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ScalaHosting review

Is ScalaHosting the next big thing in WordPress hosting?

27% of the web is powered by the WordPress (WP) content management system, making it the most-used CMS, and placing its market share at almost 60%. Each day, more than 500 websites are created on the WP platform, which is available in 56 different languages.

There are currently 44,225 WP plugins with over a billion in total downloads. Some well-known websites that use WordPress include The New York Times, National Geographic, People Magazine and Forbes.

WordPress is also a popular solution for ecommerce sites, with about 35% of small-business and ecommerce applications using popular WP plugins and themes.

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Thinking of setting up reseller hosting? Our Reseller hosting Business startup guide will help you get started quickly

If you're thinking of setting up a reseller hosting business - you'll need to make a few decisions. Making the right choices makes the difference between an and ok and a great setup for you. That's why we've written these top tips for as a complete reseller hosting business startup guide - to help you make the right choices about reseller hosting.

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Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting at the speed of Google

WordPress is now used by over 27% of all websites on the web. Because of this, many different WordPress focused hosting companies have emerged as they want to grab a piece of this ever growing pie. Today in this Kinsta review we are going to take a deep dive into a relatively newer managed WordPress host that is taking a slightly different approach to the market!

We'll focus this Kinsta review of the how and why of using managed WordPress hosting and what benefits this can bring to your site. Because your natural question would be

Why should I even consider managed WordPress hosting? Why shouldn't I stick to my normal shared WordPress hosting?

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InMotion vs SiteGround

If you've whittled down your choice of hosting to InMotion vs SiteGround, we know you've very much got the interest of your website at heart.

We get it.

We've been there. We've seen it all. Our sites have been attacked ferociously, gone viral, suffered floods of traffic from botnets. We also see steady streams of visitors (more than 60,000 page views each mont). In these circumstances, making the right choice of hosting is very important.

The choice of your hosting service makes a real difference to the success of your website.

The perception and feeling of having a fast snappy experience is critical to your website.

The 100% reliability and reassurance that your web hosting won't mess up is something which you need to be ensured of.

The knowledge that your site won't go down under heavy load is essential. 

The full protection offered against prolific hacking attempts is something which cannot be taken for granted.

That's why, having narrowed down your choice to InMotion vs SiteGround is already your best decision so far. But, who would we fully recommend?

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InMotion VPS

At DART Creations, our effort to produce quality actionable content, has allowed this website to go from strength to strength - in terms of traffic. As the amount of traffic grew, we outgrew the plans we initially were using to host our site - so we had to look at better options for traffic. So we set our sights on an InMotion VPS account.

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inmotion hosting reviewInMotion Hosting have long established themselves as a trustworthy business hosting company. Their excellent technical support is second to none, their servers are fast and reliable and optimized specifically for growing Joomla and Wordpress sites and can easily scale up to meet your website and blogging demands.

In this web hosting review, you can find a full InMotion hosting review to see our experience using their business hosting services.

Our overall rating:

Excellent - highly recommended



Technical U.S. based support who are able to resolve any issue thrown at them


99.9% uptime and your choice of Max Speed Zones for business hosting


Fast SSD Drives and optimized for Wordpress and Joomla make their servers blazing fast. Shared accounts are limited so that servers are not overwhelmed and resources are assigned in real-time when servers receiver sudden spikes.


Although not the cheapest around, you get excellent value for the price you are paying. You're better off paying a bit more for better service. DART Creations readers also get 47% off on Business Hosting.

See the rest of this for our InMoting hosting review pros and cons.

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Yahoo Small Business Hosting

To maintain a business web site is the initial way that one can start using the advantages of the Internet. So, getting a website is essential for business. But some people doubt whether it is worth the effort to have a business web site?

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