Choosing Joomla Web Hosting

Joomla hosting is always a relatively hot topic. There are many joomla hosting companies which you can use, so why do you choose one host vs another for Joomla.

Cheap Hosting Servers

First of all it is quite important to not choose the cheapest hosting around. The question you need to ask yourself is, why is one company cheap whilst another is more expensive. The reason is quite simple - the cheaper services host many many more domains on each server than the server would be able to handle especially during peak times. The cheap hosting servers typically are based on the assumption that most websites will not put a lot of strain on the servers. However, the Joomla! CMS is a fairly sophisticated piece of software, which requires an optimal server. The more components you install, the heavier the load will be on the server. At peak traffic loads, your website would start to get slow, resulting in annoyed visitors and eventually they'll abandon the website completely with obvious effects. Components such as sh404SEF, forums, community websites which generates hundreds and thousands of rows eventually start to falter under load.

The DART Creations used to hosted on a GoDaddy hosting server which are known to be very cheap. As our traffic grew, not only did the performance suffer, eventually we were kicked off the service. Now that's wonderful customer care :) Not to mention the fact, that reponse on technical support tickets would take 24 hours plus. One would simply open a ticket and hope. 


On the other hand, HostGator, our current host has been great for hosting Joomla. Not once have we sufferred downtime, support is answered promptly (2 hours typically by email) and instantly via the Live Chat. We've hosted tens of domains on our setup, and we've never had any issues whatsoever. HostGator is highly recommended. 


We've also heard many good things about using SiteGround for hosting Joomla. We've used their services, and they have many statistics which show that they are reliable and fast and very Joomla friendly. Moreover, they have a dedicated Joomla security team, and dedicated and highly trained Joomla support. It's hard to go wrong in these circumstances. They even have custom Joomla security components including the JHackGuard to ensure your Joomla website isn't hacked, compromised or defaced.

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