OptimizePress Review - Is It Still Worth The Money? (2024)

Optimizepress review

OptimizePress has been around for over thirteen years now and has seen multiple versions, changes, new features and improvements over the years.

So is OptimizePress and its suite of featuresstill worth the cost? Have other WordPress plugins overtaken it? Will it deliver the features you’re looking for? Read on to find out in our full OptimizePress review and ultimate guide!

Why would you want to purchase something like OptimizePress? Can't you just use a normal page builder?

Well yes, but it's probably not a good idea.

In reality, when you're creating landing pages, you're typically paying good money to send traffic to sales optimized pages.

This means you need to have the absolute highest conversion rate possible if you want to get a good ROI from your ad spend.

And how do you do that?

You need to make sure you have all of the essential components of a landing page, such that it is laser-focused towards conversion, with such stuff as strong CTAs, social proof, testimonials and so on. 

The crux is that different niches require different styles of sales pages, with different features.

And while it would be possible to use layouts and templates from a standard page builder such as Elementor, or BeaverBuilder, using a plugin which is dedicated to creating such stuff as sales pages is a much better investment, especially if this is a core focus of your marketing team.

Let's have a complete look at this plugin and whether it's a good idea to invest in it.

OptimizePress Summary

Price From $179/year (but check for ongoing discounts bringing it down currently to $129/year)
Free Trial     No, but they have a 30-day full money-back guarantee.
Pros of OptimizePress   Price - great value, one of the cheapest options for such a plugin.

 Over 400 templates available for creating pages quickly


 Great user experience and easy to use.


 Great integration with other services like mailers and plugins.


 Great functions for creating memberships sites.

 Cons of OptimizePress 

 Support / customer service is not too responsive.


 Proprietary save format may cause some issues with other plugins.

Ease of use    







Overall   4.5/5
   Visit website now to learn more

What is OptimizePress?

OptimizePress is a page builder for WordPress which uses a straightforward drag and drop interface to allow anybody to create landing pages, sales funnels and all things you need to create a successful eCommerce and marketing website.

Pricing starts at $179 with a 30-day money-back guarantee, but right now in June there is a very good discount, so click on our links to get to it.

optimizepress logo

OptimizePress isn't your typical page build like Elementor. It's for marketers and not for designers.

The two roles have different priorities. Designers like things to look pretty and have nice effects.

Marketers want engagement and converstion.

OptimizePress is designed to build landing pages that convert and nothing else.

Create a landing page, add an opt-in, add a membership link and add your drip feed content to the membership tiers.

It may sound complicated but once you get the hang of it, OptimizePress is very logical to use.

Check out this short video of OptimizePress

You can use the plugin to create sales pages that look great and convert or create entire membership sites with opt-in pages, paywalls, drip-fed content, payment integrations and all that good stuff.

Visit the website to learn more

Feature highlights

Key benefits

When using OptimizePress, there are some features that make creating pages to generate leads as simple as possible.

Whatever you want to use those pages for, the general creation process is largely the same.

There are a few key features that make OptimizePress worth considering.

  • Simple drag and drop page to create landing pages.
  • Membership sites and paywall creation.
  • Create sales funnels and optimize checkout.
  • Opt-in forms and metrics.
  • Responsive design that work well.
  • Standard WordPress theme and plugin support.
  • Free templates to get you up and running.
  • Content drip-feeding support for paysites.

There are a lot of features in OptimizePress but these are key for marketers or website owners.

Each contributes to its power but also its ease of use. That’s s tough balance to strike and we think this plugin gets it right.

The new OptimizeBuilder is a real benefit and we’ll go into it a little more in a minute. The ability to integrate membership sites on the other side of your landing page is an opportunity that’s too good to miss.

As is the ability to integrate opt-ins within pages.

A responsive design is mandatory unless you have a specific mobile site and the requirement for OptimizePress to play nicely with other plugins is also a must-have.

The templates are mainly of very high quality. There are a couple of not-so-good ones in there, at least they're not something we're fond of, but we wouldn’t hold that against them.

Finally, content drop feeding is a real strong point of this plugin and is one of the reasons to buy it.

Create new page

OptimizePress is one of the products that feature often in roundups about landing page builders, so you immediately know you've got a solid product.


The benefits may look compelling but it’s the features that make it worth the money. Some are more important and more useful than others.

I think these are key features worth checking out when using OptimizePress to understand whether it works for you or not:

  1. OptimizeBuilder - OptimizePress's own page builder
  2. OptimizePress templates
  3. Custom elements
  4. Responsive design
  5. Support, customer service and documentation
  6. New OptimizePress dashboard


OptimizeBuilder is another new feature of OptimizePress.

OptimizePress Builder is the new drag and drop page builder that builds on what Live Editor gave us and takes it several steps further. You can build a page from scratch by dragging and dropping or take one of the many OptimizePress themes and tweak them within the page builder.

A new quick access panel runs across the top of the screen that adds easy access to elements, settings, preview tools and more. It makes working with the page very straightforward and should make creation faster too. Select an option at the top, select an option in the popup menu that appears, place it on the page, configure it to how you like and move on.


Once again, the feature set of OptimizePress is focused on marketers, who want to push the conversions on their site. 

OptimizeFunnels by itself is a full solution for creating funnels allowing you to create entire sales funnels from start to finish. You can build high-converting landing pages, sales pages, upsell and downsell pages, thank you pages, and more, all within a single platform.

With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, OptimizeFunnels makes it easy for anyone, to create professional-looking funnels. You can customize your pages, rearrange elements, and add various components without the need for coding knowledge.

OptimizeFunnels offers a wide range of pre-designed, conversion-optimized templates for different types of pages. These templates are built based on industry best practices and are designed to maximize conversions, saving you time and effort in creating compelling and effective pages.

It seamlessly integrates with popular email marketing platforms, payment gateways, and other third-party tools. This integration allows you to automate your marketing processes, capture leads, manage payments, and deliver digital products or services effortlessly.

To optimize your funnels further, OptimizeFunnels includes built-in split testing capabilities. You can create multiple variations of your pages, test them against each other, and determine which version performs the best. The platform also provides detailed analytics and reporting, giving you valuable insights into your funnel's performance.


OptimizeCheckouts is another powerful tool offered by OptimizePress that focuses specifically on optimizing the checkout process within your sales funnels. 

OptimizeCheckouts seamlessly integrates with popular payment gateways, such as PayPal and Stripe, allowing you to securely process payments within your funnels. This integration ensures a smooth and hassle-free checkout experience for your customers.

With OptimizeCheckouts, you can easily incorporate one-click upsells and downsells into your checkout process. This feature enables you to maximize revenue by offering additional products or special offers to customers immediately after they make a purchase. This feature by itself makes the price of the whole suite of products worth it, because you can very quickly push up your overall revenue per transaction.

OptimizeCheckouts offers powerful conditional logic features. This means you can dynamically display or hide certain elements or offers on the checkout page based on specific conditions. For example, you can show different upsell offers depending on what products the customer has already added to their cart, allowing for a personalized and targeted approach.

OptimizeCheckouts provides comprehensive reporting and analytics, giving you valuable insights into your checkout performance. You can track conversion rates, revenue generated, and other key metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of your sales funnels and make data-driven optimizations.


OptimizeMentor also gives you the opportunity to generate steady, recurring revenue through the creation of captivating online courses and exclusive membership sites. With OptimizeMentor, you can effortlessly develop visually appealing online courses, premium membership hubs, and safeguard these valuable resources exclusively for your paying members.

Essentially, OptimzeMentor, besides the landing pages and templates required to create a memberships site, provides all of the functionality required to create a members only site. This would typically require an additional plugin to implement and set up.

OptimizePress Dashboard

New for OptimizePress is the Dashboard. It's one of many improvements added in the new version and works well.

This is where you will spend a lot of time setting up new sites and adding new pages. It’s your hub for controlling much of what OptimizePress 3.0 can do such as add extensions, set up email providers, add scripts and a lot more.

The dashboard looks simple because it is. It’s a hub from where you can access other features.

It’s clean, simple to use and should make managing OptimizePress easier than ever.

New Template Delivery System

The latest version of OptimizePress brings a range of new templates along with a new templating delivery network. Previously you would download a template, presumably from developer servers. Now they are all stored in the cloud, presumably on AWS or another service.

This speeds up that download process markedly.

Arguably this is a small improvement as you are likely to only download one or two templates initially and then never do it again. However, it shows the developers are looking at the bigger picture and not just adding new shiny features to make the product look better.

OptimizePress Templates

Landing pages

There are many included within OptimizePress and around 400 available in total including premium versions.

Given that one of the primary focuses on OptimizePress is the creation of sales pages , you'll find that most of these templates are optimized for lead generation and conversions.

The quality of design and build of these templates is a standout feature of the plugin and one of its real strengths.

As long as a template fits with your brand design, you can slide in a template and have a page up and running in no time.

If it needs some customization to fit into your brand, that won't take long either.

Custom Elements

Custom Elements

Custom elements are where the real customisation begins.

There are over 40 custom elements in OptimizePress. Everything from buttons to opt-in boxes, image placeholders to audio players.

Every conceivable element for any type of page is included.

Responsive Design

The requirement for a fully responsive design should not need to be emphasised and is a core feature of using OptimizePress.

Pages work quickly and seamlessly across device types and screen sizes.

The included templates all work well responsively and maintain attractiveness even when viewed on the smallest screen.



The key to any product’s value is in its support and documentation.

Fortunately, OptimizePress doesn’t let you down on either count. The Knowledgebase is fully stocked, the instructions clear and concise and many contain images to help understanding.

See more detailed feature descriptions


New OptimizePress dashboard

While we haven't been in touch with the support team, reviews indicate there aren't any particular issues with finding good support if you run into issues as long as you're patient.

Page Loading

While the developer doesn’t go into detail, pages do load faster when you upgrade the latest versions of OptimizePress. Existing pages built in older versions OptimizePress loaded quickly but if you build a page from scratch using the new Lighting Builder you should see a noticeable difference.

We built a like for like page and the latest versions definitely seemed to perform better.

We haven’t yet had the opportunity to measure this scientifically, but anecdotally it looks and feels a lot faster.

As this is how page visitors will measure the improvements, this is good enough for us.

User Experience


The user experience of this tool is one of its strengths.

As long as you have a grasp of the basics of how WordPress builds pages, you should have a basic landing page up and running in less than an hour.

That will obviously get much faster once you know the plugin better.

There are no glaring missteps in terms of design, tool placement, navigation or overall usability. Some of the menus and interfaces are beginning to look dated but do not detract from getting those pages up and running quickly.

Once installed and registered the plugin adds a new menu to WordPress. From there you can choose a template or design a page from scratch. You can use the Live Editor to build pages while seeing what’s happening instantly and create landing pages as you normally would. If you can create even a basic blog page in WordPress, you’ll have no issues with OptimizePress.

Using the Page Builder

Page builders are an essential part of many products today and OptimizePress hasn't been left behind in this aspect.

Create new page wizard

The page builder in OptimizePress is just that, optimised.

You begin by selecting a content template from the library to save some time.They are collected into categories to help you select the right one for your needs.

The new OptimizePress 3 update brings with it the Lightning Builder. This replaces the existing page builder and makes creating or customizing pages easier than ever. OptimizePress 2.0 had given us a much better page builder than version 1.0 and version 3.0 has improved things yet again. As building pages quickly is a core feature of OptimizePress, this is great news.

The biggest difference is the top menu within Lightning Builder.

You will see a range of menu options at the top that controls the majority of things you need to do on the page. You should see Elements, Sections, Settings, and Flip Overlay and some icons to the right.

Select one of these menu items to drill down into the many options within each heading.

A helpful popup menu appears on the page that enables you to drill down even further to build pages quickly and efficiently.

There are a few levels of these menus that will require some learning but once you get the hang of things, it will become second nature.

If you’re dealing with templates or existing pages, you can select a page element to bring up a quick dialog menu once loaded into Lightning Builder.

From there you will be presented with the most relevant options for that element where you can make your changes and move on.

There is also a left menu accessible by an arrow halfway down on the left.

This brings out a slider menu that presents a more familiar element detail screen.

Here you can change position, add borders, change width, size, responsiveness and all those little details that make for great web pages.

As page builders continue to mature, OptimizePress had to up their game and we do feel that the new version has delivered some excellent improvements.

Creating Membership Sites

Integrated mailing / mailer services

One common use of the OptimizePress plugin is for creating membership sites (we've already featured memberships sites on other articles on CollectiveRay).

Typically, you would use another plugin to create a membership site but you can do it from within this plugin.

It has many of the features we expect from the likes of Restrict Content Pro but also a few omissions.

Key to creating member websites are:

  • Member plans
  • Email subscribers
  • Membership plugins integration

Membership Plans

Member Plans

If you anticipate offering multiple membership plans or subscription levels, OptimizePress has your back.

Alongside the OptimizeMember plugin that comes with it, the plugin makes it simple to offer membership tiers, login forms, accept payments from stripe and PayPal or integrate with shopping carts.

This feature does take a bit of configuration but once you get the hang of it, creating a tiered service is very straightforward.

Email Subscribers

Email subscribers

For email marketing, there is email support built in but the plugin also works with MailChimp, iContact, AWeber and other email tools.

You can combine email collection with email lists to create a self-supporting ecosystem within your website.

You can use landing pages to collect email addresses and feed them to your email plugin to include in your newsletters and distributions.

Membership Plugin Integration

Membership plugins integration

For those looking to build membership portals, if the included membership features aren’t delivering what you need, you can also integrate third-party membership plugins into your site.

Supported plugins include OptimizeMember, iMember, Memberium, Membermouse, FastMember, Digital Access Pass and others.

If you already have one of these plugins, it will play nicely with OptimizePress.

There are some notable exceptions from that list though.

That doesn’t mean your plugin won’t work, just that it may need extra configuration or some tweaking to get it running perfectly.


Pros and Cons of OptimizePress

There are pros and cons to OptimizePress as there are with any product. How compelling or distracting they are depends entirely on what you want to achieve with it.


Some of the positive aspects of OptimizePress include:

  1. Price – It is one of the cheapest landing pages page builders around with so many features. Nothing comes close in terms of number of features, quality of design or templates.

  2. Templates – The free templates are excellent and there are lots of them. The premium templates are also very good. Each design is worthy of any top tier website and work seamlessly.

  3. Ease of use – If you’re familiar with WordPress, you can be up and running in minutes and publishing in under an hour. As you become familiar with how it all works, that time to live shrinks drastically.

  4. Plays nicely with other plugins – Not just email or membership plugins but a range of other plugins many website owners would use on their sites. I tested with some SEO, cache, optimization, translation, and CRON job plugins and did not see a single issue. That’s not to say every plugin works because it won’t but I have yet to find one that didn’t.
  5. Page speed of OptimizePress 3.0 – The new code base when using OptimizePress 3.0 is faster to load on most devices. This is noticeable without page load measuring tools and is a significant benefit.

Visit OptimizePress


Where there is good there is also room for improvement. This product is no different

  1. Support is apparently slow – While I have been lucky enough to not need live support, there are comments around that response is slow. Fault tickets can take a while to be acknowledged and longer to be fixed and it seems developer support and general customer service is limited. This shouldn’t be an issue for most users but if something happens and the knowledgebase doesn’t help, your options are limited which is no good if you’re working to a deadline.

OptimizePress Pricing

OptimizePress Pricing

As part of our review process we always look at price/value ration and the next thing on our OptimizePress review is the different pricing tiers available and whether the product offers good value or not.

The pricing is a real strength of OptimizePress.

It is cheaper than many of its contemporaries and more expensive than others. It does offer good value considering the sheer number of features you get with it.

There are three pricing tiers for OptimizePress, Builder, Suite anbd Suite Pro.

Each builds on the other while increasing in price. It’s a one-time fee that includes the ability to create unlimited pages and one year of updates and support.

That final point means that essentially, the cost should be viewed per year if you need the latest version of the app.


The Builder plan costs $129/year +plus tax and includes:

  • Unlimited pages
  • Use on 1 site
  • Unlimited leads
  • Access to OptimizeUniversity
  • 1 year of support and updates

Builder is aimed at individuals or entrepreneurs. With some membership plugins, the ability to drip feed content often requires an upgrade or purchasing a more expensive version. OptimizePress includes it in the core version which is good to see.

Click here more pricing details


The Suite plan of OptimizePress costs $199/year + taxes and includes:

  • Unlimited pages
  • Use on 1 site
  • Unlimited leads
  • The OptimizeMember plugin as part of the price
  • 1 year of priority support and updates
  • A/B split testing tool
  • Advanced elements library
  • Video background element
  • Page engagement actions

The Suite version is aimed at marketers or companies that manage multiple websites and want slightly more advanced page designs. The inclusion of testing tools is invaluable to marketers so it’s nice to see it included.

Suite Pro

Suite Pro is the top tier and costs $399/year + taxes. It includes:

  • Unlimited pages
  • Up to 5 unique websites
  • Unlimited leads
  • All other Optimize plugins
  • 1 year of first in line support and updates
  • A/B split testing tool
  • Advanced elements library

On the surface, the pricing is clear and concise. Just remember to add the relevant sales tax or VAT in your region!

Discount / Coupon Code

The team at Optimize Press will run offers every so often. If and when we acquire any discounts or coupon codes, we will list them here!

Click here for the lowest price in June 2024

Testimonials / User Satisfaction

Let's now look at a few OptimizePress reviews, apart from ours of course, just to see whether our thoughts are similar to other people have used this.

Capterra testimonials 4/5 stars

Feedback is mainly positive for OptimizePress and reflects many of my own findings. Feedback on Capterra is a mixed bag and touches on some of the points I have made here about slow customer support, dated design, not keeping up with the competition and the potentially steep learning curve.

Istiak Rayhan over at WPLeaders says this about the OptimizePress:

‘If you want to create a site with pages focused on getting high conversions and also want to create a membership site, then you should definitely buy OptimizePress.’

Joe Fylan at WPKube had this to say:

‘For marketers and those selling a product, unless you have a team of designers on standby to create custom landing pages, it’s going to be hard to justify not investing in this tool.’

FAQs for OptimizePress

Will pages created in OptimizePress 2.0 still work in OptimizePress 3.0?

Yes, they will. The two versions have been designed with compatibility in mind so any page created in version 2 will work fine in version 3. The version 2 page builder will still work and is still being supported while users transition. While the transition is recommended, there is no rush as your existing pages will still work.

Can you modify old pages in OptimizePress 3.0?

No. Pages created in OptimizePress 2.0 are in a different format than the new Lightning Builder in OptimizePress 3.0. Your pages will still work fine for visitors but you will not be able to use Lighting Builder to update them.

Are there server requirements for running OptimizePress 3.0?

OptimizePress 3.0 doesn’t require any exotic server settings to work. It requires PHP 7.0 and above but otherwise it will work on your existing WordPress hosting plan. The new design is lighter and more streamlined than OptimizePress 2.0 so you may even see performance improvements!

Is OptimizePress 3.0 compatible with earlier addons?

OptimizePress 3.0 is compatible with some addons but will require you to keep using OptimizePress 2.0 alongside for full compatibility. For example, OptimizeMember isn’t fully compatible with version 3 for code reasons but if you keep version 2 running alongside, OptimizeMember will still work perfectly fine. The FAQ page on the OptimizePress website provides a lot more information on what plugins work with 3.0 and what do not.

Where do I find the OptimizePress Login?

If you just want access to the platform, this is where to find the OptimizePress login.

How does OptimizePress vs Elementor compare?

OptimizePress is focused on marketing-oriented landing pages, sales funnels, and membership sites, offering comprehensive funnel-building capabilities, integration options, and conversion-optimized templates. Elementor, on the other hand, is a versatile visual page builder plugin for WordPress, providing a wide range of design tools, extensive template libraries, and seamless integration with WordPress plugins. The choice between OptimizePress and Elementor depends on specific needs and preferences, whether you prioritize marketing-focused features or broader website design capabilities.

How do I get OptimizePress nulled?

You should never use OptimizePress nulled. When you use a nulled version of you are exposing your website to being hacked or taken control of, because typically these plugins have backdoors which allow remote access of your site. You're also using a "stolen" version of the plugin, which is not giving the developer the support they need to keep developing and working on the plugin.


Alternatives to OptimizePress

There are a few alternatives to OptimizePress including Thrive Themes, Leadpages, Unbounce, Clickfunnels. All offer different options with varying strengths and weaknesses. Of all of these alternatives, Thrive Themes seems strongest. They spend an entire longform page showing you how they outperform OptimizePress and make a compelling case.

If you're looking for a WordPress native option, another option that features in our theme reviews is Divi, or check out our Divi vs Elementor comparison


Conclusion - Should You Buy OptimizePress?

Now to the million-dollar question, or hundred and eighty dollar anyway. Should you buy OptimizePress?

Now that the latest version of OptimizePress, we can say that it adds to the previous version without taking anything away. The platform has been improved in all the right ways.

The original plugin wasn’t the best looking and didn’t have the latest menu types but using the latest OptimizePress changes that. It is now up there with market leaders while still offering excellent value for money. I think it’s a very well-conceived update that will prove exceptionally popular.

I’m not going to tell you what to do but if I was a marketer who wanted to create attractive landing pages quickly that would integrate into a membership site, collect and share email addresses with my mail plugin and work on mobile, I would buy this plugin.

If I was a website owner who just wanted to create a membership site and wasn’t so strong on the funnel side of things, I probably wouldn’t buy it .

There are plenty of other options such as Memberpress and Restrict Content Pro that offer better features for site owners.

The plugin has a very strong marketing focus and many of its core functions revolve around the needs of marketers. If you are a marketer or want to up your marketing game, OptimizePress delivers.

In terms of performance, the website user experience and the sheer number of features on offer, it is difficult to find an issue with the OptimizePress pricing plans and what you get for your money.

And simply put, given that the sales aspect of website design is the hardest to get right, the head-start this plugin gives you makes it a very good investment.

Get OptimizePress Today 

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