ScalaHosting WordPress Hosting Review - is it a good choice?

Is ScalaHosting the next big thing in WordPress hosting?

27% of the web is powered by the WordPress (WP) content management system, making it the most-used CMS, and placing its market share at almost 60%. Each day, more than 500 websites are created on the WP platform, which is available in 56 different languages.

There are currently 44,225 WP plugins with over a billion in total downloads. Some well-known websites that use WordPress include The New York Times, National Geographic, People Magazine and Forbes.

WordPress is also a popular solution for ecommerce sites, with about 35% of small-business and ecommerce applications using popular WP plugins and themes.

Scalahosting Review -wordpress hosting

As far as pure WP hosting performance and perks are concerned, ScalaHosting ticks all the right boxes.

The cheap WordPress hosting plans and features from ScalaHosting deliver excellent value for money. The plans are designed to cater to different requirements, and all feature value-added services that other hosting plans typically don't include.

In case you're a service provider, such as a web designer or agency, Scala also offer cheap reseller hosting.

Get WordPress Hosting with Scala for $1.18/mo

1. No problems with images and large backups - Unlimited Disk Space

If you plan to expand your ecommerce site, develop a bigger resource portal, or build a complex website with loads of menus, visuals and parallax scrolling, unlimited web space will come in handy.

You can add features to your website without worrying about a lack of space or without having to choose between which design to put up and which one to sacrifice.

That means the flexibility to upload a large amount of files, scripts, audio, video and other data as required.

2. Not a WordPress techy? 1-Click WordPress Installer

wordpress 1 click installer

As far as WordPress installation is concerned, you have two options : manual install or 1-click install. The latter option is the easiest, quickest way to install WordPress.

If you want to start blogging immediately, Scala's 1-click feature is just what you need; alternatively, you can also have a ScalaHosting IT expert handle the set-up for you.

With the manual install, you will have to create a database, edit the WP config file, and do a bunch of other things on your own. This interaction and tinkering around is advised only if you want to understand the CMS more deeply.

3. Prevent WordPress hack attacks with ScalaHosting Automatic Updates

With every new release of this open-source CMS, the developer community fixes bugs, incorporates new features, upgrades existing features, and improves performance to keep up with evolving industry standards. At the same time, the massive popularity of WordPress also makes it a target for cybercriminals.

By updating their WP site, users can counter security risks while also making the most of new features.

There is no way around it : to avoid running a WP site with security vulnerabilities that hackers can potentially misuse, you must update your system to the newest version as it is released. You also don't want to deliver a WP experience different from that offered by competitor sites using the latest versions.

Even minor WP releases (x.x.x) shouldn't be overlooked as bugs do tend to sometimes go under the radar during testing, and are subsequently tackled via quick releases.

If all this sounds like a hassle – and it most certainly will be if you're a time-poor entrepreneur or you want to solely focus on business development – Scala's automatic updates will give you peace of mind by automatically updating your WordPress to the latest version in the background. 

Try WordPress Hosting with Scala for $1.18/mo

4. No time to manage your site? Managed WordPress Hosting handles all the maintenance for your site

In managed WordPress hosting, the hosting provider handles all technical aspects of running the system, including updates, security, uptime and backups. Again, this is a useful option for busy business owners who have little or no time to attend to WP tasks. For example, we've also review WPEngine one of the premium managed WordPress hosting providers here.

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cpanel r1soft backups

You get 24/7 access to backups and you can restore your files or databases at anytime yourself without contacting ScalaHosting.

restore completed

Scala's FREE managed WP hosting makes premium support available from knowledgeable experts. It can actually eliminate the need for hiring a system administration to manage your website. Specifically, managed WP hosting from delivers:

No need to fear WordPress hackers - Top-notch WordPress security

A number of security defences atop a very robust security layer greatly enhances the security profile of your WP website. This is one of the biggest advantages of managed hosting – security is taken seriously to avoid lapses and retain customer loyalty. 

Get a super-fast with Scala's Super-fast servers

Quality infrastructure is the hallmark of a reliable web hosting provider. ScalaHosting maintains extremely fast servers that ensure excellent speed even during peak traffic hours and sudden surge in traffic volume.

This is especially helpful when you're running a blowout sale or during the biggest shopping days of the year. For comparison's sake, Scala's plans serve 2140 visitors for ten seconds, while other plans can serve an average of 135 visitors over the same time period. Their servers specifications play a big role especially the enterprise SSD drives they use to power the servers.

Keep your business running 24/7/365 with our No downtime guarantee

Unplanned downtime is inevitable, so the surety of 100% uptime must be taken with a grain of salt. What you should focus on is the surety of uptime even when traffic to your website is very high.

Scala's investment in state-of-the-art technology is evident in the way your website stays up regardless of fluctuations in traffic – from high to medium to frantic browsing activity on the site. The good news is that site speed remains fast and unaffected by increases in traffic.

Development tools to take your website to the next level

One of Scala's biggest benefits is the suite of development tools it makes available to users. They include free SEO tools, CloudFlare CDN, SSL certificate and a .com domain.

scalahosting seo tools

Troubleshooting assistance when problems crop up

scalahosting livechat support

If you're new to WordPress or want to entrust a dedicated single point-of-contact with problem-solving, Scala Hosting LLC’s technical support responds quickly and remediates without any delay.

This level of technical assistance is welcome in high-pressure situations when you have to decide between making time to solve the problem and having an expert handle it for you.

Managed WP hosting is helpful if you plan to expand your website. The technical tasks you may need to carry out will also increase, and you will appreciate the end-to-end support that ScalaHosting provides in this scenario.

If you're in the retail industry, which is the most common victim of WordPress attacks, the security measures that managed hosting delivers can be crucial in warding off SQL injection and command injection attacks that specifically tend to attack WordPress sites.

5. Professional WP Security

wordpress security

The 'big three' CMS platforms – WordPress, Drupal and Joomla – have evolved substantially over the years. These feature-rich platforms also come with their share of vulnerabilities, as they are built on an open-source framework and integrated with third-party plugins and themes developed by thousands of authors. Hence, WP users need a way to address security threats.

Thankfully, ScalaHosting offers a high level of WordPress security.

Malware can infect WP sites in a number of ways. When you don't have technical support or the time to check if your website has been infected by a malicious code or malware, the next best option is let your web hosting company take care of it.

Thankfully, all hosting plans from ScalaHosting come with malware scans and removal. This is handled by Scala's team unlike some plans where the provider sends you a vanilla list to fix the malware yourself.

As discussed above, automated updates support your site's overall security and deliver an updated WP experience to your customers.

Backing up your core WP files, WP content folder containing plugins, themes and uploads, database and config file can be time-consuming. If you don't back up frequently, you are taking risks with your site's security. ScalaHosting backs up your data on a regular basis, and upon request, also restores your website to a previous date.

All plans come with a web attack blocker, a specialized security software that blocks known malicious queries. This adds another layer of proactive security to your website.

A dedicated firewall is installed and configured by Scala's systems administrators. This is helpful if you have little or no experience configuring and customizing a firewall.

ScalaHosting goes one step further by optimizing your security rules for your CMS. The necessary rules are designed and installed on every new hosting plan.

All these security solutions give customers the assurance that their site has an above-average security profile to ward off hackers and minimize or eliminate downtime.

Secure your WordPress with Scala for $1.18/mo

6. LiteSpeed Web Server - lightning-fast response times

fast wordpress hosting

The LiteSpeed (LS) web server is an alternative to the traditional Apache web server, with one exception : it offers exceptional performance, making it the leading commercial server currently available. The LS cache can be enabled in different ways; for WordPress users, the LiteSpeed WP plugin is a means of enabling the cache. The speed improvement with

The LS cache can be enabled in different ways; for WordPress users, the LiteSpeed WP plugin is a means of enabling the cache. The speed improvement with a LS cache on your WP installation is hundreds of times faster than one without a LS cache. If your website attracts heavy traffic from multiple geographical locations on a daily and consistent basis, LS cache is a safe bet, or else you may need multiple servers to handle thousands of requests per second.

If your website attracts heavy traffic from multiple geographical locations on a daily and consistent basis, LS cache is a safe bet, or else you may need multiple servers to handle thousands of requests per second.

Get fast WordPress Hosting with Scala for $1.18/mo

7. Customers love ScalaHosting

scalahosting 5 stars review

One of the thousands of happy customers wrote a detailed review about the WordPress hosting services of ScalaHosting which you can read.

Here are some more reviews of ScalaHosting we found on the internet.

I choosed Scala for a matter of budget and was very skeptic at first but let me say scalahosting has nothing to envy to other most prestigious hosting companies. Their service is up to the world standards and support is fast and accurate, said

It has been the course of approximately a half a month with Scala and All i have seen is complete dedication here and superb service..Most amazing thing about Scala is the super fast response, said Ben Ochang.

These guys know hosting. They are excellent hosting agents and truly the least pain to work work when it comes to changing packages or services. They are constantly bailing me out of my mistakes and are always very professional, said Frank Thomas.

You can read hundreds of positive reviews about ScalaHosting at the following addresses.

8. What is our conclusion on ScalaHosting

Given the breadth of top-notch features provided by Scalahosting, we do believe this hosting service offers an unparalleled experience when it comes to WordPress hosting. We do believe that for the price you are paying, the services provided are hard to come by anywhere else.

That's why we're giving ScalaHosting an excellent rating.

Their customers are really happy with the web hosting services provided by Scala. We can clearly see that on their Facebook page. They have tons of positive reviews on multiple web sites online. That surely shows their service is top-notch and the current promotion they are running is a great deal which should not be missed.


scalahosting review

Get a WordPress Hosting plan with Scala for $1.18/mo

ScalaHosting keeps running promotional offers with competitive cost savings in store for customers. Under the current offer, you can purchase a plan with unlimited space and host unlimited web sites for $1.18 per/mo for the first six months, and $4.95/mo after this period. The provider’s plans are already cost-effective, and the latest offer is an excellent opportunity to enter when the prices are rock-bottom.

Under the current offer, you can purchase a plan with unlimited space and host unlimited web sites for $1.18 per/mo for the first six months, and $4.95/mo after this period. The provider’s plans are already cost-effective, and the latest offer is an excellent opportunity to enter when the prices are rock-bottom.

scalahosting wordpress plans





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