't like the uncertainty of buying something from somebody with whom they don't have a relationship. Providing positive comments by satisfied customers will dampen some of that uncertainty.

This is social proof and something we have already mentioned. Testimonials are as good as those interview videos at convincing prospective buyers that you’re the real deal. Use them on your website and enjoy the result.

Many of the WordPress real estate themes on this page have sections where you can add testimonials. Even if there isn’t a readymade page, you can easily create one with a page builder. It is well worth the effort!

19. People believe people with E-A-T / E-E-A-T

E-A-T (Expertise, Authority and Trust) or E-E-A-T is a term used in the SEO industry to assert that a website and it's owners have the experience, expertise, authority and trust to speak about the subject in question.

EAT can be asserted through a detailed About Us page. Go the whole nine yards with this and make it visible why you should be trusted above the rest.

Have a conversation with your reader. Use first person, detail your work history, your achievements, years of experience, awards, education and how long you have lived in the area. All those things you use in your day to day business can be used online too.

People want a more personal approach even when they are buying or browsing properties on the internet. Telling them about yourself is a great way to establish that personal connection.

Realtor Company WordPress Theme

20. Don't forget about the rest of marketing

Having a real estate website is the beginning of your marketing, not the end of it. You will still need to perform the same marketing you do now, just include your website and social within that mix.

Keeping your clients up-to-date with a weekly newsletter is a great way to interact with your customers. In a newsletter, you can share valuable information with your subscribers so you can earn their trust. With trust earned, you can then provide them with your best deals and push your latest offers.

Putting a newsletter subscription field on the main page is a great way to collect contact details for potential customers too.

Promoting featured properties on social with a link to the page on your website is another powerful marketing tool. So is having a blog where you share local news, advice on buying a home and other valuable information.

Real Estate Website Templates Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best WordPress theme for real estate?

The best WordPress theme for real estate that we like is Divi Real estate because it used an established theme with a realtor twist. Our list of top 20 premium real estate WordPress themes really are the cream of the crop and include some of the bestselling templates out there. The 10 free real estate WordPress themes are also the best of what we could find so we think the best is definitely here somewhere!

How do I create a real estate website with WordPress?

Setting up a real estate website with WordPress is very straightforward. Buy a domain, some hosting, install WordPress, install one of these WordPress real estate themes and you’re ready to go! For much more detail about setting up a real estate website with WordPress check out How To Start a Blog in 19 Simple Steps. It talks about setting up a blog but the principles are exactly the same as for a real estate website.

How do you create a real estate website?

Creating a real estate website is very straightforward. Buy a domain name, web hosting and choose your platform. Buy a real estate website design and set everything up. It will take a while but is very accessible and requires nothing but some patience and perseverance!

What is the best website builder for real estate?

The ‘best’ website builder for real estate is a WordPress website using a real-estate theme with a built-in page builder such as Divi or Elementor. If you want a platform that does the work for you Wix, Intagent, Weebly and Squarespace are all options. In our opinion, setting up your own WordPress website offers much more freedom and doesn’t require a monthly fee either.


Did you find a WordPress real estate theme or real estate website templates that you’re planning to buy? Decide a premium theme works better for you than one of the free real estate WordPress themes? Learn something new about putting your own site together?

Real estate is a tough sell online. It’s an industry based on real-life, on seeing and then believing, about the sights, sounds and smells of a location. About the feel of a space and the quality of light.

Despite that, a good quality WordPress real estate theme can do some of the selling for you. These templates should definitely help with that. Alongside great quality imagery and sales-focused content they should create interest and prompt a viewing.

They make sharing easy and provide the platform from which you can create an entire digital marketing campaign to drive sales. Not bad for something that can cost less than a night at the movies!

We still think that Divi is the best option so get it for 10% OFF below.

Get Divi at 10% OFF until May 2024

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