SEO Techniques for Beginners

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the recipe for enabling your website to achieve excellent natural search results. In other words, you are looking for your site to be recognised and rewarded by any search engine for its importance in relation to a search phrase that somebody has made. The more important it is deemed to be by the search engines, the higher up your website will be shown. Here are some ground rule methods to ensure this happens and you get good, SEO or Joomla SEO

If you're still unsure of what else you need to do there are lots of great articles about SEO, including this great article by Single Grain about Effective SEO Techniques that work in 2017.


This is front and centre of modern optimisation techniques. Every page must have relevancy not only to your website`s subject matter but also every other page too. For example if your web site is about search engine optimisation there is no point in having a page on local theatre productions because the two topics are completely unrelated.

Your Page Titles

Each page must have its own suitable and relevant title tag because it is the first thing a search spider will look for and crucially, it will also contain the text that will appear on the title bar of the web browser. So, only use a major keyword/phrase for this and limit it to no more than 100 characters because a shorter title places more emphasis on each word

Page Content

Just as important as your titles are the words you use on the page. This is often a balancing act between making the page an enjoyable read for your visitors whilst ensuring that the content is `spider friendly` using a good spread of highly relevant keywords that relate to the content and your website subject matter.

Always add fresh new content

Spiders love to see original content and they will visit you more often to keep up. Avoid copying text from other sites as this will be noted and you`ll be penalised for it. On the other hand you might find that your content is of such interest to other websites that they will link themselves to you. This is effectively a vote of confidence and it`s this `link juice` that spiders will recognise as fundamental to your importance. Checking which words are being linked is also vital as this `anchor text` can form more key words for you. Using Google Webmaster tools will help you uncover these links.

Get lots of lovely links

Whilst having lots of relevant links from many sites is crucial, creating link juice from important sites is the mother lode. Google ranks websites by the numbers of relevant links it has to it, so it sees the BBC as much more important than say . Reciprocal links are easier to create, so for example you may be selling wireless routers and linking to a broadband product comparison site with wireless broadband plans would be a relevant and useful link.

Be patient

Google puts all new sites into its probationary `sandbox` to keep an eye on it for a while, so don`t expect top ranking straight away.

One more thing...

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