Divi vs Avada - Which theme is most worth it? (2017)

Before you make a decision have a look at our full comparison of Avada vs Divi - which theme works best for your site?

If you've been thinking about setting up a WordPress theme with a premium theme, you've surely come across two major themes, Divi and Avada.

Avada is the best-selling WordPress Theme on ThemeForest, with over 297,000 sales at the moment. Divi, on the other hand, is the most flexible theme from Elegant Themes - it also has a huge number of customers – over 285,000 at the time of writing.

Anyone who wants to apply a multi-purpose theme to their WordPress site will wonder: which one? That’s what this article is all about. We’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of both themes, so you’ll decide which one would be a better match for your needs.


divi vs avada

A quick Divi Summary

Divi - ultimate WordPress theme and visual page builder

What We Liked about Divi

 Great flexibility

 Real-time editing

 Split testing

 Cool layouts

 You can use it on multiple sites

What we did not like about Divi

 Lack of custom fonts

 No website demos

 No social counter


Check out Divi from ElegantThemes now


A short Avada Summary

Avada - best selling theme of all time

What we liked about Avada

 Very sleek design

 A great selection of website demos

 Custom fonts

 Great flexibility

What we didn't like about Avada

 No real-time results; you have to save the work to see it

 The packages allow you to use it on one site only

Since Avada is such a huge and popular theme by itself, we've also reviewed the most popular of WordPress themes - Avada separately. Have a read, if you are specifically interested in it. 

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Before We Start: Why a Multi-Purpose Theme?

The concept behind a multi-purpose theme is self-explanatory.

It’s a flexible theme that allows you to produce a site suitable for any organization, cause, or brand. This type of theme includes all features your website could possibly need. It enables you to promote products and services, build an e-Commerce site or a beautiful blog, or develop a professional portfolio. It supports social media integration and it’s completely responsive.

The extreme level of personalization makes your website look completely unique.

Although you’ll see plenty of other sites built founded upon the same theme, they will all be very different. If you need a template that enables you to build a website in the simplest way, a multi-purpose theme would be the best option.

There are some potential disadvantages of multi-purpose themes, which you need to consider before choosing one.

If you’re extremely picky about layout, colors, spacing, and other aspects of styling and appearance, you might not get everything you need in a multi-purpose theme.

Maybe you’ll need a feature that the theme doesn’t offer, or you won’t be able to use that feature at the exact spot you have in mind. If you want to fix the theme to a very specific vision, you will need WordPress developer with advanced coding skills.

If you need a targeted and refined theme specifically designed for your niche, a multi-purpose one won’t meet your expectations. If, on the other hand, you want to get started and keep things open, so you’ll keep improving the website on the go, choosing a multi-purpose theme is a smart thing to do.

On the bright side, Divi and Avada are the finest examples of multi-purpose themes that work for most people’s needs. Now, onto the details!

Divi – Overview of the Features

With Divi, you can build any kind of website and enjoy live responsive previews. It’s an exceptional theme with great graphics. Although the powerful page builder meets the needs of any developer, it’s also suitable for people who can’t code.

Since Elegant Themes is getting most of their income from this theme, they are continuously investing in it. What does this mean for its users? They are constantly getting new updates, which help them make improvements to their sites.

The latest version of Divi - version 3.0 brings real-time editing on the frontpage. Have a look at the video below to get a glimpse of what it is like to use Divi's theme and visual page builder.



A website built with Divi is sleek, clean, elegant, and modern. It does give the impression of a lot of work invested in it. Still, the library of pre-built layouts and the simple page builder make this one of the most usable themes out there. The best thing about Divi is that it keeps getting better over time.

These are the most notable features of this theme:

  • In-line editing
  • Customizable user interface
  • Draggable widths
  • Drag & Drop page builder
  • Responsive editing
  • Divi Leads Split Testing Tool

Let’s take a look at what you can do with Divi, so we’ll understand the theme a bit better:

Divi theme components

Basically, you get every element you need for a detailed website.


Visit Divi website now for more details


Divi in Action: the Divi Drag-and-Drop Builder

The Drag-and-Drop builder is where Divi truly shines. Creating a custom WordPress site is as easy as it gets with this theme.

Creating page with Divi pagebuilder

Divi gives you the option to start from scratch by creating your own layout.

That means you’re choosing the hard way to build a site. However, the theme also gives you an extensive list of pre-made layouts, which you can adjust to meet the needs of your website. Before you start creating your own, we suggest checking out the layouts that are already available.

However, the theme also gives you an extensive list of pre-made layouts, which you can adjust to meet the needs of your website. Before you start creating your own, we suggest checking out the layouts that are already available.

Divi predefined page layouts

There are over 20 layouts for you to choose from, so you can create your own appealing page even if you don’t have advanced coding skills. The layouts cover everything, from blog post templates and coming soon pages to multiple landing pages and homepage designs. You can start using several templates right after installing Divi, so the theme saves you a lot of time.

The layouts cover everything, from blog post templates and coming soon pages to multiple landing pages and homepage designs. You can start using several templates right after installing Divi, so the theme saves you a lot of time.

The templates save you from adding custom code while bringing versatility and good performance for your website.

The Theme Customizer enables you to play with different elements of the page, such as the header and footer, buttons, typography, widgets, color schemes, and more. The good thing is that you get to experience the results of these changes in real time. That’s something that Avada doesn’t do for you.

That’s something that Avada doesn’t do for you.


See a Divi Demo in Action Now


Divi theme customizer

Where Divi Wins – Features that Are Missing in Avada

The Divi Leads split testing tool makes it easy for you to create multiple versions of a page and see which one works best in action. Split testing is a crucial part of every website’s development, and you won’t need to pay for an additional service if you use Divi.

The real-time aspect of Divi is its strongest advantage. You’ll see every change you make in real-time, simply because the theme gives you a front-end editing option.

You’ll see every change you make in real-time, simply because the theme gives you a front-end editing option. You won't find such features in other pagebuilders, such as Visual Composer (at least not so far).

Another great advantage of this theme is that you can apply it on multiple sites without additional charges. How cool is that?

Divi is a great theme, no wonder it's one of the best-selling WordPress themes of all time!


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Avada – Overview of the Features          

Avada is attractive mainly due to its flexibility. You can use it for almost any type of WordPress site by applying one of the many pre-built demo websites in minutes. You’ll only need to add content and voila – you end up with a nice-looking website.

The ThemeForest marketplace is extremely competitive, so being the bestselling theme there means something: it has to be really great. Similar to Divi, Avada also allows you to create just about any type of website. You get access to an extensive library of pre-built demo websites, which you can apply to your own site in minutes.

If you don’t like the demo sites, you can always start from scratch.


These are the main features of Avada:

  • Great menus: several locations, mega menu with widgets, high level of customization and typography control
  • Fusion Builder - Avada's built-in drag and drop page builder
  • Plethora of theme and page options
  • Fusion Core (a companion plugin that extends the list of tools and options)
  • One-click demo importer
  • Translation options
  • Control over the site’s width

Have a look at the video below to have a bit of a walkthrough video tour of Avada


Read more about Avada


As for all the elements you can infuse in an Avada-based site, here is an overview:

Avada widgets

As we can see, there’s an extensive choice of elements to add to your site.

Avada in Action: The Avada Fusion Builder

Due to the licensing, the installation of Avada includes an additional step when compared to Divi: you’ll need to validate your copy of the theme before you get access to all plugins and extensions. Avada gives you an option to use it without such validation, but you’ll be missing cool features.

Similarly to Divi, Avada also lets you create a website from scratch. However, it also gives you cool website demos (you’ll find over 20 of them) that are highly flexible, so you can still get a unique-looking website if you go for that option. The demos include Product Page, Photography, Travel, Architecture, Lifestyle, and more. You can tweak any aspect of the site. If you’re not the master of code, Avada won’t give you troubles for that.

The Fusion Builder is a drag-and-drop tool that lets you create a website from scratch. It comes with a great choice of pre-built templates, which you can edit as you like.


Check out an Avada Demo now


Avada pre built templates

You can adjust every page with additional settings related to the background, sidebars, footer, sliders, title bar, and more. The good news is that Avada makes website monetizing easy - you can simply use the Ads widget to bring ad banners to your site.

Where Avada Wins – Features that are Missing in Divi

Remember how Divi gave you a library of layouts to apply to your pages and posts? That’s great, and Avada gives you that option, too. However, Avada also lets you import an entire demo website in minutes. That’s where it wins.

Another important strength of this theme is that it’s great at letting you take control of a mobile website’s appearance. You can exclude specific elements from appearing in the mobile version, and you can adjust the mobile breakpoints.

Aesthetics is a strong point of Avada. Divi lets you create beautiful pages, too. However, if we had to pick a winner in this aspect, Avada would be the one.


Visit Avada on ThemeForest


The Ease of Use: How Quickly Can You Create a Website with Divi and Avada

Ease of use is the biggest advantage of multi-purpose themes. Both Divi and Avada let you create a website based on layouts. The learning curve to both of them is quite gentle. However, these themes are different from simple skins. It’s serious software we’re talking about. If you want to get the full advantages of both these themes, you’ll need to play around.

Avada has a disadvantage because it imposes an additional step: you have to register and get a token number, and you’ll have to verify it before getting access to the premium features. This can be a time-consuming operation, but it won’t take hours.

Avada has an extensive knowledge base and cool video tutorials that make your job really easy. Whatever feature you want to use, you can easily learn how to do it. Divi’s guidelines are more organized and easier to read for casual users. You’ll also get hands-on video tutorials for each entry you want to implement.

There is no pure winner in this battle: the learning curve is pretty much equal with both these themes. They are relatively easy to use for people without advanced coding skills.

Testimonials of Users

It’s important to see what real users have to say about Divi and Avada, so you’ll base your decision on other people’s experience. Both sites feature testimonials by users. Here is a glimpse:

Andrew Palmer from SomebodysHero.co.uk is impressed by Divi: “After discovering Elegant Themes some 4 years ago and using pretty much all of the themes on my client sites – it is clear to say that my business is built on Elegant Themes. Around 7 months ago, I discovered Divi and used my friend and client Pat Sharp as a test on Divi. Since then, I have transitioned around 40% of my clients to Divi and continue to beat the drum on the theme - its flexibility allows me and my developers to build a site in a few days rather than a few weeks and it offers everything a customer could need, out of the box mobile ready and if we do need to make amendments to the CSS to change the way it looks we can!”

There are plenty of reviews on Avada’s site, too. Here is what one of the users says: “You guys have top notch customer service and an amazing product. Such a great theme with unparalleled support. Can’t thank you enough for all the support you have offered a newb like me getting the web page up. You’ve saved me literally thousands of dollars.”

As for independent reviews, Quora is a nice source of them.

This is what Sanjeev Mishra, a WordPress expert, says about Divi: “Divi WordPress Theme is by far the best theme from Elegant Themes Club and somewhere I read that the number of sales happened because Divi is more than all other Elegant Themes’ themes combined… Using Divi, you can build a nice layout for your site and add amazingly beautiful elements. No doubt, there are better looking themes available on Themeforest or even some better themes are available on other clubs.”

Here is what Karol Krol, author of WordPress Complete, has to say about Avada, in comparison to Divi: “Avada gives you much more in terms of customizability. It has a huge options panel where you can adjust basically anything about your theme - things like layout, the styles, logos, headers, the behavior of things, etc… If you want the highest available number of options and tuneups, go with Avada. If you want to design with drag-and-drop and see everything in real time, go with Divi.”

The Looks: What You Can Achieve with Divi and Avada

We picked three great websites built with each of these themes, so you can see how they look in practice. From the examples below, you’ll see that both themes allow you to build professionally-looking websites with tons of flexibility. Avada may win the beauty contest, but it’s close.

Examples of websites built with Divi


The first site is a fancy looking site about fashion - see what a great example of Divi in action looks like.

Divi theme - fashion website example


This is more of a corporate website - and you can see the site oozes professionalism.

Divi - corporate site example


And now for a completely different example of a site using Divi, which still manages to shine. We can't say that Divi is not flexible.

Divi how to beast website example

Now that we've seen some sites built with Divi, let's see how sites built with Avada compare.

Site examples built with Avada


Making use of stunning photography, Avada tales this site to great heights.

Avada theme example - liberty trails website


Simple, but professional, just what a university website would need and what the Avada theme has given this site.

Avada examples - education university website


A bit of a more wordy site, Avada still creates an excellent result

15 avada example yellow marine consultancy

The Price – Avada vs. Divi

A Regular Licence for Avada costs $60 ($78 if you want extended support to 12 months). Divi costs $69 per year for a Personal Licence, $89 per year for Developed, and $249 for Lifetime Access. The question is: what theme offers more value for your money?

A Personal License for Divi will cost you $69 per year. With this, you get to use the theme on an unlimited number of sites and you get access to all themes from Elegant Themes. You also get 12 months of updates and support.

The Regular License for Avada costs $60, and it’s a one-time fee. You get to use it on a single site. With this package, you get 6 months of support and lifetime updates.

A Developer License for Divi costs $89 per year, and it gives you 12 months of updates and support, access to all themes and plugins by Elegant Themes, and an ability to use it on an unlimited number of sites. You can also opt for a one-time payment of $249.

An Extended License for Avada comes with a one-time fee of $2950. It gives you 6 months of support and lifetime updates.

There’s no clear winner regarding the price tag. The packages are different, so you’ll choose the best value for your needs. If you need a theme for a single site and you want lifetime updates, Avada would be the better option. If you want to use the theme on multiple sites, then go for Divi.

Bottom Line: What Theme Should You Choose?

In terms of aesthetics, both themes are quite fancy. When it comes to usability, there’s no clear winner there. As for the price - you pick what gives you most value, depending on the needs you have. So when it comes to comparing Avada vs Divi - we're really down to the wire.

So which is the better multi-purpose WordPress theme: Divi or Avada? The clearest answer we can give you is: it depends.

If you want to build multiple sites and you want to see the changes you make in real time, then go for Divi. If you don’t care about front-end editing, you want to get more customization options, and you only need a theme for a single site, then Avada is the better option for you.

Which one will you choose?  


Visit the Divi site to buy now | Buy Avada now from ThemeForest


Stacey Marone is writer for coursework service and a social media marketer working part-time on contract for a large consultancy firm in the US. She creates magnetic content optimized for search. In her free time she also does volunteer work and organizes some activities for children. You can follow her on twitter.

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