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Facebook-Like-PopupIf you have created a WordPress website or blog and have been trying to get more Facebook fans, there are a few simple techniques which you can use to get more Facebook likes. The established ways to get more fans on Social media are free giveaways combined with shares and obviously creating great, shareable content. However, sometimes new websites require a helping hand in increasing the amount of Facebook fans and using the Facebook Like Popup for WordPress has been proven over and over again to be one of the best ways to quickly increase your Facebook fans. At CollectiveRay.com have always been fans of creating simple WordPress plugins which make it easy for everyday users to create great functionality for their websites. The Facebook Like Popup for WordPress is one of those great plugins, if you like it do become our fans :) 

Are you on Joomla? We've got a Facebook Like Box plugin for Joomla too!

This plugin provided here gives you a quick way to add a Facebook Like Popup to your WordPress website. You simply install the plugin, set up the configuration as per your preferences and you're done. Don't forget to change to address of your Facebook Fan page. You can also choose to set the popup either to appear always, or else to only appear every few days. We recommend that you don't be very aggressive with the Facebook popup, to ensure you don't irritate your returning users (a good balance is to set the popup to come up once every 30 days). If you want to be aggressive, once a week is quite aggressive. You can also set the WordPress Facebook Like Popup to show the latest Facebook post you've posted to your Fanpage. 

A shortcode in the editor also allows you to override the global settings and choose NOT to show the Facebook popup on a specific page. 

Download it here for Free :)

Download here or from WordPress.org

What does it look like?

The Wordpress Facebook Like popup showing on top of the content of Wordpress website



Configuration options of the Wordpress Facebook Like Popup plugin

Wordpress Facebook plugin configuration (part 2)

The plugin should be fairly easy to use. Install the plugin, put in your Facebook Fan page address in the address field and make sure to enable it. If there are articles or posts where you want to exclude it - you can do so using "Do not show popup" shortcode which is visible on the editor. 

If you find any problem while use it, please drop a line in the comments below, and we try our best to support you. If you like it and used it, please do leave a comment with a link to your site, it would be good to know that other people have found it useful. We consider this to be just a(nother) drop in the open-source ocean.

If you like it, please take a moment to write a small review on the WordPress.org, vote for us, or link to us! 


We will be getting a demo up and running soon


This plugin is compatible with most recent versions of WordPress - if you have any issues, please do get in touch with us.

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