Google+ and SEO

SEO is not an easy process. However, there are a few simple things which you need to make sure you do. Google+ has been proven by the leading SEO websites to have a significant effect in the SEO process. Basically, building a recognized social profile for your posts, and indicating to Google that you are relevant through your Google+ profile, will enable Google to judge you and your website better. What is Google trying to do hear? Basically, it wants to stop "automated" black hat SEO, and reward people who are making a conscious human effort to play by the rules and penalize those who are trying to cheat their way into the top spots in search results.

 Bottom line - Google+ is an essential link between you, your website, content you publish and search engine rankings.

So do you want to get Google Authorship for your site? Something similar to the below?

google authorship

Take a look at what Matt curtis from Google says about Authorship:


Ruth Cheesley has also spoken about this in the Joomla World Conference last year:

So how do you do it?

Link to your Google+ profile

Number 1: Always link your authored content to your Google profile. Whether this is within guest posts, or within your own content on your own website, make sure you are a link to your Google+ profile. See above in our example, we are linking to our profile through the "Written by" above with a "rel=author" link to our profile. This is the link TO your profile. A small example of how we do this on our website follows:

By <a href="">David Attard</a>

Claim Google Authorship to link FROM your profile

Number 2: After Step 1, we need to create a link FROM your profile. You can do this by claim Google Authorship. This is a relatively simple process which can be done in a couple of ways. The easiest is to enter an email for a website you are claiming authorship for. So if you are claiming authorship for, you'll need access to an email, and you will be able to claim authorship on that site. PS. Make your you have a good profile picture, which shows your face clearly. 

Build a brand page on Google+

Number 3: Setup a Google+ Brand page and link to it from your website - you can use the example code below or go here to get your own customised Google+ badge. The need to create a Brand page and develop a following is relatively obvious. Just like you do this on Facebook, do it also on Google+ ... besides it being a social network, you can link your website to your Google+ page. And Google has direct access to this data and uses this data to influence search results. If you've developed a following on Google+, and your followers are +1'ing your content - its an obvious signal to Google that the content which is being plused is relevant - and thus it's going to rank better. 

<!-- Place this code where you want the badge to render. -->
<a href="//"
rel="publisher" target="_top" style="text-decoration:none;">
<img src="//" alt="Google+" style="border:0;width:32px;height:32px;"/>

You can and should also link via a the following meta tag. You'll need to put this in the <head> of your templates index.php file.

<link href="" rel="publisher" />

Content remains king

Number 4: Blog and publish content directly from your profile page, your brand page or both. The same recommendations of original quality content apply to Google+ profiles as they do to websites. Good quality is going to attract feedback, shares and followers and builds your social profile and makes it more relevant. For content posted on your website, make sure you link to it from your Google+ profile page. By the way, it's extremely simple to create a link. The following is the text you'll need to create:

 Conclusion - focus on becoming relevant in your circles. Don't focus on SEO per se, focus on being helpful, creating quality content and become an authority in your niche. It's the only way to the top. It's hard work, but it works best.

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