How to Setup a WordPress Shopping Cart - 9 Themes + Plugins

Wordpress shopSetting a WordPress shop is one of the most popular use cases for a website. The CMS, of course, is used for all types of websites.

Historically, WP has been used primarily as a blog, however, it has matured very much over the years, and now it has become very easy to use it for all types of websites. Infact, as one would presume one of the most popular uses for a website is to set up shop online.

Small businesses (and big ones of course) use the internet to increase their sales by setting up a shopping cart on a WordPress website - and the ecosystem has fed this need by providing themes and plugins to satisfy this need.

In this article, we'll highlight a number of WordPress themes and plugins which will help you get started in setting up your online shop / ecommerce website on WP. You're welcome :)


Woocommerce Wordpress shopDefinitely, the most popular shop plugin is WOOCommerce, in fact with over 5 million active installations, it can boast the impressive statistic that about 24% of WordPress online shops are powered by WOOCommerce.

Of course - there is a very valid reason for this popularity - first of all, it is COMPLETELY FREE.

WooCommerce also has a very strong feature set for setting up a shopping cart using WP including selling anything - whether you sell socks or software, whatever your waresWoocommerce Wordpress shop image

  • Accept Payments through Paypal, Credit Cards or a large number of payment gateways, BACS, or accept Cash on Delivery
  • Various types of shipping, whether you need flat rate, free shipping, or various distribution logistics you need
  • Handle all your inventory with an intuitive WP-centric User Interface
  • Tax compliant - handle all local taxes easily without any hassles

Really if you still haven't looked at it - go and have a look you'll never look back

Watch the following 2-minute overview:


Of course, once you’ve set up a great shop with WooCommerce - you’ll want to make sure it looks awesome and for that you’re going to need a great template to go with your cart. Here’s our pick of the best-looking themes out there for complimenting your brand spanking new shop!

2. Divi

If you're looking for a great, flexible, popular and excellent support theme which supports a shopping cart, you can't go wrong with the Divi theme.

divi 3

Divi by ElegantThemes has grown to become one of the best out there. It's both a theme and WordPress Page builder, giving you the flexibility to design pages as necessary for you.

Whether you want to create a shopping cart, or a fully-fledged website, Divi can help you in both instances and much more.

It fully integrates with WooCommerce with a specifically created child-theme for the shop, making it a great choice for your WordPress shopping theme.

If you want to have a look at what we think of Divi, we've got a full Divi review here, be sure to have a look at it before you decide. At CollectiveRay, we feature several themes and reviews often, so get on our newsletter to keep updated.

Download Divi Now (get 10% OFF until July 2020)



If you want to compliment your WP shop with a really great looking, flexible template - then there is only one logical choice - Kallyas.

Besides WooCommerce integration, it also has an impressive set of features. It’s super flexible, clean design (and code), one of the most complete themes ever created.

It has the latest technologies and trends and it can be used in any type of website - but definetely a great fit for an online shop. Here are some of the features the theme boastsKallyas

  • Powered by Bootstrap Framework for a fully responsive layout
  • Amazing customizable Page Builder containing 69 elements to be able to create unique pages
  • Smart Loader
  • SEO optimized and ready
  • WPML Ready
  • Ready for Translation
  • Unlimited Headers and colors with both dark and light versions
  • Already functioning NEWSLETTER – with MailChimp integration and adaptation
  • Lots of Kallyas premium features and plugins
  • Huge variety of sliders

Look at the online DEMOs here


4. Flatsome

If on the other hand, you're into the latest design trend of flat looking sites - you can't go wrong with this template. Flatsome is a beautiful responsive theme inspired by modern eCommerce designs.

Since FlatSome comes from a WooCommerce-only company that loves eCommerce and WP - you can be assured that your shop will look amazing and be loved by your customers! 



FlatSome is one of the best selling WooCommerce themes - in fact, it IS the best selling eCommerce theme on ThemeForest.

Of course - this comes due to flexibility and features which power this WordPress Shopping theme.

Here are some of the features of FlatSome

  • Free Lifetime updates! 
  • WP 5.4+ Ready
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • WPML Ready
  • SEO Optimized
  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Online Documentation available
  • Supports all major browsers
  • You can choose to show just a catalogue rather than a full shop using Catalog Mode Option
  • Easy Updates using Envato Toolkit
  • Demo content included
  • All PSD files and assets included
  • SCSS files included! (Powered by Foundation CSS Framework)

 flatsome poster

Once again - if the feature set does not impress you - the ONLINE DEMO will surely get your juices flowing.

Comments from a customer:

"I LOVE this theme! There are so many options to customize and it looks great on mobile too. When I heard it didn't have Visual Composer built-in I was skeptical but there new page layout system added is FAST and efficient even in Beta and doesn't slow down your site like VC does. Can't wait to see where this theme goes and see more improvements made to the layout system. You won't be disappointed with this theme, it's got everything!"

Check out the online demo 


5. MayaShop

 MayaShop Wordpress Shop Theme

MayaShop is a WordPress theme that integrates with the WooCommerce plugin to create a versatile WP shop. The great thing about MayaShop is that with a few settings here and there you can create unlimited layout options and unlimited skins.

By mixing up on the homepage with widgets and shortcodes, set full-width layout or the boxed style if you prefer, choose your background color or set one of the 50+ custom backgrounds, set your header color, change the style of your products, chose from 8 different sliders.

This template is so versatile that you can easily customize it to suit your business by simply changing a few settings. This is a great template for BEGINNERS, though of course it won't be lost on an expert anyway ;)

Comments from a customer:

"I'm a complete beginner, had no clue about what I was doing or even where to start, but my passion for this theme made me buy it and I have no regrets. It comes with a detailed step-by-step from beginning to end and the support is so fast and so good. I have no complaints at all, extremely satisfied, couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend this theme! :D"

MayaShop So what let's see some of - what does it have to offer?

  • Multiple images for your product
  • Multiple payment options
  • Supports various Tax options
  • User accounts and order tracking
  • Has various shipping options
  • Product sliders in 2 different styles
  • Shortcodes for featured products, recent products, best sellers and general products (with specific settings for how many items to show, how many columns and the type of order)
  • Detailed page of the product with related products, ratings and description tab
  • Megamenu features with the ‘Shopping by Price, Categories and Brand’ function
  • The possibility to customize the product’s thumbnails: colors, borders, shadow, turn on/off add to cart and detail buttons, edit colors, choose if display the name of the product inside or under the thumbnail

Besides the shopping features - there are these other features:

  • Boxed ayout or stretched style
  • Unobtrusive Menu which works also if JavaScript is disabled
  • 12 custom widgets
  • Custom post type for testimonials and faqs
  • Unlimited “features tab” and unlimited sidebars
  • 3 different blog styles: big or small image and elegant style
  • Unlimited contact forms with javascript error control
  • Translation-ready themeMayashop
  • Typography: quote, columns, list styles, dropcap & more
  • Elements: alert boxes, buttons, tables, toggles, tabs, prices tables & more
  • Media: sliders, galleries, videos, images styles, lightbox
  • Shop: products sliders, credit card icons and so on
  • PrettyPhoto (really nice Lightbox clone)
  • Video tutorials: how to set ALL the theme
  • Blog page + thread comments

Check out the ONLINE DEMO here


6. Bazar Shop

Bazar is a creative theme that utilises WooCommerce plugin to create a versatile WP-powered shopping cart, with unlimited layout options. Some features of Bazar are



  • Allowing users to create a Wishlist
  • Zoom effect in the product detail page
  • Popup plugin included to show offers and news
  • 2 custom checkout pages
  • “Catalog mode” to use the theme like a catalog, without the cart option and with a “product enquiry form”
  • Filterable faqs
  • Multiple payment options and Supports Tax
  • User accounts and order tracking
  • Various Shipping Options
  • Allows the use of Coupons
  • Support for Downloadable/digital products
  • Product sliders – best sellers, featured, top rating, on sale, recents – and product categories slider
  • Shortcodes for featured products, recent products, best sellers and general products (you can set how many items to show, the type of order and so on)
  • Share product feature to show the product page on your social channels
  • Detail page of the product with:
  • Related products, ratings and description tab
  • A “product enquiry” tab with a contact form: user can contact you to ask about products
  • Custom tabs: add custom content in the product page
  • Unlimited product variations option like size, colors and so on
  • Megamenu features with the ‘Shopping by Price, Categories and Brand’ function (very useful features and used in all e-commerce sites!) and images support.
  • Full WPML support with a widget in the header to show different languages
  • “Welcome XXX” feature in the header when the user is logged
  • Javascript Cart tab BazarShop shopping cart popup

Here is a Customer Review:

"By far, HANDS DOWN, the best functioning theme that I have ever bought on Themeforest before. Most themes looks nice on the outside and then you go to install them and see all their dirty secrets hidden on the back end, not this theme. You have made life as a designer a million times easier and it it much appreciated. Thank you."

 As always - it would be best to have a look at the ONLINE DEMO and make the decision yourself.

Check out the live preview


So what do you think of our choices of WordPress shop themes? Can you make better recommendations?

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