Best WordPress Popup Plugin to Build Email List (2018) - a ConvertPlug review

Building a robust email list is a prerequisite to taking your business to the next level and getting hot leads by the dozens or even more, a majority of which get converted into sales. So, are you ready to get serious about building your email list? Want us to show you how to use the Best WordPress Popup plugin to build your email list? If yes, you need to focus on a simple 2-point formula to direct your list building efforts towards the desired goal:

  1. Ensure that signing up for your email list is a cakewalk for those interested in it.

  2. Make your “opt-in offer” highly relevant and enticing

Though both may seem like a child’s play, they are harder said than done. That’s where ConvertPlug can be your savior. In this ConvertPlug review, we'll show you the whole shebang of creating WordPress popups to increase the conversion rate to your email list.


ConvertPlug review - Best WordPress popup plugin


With this user-friendly, effective all-in-one plugin for email list building and conversion optimization, you no longer have to worry about abandoning visitors or a sizable chunk of your visitors falling out of your conversion funnel as the tool will help bring a majority of them back into the fold.

You'll see that with ConvertPlug you can implement most of the 25 effective ways of building you email list which you can find on HubSpot.

Remember – your email list is the core of your marketing strategy.

That’s why you need to start growing your email list right away. However, the challenge with most people has always been figuring out what exactly they need to do to grow their email list faster. If you too belong to this league, take heart for you now have your ideal answer in ConvertPlug.

With this WordPress popup plugin, you can not only grow your email list but even do a lot of additional things such as detect exit intent, track user engagement, decrease cart abandonment, drive traffic to your website, offer coupons, share updates, promote videos and get social followers, among others.

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Adding a WordPress Popup to your site is one of the best methods to grow your email list. Even if you’re not a fan of creating WordPress popups because of its intrusive nature, you can’t deny the fact that popup form works much better than any other methods when it comes to growing your email list.

Though popup form is widely used for list building, you can make use of a WordPress popup for various other purposes as well. Below are a few ideas…

  • Grow your follower base: Popup forms can also be used to grow your social media follower base. For example, one of the proven ways to increase your Facebook Fan page is using the WordPress Facebook Like Box popup.

By using the plugins like DC Facebook like Box Popup, you can increase your Facebook fans exponentially. You can download the plugin from here.

  • Advertisement: Popup ads are a very popular monetization method especially in the free gaming apps. If you rely primarily on display advertising you can make use of this on your WordPress site as well to generate extra revenue. Forbes Magazine is one of the best examples of using popup ads on their website.

Different WordPress popups- Which one is best for your needs?

There is a lot of evidence that shows that adding a WordPress popup to your site can have a huge positive impact your conversion rate. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you should add popup windows everywhere on your website. In fact, adding untargeted popups can even negatively impact your conversion rate.

Targeted popups to your specific content can improve the user experience of your visitor, because you are giving them more of what they came looking for.

Let’s take a look at the different types of WordPress popups and see which are best suited for your requirements.

#1. Entry WordPress Popup

This is a popup that appears as soon as a visitor lands on your website for the first time. This kind of popup is the best for displaying popup ads and for building your email list. To make it less intrusive, you should ensure that it only appears once in a day or lest.

#2. Exit intention popups

Exit popups appear when a visitor tries to leave your website. It is best suited to be shown on landing pages to reinforce a visitor to sign up to your mailing list via a lead magnet or to give a special offer to a user before they are about to abandon the website

#3. Click popup

Click based popups appears when a visitor clicks on a designated link, image or a button. Compared with other methods, this popup is not at all intrusive as it only appears when a user actually needs it.

#4. Time based popups

It is similar to entry popups except that it appears only after a specified amount of time spent on the site. The best thing about it is that it makes sure that the popup window appears only to the users who’re interested in actually reading your content rather than displaying to everyone who lands on your site. Your users have already spent some time interested in your website, so having a relevant popup could be used to your advantage.

Creating WordPress popups

First things first. If you want to build ALL of these types of popups with one single plugin, you'd be really well served with ConvertPlug. You need to create popups with Calls to Action which are specific to your content. This is the surest way to boost conversion rates. ConvertPlug is the best WordPress popup plugin in 2016, and we do highly recommend that you simply go for this. It's a guarantee that your conversion rates will more than double - you can create all sorts of popups, specifically targeted and with different actions. 

Free plugin- DC Popup Custom

DC Popup Custom is a feature rich plugin that allows you to create your own customized popups for any page or post on your WordPress site. Best of all, it allows you to define the number of seconds between showing the popup.

Other features include:

  • Ability to enable/disable popup window.

  • Ability to customize the HTML of the popup

  • Choose how often you would like to show the popup

You can download the DC Popup Custom plugin from here.


Premium plugin- ConvertPlug Pop-Ups WordPress Plugin

ConvertPlug is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you create as many as popups on any pages of your WordPress website. It is a complete popup solution for WordPress as it offers almost every type of popups.

The features include:

Force popups: You can force a pop-up for a few seconds by hiding the close button. This forces the users to wait until the close button triggers. This can be helpful to make users actually read your message.

60+ animation types: You can pick from around 66 types of animation styles to display the popup.

You can download the plugin from


How does the Best WordPress Popup plugin help with Different Display Types?

With ConvertPlug, the sequence of the modals, slide box, info bars is planned and managed for execution for an effective impression on visitors. With multiple display options and locations to choose from, you can decide on what works the best and select a particular display type accordingly.

From modal popup, info-bar top, info-bar bottom, modal fullscreen, slide-in right, slide-in left, sticky box right, scroll right, to in-line positions namely after post, widget box, inline header and banner box, you have a lot to choose from.

In other words, from slide in sidebars and full page covers to exit-intent popups that appear only when your readers tend to abandon your site, ConvertPlug gives you a wide variety of choices that you can use to woo your readers back, while prompting them to enter their email addresses at the same time.

various WordPress popup types

100% Customizable Templates

You can customize the templates according to your needs and preferences. With ConvertPlug, you can play with numerous options available for backgroundcolor, background image, overlay color etc, along with modal animation, exit animation effect (which are located under the Design tab) to make the entire popup attractive and hard to ignore.

The text too can be edited with appropriate font, color and size. The buttons inside the input box can also be altered, with options to make changes to button style, button background color and border radius. You may even give the templates a 3D effect. The icing on the cake is that all these can be done even by novices since no coding, scripting or programming knowledge is required.

Watch the following video of a popup being customized in a few seconds with the built-in editor

WordPress Popup Triggers

With ConvertPlug’s triggers, you can activate popups at suitable time with spontaneous settings and encourage visitors to take the desired action. With Smart Launch, you can benefit from the right message being shown at the right time, thanks to tracking of user inactivity that targets inactive users and leveraging exit intent that helps to convert your abandoning visitors.

With “After Scroll” feature, you can display targeted messages for engaged users.This plugin also gives an alternative of Manual/Two Step Launch for launching the modal with CSS class or with shortcode.

To avoid driving away visitors with ill-timed or unsuitable messages, the Cookies/Repetition Control feature comes handy. With it, no repeat message is shown after conversion or once a deal is closed. Thus, a subscriber won’t be annoyed to find a welcome message that’s intended for first time visitors to the site.

ConvertPlug paves the way for precise targeting via:

  • Pages & Posts: Page level targeting

  • Post Types: Post level targeting

  • Categories & Taxonomies: Category level targeting

  • Special Pages: Target website’s special pages

  • Devices: Target mobile users differently

  • Referral Detection: Detect referral source

As mentioned above, ConvertPlug allows personalization of messages. Thus, logged-in users are shown a message that’s different from the ones targeting repeat users since displaying relevant messages to different groups is made easy by this WordPress popup plugin.

Watch this video showing the editing and enabling of various triggers and popup settings

Connect the WordPress popup plugin with major email providers

You can easily integrate ConvertPlug with a  wide range of external email marketing software, which include ONTRAPort, MailChimp, MailPoet, Aweber, Constant Contact, Mailjet, GetResponse, CleverReach,iContact, Infusionsoft, HubSpot, TotalSend and Mad Mimi, among others.

Thus, the leads that you have obtained through the opt-in forms of these external email marketing software could be stored and managed easily with ConvertPlug plugin.

Connect WordPress Popup plugin to email marketing tools

A/B testing your email pop ups

With A/B testing (or split testing) of your email pop ups, you can compare two versions of a popup to see which one performs better. You compare two pop ups by showing the two variants (let's call them X and Y) to similar visitors at the same time.

The one giving you a better conversion rate wins!

From headings and sub-headings to paragraph text, location, CTAs, images, content near the fold etc, you can test a variety with A/B testing, which in turn would let you leverage your existing traffic.

With ConvertPlug, you can perform an unlimited number of real-time A/B tests to find out which messages perform the best. This way, you can stop guessing or using trial-and-error methods. Instead, you can take informed and targeted decisions, which would trigger considerable increase in leads generated, sales and thus, the overall revenue.

WordPress popup ab testing


See a Live Preview of ConvertPlug Now

Pricing - is it good value?

At a one-time price of $21, you can get a regular license of ConvertPlug. This payment includes several other features, including future updates, a quality check by Envato, six months of support from the developer (which can be extended to 12 months at an additional payment of $6.30 now, which would let you save up to $8) and a full knowledge base on the actual ConvertPlug website.

At this one off price, you can rest assured that this is absolutely excellent value.

Remember that other plugins and services which offer similar features will charge you this amount - PER MONTH! With ConvertPlug this is a one-off fee.

ConvertPlug - WordPress Popup plugin pricing

Applications of ConvertPlug:

Use ConvertPlug to:

Hold back abandoning visitors

The exit intent technology is widely used to detect user interaction and re-engage them while they are about to leave. ConvertPlug helps you use the exit intent trigger with ease. You can use this trigger to shoot a modal popup at the precise time when the user is about to leave.

Effective use of the exit intent popups will help you build email lists and considerably increase the conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate of your website.

ConvertPlug Page takeover

Welcome visitors

It is important to value every visitor who arrives on your website. The first impression may at times be the last if you do not use it well. Another way to think of this as a WordPress popup plugin on page load trigger.

ConvertPlug allows you to display welcoming modal popups or welcome screens with attractive offers and messages that visitors cannot resist. You can display the most wanted offers and grab the visitors wanting to know more about it.

Suppose a visitor arrives on a page that no longer exists, you can use a popup to redirect the user to another page he might be interested in. This will again help reduce the bounce rate and increase traffic to the lesser known areas of your website.

Welcome visitors with WordPress popup

Activate inactive visitors

There are times when users arrive on your website and are there for quite some time without any interaction.

You can use an inactivity trigger that detects user inactivity for a specified time period and triggers a popup that encourages a user to act. Use this trigger to display a special offer, promote a video, redirect them to another page or product or ask them to signup for a newsletter.

This feature mainly helps in increasing the conversion rate by converting visitors who in the other case would have left your website.

 Various popups for WordPress

Offer something interesting at the End of a post

When a user intently reads what you have to offer, it means that he is interested in it. You can use this behavior and offer him something more. Let us say, a user has just finished reading a blog post, you can offer him an ebook with details and examples about the topic, ask him to take up a quiz about it, or simply ask him to sign up for your newsletter.

If he has spent enough time reading your content, there are chances he will be interested in these offers too. You can also think of this as a WordPress popup on click trigger.

WordPress Popup plugin call to action

Schedule a message for a particular campaign

Suppose you are planning to run a campaign to offer a special Christmas edition. You cannot have this campaign running throughout the year, neither can it be hosted in the month of May. This is where you will need to schedule your popups so that they are displayed at the right time before the right audiences.

Scheduling styles according to the message they contain lets you display more targeted offers, thus increasing the conversion rate.

WordPress header bar

Lock Premium Content to build email list

You might have a lot of interesting content hosted on your website. You can have blog posts, ebooks or any other form of content that you wish to share with your users. Hide these contents with content locker popups, the ones that ask users to sign-up to gain access to the particular content.

This will help build an email list with users who are interested in your content.

WordPress content upgrade plugin

Target Pages, categories and posts with relevant WordPress popups

ConvertPlug lets you create popups that suit every page, post or category on your website. With page level targeting you can make sure you display more targeted and relevant offers your users might be interested in.

Relevancy increases the chance of conversion, therefore letting you gain many more leads. Displaying relevant popups may also reduce the chance of it being closed directly.

more WordPress popup plugin examples

Display targeted offers using Referrer detection

This WordPress popup plugin comes along with a referrer detection feature that detects the domain your user has come from. You can therefore create targeted offers for users coming through a particular domain. Create customized messages and decide whether you wish to display or hide them for a particular domain or list of domains.

discount code via WordPress popup

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Display targeted offers for different devices

If course, in today's day and age, you'll want a WordPress responsive popup plugin. All designs and styles created in ConvertPlug are mobile friendly and can be customized to suit any device they’ll be displayed on. Use the device detection feature to create and display device specific popups.

You can use such a feature to increase mobile app downloads, and more.

Device Detection responsive wordpress popup

Conclusion: Test what works best

Like every other feature on your website, popups too might need a little testing. The A/B test or split test feature allows you to create variants of an already existing style. You can publish both at a time. ConvertPlug will help you track their performance and assist you to make an educative choice of what works best through the inbuilt analytical data. You can create two variants of the same form with a different color combination to test what is more appealing to your users.

These and many more applications makes ConvertPlug an all-in-one tool you must have. Use individual features or combine them with the rest. All you’ll get is positive results with a whole lot of leads! The real deal is when you start converting emails by a significant margin than ever before, and that's why we believe this is the Best WordPress popup plugin.

With such a feature loaded plugin that’s affordable, user-friendly and effective, what’s not to love in ConvertPlug?

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