Nitro Theme Review - The Best WooCommerce Theme for 2020?

Nitro theme review

Is Nitro the best WooCommerce theme for creating an online store in 2020?

When it comes to WordPress reviews - we strive to give you the very best in the industry. Our next review is the Nitro theme review - a WordPress theme which is intended to help you create your best ecommerce website yet!

E-commerce site maintenance is a tricky task. You set your site up, have your best-selling stuff displayed carefully, create thoughtful checkout and thank you pages, bang your head a little over messages and colours, and after all the pain, you find out, it’s just not really making you happy! There is still something more that can be done, improved, tweaked or may be just trashed out of that site!

Despite the ocean-volume of WordPress templates coming into the market these days, and a large proportion of them, claiming to be built with ecommerce in mind, you and I, both know, how many sick hours we spend tweaking codes, just to make sure, that faux-fur cardigan is rotated properly on every mouse-over.

Ready-made WordPress themes are awesome – they allow you more time to plan for stuff, rather than seat your bum on a library of monotonous codes. But they also have this problem – You can’t quite customize them till your heart feels content.


Then dawned on the WordPress community the little plug-in, called WooCommerce. Integrate it into your website, and all we know is, you can reclaim a simple WordPress website to be a fully equipped online store! This plugin, now, powers 42% of all online stores

Besides a shopping cart, it's important to note that WooCommerce can be used for such stuff as setting up bookings and appointments (you can read on how to set up such functionality here) and even used if you want to start your own subscriptions based business.

There are awesome WordPress themes like Divi which CollectiveRay reviewed here and Pagelines out there that are customizable right from the start. You might want to have a look at them too. But again, they are not made solely for e-commerce.  So they miss points, points that are really important for you to show to your customers and enable them with a true online shopping experience.

All those significant little points are taken care of, in the newest Nitro theme. It’s a completely customizable WordPress theme, built with ecommerce in mind, just ecommerce. That’s what makes it different! We do believe it’s a great enabler to building your best online store yet.

Here’s a review of the Nitro theme from us – plain observations and opinions that are definite to help you decide if Nitro and you are meant for each other or not.

A short quick summary

A glance at this, and you will know exactly what we are talking about.

Nitro Theme Summary

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Why do we think Nitro is the coolest WooCommerce theme available?

Before we hop on to explaining everything in detail, let’s get you started with a look at Nitro in action.

Nitro Best Premium WooCommerce Theme For Your Online Shop

A quick intro video to Nitro

If you have a few minutes to spare to watch a video, this Nitro Getting Started video is a good watch!

Let's dig right in to the features and benefits to you as Nitro there user or web designer.

Features that would speed you up

1. A side-bar of editing options to help you make changes on the fly

Screen 1

That takes you into so much detail, you can go about tweaking stuff in detail, without getting lost.

We have come across themes that do a real good job at this but leave a problematic loop when the user needs to go back to where he came from. And at that point, he is lost. It leads to frustration and useless time spent in figuring out what to do and how to do it.

That is never the case with this theme. Making changes is really easy. Takes seconds, and your website does not have to veil itself from your users while you are making changes to it from the back-end.

2. 17 in-built social media buttons to help spread the word about your most awesome products

Screen 2

Before you ask why, let us tell you, why, we thought, this was simple honest thoughtfulness. The popularity of any E-commerce store depends a lot on word of mouth. Chances of that happening multiplies, when you have you give your customers the options to share your stuff on as many platforms as they are present on. The more you are spoken about, the better known you get, the higher gets your probability to increase your revenue.

3. 6 powerful plug-ins to fully compliment the theme - a one-stop shop

Screen 3


These plugins are specifically designed to cater to your customers in a better way and give visitors a better navigational experience. Summing up to a total worth of $130, you get these plugins completely free with a theme that is worth half the price of these plugins, combined together.

And why should you be happy with these plugins in particular?


Visual Composerlets you edit, practically every detail on your page, without knowing about a line of code. So? You don’t spend time longing for dev support to make even the most basic or the most complex of edits. As long as you know what you want, Visual Composer allows you to create it visually.


Seasonal discount? You need a well-placed pop-up. Holiday offers? Pop-ups in demand. Clearance sale? Show it on a pop-up. New arrivals? Pop-ups get clicked the most. The crux is, you should be able to make your pop-ups look different for every occasion. Templatised pop-ups don’t work very well. Ninja Popups give you the liberty to make your pop-ups and decide, where they are to show, when your visitor loads your page.

Screen 4

Screen 6

add from elements right while editing a particular page


The better planned the trigger messages, the higher the click rates and the better is your chance to lead your customers to where they should be landing. List the rest of the bundled plugins please - no need to speak much about them.

 And so the list continues! In a nutshell, you are getting great value bundled in the price of the theme.

DEMO + Theme - Get it here

 4. Special Pages to create very specific scenario pages

Screen 7

This is something we absolutely loved. It’s unique, not many people have done it, and it is pure, unparalleled value to an online store owner.

Mention all the special pages

For example, a product with sale countdown, places focus on how popular a particular product is, among frequent buyers. This heightens interest levels in the product and pushes its chances of getting sold. Integrating this page with logistics, creates an urge towards buying something that is popular, and is depleting off stocks at a quick rate. Again, it gets your sale rolling at a quicker pace.

Cart and Checkout pages are important here, and it is crucial that you create them in sync with your business and customer sentiments. A proper checkout page that takes off shopping hurdles from customers, tends to improve cart conversion rates.

5. Mobile ready - great shopping experience on any device

Screen 8

It will be injustice to say, Nitro is made to be responsive. A much better way is to put it, saying, it allows you to make your website, look like you and your customers want it, on different devices. So you can actually readjust elements, delete a few out and shift positions to make your website absolutely customized for mobile devices.

How does that make any sense to you? (Knowing that you can rather use a theme that claims to be optimized for mobile)

Look at the screenshot above. Notice that there are options to change the number of columns and the width of each column that you want to be displayed on mobile devices. Secondly, there is this facility to hide columns on particular device types.

Have an image and its description to be displayed in a single column on a mobile, in 2 columns on a tablet? Want to have an additional style guide, filling the third column for larger displays? Well, this theme makes it possible for you!

Your benefit? You know your customers’ behavior. We know their behavior changes from device to device. So display patterns have to be unique for devices - whether these are smartphones, tablets or desktops. This makes shopping a quicker and more convenient experience for you customers. And it guarantees a smooth sales cycle for you.

Screen 9

The way your products are displayed on your page, decides a lot of which on is going to draw attention and which one is going to take a pass. This theme gives you ample options, as far as layout are concerned. So depending upon the time of year, and the products/categories you are planning to showcase, you can decide on which stuff needs to go where.


Another worth mentioning feature here is ‘pagination’. We absolutely loved it. While everyone around the globe is vouching unconditionally for infinite scrolls for e-commerce product display, we still like to believe that some sort of break from a continuous bombardment of products, gives the visitor, a much needed space to contemplate on what he is searching for. It prevents him from getting lost in the store and then suddenly waking up to some weird thought.

Screen 10


Nitro offers you 4 pagination styles to choose from, to ensure unparalleled in-store experience to your customers.

7. 24 niche demos, plus more added to the library, each month!

Screen 11


What more could you ask for? Search out the niche you belong to, and set up your e-commerce site in a matter of hours! It’s that easy! Because all the demos have been created, keeping in mind, particular product or category segments, you have absolutely no need to make extensive changes.
This makes your stuff easy, quick and understandable for you. And in case you get stuck anywhere, Woorockets has a superb team of customer care people, who would take care of your issues. The regular purchase license entitles you to 6 months of free support. So, sit back, do a developer’s work easily, without being a developer yourself. And trust us, you will do it quicker than a developer can do.

8. 200+ free psd files so you can tweak to your brand colors as necessary

Keep aside developmental ease. Like the way these guys have done their design work? Think you could just stick to their stuff and would live with a few little tweaks here and there? You have their whole bundle of psd files. Download them and start making changes right away!

Give Nitro a Try Today

Top notch performance - With all the good looks and awesome features, if you thought it would take time to load, you are terribly wrong

Nitro is made in a way to reduce loading time of your website. It scores above 90 on Pingdom, which is a really impressive score. Built in Nitro, and images properly optimized, your website is sure to load completely, well within 3 seconds.

That’s bang on target with what it should be to make sure users don’t abandon your site!

A quickly loading e-commerce website is indispensable in anchoring visitors and motivating them to enter deeper into the website. A slouchy website turns off 40% of your potential buyers and drives them on to your competitor’s home. Pretty for them, sad for you! A quickly loading website can be crucial to the process of building your sale and revenue.

For every other ecommerce theme that we have known so far, none has actually promised a website loading time of as low as 3 seconds. Nitro claims to offer that, and we have had it proven at our end. That leaves with absolutely no reason to worry about.

Still not convinced? These might do well to convince you.

Nitro is already being used by online stores, globally. Here are a couple of them:

Screen 12

They have made the site super-clean, sophisticated and right to the point. It loaded real quickly on our systems. A great example of Nitro, implemented well.

Screen 13

Cute little site, built in the same sophisticated theme that Nitro is. 

Download and install Nitro

Those who are already using the theme, are all pink and blue about it. Have a look!

Screen 14

Screen 15



Out of all ecommerce themes that we have come across so far, this is just one that is built solely to be conducive to the Woocommerce environment. Irrespective of whether you just begun transacting a few stuff online, or you are already counting that as a handsome asset, Nitro is something that can be a mate for a $59 conditionality. Tweak the menu, use the mega version, just keep it short, pick your colour palate and typography choice, use stuff already designed, design your thing from scratch, inject shots of codes or go completely codeless in your site building…….do just what you want to do……you will have just what you want to have with Nitro.

We feel, it is awesome! We are sure you would like it too! If you do, or even if you don’t let us know if our review helped you! See you in the next theme review. Keep checking on us!

Nitro WooCommerce Theme Review by CollectiveRay: Rating 4.5 out of 5.

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