20 Best Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Themes (Glorious food!)

Cafe and restaurant WordPress themes roundup

20 Best Food and Drinks WordPress Themes to Redecorate Your Website Easily

One of the biggest mistakes business people make when building their first website is just putting too much work on themselves. They want to create a cafe or restaurant website when their skills lie in catering! Soon they are overwhelmed with an endless list of extra things to do and end up doing nothing. How are you supposed to start when you don't even know where you're going? That's where a WordPress restaurant or cafe theme comes in handy.

Because if web design is not your main line of work, even the smallest thing seems enormous when you don't know what to do and where to start from.

In today's article, we help you to understand the bare essentials of how to build a solid webpage with all the necessary features and options for restaurants, bars, cafes, and other catering establishments.

Let's dig right in!

Here are the 20 best restaurant and cafe responsive WordPress themes.


You need to set up a great website for a restaurant and cafe business so that you can provide your prospective guests with all the necessary information about your bistro, cafe, buffet, coffee shop or any other food-related shop you're launching.

To give the users what they need, you need is to focus on the key elements to success.

Keep in mind that people like to go to the restaurants for good food, the ambiance, to relax and have a good time. But most importantly, they go for the food!

So you should design a delicious-looking website, which whets their appetite even before they get to your establishment. You want to make sure your guests are familiar with the best plates you serve, the mouth-watering desserts, the perfect atmosphere, your menu, style, interior and services.

You could even get them to meet your staff, maybe experience what it looks like from the chef's end, even before they've set foot inside the restaurant.

Moreover, remember that most people these days access sites through their phone.

So you'll need to make sure to have a responsive site that looks as good on a smartphone as it does on a high-resolution monitor. This would make it easier for your potential customer to interact with your site. Maybe they even want to check out the map as they are driving or trying to get to your location.

There are a few essentials tips you need to follow:

5 Top Tips For Creating a Restaurant Website

Before we start looking at WordPress restaurant themes, let's see some important things to do.

1. Don't make your website too complex 

Your site should focus on providing your audience with the answers to the questions and reasons they will access your site for:

  • phone for reservations
  • online bookings
  • address / location
  • hours of operation
  • current menu, specials and special dietary requirements
  • reviews/trustworthiness
  • look and feel and ambiance

Make sure that all of the above are accessible as easily as possible to give your visitors a positive user experience.


2. Choose an appropriate platform.

One of the most important first steps you need to do is to decide what platform you're going to set up your site with.

There are some great CMS (content management system) used worldwide, such as Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and others, but only one has made creating an online presence accessible to everyone - WordPress.

Why WordPress? To put simply, WordPress is an open-source and user-friendly platform that helps you to set up and manage a great website fairly easily.

It doesn't really matter what type of site you're going to build, be it an online store, a coffee shop, a restaurant site, or a blog, WordPress makes it easy to get it done - fast.

For those who are worried about not being technical, there's no need to worry - no coding skills are needed to create a WordPress site.

If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you have enough skills to be able to design your own website. This framework is no doubt flexible and powerful enough to suit all kinds of modern businesses nowadays.

3. Choose an appropriate domain for both your users and search engines

As soon as you've chosen a platform the next step is choosing hosting and a domain name, respectively.

A domain name is often the principal thing you need when starting a site. It's your unique digital address that people should type into an internet browser address bar to get connected to your web pages.

Keep in mind that the name of your restaurant or cafe should be catchy, short and memorable.

Let your domain name include some keywords to help your potential customers to find you into search engines. For example, if you run from a particularly popular site city, you might want to add the restaurant's specialization in the domain name. For example, BigBadSteaks-SanAntonio.com will give you good rankings around steaks and San Antonio.


Such keywords in the domain will improve your search engine ranking position.

While keywords in the domain will help, it is most essential to have a content-rich site packed with interesting and useful information that will attract visitors looking for your kind of eatery. Search engines love websites that have plenty of content and will reward them accordingly.

4. Get a reliable hosting service

The next important step is to choose a suitable hosting company.

Your site needs to be hosted on a VPS web server in order to make it available reliably on the Internet. A VPS gives your site plenty of resources to be able to operate at peak performance at any time.

We always recommend going for a mid-tier hosting package rather than opting for the cheapest hosting package, which could bring with it a whole host of problems.

Click here to see where we host our own site, InMotion: https://www.collectiveray.com/inmotion-hosting-review

And finally, after finishing all the mentioned steps above now is your turn to design your successful restaurant and cafe site and make it your outstanding business option.

5. Find an awesome restaurant WordPress theme

Here's where it gets fun: there are thousands of awesome and professionally designed free and premium themes and templates you can choose from and customize your design according to your taste and business needs. 

And with catering being such a popular theme, you'll find that many theme vendors will have products that cater specifically to the niche and create specialized WordPress restaurant themes.

Below, we've selected some of the most popular and excellent looking themes to get you started.

Once you've chosen a theme, literally, you just have to use your mouse and drag elements into your pages. A slideshow, maybe a block of text, images, and cool videos you shot, into your website pages.

Now that we've got the basics, you should have a look through our hand-picked fantastic collection of 20 Cafe and Restaurants WordPress Themes by the world's renown provider of ready-made website templates TemplateMonster.

The gallery of web design solutions from TemplateMonster is truly impressive. They have thousands of options.

But of course, we choose only the very best themes for restaurants and similar establishments. Such killer theme options can be used for the creation of a website for eateries such as pizzerias, cafes and other food outlets.

All the themes given in this collection are mobile-friendly, so your website will be visible in mobile search results. Your customers will be able to get in touch even when on the move.

You will find most of the features necessary to customize your website.

For example, the themes have the ability to update your food menus in seconds. Of course, it will also give your customers the possibility to have a taste of their experience through vibrant images from the kitchen and prepared foodstuffs, maybe any event calendars, avail themselves to your reservation systems and online food ordering systems.

By the way, when investing in a premium theme you get free 24/7 technical support to ensure that you never get stuck when performing your website's administrative tasks, design, updates or any other work on your site.

TemplateMonster offers a good collection of professional-looking restaurants and cafe design templates, so you can create a great looking website without having to be the first-class designer. Some features and pages are to be considered if you want your eatery website to be a bit more flexible and easy in navigation. Good luck!


Bloggetti is a restaurant WordPress theme by the vendor Zemez, a vendor which has come to be recognized as one of the top vendors on TemplateMonster. This is a theme powered by Bootstrap and is 100% GPL. 

Features of this theme include:

  • Responsive
  • Retina-ready
  • Search-engine friendly
  • Portfolio theme
  • WPML Ready

The price of the theme is $45 - do check out the demo to see the beautiful results which can be achieved with this theme!


Giglio is a cafe WordPress theme that has drag-and-drop content management using MotoEditor and the Cherry Framework, which is an ideal option for non-tech savvies.

The beautiful tiled imagery layout, large readable typography, and a mild palette make this design a user-friendly solution for a casual website for something like a coffeehouse.

To attract people to the establishment, you can show the best testimonials and happiest customers on the front page, arranged in a two-column layout and complemented by the authors' photos.

The Bootstrap-powered theme is both fully responsive and retina-ready.

The theme, also from Zemez, comes with a price tag of $79.

Details   Demo

3. Little Italy Italian Restaurant WordPress Template

Italian Restaurant WordPress Template


Little Italy is an excellent restaurant template which has all of the features a catering establishment could need. It even makes use of Elementor as a drag and drop page builder (something which we've reviewed fully here).

Little Italy also includes the restaurant menu feature built-in, which is a web-design feature where the menu is available on the web-page itself.

A few additional features:

  • SEO friendly
  • Parallax
  • WPML ready so you can have your website translated into various languages
  • Powered by the Cherry Framework
  • Sample data included helping your design get started faster
  • Retina-ready
  • Responsive

You can get this theme for $75 from TemplateMonster.

Details   Demo

4. Spicy Mexican Food

Spicy Mexican Food


As we've discussed above, any food establishment owner knows that the way they display their location on their website will strongly influence their popularity among visitors.

Every part of this food-oriented theme, from fonts and typography to beautiful photography, was chosen to convey the perfect atmosphere associated with your location and suggest a refined taste.

Its layout makes use of strong red hues, offering clients to check out menus, your working hours, location, and contact details.

  • Cherry Framework
  • Parallax
  • Search engine friendly
  • Portfolio enabled
  • Responsive and WPML-ready

You can get this theme for $75. Check out the demo below.

Details   Demo

5. Medieval Dinner Theater

Medieval Dinner Theater


Medieval dinners are synonymous with feasts of food, jesters and knights, all part of what attracts people to themed medieval dinner theaters.

This theme is an excellent design for such a themed restaurant. 

The design features a medieval-style design where you can present the info about your theater against the background of scrolls and wooden planks, an atmosphere straight out of the Middle Ages directly onto your site. 

  • Parallax
  • Bootstrap and Cherry Framework
  • Portfolio
  • WPML-ready

The theme is available for download at $75.

Details   Demo

6. Sweet Shop

Sweet Shop


Frutti Bar is a simple and minimal theme that fits perfectly small businesses, such as fruit bars or home-owned foot-based small businesses and personal blogs.

This fruit WordPress theme is powered by the Cherry Framework that makes customization comfortable and easygoing.

The theme is fully responsive and ensures a great experience on any device by automatically adjusting to any screen resolution. 

  • Retina-ready
  • WPML Ready
  • Parallax
  • MotoPress Editor
  • MotoPress Slider
  • Portfolio

Details   Demo

9. Gulliver Cafe And Bistro WP Theme

Gulliver Cafe And Restaurant WP Theme

This Gulliver theme, is one of the top 15 best Parallax themes.

No wonder then that it is a great choice for modern cafe and restaurant owners. A featured slider can be used to show the images of the restaurant interior or exterior, so that the website visitor can get a feeling of the vibe of the location.

The way the theme is designed the visitors can see all of the information about restaurant's cuisine, any daily specials and of course, its menu is also featured on the home page.

A built-in Google map shows the restaurant location so that your customers can get to the exact place on the map.

Here are some of the features included in this $75 theme from WT vendor on TemplateMonster

  • MotoPress Editor
  • Responsive and Parallax
  • Bootstrap
  • Retina-ready
  • Portfolio
  • Serch-engine friendly


Details   Demo

10. Fancy and Fine Dining Restaurant

Fancy and Fine-Dining Restaurant



Details   Demo

11. European Cuisine

European Cuisine


Details   Demo

12. European Food

European Food


Details   Demo

13. Italian Food

Italian Food


Details   Demo


14. Restaurant Management Company WP Theme

Restaurant Management Company WP Theme


Details   Demo

15. Andrew's Cafe

Cafe And Restaurant WordPress Theme


Details   Demo

16. Dark Theme for Eatery

Dark Theme for Eatery


Details   Demo

17. Cafe and Restaurant

Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Theme


Details   Demo

18. Mexican Food

Mexican Food


Details   Demo

19. Sweet Shop

Sweet Shop Responsive WordPress Theme


Details   Demo


20. Restaurant Reviews WordPress Theme

Restaurant Reviews Responsive WordPress Theme


Details   Demo

Final thoughts

So what do you think of our choices for the best restaurant WordPress themes? We've made sure to include plenty of different eateries for you, such as cafe's bars and different cusines - which will obviously require a different look and feel. Let us know in the comments.

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