How to create a Joomla Twitter Widget using DC Joomla HTML module

One of the great things you can with our Joomla HTML module, is to integrate Twitter into your Joomla website. This is a very easy process, just follow these simple instructions.



Create a Widget in Twitter

Inserting a Twitter Widget in JoomlaTo create a Twitter widget for your Joomla website, you'll need to do this via your Twitter Profile

  1. Login to your Twitter account
  2. Click on the Settings icon
  3. Click on Widgets
  4. Click Create New - change the settings according to your preferences
  5. Once you are ready click on "Create Widget"
  6. Copy the HTML provided 

Setup the Twitter Widget Code in your Joomla Website

To insert the HTML, we would recommend using our Joomla HTML module to make sure you can publish the Twitter Widget via a customizable position in your template. The Custom HTML module which comes with Joomla will clean your Javascript, so it won't work correctly. 

  1. Download and install DC Joomla HTML Module
  2. Go to the Extensions > Module Manager
  3. Find the DC Joomla HTML module
  4. Paste the Twitter widget in the HTML text area
  5. Assign the Clean CSS / Clean JS / Clean HTML to No
  6. Hide the title of the widget
  7. Assign the template to a position where you want the Twitter widget to show
  8. Choose the Menu assignment and set to "All Pages"
  9. Set the Satus to "Published", and Save
  10. Refresh the front end of your website with your new Twitter widget in Joomla!



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