Once again, CollectiveRay is back with one of those golden Joomla nuggets. We have created a plugin which allows you to quickly and easily create a Joomla popin window to mimic business web design. This plugin is useful to boost your newsletter subscriptions, to invite your users to participate in a survey, possibly to popin a window which allows users to play a sample of your music or to quicly attract attention to some new functionality of your site.


There are two versions of the plugin, a Free version (which contains an advertising link to our website which is invisible to your users), and a Pro version which does not include this link. Otherwise but versions are identical.

Joomla Popin Plugin PRO - Download (€3.00)

Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0

There is no difference between the PRO and the FREE version. The PRO version is a small contribution to the development (hey you can afford the price of a beer right? Especially if this module has helped you out)

If you like it, please take a moment to write a small review on the Joomla Extensions site, vote for us, or link to us! 

Joomla Popin Plugin - Download (Free)

Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0

To install go to Extensions > Install / Uninstall (or Installers > Mambots for Joomla 1.0.x) and choose the file you just have downloaded. If you like it, please take a moment to write a small review on the Joomla Extensions site, vote for us, or link to us! 

The plugin should be fairly easy to use, however if you find any problem while use it, please drop a line in the comments below, and we try our best to support you. If you like it and used it, please do leave a comment with a link to your site or in the Site Showcase in the forums, it  would be good to know that other people have found it useful. Please note that the plugin is session aware, i.e. it only shows only once each time you visit a site.

A demo of usage of the window loads with this page.

Configuration and Usage

The plugin allows you to enter your own HTML into the window, thus the possibilities of using this module are endless. Just create the HTML you would like to display in the window, go to Extensions > Plugin Manager > Joomla Popin Window (or  Site > Mambots > Joomla Popin Window) and put the HTML in the parameters of the plugin.

Once you have input the HTML, publish the plugin, and insert the { popin } text (remove spaces) into the article where you want the popin window to appear. Remember that plugins only get triggered once they find the { popin } text in an article.

How to display on the frontpage

There are two options to always display the popin window.

1. Put the { popin } tag in an article which is displayed in your frontpage

2. With Joomla 1.0, you could just put the { popin } in a mod_custom module. Unfortunately, this is not an option in Joomla 1.5. However, there is some code adjustments which will allow you to do this.

Put the following code in the index.php of your template:


Example Usage - Attract attention to new content e.g. new image gallery

The below is code to have display a few sample images in your popin with link to the fully gallery. Customize your code accordingly.

Hi there!

Have you seen our latest smilies album (picture gallery) ?

A sample of the images is found below. Click on a picture to view the rest of the album.


Example Usage - Survey for your customers

Create a survey in the popin window, Create a poll using the Joomla polls component. Publish the module (temporarily). Then copy the code generated by the polls module and paste it into the HTML of the plugin. Unpublish the polls module so that it only shows in the popin window.


Example Usage - Newsletter subscription

Get the code generated by your newsletter subscription component and paste it into the HTML of the plugin



You can customize also the look and feel of the popin window, including window size, position, resizability, and various other parameters, which are quite self-explanotory. Take a look at the screenshot of the parameters below.


Internet Explorer Problems

IE is very intolerant with the mambot it seems. The mambot is rendering tags where there is an or whitespace, and IE is not happy about this. To resolve the problem please remove all whitespace and newlines between your HTML tags.

E.g. if you have


This is a cool popin


Change it to:

This is a cool popin

And so forth for the rest of the HTML. Eventually the mambot will be updated to fix this problem.


Please post to the comments if you need help in configuring the module.

Do you like this module? - Buy me a beer (€3)

If you liked this module, please consider buying me a beer. Every drop counts! No guarantees that any donations will be spent on new development rather than beer, though every effort will be made to spend all donations on new developments. This is another module developed by CollectiveRay, a blog for web designers.

Please use the Donate button on the bottom right to donate via Paypal.

Feature Requests

  • Multiple popins
  • Different styles e.g. rounded corners
  • UTF8 support

Warning: Installing 3rd party extensions may compromise Joomla's security. Make sure that you trust any 3rd party extension that you install.

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