Cloudways review

Today, in this Cloudways Review, we will show you how choosing the right cloud hosting platform can make a real impact on your business. When you've got a business to run, you really don't have to worry about what how and where to manage cloud hosting.

You've got much more important things to do than figuring out how, where and how to grow your platform. You just want it to work. Period.

Let's have a look at whether Cloudways is a good choice as a web hosting service.

How to Decide What Cloud hosting Is Best for Your Needs

A web hosting platform is an internet service that enables individuals and organizations to launch their websites over the World Wide Web.

Like choosing the right physical things, making the perfect choice can be tough.

Same goes for choosing the best cloud hosting platform. Besides checking out any other web hosting reviews,some of which you can find here, you should check out all of the features yourself, through a trial.

IT Organizations have invested ostensibly in providing cloud services to individual website builders worldwide; each promising 99% uptime, unlimited resources and excellent support.

The real challenge lies in cutting through the jargon and choosing the best one to meet your needs, Right?

So how do we decide whether a cloud hosting platform is actually good?

Identify your hosting needs

In order to choose the best hosting platform for launching your online presence, you should first identify your hosting needs. Certain factors such as host reliability, uptime, upgrades and hosting features including add-ons are a must.

Pricing can differ depending on the quality of service and stability of the product on market. It should be an economical one, neither too expensive which makes it a monthly burden or accounting scare nor too cheap that the service becomes more of a drag for you.

Today we're performing a full Cloudways hosting review and whether it makes sense to use as your platform. It is all you need to set up an excellent hosting environment. Cloudways is different than other cloud hosting platforms over the internet because of its ultimate software stack named ThunderStack. We will check out all the necessary features in this web hosting review. 

It is a combination of Nginx, Varnish, Apache, FPM(FastCGI Process Manager), Memcached, Redis, and MySQL. Today we are going to review Cloudways and how it has eases the hosting headaches of thousands of users over the internet.

7 Essential tips to setup a Reseller Hosting Business Startup : click here to read more.

Cloudways Review


Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform. It provides customers with a solution to launch web applications on different cloud servers. Pricing depends on the provider you choose with DigitalOcean starting at $10/month. Their servers are highly tuned for performance and reliability and you'll have support experts ready to help.

Overall, here are our ratings:

Price Signup Free, hosting plans start from $10/month with DigitalOcean
Free Trial Yes - 3 days
Interface  Tuned for performance
What we liked (PROs)  Large option of cloud providers
   Many top features built-in (backups)
   Can host any platform and / or application
   Excellent support
What we didn't like (CONs)  Can get pricey depending on platform provider - however, performance is excellent
   No CPanel - some might feel this is a disadvantage
    No ROOT access
Ease of use  5/5
Reliability  5/5
Support  5/5
Value  4.5/5
Overall  4.9/5
Website Visit Website Now


Before we continue, check out this short 1-minute video of setting up a PHP website (such as WordPress) with DigitalOcean:


There are five cloud service providers you can use.

  1. DigitalOcean (3-day free trial)
  2. Vultr (3-day free trial)
  3. Linode (3-day free trial)
  4. Amazon Web Service AWS (3-day free trial)
  5. Google Compute Engine GCE or Google Cloud (3-day free trial)

We would recommend checking some of the above cloud web hosting and server reviews to see which one would work best for your specific needs.

But remember that with managed hosting, you'll get help with whatever platform you choose.

Before you start launching a server, you will have to select a web application. A web application allows you to create a website based on your business’s needs. From WordPress to Joomla and Drupal, Magento to Prestashop, PHP to CRM, you can easily launch any type of website that fulfills your requirements. Cloudways offers customers a wide range of web applications to choose from.

(Use coupon code: CR20 for 20% off for 2 months)

Try Cloudways hosting Now

This Cloudways review will continue with some details about the actual service.


In order to launch your very own account, follow these really simple steps:

  1. Sign-Up using your required credentials. This may incorporate your pre-created email account and password.
  2. Once you are done with signing up, you will be prompted for verification. Verify your account to become part of Cloudways.
  3. Log in to your Console, it will direct you to a Launch page. Hit the Launch button to start a new server.
  4. Setup your server and app details. Cloudways makes WordPress Hosting easy. For now, we will select WordPress. You will have to further provide a name for your application, server, and project.

It is good to note that if you are just running a trial, you don't need to provide your credit card details. 

Step #1: Create an Account on Cloudways

First, you need to set up an account with Cloudways. Go to their Sign up page and enter your details.

Get started for Free


After you have created an account, log in.


The first thing you'll notice that this is not a CPanel based cloud platform. Cloudways have developed their own custom control panel to allow you to manage the complex functionality available, without necessarily creating too much complexity in the user experience.

Having said this, those familiar with Cpanel might find the experience of using a custom control panel overwhelming, at least until you get used to it.

Step #2: Launch Server

Let’s now launch the server. After you click ‘Launch’, you need to make a few choices.

For the purposes of this exercise, we have selected the following: 

  • WordPress 4.9.8 as application
  • Testing for CollectiveRay’ as the name of our application and server
  • Linode as the cloud platform provider
  • 1 GB as server size
  • Fremont as location


Deploy managed application cloud services


At the bottom, click ‘Launch Now’ button.

In just a matter of minutes, your server will be provisioned and launched. You can then see your server specifications and details by clicking on your server.

 Visit Cloudways Now

The Cloudways Server Management Stack


Server management is one of the most important features in this service. It provides the user with server access credentials, monitoring attribute, service management, security options and much more. Below are some of the features discussed in order to guide the viewers to the features that the Cloudways Server Management has in store for them.

Setup and access your Master Credentials

First up is Master Credentials. It contains your server’s public IP, Username and Password. You can upload multiple SSH Public Keys to your server to access it without password prompts. You can also do it manually by selecting SSH Public Keys button and set label and public keys.

Alternatively, you can set it automatically for your websites by simply launching SSH Terminal on your browser by selecting Launch SSH Terminal.

Master credentials

Monitoring the performance of your web application

The Monitoring feature enables users to monitor their respective server and application performance. It provides 15 different real-time options to monitor your server. You can set your timescale to as low as per hour. As far as the application monitoring is concerned, Cloudways has partnered with New Relic to provide this feature to the users. In order to access it, you have to enable New Relic from your Manage Services option.

Server monitoring

This is something which very few providers give you. For example, we host this website on InMotion hosting, and you won't find access to such functionality, even if we do believe they are one of the best web hosting services you could opt for.

Use Manage Services to enable different server resources 

Speaking of Manage Services, this feature allows users to manage variable services on their server. These services include Apache, Memcached, MySQL, New Relic, Nginx, PHP FPM and Varnish. There are control options available for each service.

Using these control options, you can enable and disable your server resources as per your requirements. As for Varnish, it comes with an additional purge option which allows you to clear your cache with just a single click.

Before you go around tweaking with the services, we may recommend you to be careful, if you know what you're doing, you bring out the best of the resources, but if you're not sure, you may break your setup!

Manage services


Set your Server package details via Settings & Packages

The Settings & Packages option lets you set the details of your server packages and harness settings in accordance with your website requirements. You can either access the basic server utility or the advanced server utility to set your preferences. You can also turn on Cloudflare, HTTP/2, Redis, and ElasticSearch from the Packages option in the same section. Before deploying any particular package, please make sure that your applications and its plugins or extensions are compatible.

Settings packages

One needs to note that given that nature of the platform, Cloudways does not provide root access to it's servers. This is because, with root access, one could possibly break the underlying server infrastructure, creating a less reliable platform for both yourself and other customers.

However, most settings which typically require root, can still be managed through the myriad settings available.

Customize your application's Security

This feature enables you to whitelist your IP addresses in order to safely access your server over SFTP and SSH. With this feature, you can further check whether your specific IP address is open or blocked. Once you are done with adding IP addresses to whitelist you can simply hit ‘Save Changes’ in order to apply them.

Secure access

On-demand resources with Vertical Scaling

With vertical scaling, you can easily increase your server size without any hassles. DigitalOcean and Vultr only offer upgrading your server size while Amazon and Google Compute Engine allow you to downgrade them as well. As you scale your server, other attributes of your server such as RAM, SSD Disk and Core Processors are increased accordingly.

Vertical scaling

Keep your website safe with Backups

The Backup feature on the service helps you backup your server and application data at datacenters so you don’t suffer any serious data loss. You can automate your backup frequency up to as low as an hour. Furthermore, you can enable/disable your local backup. At any instance, if you think that you need to back up your data immediately, you get an additional option of Take Server Backup Now.

Backup scheduling

Service Add-Ons

Cloudways offers customers two server add-ons: The SMTP Addon and Elastic email Addon. You will first need to Activate/Subscribe the Add-on from Add-ons Tab to configure Add-on for your server in order to access them. You can use Elastic Email add-on for transactional email delivery and management service. Activation of Custom SMTP Add-on will enable the user to configure an external SMTP service for transactional email delivery and management service.


Application Management

Application management allows users to manage application queries on your web server.

Access Details 

Access Details provides you with information related to different ways in which you can interact with your web application. There are three sections within Access Details; it encompasses Application URL, Admin Panel and MySQL Access. By simply clicking the link under admin panel will lead you to your web application (WordPress) login page. The username and password are available as well and all you have to do is click to copy it.

Access details 

Enable your own domain with Domain Management 

Domain management allows you to point your domain to Cloudways hosting platform. Domain pointing will link your purchased domain with the web application that you have launched. You can add a primary domain and further add additional subdomains depending on how many websites you wish to interlink with your web application. Once you are done hit Save Changes. 

Domains management

Automate tasks with Cron Job Management

Cron Job tool is a task scheduler. It allows individuals to schedule tasks which can take place on your website. In order to use cron job for your website, you have to add new cron job to the Cloudways hosting platform. Settings for Cron Job are categorized as following; Basic and Advance. Depending on the design of your website, you can set attributes for both accordingly. 

Cron job management

Install an SSL Certificate to enable secure transmission 

SSL certification provides a safe presence of your website over the Internet. Cloudways has added Let’s Encrypt SSL Certification for its customers. You can switch between using the pre-default SSL Certification available at Cloudways or a custom certification of your choice. You can use the custom SSL tool on the platform to install and configure your free SSL certificates.

All of the managed cloud platform providers offer the option of free SSL certificates.

SSL management

Restore your website backup 

Restore option allows you to restore your web app from the available backups. It contains all files synced with your server database. Since automated backup is already up and running on your server, so you have several restore points to shift your web app to an earlier time. Once you have successfully selected the restore point you wish to shift to, all you have to do is select Restore Application Now.

Restore web app

Deploy your application via Git

At Cloudways, you can deploy changes on your website via Git. Your Git repository should support Git over SSH. SSH Keys identify your server without the need of passwords. You will first need to generate and download SSH Keys. It's very easy. In order to do so, you have to click the button Generate SSH Keys.

Deployment via git

Configure your applications via Application Settings

With the Application settings option, you can configure settings in accordance to your preference. You can configure as many applications as you like with specified settings. Application Settings is available in two different categories at Cloudways; General and PHP settings. You can even enable/disable Varnish for your web application and reset it as well.

Application settings


Migrate Websites Using the Migrator Tool

Cloudways further comes with a built-in tool for Migrating WordPress websites to its hosting platform called the WordPress Migrator. It is available in the Application Management Tab and you can use to migrate data from your WordPress Dashboard to the one that you have launched.

WordPress migration


Use CloudwaysCDN for Enhanced Website Performance

CloudwaysCDN is developed by the Cloudways team to enhance website’s performance for a wider audience. It is a geographically distributed server system that stores static copies of static assets of the website. This means that it is able to reduce traffic loads and page load times of websites.

cdn integration 

Enable additional Application Add-Ons

Cloudways also offers several Application add-ons for your web application. You can go to to the ‘Add-Ons’ section from the dropdown menu at the top.

add ons


Here are the 6 add-ons that Cloudways offers:

  • DNS Made Easy,
  • Rackspace Email,
  • Elastic Email,
  • Application Migration,
  • Application Upgrade, and
  • CloudwaysCDN.   


add on options

The CloudwaysBot 

Cloudways has recently integrated a new feature to their platform, CloudwaysBot. CloudwaysBot is your very own personal server assistant that helps you to optimize your server and application settings at Cloudways. It is intelligently designed to keep track records of your server and application sending you notifications regarding security, settings, billings, and upgrades. In fact, it keeps an eye out on your overall performance.

Cloudways is working day in and day out to optimize and create CloudwaysBot as user-friendly as it could be to serve their users and customers effectively. Besides, it will further send you tips and tricks on how one can improve their server performance. You can further set Channels on which you want your CloudwaysBot to drop notifications. It can be your personal social platforms such as HipChat or Slack or it can be your email addresses.

 Cloudways bot

Try cloud hosting now

Work with Teams & Projects

At Cloudways, you can now create Teams and do Projects with them. The platform offers you both options. You can assign team members, share project details with them and so much more. Join individuals working separately under a single platform and work together.

Teams projects

Support and Documentation

Customer support comes in a number of forms, but comes primarily through the Support dropdown where you'll find access to the Knowledge Base, the Community Forum, the blog, and the Contact Us page.

The sales and billings teams can be contacted via the enquiry form, or via telephone.

For regular customer support, you can login to the platform, which will immediately bring up the CloudwaysBot live chat. Once you send in your query a number of articles will get displaued to try to answer your query immediately, otherwise, the live chat will get assigned to a customer support agent, who will resolve your enquiry.

support live chat

We didn't have too many issues ourselves, but we did test out the support chat in general. You'll find that they have a great customer support team which will strive to ensure your query is resolved in a timely manner.

Pricing / Coupon Code

When it comes to pricing, we believe that given the flexibility, the service is very nicely priced. Starting at $10/month for 1GB (on DigitalOcean) and 1 core and going up to a very fair $22/mo for 2GB, we believe the pricing is great and accessible to anybody who is running a site which is monetized or core business process.

You can see some more details about their pricing plans below.


But to make the pricing even more accessible, we've partnered with this company to give you an additional 20% OFF for the first 2 months. Just use the coupon code CR20 when checking out to automatically have 20% OFF for your first two months.

Click here for the lowest price (Coupon code: CR20)


cloudways pricing

Managed Hosting Platforms

Cloudways is essentially a platform which allows you to plugin to a number of cloud hosting provider services. As at the time of writing this article, their primary providers are the following:

  • Digital Ocean - one of the pioneers and one of the most popular providers. The cheapest plan is prices at $10/month.
  • Linode - this provider is reknown for their highly performing servers at very good prices. Prices start at $12/month.
  • Vultr - another popular provider, with plans starting at $11/month.
  • AWS - Amazon Web Services - this is absolutely the most popular cloud infrastructure provider, but in general, they are more expensive than other providers. The lowest plan starts at $36.51/month and bandwidth is limited compared to the other providers above.
  • Google Cloud - another very popular provider for managed hosting. Once again, they are not particularly cheap. Again, the price starts at $33.30/month with bandwidth limited to 2GB.

In general, if you're looking for good performance and good resources, but don't need to much bandwidth, go for AWS or Google Cloud. If bandwidth and price is an issue, go for the DigitalOcean, Linode or Vultr.

One needs to note that the above are some of the best web hosting services available out there. Any hosting plan you choose will surely give you great results, such is the nature of the Cloudways platform.

It is important to note and understand the difference from shared hosting. When you apply with Cloudways and one of the providers, the plan you select will give you dedicated resources to your own application or website. So if you opt for a DigitalOcean $42/month plan, your website will have 2 dedicated CPU cores, 4GB of dedicated RAM, 80GB of storage and 4TB of bandwidth.

With shared hosting services, you'll find that each server could be shared with anything from 500 to a 1000 other websites, which will absolutely kill the performance. This is a key difference why websites on managed hosting perform so much better.

One also needs to know that typicaly managed WordPress hosting starts at a much higher pricing than the above. For example, Kinsta and WPEngine, two other services which we've reviewed here and here start at a price point which is several multiples higher.

The plans above are suitable for small business websites, where you can start with the lower tier plans and then scale up as your business grows without having to go through a migration.


While we've done extensive test ourselves and found this web host more than suitable, we're going to share with you some of the other Cloudways reviews we've seen and what they think.

Adam from WPCrafter thinks the servers are insanely fast and then says the following:

wpcrafter testimonial

PCMag, a very reputable source for Cloudways reviews and software in general thinks this is an excellent platform:

pcmag review

On Capterra, you'll find that out of 25 Cloudways reviews, they have an average 5/5 star rating, which is a great testimonial to the quality of this company.

capterra cloudways reviews

Conclusion - is it worth the money?

Is the Cloudways platform the best-managed cloud hosting provider? We haven't tested all of them, but we've worked with quite a few and this is a whole different ballgame. It it's not the best, it's definetely a contender. 

One can find a number of hosting platforms over the internet, however, some lack in providing the right customer service, some provide incomplete features, some demand high price rates while others are so low that they put quality at risk.

Our Cloudways review shows how it is a complete single click solution, offering you complete features at economical price rates. The customer support is great. The user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to work with, unlike CPanel powered hosts.

So what are you waiting for? Try it today and see whether this is the right hosting for you.

Launch your very own Managed Cloud Server and host a web application and see how it works. Whether it be a design of a blog, a business website, an online web store or a social forum, Cloudways make hosting as easy as it gets.

Try Cloudways hosting now

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