5 Reasons why our Recommended Joomla Web Hosting is Awesome

DART Creations recommend SiteGround for Joomla Hosting

SiteGround Joomla Web Hosting
This is a host that truly excels in Joomla! hosting in general
They have one of the best hosting plans, with plans tailored for both small and heavy users. If you are a web designer, you can buy a single account and host unlimited domains with unlimited bandwidth. Besides they protect each website on various levels with the help of advanced in-house security technologies and ongoing security status monitoring.

1. Joomla is fast when hosted by SiteGround

SiteGround do not overwhelm their servers to ensure they remain the cheapest hosts around - this ensures that the performance of your Joomla! based websites does not suffer under heavy loads or during peak times. Our website, dart-creations.com has never sufferred any outage due to Siteground issues and has never sufferred any performance issues despite being heavy and also being very populdate. As opposed to our hosts were we had several long issues of downtime, besides the site being quite slow to load especially.

See our GTMetrix results below ... fast enough? 



2. SiteGround provides better and faster support

This, of course, is not surprising at all when comparing SiteGround with the general hosting providers. Unlike the standard hosting companies, SiteGround have Live chat support around the clock - their support are really good and you don't have to wait for a lot of time and go through several support users to get a solution. Issues which aren't solved immediately are followed up and resolved quickly. When you are hosting a website, you can't afford any downtime, since this usually mean loss of business. SiteGround ensure that this downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.


If you are a web developer hosting multiple client website, SiteGround have an offer where you can host ALL your websites on a single account. This allows you to spread your costs across multiple clients without degrading the service you are providing to your clients. We have never experienced any limitation on our account and we host tens of websites on a single account

4. FAST Joomla Site - SuperCacher and CDN like caching is free with SiteGround accounts

Siteground have several technologies such as SuperCacher, Varnish Cache, a dedicated cache plugin for Joomla which integrates directly with their servers and several CDN like technologies which make your Joomla website insanely fast. Our site is large, and has significant traffic, but SiteGround handles it really really well!

5. No Dirty work - 1 click staging Installation

If you don't like messing around with on your live website, SiteGround offer 1 click staging environment. This allows you to test changes to your site, without breaking anything in the process. If the changes work ok on your site, then you can push these changes to your site. 

Try SiteGround  for Free now!

Go on, give it a try - you won't regret it. We've migrated a few months back, and we've never looked back. You have a 30 day free trial period, they will help you migrate your site and if you are not completely satisfied you can't always leave your site on your current host until you try them! 



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