9 Most Famous Logos Ever in Brand History (Updated)

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Nothing beats a memorable logo when it comes to establishing brand recognition. And these famous logos have established quite a reputation!

Many household businesses feature some of the most famous logos in history, from shoes to electronics to many of your favorite meals.

Let's take a deeper look at some of the businesses, comapnies and brands that have designed memorable logos that have helped them become household names. 


1. Apple - Most Famous Logo Ever

Apple logo - one of the most famous logos of all time

Today's consumer can recognize an Apple product right away. The original logo was much more detailed, but Steve Jobs rejected it because it had an antique appearance.

In 1977, Apple unveiled a new logo that featured the now-iconic rainbow-colored stripes inside an apple form. This logo remained unchanged for many years until the corporation chose to simplify it.

The Apple logo of today is simpler, yet it still features the iconic apple shape. Although the rainbow colors are no longer there, buyers can tell if they're looking at an Apple device within seconds of viewing this iconic logo. 

2. Nike

Nike Swish - instantly recognisable famous logo

Nike has one of the most famous logos of all time when it comes to brand recognition. The iconic "swoosh" is immediately recognizable, you don't have to be a professional basketball player to recognize the most famous of logos.

This basic but effective logo was designed by a graphic design student back in 1971. It's also really impactful and effective, despite its ultimate simplicity. The Nike logo is instantly recognizable by everyone, from children to professional athletes.

3. Ford Motor Company

ford famous logo

When it comes to cars, Ford's logo is one of the most famous. This brand logo, which included an elegant border, first debuted in 1903 and was simple yet elegant.

Ford's emblem is essentially a scripted rendition of the company's founder authentic signature. The logo has been slightly modified throughout the years, but it retains its original color scheme and design.

Today, all Ford cars use this signature-inspired vehicle badge. Even if you aren't a Ford enthusiast, the dark blue coloration and scripted trademark make it easy to identify which cars are Ford models on the road.

4. UPS

ups logo

UPS has long been a standard in the world of package delivery services, even before the arrival of Amazon. The dark brown and brilliant yellow color combination of this unmistakable emblem is unmistakable.

Since its inception in 1916, the United Parcel Service has evolved significantly. In reality, the most recent alteration occurred in 2003, when UPS switched from a simple black doodle to the current yellow and brown emblem.

Regardless of their history, all UPS logos share one feature: the shield emblem. This shield was designed to provide UPS customers a sense of security and trust. One of the reasons UPS has one of the most famous logos in the world is because of this.

5. Google

google - youngish but still famous logo

Google was first incorporated in 1998. That same year, a new logo was created using the Baskerville Bold font. The designers of the now famous logo colors had revisited the color scheme by coloring the letters green (uppercase “G” and “l”), red (first “o” and “e”), yellow (second “o”), and blue (lowercase “g”).

It is rumored that this logo was modeled in the GIMP program. The question of who is the logos original creator remains open: some claim that it is Sergey Brin, others attribute the it to Larry Page, but there is no defininitive answer.

In 2015, the company introduced a simplified logo after several revisions had been made from the original Google logo. The original serifs have now disappeared, with the colors shades now becoming more saturated.

It was said during the release, that this famous logo version was developed by a whole team of graphic artists who collaborated on a weeklong sprint.

6. Chanel

Chanel logo

Chanel is undoubtedly one of the most well-known names in the world of high fashion. Part of this can be attributed to the fashion house's creations, but its logo has undoubtedly contributed to brand recognition.

The Chanel logo is one of the first examples of letter-play, a design technique in which a firm employs its initials to create a visually distinctive design. A powerful and simple logo is created by combining two C's facing different directions.

Today, letter-play logos can be found all over the place, but Chanel was a true pioneer in this field. When you see the two enormous C's on a product, you know it's a Chanel.

7. McDonald's: One of the World's Most Famous Logos

mc donalds logo

You know you're looking at a Mcdonald's establishment when you see the "golden arches." This well-known fast-food company is simple to recognize from a mile away, owing to some innovative design.

The idea of transforming two yellow-colored arches into a M was developed to make the restaurant more visible from afar. Because a Mcdonald's can usually be seen from the highway, this strategy has proven to be quite effective. All you have to do if you're hungry is look for the famed golden arches.

8. Coca-Cola

coca cola logo

The Coca-Cola logo is famous for being instantly recognizable around the world. You might be surprised to learn that the brand's world-famous writing and wave didn't always appear as they do now.

Robinson was also responsible for the now-famous Coca-Cola script logo.

He wanted the new product's name to have its own effective and dramatic flair. He tried out an intricate Spencerian script, a style of calligraphy popular at the time. Following deliberation, the other employees at Pemberton's firm unanimously approved the script.

Robinson's ornate style, drawn in flowing handwriting, was highly "of the moment," and it is now one of the most recognizable trademarks in the world.

The logo had a few tweaks along the years, but retains much of its original logo, making it one of the most famous logos ever.

9. Starbucks

starbucks logo

Starbucks is rightfully at the top of the list of classic logo designs in modern times.

From a tiny shop, the multinational coffee brand has evolved into what we know today. The Starbucks logo has had its own intriguing career, one that will continue to expand and grow in the future. 

In 1971, Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spice used a coffee brown color palette to depict a fabled two-tail mermaid inside a circular ring. Brown palettes are typically connected with nature, nurture, and stability, and are supposed to promote hunger. The name of the coffee shop twirled around the emblem, encasing the graphic's provocative features.

Many successful features have emerged from various variations of the Starbucks logo.

Because of how simple and calming the Starbucks logo design has been overall, the Siren has become such a memorable character with the brand. Starbucks' early incorporation of visual branding into their corporate identity led to their enormous reach and influence. Remember that having a solid brand isn't enough; you also need to advertise your goods correctly.

Businesses stand out due to their famous logos

The most famous logos of all time, whether simple or complicated, all achieved the same goal: brand recognition. Any firm can quickly become well-known with a clever logo design.

Logos play an important role in corporate success, from the modest Nike swoosh to the UPS emblem.

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