[How to] Use the AdSense scorecard to generate more income

Google Adsense accounts have just gotten a new scorecard. This is basically a quick roundup of how your AdSense enabled websites are performing, or potentially how they could perform better:

AdSense ScoreCard

What we've seen up to now

Revenue Optimization: this checks whether you are doing all recommended practices by AdSense namely

1) using the recommended AdSense ad sizes,

2) serving both image and text ads

3) Crawler errors - whether your website is actually healthy or not according to Google WebMasters

Site Health: this check whether your website is healthy. The main measurement here is page loading time. See how to increase in our post: How I got my website to load in 1.29 seconds

Google+ : this checks whether you have a Google+ button on your website. Another topic we've actually covered very recently.


One more thing...

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