6 Simple Traffic Generation Methods

"Never ever become over-dependent on something" a great philosopher once said. Yet, over 95% of webmasters hardly listen and leave themselves at the mercy of search engines, more specifically, Google. This statement does not, by any means, mean that SEO traffic is bad for your websites. Search engine traffic is great, it’s fantastic! The question really is, “How reliable is it?” Thus, it’s important for you to strike the right balance between organic search engine traffic and other sources of traffic in order to ensure that you get the best of both worlds.

 Among the remaining 5% of websites though we have a few websites such as www.minepick.com from the online gaming niche that do a wonderful job in integrating on-page SEO, external links, tactical traffic generation methods and social media into their campaign.


Let’s get down to business now. Here’s the lowdown on 5 ridiculously simple methods that you might be overlooking:

Be Engaged On Social Media Platforms

If you’ve ever learned anything about marketing you’d know the fact that WOM or word of mouth is the best form of marketing and social media is the 21st century version word of mouth.

You need to make sure you engage with your audience on a continuous basis and build a rapport with them. Creating engaging content for your social media fans is the best way to build a larger fanbase and build your brand on the internet. Good content will result in shares (Facebook), likes, +1s (Google+), retweets (Twitter), subscriptions (Youtube) and pins/repins (Pinterest) which will broadcast your page to the friends of your fans (read as: people with similar interests… Jackpot!).

Online brands are often measured by the number of fans and followers they have on the internet and there’s a darn good reason for it, so make sure you build your brand on the internet just as you would for an offline business.

Interactive And Informational Videos

This method of garnering traffic is a goldmine, yet people seem to overlook it and that’s absolutely wonderful news for you because your competitors are overlooking one of the easiest and most passive ways of generating traffic to their websites.

Videos don’t require as much work as content writing does although it sounds like a much harder task. Creating simple and concise videos about articles published on your site is a great way to pull traffic from the second biggest search engine in the world, Youtube. Talk about only a part of the article and direct them to your website for the rest of it. For instance you’re talking about symptoms of Typhoid, only name 3 of them and ask them to check out the whole article (link in the description box) for the rest of the symptoms.

Here’s An Easy 3-Step Tutorial Right Here To Get You Started:
1) Head over to Fiverr.com and do a quick search on people that make videos. You’ll find hundreds of ‘em!

2) Go through their sample videos, reviews, see what they have to offer (number of seconds/minutes they’re going to give you) and make your decision based on that.

3) For every one of your big articles write a 100-150 word script for the person you’re hiring, send it over to them and you’ll see a video in your inbox in less than a week! Simple, isn’t it?

Tip #1:
You can chalk out bulk deals by telling them that you’ll be ordering 30-40 videos from them and in return many of them will be willing to write the script or upload your video to your Youtube account for you along with filling in the required fields.

Tip #2:
Search engine optimize your videos as well with the appropriate title, tags and description. Here’s a little beast that not too many people know about, the Youtube keyword tool. Use the tool to research and insert the appropriate keywords where necessary. With this you’ll not only have your video up the rankings in Youtube, but also in Google search results where I’ve seen tons of Youtube videos outrank high authority sites. Make sure you take advantage of Youtube’s authority to catapult you to #1.

All this for 5 bucks!

For the hundreds of dollars you spend on “SEO packages” you could get 30-40 great videos on Youtube which will only become bigger with time. These videos have a snowball effect as the number of people that watch it (per day) increases over time because of the increasing number of views, likes, subscriptions, shares and comments. Each video can easily drive 15-20 visitors to your website every day.

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Interact With Users From The Community Through Comments On Authority Sites

Just like any business where knowing your client is very important, understanding your readers is very important. Head over to authority sites with articles that are on your niche and interact with the readers. This will not only give you strong backlinks from top authority sites but also drive traffic to your website. You could try getting some links from national newspaper websites as well many of which are aged and have a PR of over 7.

Do this on a regular basis (once in a week) and you should have a good number of authoritative backlinks and some avid readers over a period of time.

Q&A Websites

Q&A websites are gold dust because they give you the opportunity to net laser targeted traffic. These people are looking for answers which your website is tailor-made to provide!

Some of the top websites in the general category (you might find more niche specific Q&A websites like Stackoverflow.com as well) are Yahoo! Answers, Quora and Answers.com. Create an account on these sites and do a weekly search of questions related to your niche and reply to those questions. Do this for your websites on a weekly basis and you’ll get strong backlinks, regular readers, fans and most importantly many of these questions are ranked in the top ten of many, many high search volume keywords which will drive tons of laser-targeted traffic to your websites.

Do ensure that your answers are authentic, detailed and not spammy in any manner whatsoever or it can dent your website’s credibility.

Google Authorship Markup

Although this isn’t strictly a traffic generation method, this had to conclude my list only because of how powerful it is. Getting into the top ten rankings is one thing and converting that ranking into a visitor is something else altogether. If you take a look at the image below (when Google’s authorship Markup was still not available) you’ll notice that if you’re not in the top three positions then you get negligible traffic from that keyword.

This was until the Google authorship markup came along. Take a look at the next image below and you’ll see how things have changed ever since.

The authorship markup entices users to click on results that show the author’s image along with details as to how many people have added him/her in their circles (Google+) which increases the credibility of the post as well as adds much needed visual content to the search results which almost forces the users to click on it even if you’re not in the top three. This being a Google product would also most definitely benefit your rankings by some means.

Make sure to integrate this into your website to gain maximum exposure in Google search results.

That’s a roundup of some of the most effective traffic generation methods around that will definitely help boost the traffic on your website. It’s time you stop focusing on buying “SEO packages” that will magically make your website soar in search rankings and try to build a solid brand/business with these inexpensive yet highly effective methods. If you're looking to for simple traffic generation methods, it would be best if you perform an SEO audit to fix any issues which you have on your site right now. Your content might be sending mixed results to Google so the results after an SEO audit are typically excellent.

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