Many WordPress users routinely install WordPress Plugins to improve their viewers experience on the site. WordPress Plugins are generally made to lend a helping hand to the page owners to make their page simple to use and user-friendly.

However, there are nearly 30,000 plus WordPress Plugins available to download. Settling on a few can be a challenge for many out there.

To make your life easier and your selection range smaller, we have created a list of 10 of the best WordPress Plugins that you must put on your WordPress website.

Best WordPress plugins

1. Acquire - speak to your potential customers at the right time

During online shopping, customers will find it useful when a sales representative or an executive offers them help regarding a product they are interested in. Chatting in real time and preferably on video is something which makes the buying process "human". This is where plugins like Acquire live chat can come in handy for both the WP owner and the visitors and potential customers. With the use of a widget, customers can directly get in touch with the people in the company.

Acquire plugin

The Acquire plugin provides top customer support and service to all your users and is one of the best plugins that you can install for your WP page or blog.

The benefits of the WP plugin:

  • Acquire is optimized for the mobile experiece;

  • Proactive Chatting allows executives to interact with multiple customers at one single go. For instance—an executive can chat with several customers in real time.

  • Acquire also provides detailed Analytics so that you can make the most of the data and statistics.

  • The plugin uses WebRTC and Flash Technology to support the video chat.

  • It also allows screen sharing and co-browsing where customers can get direct support from executives.

  • The plugin provides live recording option; this benefit is useful for internal training purposes.  

Creating a good relationship and showing them you care is the number 1 prioirty. That's why we believe Acquire is one of the best WordPress plugins you can use.

Acquire website


2. Akismet - stop wasting time filtering comment SPAM

When you a have a very popular WordPress website, it is quite difficult to screen and check all the messages that you get on your comment section. Akismet helps you by screening your comments section and flags as SPAM anybody who is just there for the free ride. All comments made on your posts first have to go through Akismet servers for a verification check. If the tool can verify the legitimacy of the comment, only then does it pass through to your comment section.

Akismet Best WordPress Plugins

The benefits of the Akismet WP plugin:

  • Filters out spammers

  • Get detailed reports on all comments made

  • All spammy links are caught by the plugin

  • Stats and numbers on each user’s comments

With one million plus active users, Akismet is quite popular amongst WP users thanks to the spam stopping benefits it provides to the WordPress owners. This is one of the best WordPress plugins you can and should install.

3. Contact Form 7 - the easiest way to give your WordPress site a way for your users to get quickly in touch

This is the easiest and most popular contact form plugin for your WP page out there. Simple but flexible and just works.

When a customer or a client visits your websites, there is a significant chance that he or she might seek a relevant feedback or contact us form to connect with you. An easy way for customers to get in touch with you should be your priority. Thankfully, Plugins like Contact Form 7 for WordPress supports multiple contact forms for your viewers - you can have different contact forms for your difference pages. The tool also allows you to customize your form sheet as per your own requirements. The other benefits of the plugin are as follows:

contact form 7

  • The Contact Form 7 allows Ajax based submissions

  • Supports Captcha to block out spammers

  • The plugin can also use the services of the Akismet plugin mentioned above

  • The app uses mark-up support to provide the best flexibility to the WP users

Give your viewers the chance to drop in a feedback about your page, then Contact Form 7 is one of the best WordPress plugins to do this.

4. iThemes Security - secure your WordPress website the easy way

More than 30,000 websites get hacked every day: Source

iThemes Security can help you with more than 30 ways to keep your WP blog and website safe and secure from hackers. It is a well-known fact that WP pages are quite vulnerable to attacks because of plugin installations, weak passwords and old software. The iThemes Security, formerly Better WP Security, helps an admin by providing top class security modules to their WP pages.

better wp security

Here are the benefits of the plugin:

  • It locks down WP,

  • Secures your page from automated attacks

  • It protects, detects, scans, deletes, recovers and obscures your WP modules

  • Strengthens the credentials of the user

  • Fixes and rectifies common loop-holes

  • Is considered as the number 1 WP security plugin

  • Sync integration to support more than one WP pages

  • Maintained, supported and updated by iThemes.

This security plugin is another of the best WordPress plugins which we believe is necessary for your WP website. It easily takes your page’s security to the next level.

5. Appointments+ to manage your small business appointments

Isn’t it quite difficult to manage and remember your appointments? Well, if you believe your memory is not that sharp and you seem to be juggling with appointments and calendar notes, then Appointments+ is the right plugin for you. With the plugin, your small business, like a clinic, salon, or a studio, can easily manage all the appointments of your clients online. It does not matter whether you have one single unit or a multiple chains of outlets, the Appointments+ plugin can easily manage all your calendar dates as per location, date and time. The benefits of the plugin:

appointments plus

  • Gives your users the chance to check out all the information before making an appointment; for example, users can select a date and time as per their preferred professional’s availability at an outlet.    

  • As the store owner, the plugin provides better managing option and control of the day-to-day running of your store.

  • Allows users and visitors to set up meeting and appointments in 3 easy steps without any registration.

  • Compatible with any theme, the plugin also has a very simple and easy user-interface.

  • 24x7 help from Expert WP Support.

  • If you have a WPMU DEV Membership, you will get the plugin along with it.

So make your calendar appointment feature a breeze for your users by using the Appointments+ plugin for WP. We believe that this is another of the best WordPress plugins, especially for small businesses.

6. Click to Tweet - increase website traffic through Social Media

The developing company claims that more than 15,000 top blogs around the world use the Click to Tweet plugin for their WP pages.

Tweeting out the things that users like over the internet has become a common practice in today’s tech-savvy world. However, will it not be easier if your users could share your content on Twitter with one single click? Well, Click to Tweet provides that convenience to your visitors.

click to tweet by todaymade

The plugin creates user-friendly ‘click to tweet’ boxes in your blog posts. Your users can click on them to tweet your content - this is especially if your posts have got a lot of "quotable quotes". The click to tweet is actually a very clever plugin to have on your WP page. It not only encourages your users to tweet your content—free distribution and publicity—but it also provides a well-placed sharing button for your users. This is an excellent way of implement a Call To Action on your website.

The benefits of the plugin:

  • You can place the Click to Tweet box anywhere on your page.

  • It is one of the easiest ways to get more shares on your blog or page.

  • Users can share your content with one single click, no questions asked.

If you think about it, Click to Tweet certainly has all the hallmarks of being a very clever and a useful tool for your WP page. Hence why this is on our list of best WordPress plugins.

7. Yoast SEO - because your really should be doing WordPress onpage SEO

Yoast SEO is a tool that can help you to improve the SEO traits on your WordPress page. In order to write & curate better content and have an optimized site for search engines, you can use the expert advice of the Yoast Seo Plugin. With the use of the snippet preview, you can check out which part of your content is not optimized for ranking in search engines.

yoast seo

The plugin can also help you with Page Analysis and point out the basic mistakes that you may have made on the page.

The core benefits of using Yoast SEO:

  • Better content curation and posting

  • Getting better search engine rankings

  • Getting better organic search traffic

  • Thorough scrutiny of your web page to show any redundancies    

  • Auto inserting of link elements and meta tags for better Google search results

  • Control on the particular page titles and tests which Google should show

Yoast SEO can really give your WordPress page that cutting edge that it needs to overtake your competition. The plugin is also a tool for people who are not that regular with how to manipulate the SEOs for optimum results. This is why we believe this is an essential item on our list of best WordPress plugins.


8. Best WordPress plugin: VaultPress - because backing up your WordPress should be a top priority

Backup and security for your WP page is one of the most legit needs that you may seek. VaultPress is one the most popular plugins that provides you the cover that you need for your WordPress website. The plugin works on a real time basis to provide you with reports of any security threat or attack instantly.


The benefits that the VaultPress plugin provides are as follows:

  • Real-time back up: the plugin syncs all the changes you make for scanning purposes

  • Auto Backup Restore and download: via SSH and FTP connection, you can restore any backup at any given time. This can give you the chance to test your settings on another website.

  • Regular Scans: every single day, the VP plugin scans your page for viruses and threats and emails you directly if it discovers anything suspicious. For instance, you get alters if there are any suspicious activities going on.  

  • Super easy review and fix for all threats and codes

  • Get help from SafeKeepers and WP helpers.

Keeping your website safe with a backup is a must, and that's why VaultPress is also on our list of best WordPres plugins.

9. OneSignal - push notifications for your site are the next big thing

If you want to post anything on Social Media, then the timeline between 1 P.M to 3 P.M is typically considered peak, while Fridays and Weekends are the best days to share: Source. Although these are guidelines, testing what best works for your site is recommended.

OneSignal is push notification solution for WP websites and blogs. The plugin allows your visitors to get desktop push notifications as soon as you post or when there is any new content on your page. The visitors get these alerts even if they are not logged or active on your website.   

One Signal

The benefits of the OneSignal plugin:

  • The plugin supports all leading web browsers so that your visitors can use the plugin efficiently.

  • The plugin even works with Chrome mobile.

  • Gives your viewers the benefit of auto notifications

  • Real time stats—once you post a content, the plugin can calculate how many alerts from the tool were converted into visits  

  • Segmentation of alerts and notifications:  for instance, your content will only ping to regular visitors/subscribers if you want. You can also customize the segmentation as per your liking. Even the provision of A/B testing is available with the plugin

  • The plugin allows you to Schedule alerts to send notifications at the times you think they will make the most impact.  

Again, since this plugin can help you drive traffic to your website, we believe it's one to go on our list of best WordPress plugins.

10. Sumo - more tools to increase website traffic

Most WP visitors come and go before you can even spell out the word subscription. However, Sumo is a very important plugin for you to have on your WP website or blog. The plugin makes it easier for your viewers to share your content and join your email list. So if a random visitor makes a stop at your page and gets intrigued by the content, then he or she can easily sign up for more thanks to Sumo.

sumome wordpress

The benefits of the plugin:

  • The plugin will allow you to make attractive light-boxes for email subscriptions.

  • SumoMe also encourages your users to share more by making the whole process easier

  • Provides you with the analytics so that you can check out the data

  • The plugin also comes with a smart bar that provides users with the chance to share the content or follow you on social media.

  • The SumoMe app also provides your users with the effortless options to twitter share and image share.

Sumo is one of the great apps to convert your visitors into regular users. We install it on EVERY site we have, so we do believe it's definetely on of the best WordPress plugins.

What are your suggestions for best WordPress plugins?

That is it! These are the 10 best WordPress Plugins that you can consider using to give yourself and your users the best experience on WordPress. Some may already have few of the Plugins mentioned above, but we recommend you to have them all to make the most of the platform.


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