If you’ve ever sold a product or conducted a lead capturing campaign on your website, you might have known how important creating WordPress landing pages are for your website.

By having specific squeeze pages created, you keep your visitors’ attention narrowly focused on call to actions placed on them such as ‘buy now’ button or a lead generation form. It helps you entice your visitors to click on the call to action button by removing every distraction like external links or unnecessary info that might take your visitor's attention away.

If you’re selling a product or building an email list, you might consider creating WP squeeze pages on your website. Here are a few reasons, which CollectiveRay has discovered over the years:

  • Creating a WordPress Landing page helps you to increase conversion rate on your site
  • It allows you to effectively analyze and track your marketing campaign especially if you’re buying PPC traffic.

With all the technologies available today, creating a WordPress squeeze page is very easy. In this post, we’ll discuss the following...

  • Creating HTML landing pages for WordPress sites from scratch
  • Creating landers using a third-party standalone service
  • Creating them using a single page theme aimed at lead generation
  • Design lead generation sites using a WordPress landing page plugin

Let’s get started! 

(Here's a Buy Now button to put you in the mood ;)

buy now button

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1. Coming Soon Page

Even though creating a good landing page may not take much time, it will typically still take you a few days or so.

And if you've registered your domain and have started making marketing movements or announcements here and there, you want to make sure that people who hit the domains you've registered actually find something informative about you and your company, and a small message that the full page, website or landing page is actually in development and will be coming soon.

That's where the Coming Soon Page plugin can work wonders - it will save you a bunch of time and make sure you've got a good looking Coming Soon site in literally a few minutes.

Have a look at the following video to see what we mean:


 It's literally a small page builder which you can use to put in place the most essential items on a landing page which is under construction. Things like

  • Name of your company and a small description
  • Short video
  • Social media pages
  • List-building features so you can get people to subscribe for news
  • Free images to complement your design

To top it all off, there are actually a number of themes which are already setup, meaning you can literally get up and running in minutes.

There's both a free version and a PRO version to get the extended feature-set.

Visit Coming Soon Pro Plugin

2. Create WordPress landing pages from scratch using HTML + CSS

If you are good at design using basic HTML and CSS, you can easily create a WordPress landing page and integrate it with your website. You can edit the content or tweak the design on your own easily without any third person’s help. Most of all, it’s mostly free except for the time you spend of course.

If you’re not interested in designing and creating this yourself, you can always buy a landing page template from websites like Themeforest.net or hire a web page designer to design a page for you, but we'll come to that later.

Follow the below tips before jumping in to create your own using HTML/CSS for your website.

  • Follow your branding standards: While you shouldn’t necessarily design something that looks exactly like your website, make sure you follow the same branding that you used on the website on your lander pages as well. This includes but is not limited to using your website logo on the page, using the same fonts and color palettes, etc.
  • Avoid external linking: It is recommended to remove the navigation and avoid external linking from your landing page. Your user needs to fully focus on the objective and or action you want them to perform (typically conversion)
  • Have a Call To Action (CTA): you need to make sure you are asking the user to take the action you desire them to take. This can including a buy Now button, entering an email address, or other Call To Actions as you require

Once you have created the design using HTML/CSS, you can integrate it with your website by creating a custom template.

Here’s how to integrate the lander page with WP by creating a custom template. Let’s just call it our WP squeeze page.

Step 1: Copy the code snippet given below to the top section of your code and save it as squeeze.php.

< ?php


Template Name: Squeeze



Step 2: Upload the squeeze files including the images, CSS files, etc. to the WP theme directory.

For example, if you’re using TwentyFifteen theme, you’ll need to upload the files to the following directory ../wp-content/themes/twentyfifteen

Recommended reading: How to access files like on WordPress dashboard like an FTP client

Step 3: In WP dashboard, under the Pages tab click on ‘Add New’.

Step 4: In the editor, add a new title to your page. Choose the template ‘Squeeze’ under ‘Page Attributes’ and publish it.

Page attributes

Step 5: For further editing the copy or tweaking the design of your landing template, you can go to Appearance > Editor and click on Squeeze Page Template. Make any edits and click Update file.

squeeze template


3. Create Squeeze pages using a WordPress theme: OptimizePress

WordPress themes like OptimizePress are created specifically for creating squeeze and lead generation pages. With its unique built-in page builder, called Live Editor, even if you’re not a designer you can design them in a matter of minutes.


The price starts from $99/year for 1 personal website. Here are a few benefits of using OptimizePress.

  • Responsive: All the designs you create from OptimizePress Live Editor are fully responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Available in both theme and plugin format: You can use either the fully-featured OptimizePress theme or use OptimizePress plugin on WordPress with any theme.
  • 100+ Built-in templates to choose from: You shouldn’t necessarily design every page from scratch. Rather use a built-in template and modify it according to your needs.
  • Seamless integration with 20+services: With OptimizePress, integration with third-party tools for email marketing (e.g. Aweber, MailChimp) and tracking tools (e.g. KISSMetrics) are a breeze. This also includes Zapier integration, so you are able to connect and integrate with basically anything

If you're interested to learn more about all the capabilities of OptimizePress, do have a look at our full in-depth review here on Collectiveray.

Get Started with OptimizePress Now

OptimizePress Landing page templates



4. Creating WP landing pages using a third-party service - LeadPages

LeadPages is a standalone landing page builder that helps marketers create, publish and test them without the need of having any technical background. To create a lander, you’ll need to log in to the LeadPages.net platform.

Once the content is created, you’ll be asked whether you need to publish it on the LeadPages platform or on your website. You can choose the WP option.

You’ll then be prompted to download the LeadPages plugin if you’re integrating the service with WordPress for the first time. Once the plugin is installed, you can manage and publish the landers you created on LeadPages platform right from your WordPress dashboard.

Of course, you can opt in to use the fully hosted landing pages option and then have links from your WordPress website to the hosted landing pages. You can still host these landing pages on your domain if you want to, by making a small tweak to the DNS settings of your domain.

leadpages builder

 Here are the main benefits of creating landing pages using LeadPages over a theme or a plugin. 
  • Greater flexibility: Since LeadPages is a standalone pagebuilder and not a content management system like WP, it offers greater flexibility over design and usability.
  • Marketing first: LeadPages is created specifically for internet marketers. Even if you’re not a designer, you can easily create and publish content and designs in minutes, and you can focus on what you’re really good at - marketing (that is, traffic acquisition, A/B testing and increasing the conversion rate). In addition, you can also integrate popular marketing tools with LeadPages easily.
  • Unique features: With unique features like LeadDigits and LeadLinks, subscribing to your list is easier than ever.

LeadPages is a subscription-based service. The prices start from $25/month. However, it offers a free trial for 30 days, which might help you to test drive the service.

Check out LeadPages Now

5. Creating land pages using WordPress plugins

There are a lot of plugins that allow you to easily create a landing page with WordPress. Here are a few benefits of using a plugin over a theme like OptimizePress.

  • It works with any theme
  • Doesn’t affect overall design of your website

Let’s take a look at various plugins that helps you create a landing page instantly on your website.

Free plugin: WordPress Landing Pages

This is a free plugin that lets you create landers for your WordPress website. The best thing is it also allows you to track conversion rates and run A/B split tests on your designs.

Rather than creating from scratch, you can also choose from pre-made templates and customize it according to your needs. However, almost every pre-made template is small squeeze page and if you’re looking to build a long sales squeeze, you’ll need to create it from scratch.

You can download WordPress Landing Pages here.

6. Premium plugin: Thrive Landing Pages

Thrive Landing Pages is a premium plugin allows you to create flawless, high-converting sites almost instantly. You can also choose from 122 pre-made templates. We've actually looked at Thrive Themes in this Collectiveray article.

Their flagship product is Thrive Architect, which is a flawless page builder, great for creating focused, high converting sales and landing pages. 

Landing Pages for WordPress

The price starts from $19/month.

Here are a few additional benefits of using Thrive.

  • Drag & drop style editor: The drag and drop style editor is so flexible that you can put the design elements wherever you want.
  • Easy to use: No technical background is required. Anyone can build a page in a few moments.
  • Regular updates: New features are constantly added and the plugin is regularly updated.
  • ListBuilder Integration: Typically one of your top goals of creating a landing page is to grow your mailing list. Thrive is excellent for its integration with mailing lists and creating several custom popups to be able to target your customers better.

Check out Thrive Themes Now

7. Divi

divi 3

Undoubtedly, Divi is one of the best choices if you’re looking to create a landing page which you will eventually develop a fully-fledged site using one of the most popular, best-selling themes of all-time. The beauty of using this for your coming soon pages is that you don't have to redo all of the work from scratch when you want to switch. 

Essentially, by using Divi layouts, you can import one of the existing Landing page or Coming soon pages, or pages optimized towards conversion. Once you are ready to launch your site, you can build it using the same template.

Landing pages can also be created using the Divi Builder, which essentially allows you to import and layout and then drag and drop other elements which you need as necessary for your own conversion-optimized pages. Given that this product has been completed designed around an easy User Experience, you'll find it is a pleasure to work with.

If you'd like to know more you can read our complete Divi theme review here.

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PS. The above offer is only available from CollectiveRay 

Conclusion: Which WordPress landing page method is best for you?

When it comes to creating a WordPress landing page, there are a lot of different options available. So choosing an appropriate method can be confusing.

If you’re looking to create a squeeze for your site and you’re confused with the different choices, here are a few tips for that might help make a decision.

Create an HTML landing page if you’re comfortable in tweaking and coding with HTML and CSS. You can always pick from a template from sites like Themeforest.net or even hire a designer. Since the design isn’t dependent on any pagebuilder, you can tweak the design as per your wishes. It is the best choice especially if you’re looking for the cheapest method to do this.

Create landing pages with LeadPages if you need a lot of designs to be created and require regular customization. Since it is a subscription-based service, it is best suited for companies and individuals who need to create a lot of variations quickly, and do not mind having to fork out a regular monthly price.

Choose OptimizePress if you’re looking for a solution that allows you to create and customize the landing page within your WordPress dashboard. And the best thing is the community is huge. You can even buy premium OptimizePress templates from the official marketplace.

Create landing pages using plugins so that the whole site design is independent of the content you create. With premium solutions like Thrive, or Divi you can choose from 100+ different templates.

Have you ever built a landing page for your WordPress website? How did you create it and which method did you prefer? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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