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At, we say it like it is. As developers of WordPress plugins, users with extensive experience of WordPress and other CMSes, we can give you a full breakdown and review of your plugin, theme or service. As we do the breakdown, we create a full write-up of the review.


We will be 100% truthful, telling it how it is, something which some people might be afraid to say - just because they want to be nice to you. Even your own customers might not tell it to you like it us. Our experts' experience working with hundreds of different plugins and extensions allows us to compare and contrast your plugin with those which are already in the industry. 

You can decide whether you want us to publish this review on our blog or not. We won't edit out parts which youdon't like, we will be as frank and our users expect us to be frank, so we can't just shower you with praise. We can't lose our credibility just so that you get some good publicity.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in - please get in touch.

A few examples of our reviews:

Pagelines Platform 5 Review - the new Drag and Drop Page Builder for WordPress

InMotion Hosting Review - is it for me or my business?

Divi vs Visual Composer Review - drag and Drop WordPress PageBuilder Comparison

JFBConnect Review - How to integrate Joomla with Facebook and other social networks

HackAlert Monitoring Review - what it is and why you should get it


$349 - review only (with option to publish article)

$399 - review + feature in newsletter



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