25 Best Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Themes (Glorious Food!)

Cafe and restaurant WordPress themes roundup

Why would a cafe and WordPress restaurant theme make sense for most people?

One of the biggest mistakes many newcomers make when building their first website is taking on too much work. They want to create a cafe or restaurant website when their skills lie in creating delicious food. Enthusiasm tells you that you can learn web design and how websites work alongside setting up your business.

It very rarely works that way.

There is too much to do. Too much to learn and not enough hours in the day for your main job, let alone a second job.

It is much easier to use a pre-made theme for restaurants, bistro, café, coffee shop or whatever you need than design your own. It’s faster, requires less learning and a lot less work setting it up!

This article will help you to understand the essentials of how to select a WordPress restaurant theme. We will also show you how to build a website, set up your new theme and begin putting everything together.

By the end of this page, you will have seen 25 top class WordPress restaurant themes, learned how to secure a domain name, set up web hosting, install WordPress and your theme and build your website.

So let's dig right in to those themes for restaurants!

Restaurant and cafe responsive WordPress theme for restaurants

A business is nothing without an online presence. It’s the foundation from which all online activities are built. A website allows table reservation, menu browsing, customer requests, social media interactions, blogs, news, special offers and so much more.

Without a restaurant website, you will have a much harder time achieving success.


Restaurant website design

When selecting a theme for restaurant, bear in mind that people want to see the same qualities on your website as they would in your restaurant. People come to you for good food, the ambiance, to relax and have a good time. But most importantly, they go for the food!

All that should be reflected in your website.

You should build a great-looking website that whets the appetite and lets diners know what to expect. You want to make sure your guests are familiar with the best dishes you serve, the mouth-watering desserts, the relaxed atmosphere, the menu, style, interior and overall ambiance.

A well-designed website can achieve all that and more.

You could take it a step further with interaction and allow diners to meet your staff, make an online reservation or access a reservation form, experience what it looks like from the chef's perspective and engage with them, even before diners set foot inside the restaurant.

It’s all possible with the application of creativity and effort.

Mobile restaurant websites

Remember that most people these days access sites through their phone.

That means you need use a responsive theme for restaurants that looks as good on a smartphone as it does on a high-resolution monitor. That provides exactly the same quality of experience regardless of what device people use. This is now mandatory, not only for Google SEO but also for user acceptance.

Nothing less will do!

25 Best WordPress Restaurant Themes

So without further delay, let’s see those 25 WordPress restaurant themes.

1. Divi - Restaurants

Divi Restaurants

Restaurants is the first of three WordPress restaurant themes from Divi that are ideal for the food and drink industry. It’s a high quality design with a strong header complete with background image that flows down to clean content blocks, white space and the various page elements you might want to feature.

Divi comes with its own drag and drop page builder that makes short work of creation. The theme comes with the usual page features, restaurant menu options, contact form, SEO tools and a range of modules that can help create a fully operational restaurant website.

Featured often in our theme reviews, Divi is the most solid option.

Learn More About Divi (Get 10% OFF until January 2023)

2. Astra – Deeplight Restaurant

Astra Deeplight Restaurant

Astra Deeplight Restaurant is a different take on the food genre. It has an elegant header with nice serif font and a bold header image that flows using parallax movement down the page. The rest of the page is more subtle with calm colours in a full-width setup with more serif fonts, frameless images and some graphic illustrations.

Astra is a solid WordPress theme with compatibility with Elementor and Beaver Builder page builders, WooCommerce and other plugins. It has clean code for fast loading which is noticeable too. There are also the usual restaurant menu options, translation ready elements, contact page templates and SEO tools to help create a beautiful website with very little effort.

There are 13 themes for restaurants supported by Astra as of January 2023.

Learn More About Astra + Live Demo

3. OceanWP – Restaurant

OceanWP Restaurant

OceanWP – Restaurant is a WordPress theme that uses a strong header image to make a first impression. It also uses serif fonts to create a feeling of quality and a mix of light and dark backgrounds to keep the appeal coming. It’s a solid design with a smooth flow, parallax effects and neat lower navigation.

OceanWP uses the Elementor page builder and comes with hundreds of demo websites, of which Restaurant is just one. All themes are fully responsive, designed to load quickly, translation ready, can integrate a WooCommerce store and have SEO tools built in.

Learn More About Ocean WP and See a Live Demo

4. Neve - Restaurant

Neve Restaurant

This WordPress restaurant theme from Neve uses a similar header image arrangement but then adds a map and call to action directly underneath. It’s an excellent idea for a food business and provides information the user wants right away. Further down the page is a restaurant menu element, image and content blocks and an elegant background colour.

Neve is one of our favourite WordPress themes as it’s clean, uses quality code, loads quickly, is very flexible and works with Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin and Divi Builder page builders. It is compatible with most WordPress plugins too.

Learn More About Neve + Live Demo

5. Divi – Bistro

Divi Bistro

Bistro offers a much more contemporary take on the restaurant website. It uses a simple palette with some strong imagery, bold content blocks and a mix of complementing and contrasting colours to create a very compelling design. It could be used for all manner of food types and is very flexible.

This being Divi, you get the same drag and drop page builder as usual, restaurant menu tools, fast loading pages, SEO goodness, limitless design options and all the modules and on-page elements you could shake a stick at.

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6. Neve - Wine Bar

Neve Wine Bar

Neve – Wine Bar is a dark and light theme that is similar to Neve - Restaurant with its strong header image and call to action block directly underneath. Then it differs by sticking with a limited dark and light palette that provides a feeling of elegance.

Pages are well balanced, the restaurant menu section is minimalist and very effective and the contact and news pages are particularly well done. Neve is also designed to be fully responsive, SEO-friendly and everything you expect from a modern theme.

Learn More About Neve and See a Live Demo

7. Kallyas - Restaurant

Kallyas Restaurant

The Kallyas - Restaurant WordPress theme is excellent. It’s a stylish design with elegant top menu, strong images and unique header fonts. All combine to create a very modern take on the restaurant theme and it works well.

There is a restaurant menu content block, map, contact form and everything you need within this theme. Buy it and you can also access a number of other themes within the family too. Kallyas is designed to load quickly, be fully responsive, translation ready, SEO-friendly and easy to use and is well worth checking out if you’re in the market for a WordPress restaurant theme.

Learn More About Kallyas + Live Preview

8. Astra – BBQ

Astra BBQ

At first glance, Astra’s BBQ WordPress theme for restaurants looks very American. Once you get past the strong header image and font, a cleaner, crisper page reveals, with lots of white space, quality image blocks, parallax scrolling with illustrated or image backgrounds and a very attractive restaurant menu section halfway down.

This is a very accomplished template that could easily be customized to suit any food or drinks business. That header image is what sets the tone and what can be tuned to suit your exact needs. With page builders, website elements, custom widgets, clean code and all the features you expect from Astra, this is definitely a template to try!

Learn More About Astra + Live Demo

9. OceanWP – Street Food

OceanWP Street Food

OceanWP – Street Food has a similar feel to OceanWP Restaurant website theme with the header image, but that’s where similarities end. With a modest top menu, sans serif fonts, strong contrasting colours and textured content dividers, this has a completely different feel.

The page template is simple but effective with content blocks, image blocks and that strong contrasting mustard colour. Street Food has the same page builder as other OceanWP templates and comes with the same clean code, fast loading pages and multitude of features you would expect too.

Learn More About Ocean WP or See Live Demo

10. Kallyas - Bistro

Kallyas Bistro

We think food and drink is one of the few niches where side navigation really works and Kallyas – Bistro proves it. The design immediately stands out with its dark theme, white serif font, dark image shading and then contrasting white restaurant menu section with crystal clear images.

Bistro is one of the strongest WordPress restaurant theme in this list as far as we are concerned. It’s a very slick design with the perfect blend of colour, font, image and page layout. Alongside all the features and benefits of the Kallyas theme family, we think it’s well worth trying.

Learn More About Kallyas + Live Demo

11. StudioPress - Recipe & Food Blogger

StudioPress Food Blogger

While this demo may be built around blogging, we think StudioPress - Food Blogger is a strong contender for a restaurant or food business too. It’s a light and clean design with flexible page elements and a nice flow all the way down. It keeps things nice and simple with light backgrounds, distinct content blocks and subtle colours and is all the better for it.

StudioPress uses the Genesis Framework which is an incredibly stable system that allows a lot of design freedom. Themes are well designed and coded. They load quickly, are very easy to work with and customization is drag and drop. What more could you need from a WordPress template?

Learn More About Recipe Blogger + See Live Demo

12. Neve - Restaurant2

Neve Restaurant2

Neve - Restaurant2 is elegant in its simplicity. It has a limited palette and is mainly monochrome except for a green accent. It’s a straightforward design with header image, navigation and page blocks. There is a section for the restaurant menu, a call to action bar and an effective image section that provides everything a food business is going to need.

As Neve uses drag and drop page builders, the pages can be built however you like, colours can be changed, content blocks re-ordered as you see fit and the demo modified to suit your own brand or vision.

Learn More About Neve and See a Live Demo

13. Gaspard


Gaspard is a standout restaurant website theme for WordPress. An impactful header image makes a strong first impression along with a stylish font. Scroll down and you get a crisp and clean page design with standard content blocks done very well. A simple booking element, a restaurant menu section and optional page features all complete the look.

Gaspard is smooth, works very well and comes with a range of page templates, full WordPress plugin compatibility and is fully responsive and SEO-friendly. Pages load quickly and performance compares favourably to any of the themes in this list.

Learn More About Gaspard + Live Demo

14. CSSIgniter - Carbone

CSSIgniter Carbone

Carbone from CSSIgniter is a double layered theme with parallax scrolling. It’s a dark and light design with modern fonts and a nice food menu layout with centred logo. Scroll down for a more traditional dark and light design with distinct content blocks, a smart restaurant menu section with mini images and a very cool footer with a ton of information.

The theme loads quickly and seems very stable. The design is smooth and modern with the ability to use imagery to sell the lifestyle while being complemented by solid copy. It supports page builders and has its own restaurant menu management system too.

Learn More About Carbone / Live Demo

15. Pixelgrade - Rosa2

Pixelgrade Rosa2

Rosa2 from Pixelgrade is another standout WordPress restaurant theme. An incredibly strong first impression is backed up by solid dark and light design, parallax scrolling with compelling background images, contrasting light content blocks, custom widgets, superb fonts and great use of colour.

Rosa2 has one of the best restaurant menu pages of any theme in this list. It also has standard page elements and a page builder so you can tweak the demo to suit your own needs. Pages load quickly, there are a range of theme options, the theme is fully responsive and support from Pixelgrade is very highly rated.

Learn More About Rosa2 or See a Live Demo

16. StudioPress - Foodie Pro

StudioPress Foodie Pro

StudioPress - Foodie Pro is another blog design that would work equally well as a WordPress restaurant theme. It’s another light and clean design with a hint of minimalism that works very well. While the demo showcases a food blog or recipe site, these designs could easily be transformed for a restaurant or café.

Very subtle navigation with collapsed menu works as well on desktop as it does on mobile. The white background, modern font and subtle images all combine to deliver an understated template with genuine appeal. There is also a nice looking full width demo page templates that looks equally good.

Learn More About Foodie Pro + Get a Live Demo

17. Tesla Themes - Downtown

Tesla Themes Downtown

Downtown from Tesla Themes is a very clean design with contrasting white space and content blocks, clean navigation, modern sans serif font and another strong restaurant menu section down the page.

Downtown is one of the more unique designs here even though it uses the same techniques. It’s a great look and alongside flexible page features, reasonable pricing, a range of high quality demos and lots of clear and concise documentation, this is definitely worth investigating if you’re looking for an impactful restaurant theme for WordPress.

Learn More About Downtown / Live Demo

18. Divi – Bakery

Divi Bakery

Bakery is different again. It has a similar clean aesthetic to Divi Bistro but is much more crisp and uses white space with images rather than coloured content blocks. It has the same smooth scrolling, modern fonts and great page balance but provides a very different look and feel. Well worth checking out.

Divi uses its own page builder, comes with restaurant menu module, loads quickly, has a ton of theme options, comes with a very nice contact page and has all the tools you need to build professional looking websites with the minimum of fuss.

Learn More About Divi + Live Demo

19. Laurent


Laurent is a dark WordPress restaurant theme that has a heritage feel to it thanks to the 30’s-style font. It makes a great first impression with full screen image and scrolls smoothly to traditional content blocks down the page. The dark theme with light font continues through the restaurant menu section to the table booking element. It’s a very attractive template.

Laurent comes with a couple of layouts with the same look but different flow. Each lends itself well to a restaurant or bar and the font pervades each of them to deliver a real impact. A very stylish restaurant theme for WordPress that deserves its place in this list.

Learn More About Laurent + Live Demo

20. Grand Restaurant

Grand Restaurant

Grand Restaurant from Themeforest is another stylish dark theme for restaurants. You get several demo pages with this theme, mostly dark but a couple of very effective light templates too. Each uses image, font, colour and parallax scrolling to great effect to deliver a very attractive design.

Grand Restaurant uses its own drag and drop page builder, comes with a restaurant menu builder, lots of theme options, payment gateway option and comes with Revolution Slider as part of the package. Given just how many options this template gives you, it is excellent value for money!

Learn More About Grand Restaurant / Live Demo

21. WPZoom - Foodica


Foodica from WPZoom is another food blog template that could be used as a restaurant, café or bar website with minimal effort. It’s a light, clean design with modern typography, boxed layout, strong images and simple but effective navigation. It works as a blog but could be so much more.

The page scrolls smoothly and flows through flat page elements to an Instagram feed, recipe or food menu section and a very simple footer. Foodica uses the WordPress page builder and comes with multiple colour options, lots of on-page customizations, custom widgets, WordPress plugin compatibility and a whole lot more.

Learn More About Foodica + Live Demo

22. OceanWP – Bakery

OceanWP Bakery

The OceanWP – Bakery WordPress restaurant theme begins in much the same way as the other OceanWP templates in this list. A strong header image and font, modest navigation and a strong first impression. Then is diverges as that image is in fact a slider. Scroll down and the design switches to a more contemporary design with lots of empty space, strong font and bold colours to make images shine.

We would suggest removing the slider altogether and letting the rest of the page stand on its own. It is a very modern flat design with great use of colour, images and fonts with good balance too. As you can use the Elementor page builder (see our Divi vs Elementor Pro), customization would take just minutes and be well worth the effort!

Learn More About OceanWP + Live Demos

23. Tesla Themes - Salt and Pepper

Tesla Themes Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper from Tesla Themes is another accomplished WordPress restaurant theme that uses contrasting dark and light page elements. It has a completely different feel thanks to the typography and use of colours. The demo is based around a food blog but as you can see, it wouldn’t take much to transform it into a restaurant website.

The font is very now with angular typography combined with flat page design. It all combines to make this a very contemporary template. It loads quickly, works with the latest version of WordPress, comes with the WP Bakery / Visual Composer page builder and is fully responsive for good measure.

Learn More About Salt and Pepper or See a Live Demo

24. Mise En Place

Mise En Place

Mise En Place is a modern dark WordPress theme for restaurants that keeps things simple with strong imagery, modern san serif font and clear restaurant menu section. There is definitely scope to add a call to action or two on the demo page but otherwise, this is an exceptional design.

There is an excellent restaurant menu page, clear contact page and a smart blog section too. All combine to deliver a compelling template that can be quickly customized using the included SiteOrigin page builder.

Learn More About Mise En Place and Get a Live Demo

25. StudioPress - Cafe Pro

StudioPress Cafe Pro

Café Pro is a more traditional WordPress restaurant theme. It uses a strong header image with parallax scrolling down the page covering a restaurant menu section, custom widgets, content blocks, theme options, calls to action and an attractive footer.

While you may want to add more to your home page, StudioPress will allow you to do whatever you like with minimal effort. The use of colour, font and contrasting colours with strong background images creates a very upscale feel that would work perfectly for some food businesses.

Learn More About Cafe Pro + Live Demo

How to put your restaurant website together

You have found an awesome WordPress restaurant theme from this list, you have a business ready to go and you’re eager to get started. So what now?

We are going to walk you through the basics of setting up a website. From securing your domain name, setting up WordPress and installing your new WordPress restaurant theme. Follow this guide and you could have your brand new website up and running within a couple of hours!

The guide covers:

  • Securing a domain name and hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Setting up your WordPress restaurant theme
  • Bringing it all together

Securing a domain name and hosting

A domain name is the www. name you type into a browser to go somewhere. Hosting is space rented on a web server to allow the general public to access your website. These are two fundamentals in running a website and something you’re going to want to take care of first.

If you have an existing business or restaurant already, you will want to secure the domain name as quickly as possible. There is incredible competition for top level domains like .com, .net, .org and so on, so you need to move quickly.

If a top level domain is not available, try and be creative with your name. Add the restaurant name and the city or the region and see if that’s available. Use your imagination to come up with a short, clear domain name that makes sense for your restaurant.

Try to avoid misspellings, hyphens, special characters and numbers where possible though!

Hosting is the space you rent on a web server so your website is accessible to the world. There are hundreds of web hosts out there and we go into selecting one in a little while.

You need to shop around, read reviews, check feedback and buy the right hosting package for your needs. Don’t buy the cheapest you can find. Be selective. Select the web host with the highest uptime, most positive feedback, best customer service and the features you need.


Installing WordPress

Most web hosts will now set up WordPress for you when you buy hosting. If they don’t, they will use an installer such as Softalicious that can do it for you. Either way, the actual setting up of WordPress is simple.

  1. Log into your web host control panel
  2. Select Softalicious or other application installer
  3. Select WordPress from the list
  4. Select to install it on your hosting plan
  5. Give the installation a name and add any further details as required
  6. Allow the installer to set up WordPress

That’s all there is to it really. Once done, you can log into your website directly or use ‘https://www.yourdomainname.com/wp-admin’. Enter the username and login you set up during WordPress installation and you will be presented with the WordPress dashboard.

Setting up your WordPress restaurant theme

Setting up your WordPress restaurant theme is just as straightforward. Setting up WordPress is the most challenging things get and that didn’t take long did it?

Once you buy your WordPress restaurant theme, you need to download the files to your computer. They will likely be as a .zip file. You may also receive a confirmation email with a licence key. Keep that safe.

To install the WordPress restaurant theme, do this:

  1. Select Appearance from the left menu of your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Select Themes from the submenu.
  3. Select Add New at the top and Upload Theme on the next screen.
  4. Select Choose File in the middle.
  5. Select the .zip theme file you downloaded when you bought the theme.
  6. Select Install Now.

Installation may take a minute or two depending on how busy the host is. Once complete, you should see an Activate button become available. Select Activate to make the theme live and available for you to customize.

Bringing it all together

WordPress has been installed, your WordPress restaurant theme has been activated so what’s next?

Now you need to either import demo data or convert your old website to the new theme. As many of you will be setting up a brand new website, let’s tackle that.

Many WordPress restaurant themes come with their own theme dashboard. Select this if yours has one. You should see an option to Import Demo Data. Select this option if available. You may be presented with a long list of demo websites to choose from. Select the most appropriate from the list and select import.

You may be asked to activate plugins to make the theme work. Do that next. Check the box next to all the required plugins, select Install from the Bulk Actions dropdown menu at the top of the screen and select Install and then Activate.

Using the page builder

Many themes in this list come with their own page builder. This is a self-contained system that uses drag and drop tools to create pages. You can build a page from scratch or customize a page you imported along with the demo data.

Either way, now is a good time to get to know the page builder. Create a copy of a page and have a play around. See what they page builder can do. See what pages look like with different layouts and add and remove page features. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with how your specific template works.

Once you’re happy, create your real pages using the skills you just learned!

 Italian Restaurant WordPress Template

5 Top tips for creating top class restaurant websites

Now you have seen some quality WordPress restaurant themes and learned the basics of how to put a restaurant website together, here are a few actionable tips for your new venture.

1. Don't make your website too complex

Your website should focus on providing your audience with answers to the questions they are most likely to ask and the reasons they arrive on your website.

Those reasons include:

  1. To find your number to phone for reservations
  2. Manage an online reservation or use a reservation form
  3. To find your address or location
  4. Discover your opening times
  5. See your current menu
  6. Check reviews
  7. See if they like the look and feel of the restaurant
  8. Make sure that all of the above are addressed clearly on your website to give your visitors what they need when they need it.

2. Choose an appropriate platform.

One of the most important first steps you need to do is to decide what platform you're going to set up your site with.

There are some great CMS (Content Management Systems) out there such as Joomla, Magento, Drupal and many custom systems. Only one has made creating an online presence accessible to everyone and that’s WordPress.

Why WordPress? Because it’s an open-source and user-friendly platform that helps you to set up and manage a great website easily. It doesn't really matter what type of site you're going to build, be it an online store, a coffee shop, a restaurant website or blog, WordPress makes it easy to get it done - fast.

For those who are worried about not being technical, there's no need to worry. No coding skills are needed to create a WordPress site!

If you know how to use office programs, you have enough skills to be able to build your own website.

3. Choose an appropriate domain for both your users and search engines

As soon as you've chosen a platform the next step is choosing a domain name.

A domain name is the principal thing you need when starting a website. It's your unique address that people should type into a browser to get to your web pages.

Keep in mind that the name of your restaurant or cafe should be catchy, short and memorable. It should also reflect your business name or brand and reflect your core values.

That’s a lot of work that a single word has to do!

Let your domain name include some keywords to help your potential customers to find you into search engines. There is an entire discipline in coming up with domain names as it is often the one part of building a website that causes the most challenge!

4. Use a reliable web host

The next important step is to choose a suitable web hosting company.

Without a web host, your website will not be available on the internet. Hosts come in all shapes and sizes, prices and nationalities. We recommend not choose by price but by reputation.

Not all web hosts are created equal so checking reviews and feedback is essential. You would be far better off spending a little more per month on a reliable web host with 99.99% uptime than a less reliable one with frequent outages.

Click here to for a review of InMotion, the web host CollectiveRay uses

5. Find an awesome restaurant WordPress theme

Here's where it gets fun. There are thousands of professionally designed WordPress restaurant themes to choose from. Choice is one thing you’re definitely not short of when it comes to WordPress. It’s one of the reasons we recommend using it.

With food and drink such a popular industry you'll find that many theme vendors will have products that cater specifically to the niche. Many of them will be of such a high quality you will wonder how they sell them so cheap!

We have already introduced you to 25 of the best WordPress restaurant theme out there but there are hundreds more.

Medieval Dinner Theater

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about WordPress restaurant themes, perhaps we have already answered them below!

How do food and restaurant WordPress themes work?

Food and restaurant WordPress themes work in exactly the same was as all WordPress themes. You buy the theme, upload it to your web host, activate the theme and use the drag and drop page builder to put your website together. Used alongside great images and compelling copy, you can build a restaurant website in just a couple of hours.

What makes a good theme for a restaurant?

A good food & restaurant WordPress theme should answer all the diner’s questions before they are asked and provide everything they need. That should include, address, phone number, opening hours, food menus, daily specials, details on special dietary requirements, social media accounts and anything else you want to include. Adding the ability to make an online reservation or even phone in a table reservation is useful too and if you can combine that with colour, stylish design, superb fonts and slick navigation all the better!

Where do I install my restaurant WordPress theme?

You need to install your restaurant WordPress theme into your WordPress installation. This will be on your web host. Select the WordPress Dashboard, Appearance, Themes and Add New. Upload your theme file and select Activate. Your new theme is now live. You will then have to customize navigation, page layout, page features and all the things that make your website work but it shouldn’t take long!

Which food & restaurant WordPress theme to choose for non-techies?

All the food & restaurant WordPress theme on this page are for non-techies. Most install easily and use drag and drop page builders to help you put your website together. You don’t need to know code or learn any new skills. The most important skills you need to know for these WordPress restaurant themes is a little patience and the ability to follow a logical process. That’s it!

Why should I update my food WordPress theme?

WordPress restaurant themes should be updated regularly to address changing tastes and new technology. Website designs come and go, technologies advance all the time and web-user’s taste change along with them. A restaurant needs to look current if it is to survive and the website is an important part of that. The good news is that once you have installed and set up a WordPress restaurant theme once, it will be largely the same in the future!


So what do you think of our choices for the best restaurant WordPress themes?

We spent hours and hours searching the web for the highest rated designs from developers we know and respect. We tried and tested all of them to make sure they delivered on their promises and didn’t hide any unforeseen issues.

Each of the 25 WordPress restaurant themes listed offer straightforward drag and drop page builders, the opportunity to change colours, layouts, fonts, page features and images. They also allow you to upload food menus and change them on the fly.

All things we believe the modern restaurateur needs from their website.

Do you have any suggestions for top quality WordPress restaurant themes worth checking out? Tell us about them below if you do!

One of the biggest mistakes many newcomers make when building their first website is taking on too much work. They want to create a cafe or restaurant website when their skills lie in creating delicious food. Enthusiasm tells you that you can learn web design and how websites work alongside setting up your business.

It very rarely works that way.

There is too much to do. Too much to learn and not enough hours in the day for your main job, let alone a second job.

It is much easier to use a pre-made theme for restaurants, bistro, café, coffee shop or whatever you need than design your own. It’s faster, requires less learning and a lot less work setting it up!

This article will help you to understand the essentials of how to select a WordPress restaurant theme. We will also show you how to build a website, set up your new theme and begin putting everything together.

By the end of this page, you will have seen 25 top class WordPress restaurant themes, learned how to secure a domain name, set up web hosting, install WordPress and your theme and build your website.

So let's dig right in to those themes for restaurants!

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