20+20 Free/Premium Feminine WordPress Themes for Fashion & Mom Blog

Girly Feminine WordPress themes for your blog

The popularity of feminine websites and blogs will never fade - in fact, it grows stronger and stronger as time passes. Fashion blogs, girly websites and mom/mummy blogs and pages will remain in the spotlight for as long as the web exists - that's why the choice of your feminine WordPress theme is essential.

However, the expectations and demands of the audience change over time. That’s why it’s vital to know what you’ve got to take care of to launch a successful fashion or mummy blog.


In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of launching your new website with the greatest tips and tricks to create your feminine blog. The most important decision you're going to have to make is this: choosing the right design for your feminine site.

For this reason, besides the tips and tricks, this post on CollectiveRay will showcase 20 premium and 20 free feminine WordPress themes which are excellent candidates for giving your "baby" a stunning look and feel.


Tip #1: Choose Your Feminine Style

There are so many ways you can give your blogging a unique and recognizable personality. You can go for the tried-and-tested classic pastel designs for feminine websites or opt for a more lush and luxurious, elegant approach. The only thing that matters is that the chosen blogging design should match your ideal vision of what you want to create and, of course, and ultimately, your own personality.

Let’s share some free and premium blog design ideas, so that you know how you can get started. Along with the tips, we’ll present you the most appealing WordPress templates for fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs and mummy/mom websites.

Minimalism is always in

Less is always more - that's why minimalism will always be in. If you want to take good care of your website guests, go for feminine templates with uncluttered, minimal UIs. Such designs take great care that your user's UX on your website is in line with the latest web design trends.

Silk Lite

We begin our list with the highly-rated Silk Lite - a free fashion theme by pixelgrade. With its smart layout and smooth animations, fashionistas and bloggers who are just getting started are bound to make an impact as soon as they launch with Silk Lite.

Minimalistic in its design, it allows your visitors to focus on the contents of your blog, your OOTDs, your styling and everything else about your fashionable persona.

Silk lite

The beauty of this theme is that once you want to access more features, you can then opt to go for the premium version, Silk Pro. Built on the basis of Silk, it takes your site to the next level, with elegant typography, attention to details for those perfectionists who care about every pixel, and plenty of features to be able to customize this fashion theme to your personality. Definitely a good option.

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Check out the Demo Now

Olsen Light: Free Fashion & Lifestyle Blogging Theme

Olsen Light



Olsen Light is a stunning free feminine styled look to establish your new web presence. The minimalist design of it features magazine-inspired layouts, an unobtrusive color palette with the shades of gray for text, and charming handwritten fonts.

This translation-ready product brings you a bunch of custom widgets, extended options and social media possibilities. Being Elementor and Divi Builder compatible, Olsen is ready to be modified with simple drag-n-drop in order to make blogging process as trouble-free as possible.

Neverland: Free Personal Feminine WordPress Template



View more details

The creators of Neverland blogging template know all the ins and outs of modern web design. That’s why they managed to create a usable minimalist blog template and deliver it to you free of charge.

Working with Neverland, you’ll be thrilled with having an ample set of post types to take advantage of, as well as at having all the options you need handy within the Customizer.

MaryKate: Free Minimal Feminine WordPress Theme

Free Feminine WordPress Theme – The Mary Kate


Details | Demo

The pure white aesthetics of MaryKate make your personal/lifestyle website unobtrusive and fresh. This free girly theme comes pre-packed with well-established WP plugins, such as Jetpack, Pinterest RSS and more.

What’s more, you can freely switch between a fullwidth page template and the one with a sidebar. All in all, with MaryKate, you get a chance to give readers a glimpse into your world and further extend your popularity online.

Girly Blogging Designs

For some of you, minimalist style may feel too impersonal and unrelatable. Unicorns and millennial pink are the latest craze, so you can jump on this trend and go for a girly blog look. Some examples are found below:

MH Magazine

Have a look at the below demo of the MH Magazine theme here.

Feminine Magazine WordPress Theme

Details  Demo

As a fashion blogger, you're more than likely to be pushing out quite a few articles and of course, to increase the chances of people getting pulled in by one of your posts, you'll want to give people a glimpse into most of them.

For this reason, a magazine-style theme works perfectly for anybody who is planning to post quite a good number of posts and wants their visitors to be able to glance at the front page and quickly visit the post they prefer.

Roseworld Lifestyle Feminine WordPress Theme



Details | Demo

Roseworld is the latest incarnation of a charming girly blog design, adorned in trendy shades of millennial pink. This look brings you a cornucopia of ready-made page designs and layouts to please every taste.

This premium theme is Elementor ready and features a number of bonus add-ons, such as JetElements and JetBlog plugins. That’s why it lets you run your site in visual mode and frees you from ever editing a single code string.

Blossom Feminine WordPress Theme



Details | Demo

Blossom is a leading item among free girly WordPress themes thanks to its enchanting new-gen look. You’ll be more than engrossed with the template’s spacious fullscreen slider and catchy top banners.

What’s more, Blossom brings you a number of styling, font choice and coloring options to let you craft a unique online presence that pleases your inner self - and more importantly, your eventual readers.

Elegant Pink: Free Responsive Feminine WP Site

Elegant Pink WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

Permeated with the sweet nostalgia for childhood, Elegant Pink is a masonry-based girly WordPress template that’s ideal for building a lifestyle or mom blogging site. The theme features multiple post formats, custom menus, footers, sliders and Customizer options to create a visually appealing website.

Elegant Pink uses masonry to place elements on your pages in the optimal position based on the available space. Moreover, the template employs Infinite Scroll to provide for scrolling experience akin to the one popularized by Pinterest and Instagram.

Elegant and Luxurious

This style is well-embraced by fashion bloggers/creators as it allows you to capture new audiences with mesmerizing visuals. With elegant and luxurious feminine templates, it’s all about style and intricate color play that glue new site guests to your website and turn exploring it into an awe-inspiring journey.

Kustrix: Style Blog Website



Details | Preview

Embrace Kustrix and your style and fashion expertise would go without saying. Its trendy fonts, negative space and fullscreen backgrounds foster unquestionable visual beauty to turn each of your posts into a masterpiece.

What’s more, this premium product is distributed under the nonrestrictive GPLv3 license that lets you use it on as many websites as you wish after purchase.

Covers: Photographer/Fashion Feminine WordPress Site



Details | Preview

The riveting Covers template is designed to immerse site guests into your world and keep them hooked and coming back for me. It opens with a tantalizing fullscreen slider, each slide of which is an accomplished piece of art.

With such an impressive landing, the template leads site guests on to other pages of your site with a neat hamburger menu button situated on the top right. This look is an epitome of visual luxury, and it’s bound to get your sense of style and momentum noticed.

Fashy: Fashion Blogging WordPress Theme



See more | Demo

This black-and-white fashion blogging template has a sleek and dynamic look that screams the notions of style and elegance. For an enhanced presentation of your site’s content, the template lets you choose your favorite among 6 pre-built demos and use it for your website.

Moreover, the template brings you trendsetting double-exposure image, film-strip slider, dark and light skins, magazine skin and much more, thus fostering the enhanced visual awe.

Retro Flair

Embracing a retro design is a smart way to get your musings to be read and followed on a regular basis, and for good reason. Retro design elements have a magical command over the ambiance and overall feel of your website, making it ultimately comfy and fine-tuned.

Do not hesitate to embrace this kind of design if you’re serious about producing any kind of thought-invoking content that needs be digested to the full.

Didi - the perfect fashion WordPress theme for lifestyle blogs


Details | Demo

Standing out from the crowd is not easy when it comes to fashion blogging. There are two ways to do that - you can either do that through your beautiful imagery or through a blog design which makes an impact as soon as you see it, purely by being different from the rest.

Didi has that retro, black-and-white feel, and typography, a minimalistic feel which allows you to give your space that "artistic" look, which is missing in so many blogging circles. Rather than focusing on the actual colors of an image, Didi focuses on the artsy part of your blog, photography which stands out solely through its perfection, it's story-telling, the provocation of thoughts, and appeals to the curiosity in each and every one of us. 

Geraldine: Vintage Fashion Blogging WordPress Theme



Details | Demo

Use this vintage template, and it’ll take your blogging up a notch within the shortest span of time. Geraldine’s layouts and design elements are polished to perfection to create a matchless pleasure-to-read presence.

Thanks to the prolific compendium of custom content blocks and Live Customizer, with Geraldine you’re by no means restricted by design limitations in coining the web presence of your most perfect dreams.

Laura: A Feminine WordPress Template

Laura - A Feminine Blog WordPress Theme


Details | Live Preview

Laura is one of the most charming and variegated feminine WordPress templates. It serves your site with 6 pre-made demos that you can install with a simple click of a button. You can use a classic modern, grid, boxed, full-width, magazine or minimal beauty layout.

All of the retro designs are made for readability with new-gen feminine fonts and diverse color choices.

Camila: Minimal Feminine Blog



See more | Demo

Camila is a retrospective magazine-style template with an impressive post slider above the fold. It would be a great fit for blogging about your hobby or area of interest, especially if this is something connected with art and culture.

The template’s homepage is jazzed-up with Parallax effect that adds extra zest and magnetism to the imagery you feature. Moreover, the template comes with a newsletter subscription box to help you engage readers on a regular basis.

Handmade Female Artist Personal 

Handmade Artist


Details | Demo

This neat design would be ideal for all sorts of creatives as it fosters a highly usable user interface that lets you present your handmade items with flying colors. On top of ready-made blocks for multiple content types, you get a chance to turn your website into an Ecwid e-store within a few minutes, because the style just asks for it.

Nature Lover

This style of feminine bloggers would be great for lifestyle and travel. The items in this category of designs are clean, fresh and breathing designs that are great for free-spirited bloggers. Let’s see some samples:

Sprout: Personal Blog WP Theme



More Details | Demo

Sprout is a responsive and cross-browser compatible product. It lets you create a fresh website that’s a true pleasure to browse. The template brings you custom widgets that have been developed with the needs of modern bloggers in mind, e.g. Author Widget, Social Widget, Post Widget, Featured Post Widget, etc.

What’s more, this highly adjustable product comes with a pre-built color picker tool that lets you choose colors without having to bother about their HEX values.

Activello: Simple Multipurpose Blogging Template

Activello – Simple Multipurpose Blog Theme



Activello is another nature-inspired blog design that’s all the rage. Activello was developed using Bootstrap frontend framework that makes it fully responsive and mobile friendly.

What’s more, it’s optimized to work with a number of popular plugins, such as WooCommerce (check out our WooCommerce Bookings suggestions here), WP Rocket, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Jetpack, Yoast SEO and many others, making extending the functionality of your website in the future as simple as ABC.

Freyja: Modern WordPress Theme For Feminine Blogs

Freyja - Modern Design For Bloggers


Details | Demo

If you’re after Scandinavian nature and lifestyle, Freyja will get your website all shining. Freyja brings you clean asymmetrical layouts featuring extra-large imagery, post masonries and image grids.

The template brings you a number of header options for your website, as well as for its category pages and posts. As a nice extra, you can easily power an e-store on your website thanks to trouble-free integration of Freyja with WooCommerce.

Tip #2: Engage Right Above The Fold

No matter what kind of blogging website you want to power, it’s important that you actively engage users right after they arrive to your website. In fact, this can be achieved in a number of ways.

For example, you can introduce yourself right away with a memorable statement or use an eye-catching hero image that makes guests eager to explore further. Let’s see how you can your site visitors to scroll down to the rest of your content, in practical examples using designs which achieve this.

Make an Impact




Check it out | Live Demo

The design of Audrey breaks the established norms of the niche and takes the website browsing experience of your site guests to new heights and unexpected awesomeness. On top of conventional header lineup that is enhanced with your photograph for authenticity, the only thing users find above the fold is a box with a featured post that immediately grasps attention with its styling and prompts to share the post in social networks.

Such an unconventional entry makes many eager to learn more.

As soon as users scroll just a bit, they’re captivated with 6 post panels that smoothly spread out from the right. The rest of the homepage is also sprinkled with micro-interactions to keep the engagement rate at a pleasingly high level.

Scarllet: Free Fashion & Beauty Website



Details | Demo

If you browse through free feminine WordPress themes, it would be Scarlett template that makes a perfect example of an engaging above-the-fold design. There you’ll see a bold large-sized slider section filled with not less bold images and captions.

Everything is big, clean and statement-making, making Scarlet a great example of how a well-done combination of minimalism and artistic mastery can make a sound web presence that sticks to users’ minds.

Hanna: Beautiful Blogging & Magazine WP Theme



Learn more about Hanna | Demo

Mixing things around a fair bit, e.g. decreasing hero image height and shifting the top navigation below may be a genial step to break the monotony and show that your website’s got something new to tell. That’s just what Hanna girly blog theme does for you to get every newcomer of your website converted to an adept reader of your site.

We’ve got to mention that this template brings you not one, but 8 hilarious home demos, as well as one-size-fits-all social media integration that’s bound to drive your articles to prominence.

Tip #3: Capitalize on Integrating Instagram and Other Networks

If you’re a fashion or mom blogger, plentiful schools of your audience lurk in social media, such as Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms.

You’ve got to connect with them, and your website’s got to help you with this essential aspect.

For you, going for social media buttons only may not be enough. Consider incorporating custom social media widgets to your site’s sidebar and main page areas. For instance, you may display selected posts or a feed of your recent posts.

Visualizing your awesomeness is what gets you new subscribers most effectively.

Show Social Networks Prominently

Trendomania: Feminine Style Blog Site



More info | Demo

Trendomania is one of the best-selling style blog designs that brings your social media accounts to the foreground.

Users will unmistakenly locate an ample set of social integration buttons in the site’s header both on PCs and mobile screens. Trendomania theme features an Instagram feed block with extra-large image thumbnails above the footer, which is extremely hard to miss.

That’s why it’s not hard to guess that with this template your followers count is bound to grow steadily.

Vogue Free Theme

Vogue - WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

Embracing the classics of fashion blog design, Vogue brings you enhanced social media integration at no cost at all.

Once you enable social integration in the admin dashboard and provide relevant links, you’ll see a noticeable social sharing bar within the site’s header. You can also turn on social share buttons panel on the right of every post to ensure that site guests find the way to spread your awesome content in next to no time.

Mamita: Pregnancy & Maternity Blog WordPress Template

Mamita – Pregnancy & Maternity Blog


Details and Demo

Mamita is a to-go solution for mom bloggers with its charming and clean design and impressive ease of customization. The look unobtrusively features social buttons next to your site’s logo, accompanying them with the CTAs to subscribe or follow you on social networks.

Sometimes it’s just the CTA that you’re missing to get the most of social integration, simple as that!

Tip #4: Supreme SEO Is What Gets You Found

Businesses invest heavily in SEO optimization to get their websites found by users from all over the web. If you run a blog on your own, you might not be ready to invest that heavily. However, you’ve still got to take good care of optimizing your site for search engines to be discovered on search results pages.

What can you do? There’s a number of things to consider:

  • Firstly, you’ve got to make sure that your website is user-friendly. It should be easy to navigate your website and find the information needed.
  • Secondly, checking regularly for broken links is necessary to get your SEO on track. A couple of free tools do a great job in this regard:
  • Thirdly, you’ve got to regularly update your blog with new posts. Posting regularly shows Google and other search engines that you’re pretty serious about this all.
  • Next, you’d better compose and post insightful long-reads from time to time.
  • What’s more, you should go for interlinking the content of your website, to make sure that search engines, as well as your readers, get it all covered. Here is a couple of free tools to check internal links on your website:

In order not to spend a lot of extra time on SEO optimization when your site goes live, it’s a good idea to go for pretty WordPress themes that are already optimized for SEO. The navigation and content structure of such templates are polished to perfection so that you can simply stick to them and get the most out of your site’s SEO.

SEO-optimized feminine templates give you lots of ways to work with post metadata to enhance your site’s exposure on SERPs. Let’s see a couple of examples:

Trendy: Fashion Blogging WordPress Template

Fashion Blogging WordPress Theme with Trendy Design


Visit Trendy Now | Demo

Clean design and relatable imagery are not the only draws of this stylish WordPress theme for girly websites.

This premium template is built with high-quality sleek coding and optimized for SEO by experts. This responsive template can be customized live thanks to WP Customizer. This product brings you an impressive set of modules, widgets and plugins that all enhance the UI and UX of your web presence.

Happyones Blog Theme



Details | Demo

Intuitive design and stylish look of this WordPress theme will make you a happy owner of a well-liked blog. Adjusting the look and feel is simple with Elementor and Live Customizer.

Moreover, you can turn this template into a boisterous online shop with 5-mins Ecwid integration. SEO options of Happyones are next to exemplary, ensuring that your website meets the most recent guidelines of search engines.

xPression: Minimal Blog Template

xPression - Minimal


Check out xPression | Preview

xPression is a great fit for travel bloggers, fashion bloggers and personal bloggers, as well as for solopreneurs who are planning to launch a brand new site.

The product’s developers know coding and SEO-optimization inside-out. Developing xPression, they did their best to ensure full compliance with the ranking algorithms of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Tip #5: Be Responsive For Your Audience On The Go

Many bloggers use handheld devices to have fun reading articles. You shouldn’t disappoint them. You need a fully responsive website that adapts to different screen resolution and delivers information with equal effectiveness on small (mobile), medium (tablet) and large (PC) screens. Another good reason to care about responsiveness is the fact that Google now ranks the websites that are not responsive lower in search results.

It’s the template you use that determines whether your site is responsive or not.

That’s why you’ve got to choose the one that sticks to Bootstrap grid and adapts to viewport changes just seamlessly. If you make a good choice, you’ll have to try hard to break the responsive design you have. Let’s see a few examples:

Catwalk: Fashion Modeling Agency WordPress Template

Catwalk - Fashion Modeling Agency Responsive WordPress Theme


See more details | Demo

Catwalk is the template for those who want to make a statement in the fashion world. If you’re among them, join on with this ultimately responsive features. The catwalk’s pixel-perfect UI adapts to any screen it’s viewed on and delivers its functionality in an equally smooth manner.

Rara: Free Feminine Blogging WordPress Theme



Details | Check out the Demo

With Rara, you can get premium responsiveness without having to spend a buck.

This beautifully designed item has completely fluid and responsive design that adapts to various screen sizes and makes it look stunning on every device. Moreover, Rara comes with several features to make your website user-friendly, interactive and visually stunning.

One Blog 



Details | Demo

Take your blogging endeavors to new heights with this fully responsive, timeless design. It opens with the Scroll Motion Slider that displays all sparkling in a plethora of viewports. All in all, One Blog gives you full power to customize your site and visually impress your audience.

Tip #6: Be Creative with The Grid

Sticking to grid structure is everything to ensure your site’s sleek look and responsiveness. At the same time, experimenting with the grid and new-gen layouts is a tried-and-tested way to get your web presence noticed and remembered.

Why don’t you feature creative layouts on your website and get your website guests excited by this?

To go for a creative grid, you don’t have to master Bootstrap or HTML coding. You can simply go for woman themes with unconventional layouts. It’s even better if the design of your choice is enhanced with a visual builder such as Divi which we've wrote about here. In this case, you can create a unique website layout with simple drag-n-drop.

Fashion Grid Feminine Website

Fashion Grid WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

The one-of-a-kind layout of Fashion Grid theme is just stunning. It lets you catch readers with a captionless gallery of best shots right on the homepage. The appeal of the item is enhanced by sticking to newspaper style, which ensures supreme readability of your content with eye-friendly fonts and abundance of negative space.

De Couture: Fancy Fashion & Beauty Blog Theme

De Couture


Details | See it Live

Go for De Couture is an excellent choice to power a fashion blog website, browsing which is a piece of cake.

This product brings you a supreme set of ready-made layouts, with 5 options for blogging page included: Classic and Single Post Layouts, as well as Masonry, Grid and Justify markups. You can also come up with your own unique layouts in a matter of minutes thanks to Elementor builder that comes on board. JetElements and JetBlog plugin will make this task even simpler.

Fusion: WordPress Fashion Blog Template



Learn more about Fusion | Demo

Being ultimately stylish is an attainable ambition with Fusion WordPress theme for fashion blogs.

Fusion breaks the standards of website structure to amuse your site guests with a new-age mix of content and imagery.

The template opens with a hero image, that’s followed with a responsive slider and elegant 4-column post grid. Then, the homepage breaks into three asymmetrical columns that get plenty of your posts introduced to help users find what they’re keen on right away.

Tip #7: If You’re a Newbie, Go For a Free Theme

If after reading all these tips and seeing new-gen templates the perspective of investing in your site still feels daunting to you, go for a free template first. You can use it as a launch pad for getting the skills and capabilities needed to run a live blog with a premium template.

In fact, we’ve already showcased a bunch of free options above. However, we’re happy to offer you some other hand-picked free fashion themes from all over the web. Here you go:

Juliet: Gorgeous Free Blogging Theme

Olsen Light - Free fashion/lifestyle blogging theme


Details | Demo

It’s hard to tell the free Juliet theme from premium templates as it has everything you need to run a personal or lifestyle blog. Juliet comes with two skins: a classic feminine one, and another one with a more contemporary minimalist look.

Brigsby Free Responsive WP Template



Details | Preview

This cozy free download lets you get started with your first independently hosted blog with flying colors. The template is lightweight and will please your readers by loading and responding in the blink of an eye.

Today: Magazine & Blog Free WP Site



Details and Demo

Today is a classy magazine and blog WordPress theme that delivers you a design of supreme quality free of charge.

The product is super-fast, unbloated and coded to the highest coding standards. Moreover, Today has a couple advertisement spots (header/footer/sidebar) that you can use to monetize your website later on.

Anissa: Free Beautiful Feminine WP Site



Details | Demo

Elegant typography and post styling put Anissa in the first row of free feminine WordPress themes. This template is fully responsive and performs equally well in all modern browsers on PC as well as on handheld devices.

Sugar and Spice Free WordPress Theme



Details | Demo

Soft and comforting, Sugar and Spice would be a perfect match for an innocent and graceful personal blog. It lets you upload your own logo and favicon, customize colors and backgrounds, choose between three layout options and more.

Cenote: Free WP Blog Template



Check out Cenote

Cenote free theme features a modern spacious grid layout with 4+ widget areas and sticky navigation on board. The template is translation ready, so you can post content in several languages to engage a wider audience in next to no time.

Flash - Multi-purpose Free Feminine theme



Visit Flash Website

Flash has everything you need for successful blogging on any and every topic on the platen Earth. Download it for free, and you can update to the premium version of this template any time you feel you need more features.

Adelle - Free WordPress Theme



Details | Demo

Adelle is a classic feminine blogging theme that will get you started with running a site in no time. You can use this lightweight template free of charge to make an entry into the world of online blogging.

Blaskan: Free Simple WordPress Blog Theme



More information

The Blaskan layout is daringly simple, spacious and minimalist. This is a look to create a trendy and fast-loading website for fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

Wrapping Up

Running a fashion or mom blog is not rocket science. Make a good choice from the plenty of feminine WordPress themes available that matches your personal vision, follow the tips we’ve listed, and you’ll get a juggernaut web presence that drives new readers in day after day. We wish you good luck with this!

Please share your thoughts in the Comments section. We’d love to hear what you think!

Stay tuned for more!

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