15+15 Best Free & Premium Minimal WordPress Themes (2020)

Minimal WordPress themes

Why are minimal WordPress themes always in?

If you had a service or product which is highly visual, should you create a fancy website that moves the attention away from the awesomeness of your product? Or should you let the beauty of your product do the talking?

We've just updated this article in March2020 with new products that are relevant and removed any all ones, so you can rest assured all of this content is fresh.


This is the great thing about using minimalist WordPress themes - they help you create an elegant site that lets your product do the selling.

For example:

minimalist wordPress theme photography

See that? It's the photos that do the talking in the above minimalist theme.

Minimalism has been one of the most favorite trends of web designers for many years. At www.collectiveray.com we believe minimalist design is here to stay.


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There is a special charm in such minimal websites. Their simplicity allows the web audience to focus on the things that matter the most.

If you need to understand further what minimalist designs are all about, the following video explains these things perfectly.


Their clear layout structure provides for a speedy and seamless interaction of the web audience with a minimal website.

Unlike sites that are rich in graphics, minimalist websites are less cluttered, with every single element serving a particular goal.

Although minimalist web designs may look somewhat simple, they are not so easy to design in fact, they are actually much harder.

Minimalist websites do not mean that they are simple.

These minimal websites need to exude elegance, and beauty without being flashy. They need to look professional, without feeling bland. Designing and developing minimal designs requires a highly-skilled designer who is able to achieve the perfect balance.

That is why we have decided to come up with this compilation of free and premium minimal WordPress themes and website templates.

First, before we get to the compilation, let's consider the key principles of minimalism in web design.

  • Minimalist sites are characterized by the use of white space (or empty space). Due to this feature, web resources look less cluttered. White space doesn't suggest that your web resource should be designed in white tones only. This is more about adding open space to the design, no matter what color you pick for it. When browsing a cluttered page, the web users will find difficulty in focusing their attention on the most important parts of your site. White space makes it so much easier to fix the issue - the huge "unused". space serves to focus the attention fully on the little content (such as a tagline and Call-to-Action) there is on the site/page.

    Have a look at this:

apple minimalist white spaceThe Apple website is a perfect example of minimalist web design principles at work.

But what's the use of white space, when you're not using the right color combinations? 

  • Color combinations are of huge importance to minimalist websites. When used on such web resources, bright colors are more about guiding the users' attention to CTA buttons or other elements that suggest the web audience take specific actions. The real beauty of minimalist sites is the use of neutral color combinations, which allow people to feel relaxed while scanning through the pages.

  • Images - these are exactly what add more bright tones to minimal WordPress sites. However, it doesn't mean that you need to add tons of pictures to each of your site's pages. A few quality visuals can get the job done easily. Shared on the pages of your site, images will attract more attention from online visitors and have a positive effect on them.
    Here's another perfect example of minimalist web design, which uses images:
    chanel minimalist images
  • Typography is another characteristic of minimalist websites. Taking into account that such web resources do not use lots of photos and graphics, they use fonts to replace many of the visual benefits that are somehow lost by using just a few images.

The best minimalist WP themes eliminate everything that is not needed or can affect the users' comprehension of the main objective of the online project. Minimalist sites draw the users' attention to the focal point, i.e. the most valuable pieces of information provided on the pages.

When a person hits a site for the first time, it's quite difficult for him/her to focus on the things that matter - they might be overwhelmed with the richness of a site.

If you are using a minimalist template for your website, this is no longer an issue.

All of the aforementioned factors are present in the free and premium minimal WordPress themes that we selected for this showcase.

Premium ready-made designs were taken from reliable providers like TemplateMonster, with freebies being provided by other equally well-known names.

You can work with all of them on your own or order customization from a professional team of web developers.

All minimalist WordPress templates from this showcase comply with contemporary WP standards.

Suitable for building both personal and corporate projects, they will help you create web resources that will stand out with their simplicity and style.

Go ahead and check them out!

Premium Minimal WordPress Themes

We will start with our favourite theme of all time, besides being one of the most popular, best-selling templates of all time, this item can also take a minimalistic format whihc suits the exact needs of this article.


divi 3

Undoubtedly, Divi is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a minimalistic theme for your website. ElegantThemes have made a name for themselves creating the most awesome themes out there - and Divi is their crown jewel. It lets you create an eye-catching layout for your website without having to know the nitty-gritty of designing and coding.

In Divi, you can find tons of different features including a visual builder that allows you to create and/or customize almost any kind of layouts you can imagine.

You can have a look at our complete Divi theme review updated recently here.

But the beauty of Divi is that it also comes with a large number of ready-made designs, called layouts, which have already been done for you, you just need to import them into your site, customize the content to your needs and you'll be done.

Of course, amongst these designs are a large number of minimalist designs - given that Divi is very well-designed in general, you'll find that many of these designs take the approach that less is more.

You'll find that many of these designs make ample use of space - given your site a slick, professional look which is the hallmark of the minimalism design movement. 

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1. Monstroid Squared

This is a multipurpose minimal WordPress theme suited for building a number of business or personal web projects. Thanks to WooCommerce integration, the template can also be used for building multi-product web stores.

We've reviewed this theme separately here.

The product includes a collection of child themes, which you can access for free. The availability of a drag-and-drop page builder makes Monstroid Squared easy to modify even by users with no coding skills. Sets of custom modules and plugins are integrated to boost the website's performance. Owing to the clean design of this minimalist theme, the content provided on its pages looks more outstanding.

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose Theme

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More info / DownloadLive Demo

2. Houston

The design of this WordPress minimal theme looks more classic due to a black-and-white color scheme having been chosen.

The WP template is best suited for building photography websites. Pre-loaded sliders and photo galleries make it a perfect match for a creative showcase of portfolio sites. Although the design looks so clean and minimalist, parallax scrolling backgrounds add a feeling of depth to the design.

The availability of Cherry Framework 4 features, plugins and shortcodes makes it possible to get started with a personal or business web project much quicker, without the need to look for third-party extensions.

Business Services WP Template


Read about Houston / DownloadLive Demo

3. Dating Agency

In this clean WordPress theme, users can focus on the things that are of the most importance - in this case: dating.

Flat design elements perfectly harmonize with neat, recognizable icons. The main navigation panel is hidden and presented by means of a sticky hamburger menu icon. Whenever a user needs to get to any other content, they can reach it with a click on a fly-out menu.

This WordPress minimal theme makes smart use of white space. Coral CTAs and icons look eye-catching within such a well-structured interface.

Dating WP Template


Click for info / Download   Live Demo

4. Pool Cleaning

The fully responsive layout of this minimalist theme would be a perfect choice for websites representing cleaning and maintenance services.

The design is made up of sets of page-width photo backgrounds, which make it easier to differentiate content blocks from one another. The design looks easy on the eyes and quick to scan. Readable fonts and clear content hierarchy provide for better readability of the template's content.

The availability of HTML5 animation effects allows you to enhance your site with a more captivating view. The main navigation panel of the template is sticky, featuring drop-down functionality.

Pool Cleaning Theme


More info / DownloadLive Demo

5. Dental Clinic

This is another responsive, premium minimal WordPress theme from this collection.

Built-in neutral blue hues, it will be especially useful for medical and healthcare services websites. Business web projects will also look professional and reliable when built on its basis.

The template runs on a fully responsive framework, which ensures that all content provided on your site's pages will scale up or down to any screen resolution on the fly. For a more user-friendly presentation of your data, the template includes several gallery scripts and sliders from which you can choose.

SEO optimization allows your site to rank higher in the popular search engines.

Dentist/Clinic Website Responsive Theme


See info / DownloadLive Demo

6. Disco

The template is intended to act as a basis for sites of nightclubs, entertainment, and holiday projects.

This is a fully responsive WP minimal theme, which is intended to perform equally well in any environment. SEO-friendly code increases the chances of your site becoming more visible in search engines.

The template features a clean and clear layout structure.

The main navigation panel is presented by means of a sticky menu. The key navigation elements are bold and touch friendly. The product is loaded with a set of working forms to let the web audience reach the brand's reps online.

Night Club Responsive Site Template


Click here for info / DownloadLive Demo

7. Life Coach

Onwards with our collection of minimal WordPress themes.

This is a 100% responsive design intended for presenting society and people projects on the web. The template features a fully editable, clean and clear layout.

Retro-styled images make it look different from the rest of the ready-made solutions on this chart. Sets of Google web fonts and Google icons are available in the download package. Built with valid, semantic code, it is also SEO-friendly and cross-browser compatible.

Life Coach Web Template


More info / DownloadLive Demo

8. AdBreak

This is a mobile-friendly minimalist WordPress theme intended for building business and financial sites.

A neutral color scheme and plenty of white space draw a user's attention to the content that is of predominant importance. The template features a usable slider in the header of the homepage, guiding people's attention to the trendiest topics.

The product includes 14 pre-designed page templates, which can be modified in a variety of ways, thus saving you time on the development of custom layouts. Several working forms are also included in the package.



See details / DownloadLive Demo

9. Elite Breed

One of the best minimal WordPress themes best suited for sports and active lifestyle sites.

The product is based on drag-and-drop functionality. This is especially useful when you are short of time or have little to no coding skills. The template includes the parallax scrolling effect, which is intended to add more depth to the layout.

A set of animation effects can make this minimalist web design more interactive and eye-catching. Slider and audio player widgets will diversify the content presentation with visual aids.

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Elite Breed Responsive Theme


Read about Elitebreed / DownloadLive Demo

10. Ascendio

Ascendio is a responsive WordPress minimalist theme intended for mobile repair services websites. It will also work well for presenting software, electronics, and tech gear web projects.

A drag-and-drop page editor allows you to modify the layout by simply dragging and dropping different elements. A presets builder makes it possible to modify the widgets by means of a selection of editable presets.

It is optimized for speed and will assure top-notch performance in search engines. The template includes regular updates. As this is a White Label product, developers can build their own brand on the basis of this design.

Ascendio Responsive WordPress Theme


More info / DownloadLive Demo

11. Box

This is a pre-designed WordPress template intended for building stock photo websites.

A minimalist design of the theme's layout brings the site's content to the forefront. Grid-based content positioning makes the design applicable to content-heavy web projects. Due to this type of layout structure, webmasters can share as much information on the sites's pages as needed, without compromising its readability.

Lazy load effect will also come in handy to those users who focus on treating the web users to different types of content, while still making their sites load smoothly in different environments.

Stock Photo Responsive Theme


Read about Box / DownloadLive Demo

12. TechnoFix

TechnoFix is a minimalist template well suited for building technology web projects.

The minimalist layout features a neutral light-blue color scheme, which is intended to make the design appealing to a wide web audience.

This is a GPL-licensed product, which can be installed on as many web resources as you need. It is pre-loaded with Power drag-and-drop page builder, which makes it possible even for non-tech-savvy users to modify the layout in a variety of ways. WordPress Live Customer reveals the results of the theme's modification straight away, which is intended to speed up the workflow.

The product includes a set of widgets to present different types of content on the site's pages. Working forms are intended to help a brand establish long-lasting relationships with the users.

Computer Service Template


Visit Technofix / DownloadLive Demo

13. BeDentist

This mobile-friendly theme is minimalist yet informative. Best suited for medical and healthcare centers, it is characterized by a spacious and dynamic layout.

The template can handle content-heavy web projects quite well. A hamburger menu icon and login options remain in a fixed position in the left sidebar.

The product features lazy-load effect, which lets even content-rich online projects load lightning fast. As visitors reach the front page of a site based on this design, their attention will be captured by a page-width carousel slider.

A section with user testimonials is intended to boost the credibility of the web resource.

BeDentist Template


See BeDentist / DownloadLive Demo

14. Gisele

Not only blogs and business sites but also minimalist WordPress projects can benefit from upgrading their web presence with a minimalist style.

Here is a clean and well-structured product designed for underwear, fashion, beauty, and other business and personal projects. It is designed in a classic black-and-white style. CTAs look outstanding within such a neutral design.

The main navigation panel is moved to the left sidebar. It remains always accessible to web users, which is intended to make their experience as pleasant as possible. The theme is integrated with social sharing options. Thus, people can spread the word about their preferred items with a click.



Check out Gizele / DownloadLive Demo

15. CarRepair

This is one more on our list of minimalist templates on this list. It is best suited for selling car parts and accessories.

The template is loaded with ready-made sections to display blog publications, Instagram feed, logo list, testimonials, etc. The layout is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible.

Due to the availability of header and footer variations, the theme is quicker and easier to launch. Those webmasters who want to make their online projects look and feel truly user-friendly can benefit from multilingual and multi-currency support features. Touch-friendly product banners and a sticky MegaMenu will take the users to the destination of choice with just a click.

Car Repair WP Theme


Read about CarRepair / Download  Live Demo

Free Minimalist WP Themes

16. Monstroid2 Lite

This free minimalistic WordPress theme is fully adaptable to a variety of screen sizes and resolutions. It is intended to be used for business and financial websites.

The clean layout of the template features a clear content hierarchy, providing for better readability of the content. The template is spacious and features a well-balanced structure. Handwritten fonts add a touch of personality to the design.

Neat, minimalist icons, as well as a sticky drop-down menu, provide for more intuitive navigation of the website pages.

Free MultiPurpose WordPress Theme


Check out Monstroid2  Live Demo

17. Energico – Free Agriculture WordPress Theme

Next on our list of free minimalist templates is this responsive theme designed to match agricultural and garden care business.

The layout is built with attention to detail. Headlines look bold and outstanding, providing for better content comprehension. Surrounded by white space, CTA buttons are intended to draw extra user attention. The theme features a carousel slider and image galleries for a more effective presentation of the company’s offerings.

The homepage of the template is spacious enough to present a list of upcoming events and user testimonials along with the basic information about the company.

Free Agriculture WordPress Theme


Visit for info Download   Live Demo

18. Amadeus

This is a free minimalistic WordPress theme intended for building blogs. An elegant, neat and minimalist layout of the template provides for a quick-to-scan presentation of posts shared on the designed pages.

The elegant style of the template is enhanced with parallax scrolling backgrounds. Images are supplied with a smooth animation effect that appears on the mouse-over. The template features a fully responsive design that will adjust to all screen sizes automatically.

The template supports all the major types of content, making your blog both informative and interactive.

Free HTML5 Tmeme for Restaurant Website


See about Amadeus / Download    Live Demo

19. Kustrix Lite

Here is a simple, minimal theme that will be a perfect match for personal blogs.

It features a two-column layout, which allows you to display the latest blog publications, while still providing the users with access to additional navigation elements. A collection of pre-designed page templates is intended to save time on the development of custom layouts.

For quicker navigation through the content, the theme includes a sticky navigation panel and advanced search.

Free HTML5 Tmeme for Restaurant Website


Check out Kustrix / Download   Live Demo

20. Modi

The freebie is intended solely for building WordPress blogs.

The clean and minimalist layout of the template provides for far better readability of the content. The chosen fonts are simple and easy on the eyes. The responsive layout of the template provides for an automatic adaptation of the content to the screens of handheld and desktop devices.

The template is loaded with multiple components intended to provide a more comprehensive presentation of your website’s data.

Free Cherry WordPress Theme


More about Modi    Live Demo

21. Advance Lite

This WordPress freebie will serve well for representing the business, financial, and accounting companies on the web.

The theme will fit both personal and corporate projects. No matter which gadgets people use to browse your content, all data will be properly displayed across smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices. The package includes every basic piece of functionality to load a truly informative web project.

Different types of data are visually separated from one another, thus providing for the theme’s quicker scanability.

Free HTML5 Tmeme for Restaurant Website


More info / Download   Demo

22. Ascetica

Ascetica minimalist theme includes both free and paid versions.

It’s clear that the freebie is less powerful and feature-rich than the premium solutions. Thus, this minimalist one page WordPress template features a clear layout structure, with a page-width carousel slider welcoming every visitor. The freebie is fully responsive. It includes technical support for bug fixing, as well as free product updates.

Owing to a sticky menu and clearly defined content blocks, the theme is quick and intuitive to browse.

Ascetica Free WordPress Theme


Visit Ascetica / Download   Live Demo


This is a fully responsive freebie for a bright personal blog or photographer's portfolio. A clean layout style is quick and easy to scan even for first-time visitors.

The template includes a scroll motion responsive slider, a category section and easy-to-find contact details that are also accompanied by an integrated contact form.

Problogg Responsive Free WordPress Theme


Visit ProBlog Now    Live Demo

24. Masonry

This freebie will be a great fit for personal blogs. Minimalist design features lots of white space and a clever balance of visual and written data, providing for a more effective presentation of the content blocks. 

Masonry Minimalist WordPress Theme


Visit Masonry   Live Demo

25. Free Minimal Photography Theme

This is a visually stunning freebie intended for establishing portfolios of photographers and other creative professionals on the web.

Grey tones add special charm to the design. The theme includes carousel sliders, letting photographers and designers organize their works in an interactive manner. The availability of social sharing options lets the web users share their preferred artworks with one click.

An integrated contact form invites the web audience to get in touch with the site owner online.

Free Photography WordPress Theme


More info / Download    Live Demo

26. Free Designer WordPress Theme

The following free WordPress theme has an absolutely clean and minimalist design. It can become a perfect solution for graphic designers because with its help they can create a clean and stylish modern portfolio.

Free Designer WordPress Theme


More info about Oxo   Live Demo

27. Bakes and Cakes WordPress Theme for Restaurant Website

This minimalist freebie is built in soft, pastel colors, which are so easy on the eyes.

Best suited for restaurant and other food-related projects, the template features quality, mouthwatering images of dishes on the menu. They are organized into a grid-based structure, making it far easier for web users to scan through your content.

The design elements of the theme are neat and minimalist. In that way, when a user reaches your site’s pages, his attention will be focused primarily on the content.

Bakes and Cakes Free WordPress Theme


Learn about Bakery  Live Demo

28. Napoli - Cafe & Restaurant Free Website Template

Napoli is a minimalist responsive freebie that will bring an appetizing and mouthwatering presentation to cafe and restaurant sites.

A large hero area welcomes every visitor to the site, introducing them to the specific products and services you offer. Images are of good quality and enhanced with a hover effect. A masonry grid gallery of dishes on the menu will hardly leave any visitor indifferent.

A separate section with team members allows the web audience to get to know your company better.

Cafe Restaurant Free Website Templates


Check out Napoli Now   Live Demo

29. Easy WordPress Theme

As you navigate to this fashion-oriented, minimal WordPress theme’s live demo, your attention will be captured by the stunning yet usable animation effects.

The design features a neutral black-and-white color scheme, which brings the template's content into the spotlight. The layout will handle content-heavy web resources quite well. Lazy-load effect is integrated for the purpose.

As you click on the hamburger menu icon, you will see a fly-out menu placed on a transparent dark bar pop up on a screen.

Easy WordPress Theme


More info / Download   Live Demo

30. Gridster Free WordPress Template

The freebie is built with elements of grunge style. The layout features a grid-based content structure.

Visual and written content makes up a perfect hierarchy on the page. The main navigation panel appears in the form of a fly-out menu as you click a hamburger icon. This is a responsive WordPress template, which is also quick and easy to handle.

Best suited for building blogs, it supports all the major content types for a more remarkable presentation of your data.

Gridster Free WordPress Theme


Check out Gridster  Live Demo

What about yourself? Have you used minimal WordPress themes before? What do you find particularly attractive about these templates? We'd love to hear from you!

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