35 Feminine WordPress Themes for Fashion, Mommy and Girly Blogs (2024)

Girly Feminine WordPress themes 

Feminine WordPress themes are not just for girls or fashion and beauty blogs. Feminine design is about so much more than the subject. It’s about the use of colour, soft palettes, elegant fonts, softer contrast, and a more relaxed overall aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a subtle colour palette or softer web design, a WordPress feminine theme could be just what you need.

This page isn’t about design stereotypes or gender roles. It’s about design.

That said, there is no doubt that certain subjects lend themselves well to feminine themes. Subjects like fashion, beauty, weddings, events, floristry and others can be represented at their best with an elegant, feminine theme.

That’s all we care about here. The design and the overall effect of the web design in question.

This page has an excellent breakdown of what defines feminine and male web design. It makes an interesting read. Visme has a neat infographic on gender-neutral design which is also enlightening.


Feminine WordPress Themes 2024

In this article, we will not only provide a list of the 35 best feminine WordPress themes we can find, we’ll guide you through the process of launching your new website and provide some useful tips for making the most of it.

We have searched the internet for what we think are the most elegant WordPress feminine themes around. We whittled this list down from hundreds, tried them, tested them and selected the top performers.

Each will be responsive, fast-loading, be compatible with Google fonts and common WordPress plugins and be beautiful to behold.

We think this is the ultimate list of feminine WordPress themes for 2024!

1. Divi - Fashion

Divi Fashion

The Divi WordPress theme covers almost every type of design and industry out there and Fashion is a great feminine theme. It’s clean, simple and very effective.

As you would expect from Divi, the template is flexible and can be changed to suit any colour combination or brand.

Divi is known for being clean and fast loading. It is also easy to use as it comes with a simple drag and drop page builder, a range of plugins and theme options and is complete with everything you need to put together a great looking website. We've even compared this to the next most popular theme (Avada) and Divi came out as the winner!

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2. StudioPress - Mai Lifestyle Pro

StudioPress Mai Lifestyle Pro

Mai Lifestyle Pro takes feminine WordPress themes in a different direction with a more exotic feel.

Font choice and colours are complementary and soft but this demo combines the look of Asia or Polynesia with strong imagery and a feeling of luxury.

This demo is built around a food and fashion blog with an online store. As you can imagine, you could tweak this to suit any industry and either go with the store or not, as you see fit.

With the Genesis Framework, you have the tools and flexibility to do whatever you like with few limitations. Just one reason we rate these themes so highly.

Mai Lifestyle Pro Details + Demo

3. Astra - Furniture Store

Astra Furniture Store

Astra Furniture Store is a clean feminine WordPress theme with a Scandi feel. It’s a boxed design with a white background and image and content boxes. The overall impression is that it’s very modern, stylish and definitely of the now. With some strong font choices and great quality images, this would deliver an exceptional online store in no time.

Astra works with Elementor or Beaver Builder page builders as well as WooCommerce, LearnDash and others. Pages are designed to be light and fast to load as well as beautiful to behold and Furniture Store is a great example of that.

Astra Details + Demo

4. Neve - Blog


Neve Blog

Neve’s Blog theme proves that a beautiful design doesn’t have to be just one thing. It is both a feminine WordPress theme and a clean modern theme. It uses some strong colours, fonts and images but also some softer elements. We think this is a great option for a personal website or a business with mixed clientele as it can appeal to everyone.

Neve is another firm favourite of ours. It uses clean code, fast-loading pages, is fully responsive and works with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin and Divi Builder.

It also supports AMP for mobile and most leading plugins too.

Neve Details + Demos


5. Bluchic - Chicserve

Bluchic Chicserve

Chicserve is a very feminine WordPress theme. The use of pastel colours, soft font type and colour and complementing colour blocks throughout the page make for a very relaxed experience. Image use is modest yet effective, giving the entire template a very stylish feel.

Bluchic uses the Elementor drag and drop page builder to make it as simple as possible to create your own website quickly.

The demo is good but Elementor provides unlimited colours, hundreds of fonts and a ton of other features to use. Chicserve is also translation ready, GDPR and WooCommerce-ready and comes with a wealth of documentation and instructional videos to help you get started.

ChicServe Details & Demo

6. Jevelin - Fashion

Jevelin Fashion

Fashion is a template for the Jevelin theme. This demo is a take on 80s pop with a modern twist and is ideal for an ecommerce store.

While this theme is built around fashion, it could easily be tweaked for a range of product types with minimal effort without spoiling the effect.

Subtle colours with a strong contrasting button, modest fonts and lots of flexible page elements create a great first impression while delivering the goods all the way down the page.

Jevelin has dozens of demos to choose from if Fashion doesn’t hit the spot.

Jevelin Details / Demo

7. Divi - Wedding Planner

Divi Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner is a completely different take on the feminine WordPress theme.

It looks and feels fresh and uses a softer palette, less bold fonts and less contrast between page elements to deliver a beautiful-looking but also more inclusive aesthetics.

Wedding Planner also comes with the drag and drop page builder, lots of on-page features and the image tools necessary to make a website shine. It is also very stable and loads quickly regardless of how many images you use.

Get Divi for the lowest price - 10% OFF

8. Bluchic - Maggie

Bluchic Maggie

Maggie is a Bluchic template that epitomizes femininity.

It’s a nice mix of soft palette with nice fonts and feminine imagery with a colour pop from the button. Subtle navigation, smooth scrolling, fantastic page balance and a very nice parallax effect creates the impression of professionalism without going overboard with it.

Maggie is modern in all the right ways. It uses white space well, keeps fonts simple yet effective and provides the opportunity for both images and content to shine.

With the Elementor drag and drop page builder plugin, you have huge scope for customization whatever use you put this theme to.

Maggie Theme Details + Demo

9. Neve - Beauty Shop

Neve Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop is a flexible design that could be tweaked to fit any kind of store.

The use of colours, fonts and page layout could lend itself to any industry and any target audience with minimal customization. The demo is a great example of how images can sell a lifestyle and the use of simple colours and serif fonts create a feeling of opulence.

Neve is a top performer and uses clean code with no jQuery, is RTL-ready, loads quickly and is compatible with leading drag and drop page builders, WooCommerce and other popular WordPress plugins.

It’s a great option!

Neve Details & Demo

10. StudioPress - Glam Pro

StudioPress Glam Pro

Glam Pro is a very feminine WordPress theme. It uses soft colours, subtle fonts and lots of white space to deliver a modern and welcoming website. The demo is built around a blog or magazine but it could be easily customized to suit most purposes with minimal effort and a little imagination.

StudioPress is well-known for delivering solid WordPress templates and Glam Pro is just one example of that.

Pages load quickly, the Genesis Framework is utterly dependable and very easy to use once you’re used to it. Themes are also compatible with most plugins and offer limitless opportunities to express your creativity. All things we value in a theme!

Glam Pro Details + Demo 

11. Blossom - Fashion Pro

Blossom Fashion Pro

Fashion Pro is one of our preferred Blossom themes.

Fashion Pro is an ecommerce theme with lots of page layout options, a very strong header image, stylish navigation, great use of white space, strong imagery and contrasting page elements. This is a very polished template with a lot going on and could suit all kinds of uses.

The demo pages have a lot going on but don’t look overloaded. You could prune elements as necessary or add more if that’s your thing. There are a range of page options, blog, store and slider features and support for a range of WordPress plugins included too.

Fashion Pro Details / Demo

12. OceanWP - The Simple

OceanWP The Simple

The Simple is a very current design. Clean, crisp, lots of white space and a minimalist intent that works.

The side menu is brave but works well and is clear enough for all users to quickly figure out. The use of white space and strong fonts also works, as does the parallax scroll with background image further down the page.

All OceanWP themes are fully responsive, are designed to load quickly, support WooCommerce out of the box, have SEO tools included, are translation ready and have all the page features you look for in a theme.

The Simple is exactly that, but it certainly doesn’t leave you wanting.

Ocean WP Details & Demos 

13. Kallyas - App Landing

Kallyas App Landing

App Landing from the Kallyas theme is not a pure feminine WordPress theme but has some elements that make it stand out for just that reason.

It’s a clean, crisp design that would suit a wide range of online stores. The mix of contrast and complement gives it a modern edge while the smooth scrolling adds a real touch of class.

All Kallyas themes use Bootstrap 3 and come with their own Zion drag and drop page builder. They are also fast, smooth and compatible with most WordPress plugins including WooCommerce.

Kallyas Details + Demo 

14. Neve - Art

Neve Art

The Art demo from Neve goes in a completely different direction to Blog.

This is also both a beautiful feminine WordPress theme and a classy theme but is also a much more indulgent experience. Heavy on images as you would expect from a gallery theme but also mixing contrast with complementary elements.

The page has stronger features such as deep colours with contrasting white font. Then you move onto a more complementary grey background with white blocks or shaded backgrounds with softer block colours.

It’s a great mix of ideas that shows you just what is possible when you put your creativity to work.

Neve Details / Demo

15. OceanWP - Outfits

OceanWP Outfits

The Outfits template is something special. It’s the opposite of The Simple and makes an immediate impact.

Strong colours, strong images, contrasting fonts and a very punchy header are just the beginning. If you wanted to create an online store with real buzz, this is a theme to choose.

Feminine WordPress themes are not just about pastels and muted design as this theme proves. It’s a very competent design with great page balance, nice flow down the page and a mixture of strong contrast and easy complementary elements throughout.

For those who like to make an entrance, this is the theme for you!

OceanWP Details + Demo

16. Kallyas - Makeup

Kallyas Makeup

Makeup is another beautiful feminine WordPress theme.

This one is much cleaner and more simple than Lifestyle but still delivers the same superb first impression. This theme is crisp and professional, with that header image making an immediate impact. The white background, subtle fonts, smooth scroll with colouful background image continues to impress.

While the demo is around Makeup, you can see that it could be tweaked to suit any subject with a little customization.

We think some of the body fonts could do with strengthening but the template comes with lots to choose from and leaves you wanting for nothing.

Kallyas Details + Demo

17. Hello and Team

Hello and Team

Hello and Team is a very stylish theme that could work as a shop, company website or something completely different.

Based on the Genesis Framework, it’s a strong design with bold black header, unique fonts and strong imagery. The entire landing page uses lots of images both foreground and background behind a slick parallax element.

The page makes a real impact but still has a feminine appeal.

A mix of contrast and complement, softer block colours, a soft font and a very attractive footer makes a beautiful theme that could carry any online store or website promoting many kinds of businesses.

Hello and Team Details + Demo

18. StudioPress - Refined Pro

StudioPress Refined Pro

Refined Pro is very well named. It’s a balance between Glam Pro and Mai Lifestyle in terms of design, with elements of both within the page.

It is a very refined design with soft colours, soft fonts and well-chosen images designed to shine but also fit comfortably within the template.

As with other StudioPress themes, you can easily customize the design to fit any niche.

The colours, layout, balance of page elements and overall look and feel is such that it could work for any audience you could think of with minimal effort. With clean code, responsive design and all those qualities we expect, you will genuinely want for nothing with this template.

Refined Pro Details and Demo

19. Jevelin - Beauty

Jevelin Beauty

Beauty is our second feminine WordPress theme that uses the Jevelin template.

It’s completely different but still offers that feminine feel that is both stylish and attractive. It is also flexible enough to be customized to suit all manner of niches. While the demo is beauty, it could easily be tweaked to something else entirely.

A strong header image makes an immediate impact. Subtle navigation, a parallax scrolling feature and contrasting content blocks all continue that down the page.

Pages load quickly, the transitions and effects are smooth and the entire experience is positive.

Jevelin Beauty Details and Demo

20. Blossom - Sarada

Blossom Sarada

Sarada is a beautiful feminine theme for WordPress that is laid out as a blog but could be readily customized to suit many business purposes. It’s a flexible design with great use of page elements, a refined colour palette, subtle fonts and an overall classy feel.

Blossom specializes in feminine WordPress themes and has a wide range of them on their website.

We particularly like Sarada for its smart layout and good use of colours and white space as well as the flexibility to tweak it to your liking. All themes are responsive, SEO-friendly, load quickly and all that good stuff too.

Sarada Details + Demo 

21. Freyja


If you’re after Scandinavian nature and lifestyle, Freyja delivers.

It brings clean asymmetrical layouts featuring extra-large imagery, masonry grids and image blocks as well as complementing colours and modern fonts. Whatever demo you choose, page layouts are very attractive too.

The template brings you a number of header options for your website, as well as category pages and post features.

Freyja loads quickly, is compatible with leading WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce and should be very straightforward to set up thanks to great documentation.

Freyja Details + Demo

22. Hello Luv 

Hello Luv

Hello Luv is a sister theme to Hello and Team and shows just what you can do with a little imagination.

This design is about as feminine as it gets. Pastel colours, soft fonts, nice transitions between elements, smooth scrolling and pleasing images that create the impression of effortless elegance.

Like Team, Luv is based on the Genesis Framework, so has all the features you need from a WordPress template and compatibility with WooCommerce and other plugins.

It is also designed to be easy to work with, load quickly and include all the page elements you would expect. Support is also pretty good too.

Hello Luv Details + Demo

23. Aileen


Aileen is a ThemeForest template that stands out from the crowd.

It’s a minimalist design with lots of white space in a boxed layout. Navigation is very subtle, fonts are modern and the overall impression is one of professional competence with a real eye for style. We think it is well worth looking at for a blog or ecommerce store.

Aileen uses the WordPress Customizer and has its own child theme for easy customization. It is compatible with WooCommerce, MailChimp and other WordPress plugins, fully responsive, is translation ready, has a range of page, navigation and page element options and includes everything but the images.

It’s a very smooth design with a lot to recommend it!

Aileen Details / Demo 

24. Esben


Esben is our second offering from ThemeForest.

This is utterly different from Aileen and is more suited to a portfolio or image-heavy website. It has a very slick parallax effect with image overlay, uses lots of white space, minimal copy and navigation.

The visual appeal of this feminine WordPress theme cannot be denied.

Esben uses the WPBakery drag and drop page builder and Slider Revolution. Both provide almost unlimited customization options with simple controls. The template also has blog and store layouts and the option to limit access to content with password protection which is an unusual feature but could be valuable.

Esben Details & Demo

25. Bluchic - Isabelle

Bluchic Isabelle

Isabelle is another Bluchic feminine WordPress theme that hits the right spot.

It’s a boxed theme with great balance, good use of white space and content blocks, pastel colour palette and nice font choices. It’s a different look to Maggie and stands proudly in its own right as a blog template or as a website for a business.

Pages have a nice flow, scroll smoothly and keeps things simple in all the right ways. It’s a no-nonsense template in the best way possible and allows the page content to take all the attention.

It uses the Elementor drag and drop page builder to help build the site and keep things simple, meaning it won’t take you long to have your site up and running!

Isabelle Details / Demo

26. Honeycrisp


Honeycrisp is a simple feminine WordPress theme that manages to be plenty enough for most types of use.

The demo is a blog theme but with a little work, you could customize it to suit any niche and even include a store or portfolio. The colours are subtle, fonts very feminine even when italicized and the overall impression is one of simple elegance.

Honeycrisp is from Angie Makes, a company that can also provide graphics, logos and all the artwork you need for your website.

All their work has a feminine feel and uses nice colours, attractive fonts and smooth design. All things users look for in a website.

Honeycrisp Details + Demo 

27. Astra - Yoga Instructor


Astra Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor has some of the same characteristics of Astra Furniture Store but is also very different.

It still uses the same framework but this time a softer palette and less stark contrasts between page elements and more of a link between those elements thanks to lack of white space between them.

Serif fonts, softer colours with a nice colour pop with the buttons, the parallax scroll with background image, soft icons and  the use of complementary colours rather than contrasting makes this page work very well indeed.

Astra Details & Demo


28. Florence


Florence is a feminine blog template that has minimalist elements combined with a standard layout. It creates a relaxing first impression with a grey background, complementing colour blocks, sympathetic imagery and nice fonts.

There are a few page layout options, including an attractive grid design. All combine striking imagery with subtlety to create something that is very pleasing to the eye. The overall design makes the eye relax and take it all in while the images pop and make you pay attention.

It’s a great combination that could work well for any niche.

Florence Details + Demo

29. WPLook - Makenzie Pro

WPLook Makenzie PRO

Makenzie is a very flexible template that could work for almost anything. The demo is part blog, part magazine and part online store and shows just what uses you could put it to with the right application of creativity. It uses a more contrasted design with a white background, strong content blocks, very strong images and modern font.

The overall impression of Makenzie is a good one.

It has three homepage layout options and a ton of page elements to choose from. It is based on Foundation Zurb, is compatible with WooCommerce and other plugins, has lots of theme features, is GDPR compliant, responsive and fast to load too.

Makenzie Details + Demo

30. Kallyas - Lifestyle

Kallyas Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a more traditional feminine WordPress theme with great use of images, integrated content blocks, smooth scrolling and a very competent parallax design. It also uses good colour combinations and very stylish fonts, a mix of serif and sans serif that works very well on page.

Despite being image-heavy, pages load very quickly.

The framework uses its own version of lazy loading to keep load times down while still delivering an exceptional experience. With full compatibility with WordPress and most plugins, a range of page features and that Zion drag and drop page builder, Lifestyle delivers everything.

Kallyas Details + Demo


31. Bridge Furniture Store

Bridge Furniture Store

Furniture Store is based on the very popular Bridge template.

This version is a feminine WordPress theme that oozes class thanks to a well-chosen colour palette, modern fonts, friendly layout with great page balance and strong images. The overall impression is a positive one that could lend itself well to all kinds of uses.

The Furniture Store demo doesn’t actually showcase a store. It’s more a blog theme and that’s fine with us. It’s a nice layout with lots of white space, contrasting content blocks and the opportunity to let images shine. Bridge has over 500 demos to choose from if Furniture Store doesn’t do it for you.

Bridge Details + Demos


32. Silk


The highly-rated Silk is a fashion theme by Pixelgrade.

With its smart layout and smooth animations. Ideal for fashionistas and bloggers who are just getting started who want to make an impact as soon as they launch. Minimalist in its design, it allows your visitors to focus on the content of the page, the styling and everything else about your business.

Silk takes your site to the next level, with elegant typography, great use of colour, excellent attention to detail and a flowing layout that is a pleasure to use. There is also the opportunity to use the built in Style Manager to personalize your theme to your very own taste.

Silk Details + Demo

33. Blossom – Feminine Pro

Blossom Feminine Pro

Feminine Pro is a quality WordPress theme that could be equal parts online store, blog, portfolio or business website.

It’s a great example of how a design can be feminine while appealing to all demographics. The use of colour, font, white space and strong imagery makes a superb first impression that continues down the page.

There are a number of layout options available and each has its own appeal. Each uses fonts and images to great effect with some stylish font options for character.

Designs are responsive, load quickly and include everything you need to have your site up and running in no time.

Feminine Pro Details / Demo


34. Didi


Standing out from the crowd is not easy when it comes to blogging.

There are two ways to do that - you can either do that through your beautiful imagery or through a blog design which makes an impact as soon as you see it. Didi delivers both.

Didi has that retro, black-and-white feel, typography and minimalist feel that allows you to give your space an artistic look which is missing in so many blog designs.

Rather than focusing on the actual colours of an image, Didi focuses on the artsy part of your blog, the imagery which stands out solely through its story-telling.

It’s a great take on the best feminine design!

Didi Details + Demo

35. Divi - Cosmetics Shop

Divi Cosmetics Shop

Cosmetics Shop is different from other Divi feminine themes.

It sits between Fashion and Wedding Planner, using a more relaxed palette and fonts but with more contrast and white space. It’s a well-balanced design with lots of features. While the demo is for a cosmetics store, all you would need to do is change the images and it could suit any online store you want.

Again, this being Divi you have a suite of tools to create your website, access to a ton of demos if you change your mind about Cosmetics Shop, the drag and drop page builder and the support of a great team and huge community of helpful users.

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Top tips for selecting the best feminine WordPress theme


Now you have an idea of the quality and variety of feminine WordPress themes available, how do you choose between them?

Here are some practical tips for giving your website the best possible start in life.

Tip #1: Choose your style and stick with it

There are so many ways you can give your website a unique and recognizable personality.

You can go for the tried-and-tested classic pastel designs for feminine websites or opt for a more lush and luxurious approach. The only thing that matters is that the design should match your vision of who you want to be online.

feminine colour palette sample

This step is important as it will need to be reflected in everything you do online. Your brand, writing style, social media presence and overall persona. That makes it important to be as real as possible, otherwise it could be exhausting!

Authenticity is now a fundamental part of online branding. If you’re not real, people will soon figure it out and it won’t end well.

Once you create this persona, make sure you use it everywhere. From your email greeting to your logo, your social media posts to your email outreach. Your style needs to become your brand.

Tip #2: Engage right above the fold

No matter what kind of website you want to run, it’s important that you actively engage users immediately as they arrive to your website.

This can be achieved in a number of ways.

For example, you can introduce yourself right away with a memorable statement or use an eye-catching header image that makes guests eager to explore further. You can use a strong call to action, headline or series of strong images to capture attention. Much will depend on the type of site you’re building.

Kallyas Lifestyle

Each of the best feminine WordPress themes listed above offers the opportunity to add header images, calls to action, strong introductions and other attention-grabbing features. Make sure to use them to best effect.

Tip #3: Capitalize on Instagram and other social networks

It is unlikely that you’re unaware of the power of social media or its potential to reach out to people you haven’t met yet. But as a website owner, using social media takes on a whole new meaning.


You’re no longer simply participating in conversations, you are marketing yourself and your website. You are painting a different picture of yourself and need to keep that in mind in every post or image you put online.

Consider incorporating custom social media widgets to your site’s sidebar and main page areas. Add links to your email signature, forum signatures and everywhere you can. Monitor your channels carefully. Now you’re running a website, it is even more important to never miss a post or comment.

Tip #4: Supreme SEO is what gets you found

Businesses invest heavily in SEO optimization to get their websites found by users. If you run a site on your own, you might not be ready to invest that heavily. However, you’ve still got to take good care of optimizing your site for search engines to be discovered on search results pages.

What can you do?

There’s a number of things to consider:

First, you have to make sure that your website is user-friendly. It should be easy to navigate your website and find the information needed. The time a person spends on a page is used as a metric for SEO.

The longer they stay, the higher the score.

Second, checking regularly for broken links is necessary to keep your SEO on track. Broken links are bad signals to search engines and won’t please your human visitors either. Keep them to a minimum.

A couple of free tools do a great job in this regard:

Third, you have to regularly update your website with new content. That could be new products, news, blog posts, stories or whatever is relevant to your niche. Posting new content regularly shows Google and other search engines that you’re serious.

It also gives visitors a reason to keep coming back which is much more important!

Fourth, linking internally as well as externally provides a small SEO benefit. You should be interlinking the content of your website to make sure that search engines, as well as your readers, can find everything.

Here are a couple of free tools to check internal links on your website:

In order not to spend a lot of extra time on SEO optimization when your site goes live, it’s a good idea to go for WordPress themes that are already optimized for SEO.

Optimized for SEO means being attractive, fast to load, have simple navigation, good structure, clean markup and a whole lot more. This guide we have here SEO has a great piece on what makes an SEO-optimized web theme.

Tip #5: Be responsive to your audience on the go

Most of us now use our phones to browse the web. Where once the majority would use a PC or laptop, the mobile internet is now king. That means your website must be responsive.

Responsive design means the theme will automatic resize itself for the size of screen being used without impacting the experience. It’s a fundamental requirement of the modern internet and any WordPress theme you choose needs to be responsive.

You need a fully responsive website that adapts to different screen resolution and delivers information with equal effectiveness on small (mobile), medium (tablet) and large (PC) screens.

Another good reason to care about responsiveness is the fact that Google now ranks the websites that are not responsive lower in search results.

Tip #6: Images are everything

Image may be everything to a few people but beautiful images are everything to all websites. Imagery is known to be the strongest page element for engagement and interest. Make sure every image you use is the best quality and presents the subject in the best way possible.

beautiful feminine imagery

This is especially true if you’re running an online store. You will know from your own experience that images sell. You could read the most compelling description possible but it pales into insignificance next to a gallery of fantastic images. Use them to your advantage wherever you can.

Tip #7: If you’re a newbie, go for a page builder

If this is your first website, we suggest going for a feminine WordPress theme that utilizes a page builder. Many of the themes listed above will include a drag and drop page builder that makes it easy to build your pages from scratch or modify pages imported using demo data.

wordpress page builders

A page builder is a graphic overlay that sits on top of the core WordPress installation. Page builders are accessible using simple menus and you don’t need any coding knowledge at all to use them.

Most page builders use drag and drop functionality where you select a page element from a menu and simply drag and drop it onto the page where you need it. It is the simplest way to build a website and means you don’t need to know how WordPress works to get the best out of it.

Feminine Magazine WordPress Theme

FAQs for feminine WordPress themes

We always try to answer the most common questions on the subjects we cover and feminine WordPress themes are no different.

What business areas will benefit from feminine WordPress themes?

Feminine WordPress themes use a particular aesthetic but they are not designed for specific types of websites. However, certain businesses benefit from feminine style, such as weddings, floristry, fashion, beauty, some blog niches, mother and baby and other areas where a softer design has the most impact.

Are feminine WordPress themes only suitable for certain websites?

Feminine WordPress themes are suitable for any website where the characteristics fit. There are no rules when it comes to what business can do what. If a design fits the brand you’re trying to create, use it. There are business areas that particularly benefit from feminine WordPress themes but that doesn‘t mean only those areas can use them.

What’s the difference between a feminine theme and a masculine theme?

The differences between a feminine theme and a masculine theme are many and include the use of colour, contrast, font style, imagery and layout. The subject is huge and includes a lot of design specifics. We linked to a guide earlier in this article that goes into great detail. It is well worth a read.

Is it important for a WordPress theme to be SEO-friendly?

It is vitally important for a WordPress theme to be SEO-friendly. Search Engine Optimization is a key component of the success of your website. If people cannot find you in the search engines, how else will they know you exist? SEO is a huge and very technical subject but there is a lot of content out there that can walk you through your initial steps into SEO. Once your website is up and running, you can delve deeper as you need, or employ an SEO agency.

What is the best WordPress theme?

The best WordPress theme is subjective, as it depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. However, some popular options include Divi, Astra, and Avada (all of which have been included in the above article). These themes are well-designed, highly customizable, and offer a wide range of features, besides having been around for quite a lot of time and proven themselves worthwile and popular. They are also regularly updated to ensure they are compatible with the latest version of WordPress and have good support communities and come from trusted vendors.

Where can I get free WordPress themes?

There are several places where you can find free WordPress themes:

  1. WordPress.org Theme Directory: This is the official repository of WordPress themes and it contains thousands of free and open-source themes. You can search for themes based on different criteria, such as layout, features, and subject.

  2. Theme providers' websites: Many theme providers, such as Astra, OceanWP, GeneratePress, etc, offer a free version of their theme, you can download and use the free version on your website.

  3. Third-party websites: Some websites, such as Themeisle, ThemeGrill, Colorlib, and others, offer a wide range of free WordPress themes.

  4. GitHub: If you're comfortable working with code, you can find free WordPress themes on GitHub. Some developers share their themes on the platform, and you can download and customize them as needed.

Wrapping Up

Feminine themes for WordPress aren’t just for girls or girly websites. They are a very popular theme type for many industries and niches where a softer, more elegant appearance works best.

We think our list of the 35 best feminine WordPress themes captures the top-performing templates available. Each makes no compromise to design, functionality or appearance. They all offer exactly the same features and options as their masculine counterparts and deliver exactly the same high-quality experience for visitors.

In this arena at least, there is genuine equality.

What do you think of our best feminine theme for WordPress? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. We’d love to hear what you think!


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