25+ Elementor Themes Which Work Perfectly For WordPress (2024)

Elementor themes

With so many themes to choose from, you're hard-pressed to make the right choice these days. But you've already decided you love Elementor, so at this point, you need to find the best Elementor themes, the ones which fit hand in glove such that you get the perfect result - the one you had in mind.

Truth be told, choosing products that do not play nicely with each other will be a source of great frustration - after all, you're probably going to pay for two premium products, only to find they have conflicts or bugs which will just waste your time.

As somebody who has experienced this, we want to make sure you don't go through our terrible experience and make the same mistakes we did.

So we went ahead, tested and researched, we spoke to our peers and our clients and have created the below list, a short, but tested list of best themes for Elementor.

Please note that this article has been reviewed in April 2024, we've removed the products which are no longer relevant, updated anything missing and made sure you're seeing only the latest and greatest templates. 

As you may know, the market today offers plenty of different page builders such as Beaver, Divi, Elementor, or WPBakery.

Of course, if you've never worked with any of these plugins, it will be quite complicated for you to choose between them because each of them has its own pros and cons. Some of them are cheap, while others offer a richer set of options.

And of course, it makes sense to choose a page builder that meets your own specific needs, expectations, and budget. 

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress page builder that changes the way you interact with the CMS. Rather than using the basic page creation tools or Gutenberg blocks included within WordPress, Elementor adds a drag and drop interface along with more tools and easier navigation.

You can build an entire design from Elementor or simply use it for page or post designs. Even newcomers to WordPress can quickly begin building attractive pages with the minimum of fuss. That’s one of the reasons we like it so much! 

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Elementor Themes

We have compiled a collection of some of the most popular and highest-rated Elementor themes out there right now. Enjoy!

1. Astra - Fastest Growing Elementor Theme


Details   Demo

The Astra WordPress theme, in its relatively short lifetime, can boast 700,000+ downloads and 3400+ 5-star reviews. If you want to check out our own full Astra theme review.

Besides being lightweight and fast loading, this Elementor theme also has several layouts for different purposes. While it looks like a single theme, it is actually a collection of many themes. Each has been beautifully created and tuned to fit different niches. Each works well with Elementor as well as holding its own as a standalone theme.

The customization process is simple and intuitive. You can manage layout settings, header options, fonts and typography, blog and archives right from the admin panel.

The biggest advantage of the theme is how light it is. Astra only generates 50KB of files, making it extremely fast to load. For comparison, other popular WordPress themes can require up to 300 KB as a minimum!

The page with basic WP page data will load in less than 0.5 seconds. As page speed is now an important SEO marker, that’s a significant benefit!

Astra also uses vanilla JavaScript which loads faster and avoids the common render blocks jQuery issues you will see in Google PageSpeed Insights.

That's why we've given Astra the top-spot when it comes to Elementor themes. Interested in looking at other WordPress themes? You can visit other reviews which we've published recently through the menu.

2. Genesis Framework by StudioPress 


Details   Demo

Genesis is a multipurpose Elementor theme. It is flexible, intuitive and contains a rich set of theme options. Genesis is more than just a web theme, it is an entire framework that includes a range of its own templates.

Genesis is one of the most popular WordPress frameworks around right now and for good reason.

It has a powerful theme customizer that enables you to modify pages and see the changes in real-time. It also has customizable page templates such as Default, Archives, and Blog Page. Due to the drag and drop nature, editing pages is a breeze and requires no web design skills. Just one of the many reasons we like Genesis!

CollectiveRay has already reviewed the Genesis framework in great depth here: https://www.collectiveray.com/genesis-framework-themes-review-child

Genesis Framework Package also includes:

  • Different columns layouts.
  • Background, header, and footer options.
  • Custom menu.
  • Full-width-template.
  • One-click setup.

Genesis is mobile responsive too. Your visitors will see the website the same way from different screens and browsers and enjoy the same experience whatever device they use, including mobile. 

The great thing with StudioPress framework is that most of the options offered through this framework are good Elementor themes.

3. Imperion

Imperion - Business Marketing WordPress Theme

Details   Demo 

Imperion is a comprehensive WordPress theme for different types of business. With the help of Elementor, it is possible to drag and drop any kind of content and edit easily in a matter of clicks.

Imperion has 6 skins for multiple industry types, including:

  • Business.
  • Presentation.
  • Digital company.
  • Finance.
  • Experience.
  • Shop.

With the help of Business skin, you can present your business online by using content blocks and drop-down menus for intuitive navigation. Presentation or Digital skin was designed to promote a company or digital products. Use Experience skin to showcase how qualified and experienced your team is or use any theme and customize it as much as you like

Imperion is more than just a WordPress theme as you also get $680 worth of add-ons:

  • Revolution Slider.
  • JetElements.
  • Cherry products.
  • Multiple menu options with JetMenu.
  • All images from the demo.
  • WooCommerce package.
  • 4 headers and 2 footers.
  • 4 blog layouts.
  • Google fonts.
  • TMM timeline.

In addition, Imperion contains WordPress Live Customizer. This means that you can make changes in real-time to see how a website changes right away which is very useful when customising a live site or experimenting with how a blog post looks.

Furthermore, Imperion comes with 24/7 support. If you come across an issue you cannot fix yourself, the vendor will help to solve the issue.

4. Homepage Business

Homepage business

Details   Demo


If you like the idea of a one-page website for your company, then Homepage Business WordPress theme is a nice solution. Elementor functionality allows this landing page theme to work across industries thanks to its flexible design, ability to fully customize page elements, colours, fonts and the entire look and feel of the site.

A one-page website is ideal for smaller businesses or groups that want to send traffic elsewhere or provide just enough information to prompt an inquiry. Homepage Business delivers on all those things. Don’t let the fact it’s a single page fool you. This theme is full of useful widgets such as booking, calendar, Google map, social buttons and a whole lot more.

As the theme works with Elementor and JetElements, you can drag and drop objects, edit them, change their location and change every aspect of the design in a matter of clicks.

Benefits of this template include:

  • Single page design.
  • Fully responsive and fast loading.
  • Multiple usable page elements.
  • Flexible for multiple industries
  • Clean design with modern appeal.
  • Works well on any screen size. 

5. Tourizto

Tourizto - Travel Company Elementor WordPress Theme

Details   Demo 

Tourizto is a powerful WordPress theme for presenting a travel agency online or launching a travel blog. It is responsive and is compatible with all browsers so it will work on any device and any screen size.

Adaptive design is not the only thing that makes Tourizto a good match for a travel agency website.

The WordPress theme design includes:

  • Elementor page builder functionality.
  • JetElements.
  • Mega Menu.
  • Drop-down menu options.
  • Visual Editor.
  • Sidebar manager.
  • Cherry Plugins.
  • 4 Blog layouts.
  • Google fonts.

In addition, Tourizto WordPress theme works with a multitude of social options. Visitors can spread the word about your travel agency or blog in a matter of clicks which is an essential ingredient in any theme now social media rules the world.

The design is slick and professional and is accessible to aspiring travel bloggers or tour operators regardless of web design experience. The template installs in seconds and could be up and running within minutes. What more could you need from a WordPress template? 

6. Worky


Details   Demo

Worky is a great choice as a WordPress theme for creating a website for an architectural office, design studio or an engineering company. It could also be customized to all manner of other industries if you have the skills.

Due to the JetElements and Elementor bundle, it is possible to create a modern website with useful widgets and intuitive design. For instance, with JetThemeCore, you can create a page in a matter of minutes. With JetTabs, you can add content to the page with tabs, accordions and other layouts. With JetTricks, you will add animation and visual effects. It is a fully-featured WordPress theme.

Other features of the Worky WordPress theme include:

  • Mega Menu.
  • Drop-down menu options.
  • Advanced theme options.
  • Alternative module layouts.
  • Social and background options.
  • Sidebar manager.
  • Media library.
  • Parallax animation. 

7. Reign

reign communities for blog

The Reign theme developed by Wbcom Designs is a theme that can be used develop your vision of a social marketplace, becuase the theme is adaptable to Dokan along with BuddyPress plugins. The theme is designed to work with BuddyPress as well as other plugins such as WC suppliers, WCFM, Dokan, and EDD. The theme can help your website's appearance to look more organized and focused.

The theme provides community support, allowing users to create a Facebook-like website with BuddyPress integration. Additionally, the theme includes Woocommerce as well as WC vendor integration. This can help a website selling products transform to an online social network WordPress theme.

  • Reign widgets extension.
  • Discussion board facility via bbPress.
  • Monetize community features via paid memberships.
  • Reign themes come with a social gamification feature to unlock digital rewards by GamiPress integration.
  • Also provided multi-vendor plugins support like WCFM, WC Vendors, WooCommerce, and Dokan to stimulate the social marketplace ecosystem.

Details       Demo 

8. Homepage Study

Homepage study

Details   Demo


Study is a one-page learning template ideal for selling or promoting a course. It will help to present your courses, workshops, teaching activity or act as an introduction or funnel to an LMS. The overall look and feel of Study is very simple. It includes flat design, colour blocks, a video header element and a flexible page layout.

With the help of JetElements, you can place catchy and informative headers and footers, share information about your course, answer frequently asked questions with text blocks, videos, or popups and either sell on-page or funnel to an LMS or other sales page.

The design of this WordPress theme is very simple but in a good way. It keeps the focus on the course and the entire page can be directed towards a single goal. If you’re looking for a minimalist presentation of a course, this WordPress theme is a nice choice. 

9. Respes


Details   Demo

Respes WordPress theme is a fantastic option for more formal businesses. While the theme features law, it could be tweaked for insurance, medical, investigation and many more formal enterprises.

The responsive design of the theme provides universal usability while the flat design gives it a modern, sleek look. There is good use of fonts and colour blocks, few gimmicks to detract from the main message of the website while flexible page building options means you can add or remove page elements as you need.

With the help of the JetElements, creating a user-friendly look of the website is easy!

Other Respes features include:

  • Elementor page builder and Visual Editor.
  • Blog functionality.
  • 3 contact forms.
  • Team Members page and Testimonials section.
  • Optimized source code.
  • SEO ready.


10. Smixor


Details   Demo

Smixor is a modern flat theme that could be suitable for many types of industries. It displays a similar flat design to Respes but has more whitespace and more spacing between blocks.

The overall design is very well balanced with a good mix of whitespace, colour block, font, and images. There are a few dynamic elements, along with the usual map, contact form and blog content block.

It’s an attractive design that could fit many types of businesses with just a few simple tweaks.

Smixor WordPress theme offers:

  • Advanced theme options.
  • Social and background options.
  • Performance optimization and sidebar manager.
  • Elementor and Visual Editor.
  • Blog functionality.
  • 3 contact forms.


11. Julia


Details   Demo

Julia is a modern design with a mosaic layout ideal for blogs, magazine sites or image-heavy websites. It is one of those WordPress themes designed to showcase images with a nice serif font giving it a newspaper-like appearance while maintaining a contemporary feel.

Pixelgrade, the company behind the theme are renowned for creating products with an excellent user experience and the Julia WordPress theme is no exception. It is very easy to use both at the frontend and at the backend.

This plugin contains pre-designed pages and well-designed layouts that you can use to showcase your food blog, restaurants or any other subject.

Features of the Julia WordPress theme include:

  • Recipe indexing system.
  • Drag and drop page building.
  • Support for ads.
  • SEO-ready.
  • Fully responsive design.

Julia is one of our favourite Elementor themes. 

12. Insightis


Details   Demo 

Insights is a minimalist WordPress template that would lend itself well to design agencies, creatives, or businesses where words are not as important as actions.

There is great use of imagery and colour and while the example doesn’t feature a great deal of copy, the theme can be tweaked to include a lot more page content if required.

Due to the drag and drop nature of Insightis and Elementor, you can simply paste page content, add or remove page elements and build your pages exactly as you need.

Other advantages of Insights include:

  • Drop-down menus.
  • Visual Editor.
  • Contact forms.
  • Parallax capability.
  • Commenting system and calendar.
  • Social and background options.


13. Belle Fleur

belle fleur Details   Demo

Those, who have a wedding agency, florist or other cultured business can promote it online easily with the help of the Belle Fleur template. This WordPress theme features a very elegant design and pastel colour scheme ideal for wedding themes or supporting businesses.

The pages are well balanced and provide the opportunity for you to showcase through imagery. Good use of scrolling, background images with block overlays, great font choice and flat design combines modernity and accessibility in a very pretty theme.

Belle Fleur also contains:

  • Cherry products.
  • JetElements.
  • Mega Menu.
  • WordPress Social Plugin.
  • 7 headers and 3 footers.
  • 4 Blog layouts.
  • Google fonts.

All images from the demo are also included in the price.


14. Zelle

zelle pro

Details   Demo

Another very popular WordPress template that utilizes Elementor page builder is Zelle. This flexible and easy to use theme contains a lot of elements you can use to build a modern, attractive website for any kind of industry.

Zelle works with JetElements to provide a huge range of element blocks covering everything you’re likely to need including Mega menu, images, price blocks, map, subscription blocks, testimonials and a whole lot more.

This is one of the most flexible themes around right now and could genuinely be tuned to any type of business, hobby, club or interest.

In addition to how easy to use it is, Zelle offers:

  • WooCommerce support.
  • Footer and header variations.
  • LiveCustomizer.
  • Custom Backgrounds,
  • Translation Ready

Themeisle, the company behind Zelle is renowned for offering a number of great Elementor themes.  

15. Academy

academy pro

Details   Demo 

Academy is a Genesis child theme that would work for eLearning, online colleges or as the front end of an LMS. It’s a flexible theme backed by the very powerful Genesis Framework that delivers a wide range of tools to build a variety of page types using simple drag and drop functionality.

The Academy WordPress theme is a simple design that uses a bold font, a narrow palette of colours and some good imagery to showcase the course(s) being promoted. As this is Genesis, you also get full responsiveness, lots of plugins and page options and the ability to tweak the theme beyond all recognition should you want to.

Academy features:

  • A Genesis child theme with pages for different occasions.
  • 2 Blog layouts.
  • A wide set of plugins.
  • Unlimited colour options.
  • Multiple page layouts.
  • Advertisement widgets.
  • Header and Footer.


16. Mai Lifestyle

mai pro lifestyle

Details   Demo


Mai Lifestyle is another easy to use Genesis Framework child theme. It enables you to create a light, modern website that could be tweaked for any kind of use. While the example is food, the theme has the tools and the flexibility to be able to work with all kinds of industries.

This Elementor-compatible theme from StudioPress is light, flat, modern and has many of those elements we value in a template. Good use of whitespace, prominent text blocks, the opportunity for images to shine, responsive design and excellent usability.

The Mai Lifestyle WordPress theme features:

  • Genesis child-theme with 9 page options.
  • Attractive, modern design.
  • Fully-featured theme customizer.
  • Customizable header and footer sections.
  • eCommerce ready.
  • Responsive layouts.
  • Header and footer.


17. Neve


Details   Demo


Neve is a WordPress theme that uses a mobile-first approach, is compatible with AMP and can be used for a number of different industries. It is a fast and lightweight theme, built for speed and loads in less than a second.

Neve is a very powerful WordPress template that could be configured to be as simple or as complex as you need. The Elementor page builder allows for simple page building with drag and drop page elements, making it as simple as possible to deliver a professional-looking website without requiring any development skills.

Neve provides:

  • Huge number of content blocks available.
  • Gutenberg block and WordPress editors still accessible.
  • 3 footer widgets.
  • WooCommerce functionality.
  • Advanced typography and layouts options.
  • Drag and drop page builder.
  • Fully responsive and built for speed.
  • Many page templates.
  • Compatible with other page builders


18. Hestia


Details   Demo


We will freely admit to being big fans of Hestia. It’s an excellent WordPress theme that delivers both a full website and the ability to design something completely bespoke using the design as a framework.

The use of whitespace and colour and image blocks gives Hestia a balanced look that is very appealing. We genuinely believe you would have to spend many thousands with a top-flight web development studio to get something this good elsewhere.

Some advantages of Hestia are:

  • Superfast design for excellent performance
  • Offers unlimited starter pages or the ability to build your own.
  • Superb themes included.
  • WooCommerce functionality.
  • Responsive design for full flexibility.
  • Flat design with a real design flair.
  • Fully compatible with Elementor or Gutenberg.
  • Several page templates to help you get started.
  • Also compatible with other page builders.

CollectiveRay has looked at the Hestia theme in detail here.

19. La Palette 

la palette

Details    Demo


If creating a trendy minimalist website is your goal, then you’ll enjoy creating your site with the La Palette Elementor theme.

Built with creative agencies, startups and web studios in mind, La Palette features a minimalist, elegant design with lots of white space. Clever font choice, a narrow palette of colours and simple but very effective page elements means you could turn this theme into anything you like!

The La Palette WordPress theme is easy to use thanks to the included Elementor builder. While the example pages are minimalist, you have the full suite of page elements to choose from should you wish, enabling you to turn the theme to any use you can think of.

Features of La Palette Elementor theme include:

  • Elementor Drag-n-drop Builder.
  • JetPlugin compatibility.
  • Responsive design.
  • Fast loading speed.
  • Multiple blog layouts.
  • Free images pack.


20. Hello


The Hello theme is made by the Elementor team so should have full compatibility with it. The theme is colourful and engaging with just the right amount of graphics and page elements to draw you in.

Despite the features, the theme has been designed to load fast and be as light as possible. The base theme is only 6KB and includes 2 requests to help page load speed. That will increase as you design the page but is a great starting point!

As you would expect, Hello is fully compatible with Elementor, fully responsive, works with WooCommerce and other WordPress plugins and provides a stable base from which to build something unique.

Features of the Hello theme include:

  • Lightweight and fast loading
  • Great design to build from
  • Compatible with Elementor and WooCommerce
  • Lots of templates to use within the theme
  • Just 6KB for the base theme

21. Zakra


Zakra is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is fully compatible with Elementor as well as other page builders. It includes over 70 demo templates you can use to customize and make your own.

Zakra has a wide range of designs within those templates, from standard business landing pages to full ecommerce stores. There’s something here for almost any use and you can customize each as you see fit.

Templates are light, load fast, fully responsive and SEO friendly. Zakra is also translation-ready, including RTL.

Features of Zakra include:

  • Capable WordPress multipurpose theme
  • Compatible with Elementor and other page builders
  • Over 70 readymade templates
  • Fully responsive and SEO-friendly
  • Lightweight and load fast.

22. Layers


Layers is a WordPress theme designed for Elementor. In fact, Elementor bought the company behind the theme.

The theme isn’t as fully featured as Zakra, but that’s not the intention. The intent here is to provide a foundation from which you can use the power of Elementor to create something that suits your business, brand and personal taste.

The design is completely customizable, you can change the colours, fonts, shape, page elements size of navigation and logo and everything you see. It is well worth checking out if you want something to build on rather than a finished theme.

Layers includes:

  • Full compatibility with Elementor
  • Good, basic design to build upon
  • Full control over the design
  • Fully responsive and loads fast
  • It’s free

23. Deep


Deep is a high quality WordPress theme that includes a number of well designed templates that are fully compatible with Elementor.

Each design uses nice colours, modern fonts and lots of white space. While you can customize them however you like, we think using them with minimal changes could work well.

The theme comes with its own header and footer builder as well as those from Elementor or WPBakery page builders. There are also some smart design blocks for page elements, landing page templates, advanced comment sections and other cool stuff too.

Highlights of Deep include:

  • Fully compatible with Elementor and WPBakery
  • Lots of attractive demo templates
  • Advanced blocks for page building
  • Fully responsive designs
  • Includes several premium plugins

24. Phlox


Phlox has a similar appeal to Deep with colourful templates, full Elementor compatibility and some powerful page building tools within each template.

Phlox is fully compatible with Elementor, WooCommerce and other WordPress plugins. It includes over 30 elements specifically for the page builder, some smart portfolio sections and some powerful image handling tools.

Phlox is responsive and uses mobile-first design, which is essential to rank higher in search engines. It this theme can pull that off while still looking good on desktop, it’s definitely worth exploring!

Features of Phlox include:

  • Fully compatible with Elementor
  • Mobile-first design throughout
  • Works with WooCommerce and other WordPress plugins
  • Fully responsive and SEO-friendly
  • Lots of extra design elements

25. Sydney Pro

Sydney Pro

Sydney Pro is a well-known WordPress theme that has been around forever. It has been steadily updated in that time so still manages to be fresh and current.

Sydney Pro is built for Elementor and adds its own blocks. It is also compatible with other Elementor block plugins, WooCommerce and others. There is a lot to get to grips with here but that’s a good thing as options are always welcome.

The website demos are of a high quality, with modern aesthetics, lots of white space and enough elements to be interesting but not too many to overwhelm. Overall, Sydney Pro is an excellent option if you want to use Elementor.

Sydney Pro offers:

  • Plenty of professional-looking templates
  • Full compatibility with Elementor and WooCommerce
  • Fully responsive designs
  • Extra blocks for Elementor
  • Free and premium version

26. Page Builder Framework

Page Builder Framework

Page Builder Framework, as the name implies, is more a foundation for a website rather than a full web design. It provides the basics from which you can build something completely yours using built-in tools and Elementor.

The base template is minimalist and attractive, but weighs less than 50KB. This ensures fast loading, even when you build out the pages with more features. The theme works with Elementor and other page builders, supports Gutenberg, WooCommerce and most WordPress plugins.

The theme also loads fast, is fully responsive, SEO-friendly, translation-ready and all those other features we look for in a WordPress theme.

Highlights of Page Builder Framework include:

  • Foundation for amazing websites
  • Full compatibility with Elementor and WooCommerce
  • Built to be lightweight and fast
  • Translation-ready and SEO friendly
  • Works with WordPress Gutenberg

27. Kata


Kata is a popular multipurpose WordPress theme designed for maximum compatibility and accessibility. It’s a well-designed theme with lots of attractive demos covering most business needs.

Kata also works with graphic design tools, WooCommerce, Elementor and most WordPress plugins. Kata doesn’t depend entirely on Elementor though, as it also has its own styling tool within the theme.

The tool includes extra options for styling headers, footers, blog posts, single pages and other page elements, so you’re spoilt for choice here!

Kata features include:

  • Wide array of readymade templates
  • Full compatibility with Elementor
  • Built-in styling tool to supplement Elementor
  • Dark mode
  • Fully responsive and SEO friendly


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Strengths and weaknesses of Elementor Page Builder 

At CollectiveRay we've already reviewed a number of the major page builders like Elementor Pro. It is one of many page builders out there and competes well with all of them. It is better than the competition at many things but also has areas where it could improve.

The main strength of Elementor is that it brings web design into the mainstream. While some knowledge of how WordPress works and how web pages are put together will help, it isn’t mandatory. You need no development knowledge. You don’t need to know CSS or HTML or any coding language to create a great looking website..

The drag and drop nature of page builders such as Elementor page builder also means you can design by eye. Drag an element onto a page and see what it looks like. Move it around or remove it if it doesn’t fit.

If you use Elementor, you will likely spend more time playing around with page layouts to see what is possible than you will actually building your website! And the fact that it is fully compatible with most WordPress themes is one of the main reasons for its success.

Strengths of Elementor include:

  • Lightweight page builder.
  • Responsiveness built-in.
  • Modest learning curve.
  • Support for widgets and addons.
  • Fully compatible with the vast majority of third-party WordPress themes.
  • The free version is genuinely usable for most websites.
  • The ability to change backgrounds, colours, margins and padding values, fonts and every element of a page.
  • Advanced text editing options. You take control not only over the font and size but also over letter spacing, line height and shadow.
  • Full version history that allows going back to the previous page version fast.
  • Plenty of page templates ready for re-use.
  • Allows the creation of your own page templates for re-use.

There is always room for improvement so let’s consider its weak sides.

Weaknesses of Elementor include:

  • Many of the more powerful features are restricted to Elementor Pro, the premium option.
  • Upgrading WordPress or plugins can break Elementor until it catches up. There is often no warning when this happens, Elementor just won’t load. Not always Elementor’s fault but there seems to be no error handling.
  • Can require extra render that blocks CSS and JavaScript. This can have a knock-on effect to page speed and therefore SEO ranking. You can address this issue by modifying the code or by installing an SEO plugin.
  • Marketing plugins and elements are a little thin on the ground.

As you can see, while not perfect, the strengths list for Elementor is much longer than the weaknesses list. This wasn’t done on purpose, it is our genuine opinion of the page builder. It is one of the easiest to get to grips with, the most powerful and most flexible page builder we know of.

Check out the official library of page templates


Elementor Themes Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elementor free with WordPress?

Elementor does not come free with WordPress but there is a free version you can use with it. You will need to download the builder separately and upload it to your WordPress installation for it to work. Some premium templates come with it ready installed so you may not have to do anything at all to use it.

What is the Elementor plugin?

Elementor is a WordPress page builder that replaces the basic built-in page builder or the newer Gutenberg blocks builder. It’s an overlay that enables you to use drag and drop tools to build pages, add elements and customize your web theme.

Should I use Elementor?

Should you use Elementor? That depends on who you are. If you’re new to WordPress or don’t know CSS or HTML or want a simple drag and drop editor to get a website up and running in the shortest time, Elementor is ideal. If you prefer to have full control over the code that makes up your website, you won’t need Elementor.

Can you use Elementor for free?

You can use Elementor for free. There is a free version and a premium version. The free version is usable in most situations and comes with most of the more common page elements you’re likely to want to use. For more advanced needs, Elementor Pro is a premium version that brings a whole lot more tools to the table.

Does Elementor slow down your site?

Elementor should not slow down your website. There are situations where CSS and JavaScript create render blocks that can slow download times but this can be remedied with some code tweaks or a WordPress SEO or cache plugin to remove render-blocking scripts.

Is Elementor good for SEO?

Elementor is neither good nor bad for SEO. Elementor is a page builder. It does use clean code and allows pages to load quickly, so that’s a plus. However, aside from being fully responsive, there are no SEO elements to Elementor. The two are best viewed as two completely separate elements of running a website.

Wrapping up on Elementor Themes

The Elementor page builder is an exceptional product that lowers the barrier to entry for owning professional-looking websites. It removes the requirement to know CSS, JavaScript, HTML or any programming language. Instead, it uses very straightforward drag and drop tools and simple navigation to deliver a very competent tool to everyone.

The free version is genuinely usable and will work for the vast majority of hobbyist or small business websites. If your needs are more sophisticated, Elementor Pro delivers everything you need for a modest monthly or annual fee.

In our opinion, Elementor is the great equalizer. It delivers the means to build superior websites without having to be a developer. For that alone it is well worth using!

While this popular page builder keeps gearing up, it's always great to make sure the WordPress templates and themes you are buying are fully compatible with each other. While Astra and any theme from StudioPress are always great choices, they are not the only Elementor themes out there which play well. But do make sure you ask the vendor, before buying any product, to make sure you are on the safe side. 

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