10 Gaming Logos - Cool, Team or Channel Inspiration (2024)

Best Gaming Logos

Following the rise in popularity of online gaming, this casual pastime evolved into professional esports, a separate market. It's no surprise that gaming logos have entered the scene to help professionalize the industry.

While the game, the player, or the gaming team all have important roles to play, the logo takes center stage. Companies can use gaming logos as a calling card at video game tournaments, international championships, global esports events, and conventions.

The best games attract the attention of the established community of dedicated gamers, game developers, and multi-million dollar sponsors, which is why gaming logos are so important in making a good first impression.


Best 10 Gaming Logos

The gaming industry is a multibillion-dollar industry with thousands of employees and new game releases every day.

The same is true for gaming logos. Here's the obvious question: how do you stand out and get noticed in a sea of logos?

Use all of the visual tools available to create an eye-catching effect, including unique symbols, layouts, and a distinct color palette.

We've put together a list of cool gaming logos for you to get ideas from.

1. Ape Inspired Logo with Game Controller Features

Mighty monkey with synthetic eyes console gaming Logo

Do you want to project a confident and fearless demeanor? Your business will be a force to be reckoned with thanks to a powerful monkey with synthetic eyes and artificial elements.

Its half-robotic nature demonstrates how your team works as a unit, with each member playing an important role. When pursuing a single goal, you can go insane like this ape, overcoming any obstacles.

As a brand or a gaming logo, many game developers use the ape theme. Some examples are Space Ape Games, Savage Ape Games, and Ape of Steel.

Initials or your stage name gaming Logo

2. Initials

Your initials or stage name will make the best gaming logo if you're a solo gamer broadcasting on YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook. Though the concept is simple, if executed properly, it can convey a lot of information.

DrLupo, a well-known streamer with millions of views and subscribers, is an example of this. His logo is made up of the first letter of his stage name split in half by a bolt of lightning and set against a black background.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different typography techniques in order to make your name a globally recognized brand.

Black and white gaming logos

3. Black and White Gaming Logos

The classic colors of black and white will never go out of style. The same can be said for ghosts and other supernatural symbols. At any tournament, the minimalistic design with a unique font and a simple graphical phantom will make your opponents recoil in terror.

The game studio chooses an odd creature as its mascot in this case, conveying the idea of the developers standing behind a great product.

Ghost Games, the makers of Need for Speed, are one of the most well-known companies to use such a gaming logo. Follow in the footsteps of the gaming behemoth to achieve similar results.

Gaming Logo Inspiration

4. Simple Gaming Logos

All opponents will be swept away by cyclones, thunders, spheres, and other shapes, which will steal the hearts of potential customers.

The giant Ubisoft from France, with a black graphical tornado on a white canvas, and its German subsidiary Blue Byte, with a blue funnel, are among the video game developers who use such symbols.

Assassin's Creed is the company's brainchild, and it's a great example to look at. Simple gaming logos should not be overlooked, as less is definitely more.

Simple Gaming Logos


5. Space Inspired Gaming Logos

All the way to infinity and beyond! Many people are intrigued by space shifts, missiles, and rockets as part of a cosmic theme, and the gaming industry isn't immune. It looks for stellar logos in outer space.

Space exploration is used by esport organizations and teams to demonstrate a desire to conquer the world. It's the same with Winstrike, a gaming team that competes in Dota2, FIFA, and Fortnite, among other games.

A spacecraft placed in the middle of a starry sky sends a strong message to the others that they are ready to reach new heights.

space inspired logos

6. Symbols

Place Vikings, knights, and barbarians as symbols on your gaming logo to demonstrate the power of the undefeated warriors.

Follow in the footsteps of the Immortals, a professional cyber sports team from the United States that has won the League of Legends Championship Series and other accolades.

Their logo is simple, with tiffany blue text on a white background. The knight's silhouette inside the letter "O" is the cherry on top. Simple? Yes. Remarkable? Indeed.

Esports Logo

7. Silhouette

When it comes to silhouettes, encourage viewers to use their imaginations to fill in the blanks in the text. The N1 Esports logo concept perfectly conveys the concept, playing with blue shades as well as the appearance of the letters.

The latter consists of two fonts, one of which depicts torn letters and the other of which depicts the letter "E" as three hyphens.

8. Contrast

Riot Games Logo

Just as Riot Games did with their powerful symbol, knock everyone out. A well-known game developer and the creator of League of Legends has used a revolutionary red as its symbol and a fist as its gaming logo.

Due to the use of two contrasting colors and a wordmark symbol, the layout is simple but memorable. The concept perfectly captures the developer's DNA for creating innovative games and hosting tournaments around the world.

9. Mascots

ninja gaming logo

Do you want to prove to yourself as a gamer that you are quick, agile, and astute enough to defeat all of your opponents? Then keep up with Ninja, a professional and most-watched streamer who has adopted a Japanese mercenary as its mascot.

This gaming logo, like many others, does not include a lot of graphical and intricate patterns and elements. Of course, if skills are equally unrivaled, just four colors and fine lines that create an easily recognizable character will be enough to create a world-renowned logo.

You can either create a logo on your own or hire a professional designer to assist you. Begin with the fundamental elements that go into creating the best gaming logos. Symbols, themes, colors, typography techniques, and layout are all included.

Warriors, soldiers, Vikings, and ninjas are among the most popular design themes. Others use fairies, wizards, and dragons to create a fantasy theme. Tornadoes, cyclones, thunderstorms, and fires are examples of natural disasters.

Last but not least, there's the logotype and the gamers' initials.

Because there are so many cool gaming logo ideas, choosing a theme could be a challenge. Design Bro can assist you in creating your own unique logo based on your preferences and the company's philosophy.

They’ll make sure your logo meets all of your requirements and attracts the attention your company deserves.

Gaming Logos FAQs

Is it possible to find gaming logo designs?

The easiest way to find and creatae gaming logos is through Fiverr. Here you'll find that gaming logo designs are typically part of a larger streaming pack which covers the brand logo together with other streaming sites used by gamers, while others are stand-alone gigs. Regardless of your needs, there are plenty of options to find a great gaming logo design. The cost of Fiverr gigs varies a lot as well, so make sure to shop around to find the best deals!

An excellent gaming logo typically creates an immediate association between the brand logo and its mission. Characters or objects from video games are frequently used as inspiration for gaming logo symbols. Choose something that tells other gamers what kind of gamer you are while also blending the rest of your logo elements for a unified look that works on any screen is a winning formula.

Make a gaming logo that reflects your personality as a gamer. Consider what you want your logo to represent. Great colors (and contrasts) are typically what will help you create an awesome design. Colors can also be used to add and evoke emotions through your logo, while the design style should be a reflection of the personality of the brand. 

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