Joomla Mailer Setup with GoDaddy hosting

Joomla Mailer Setup with GoDaddy hosting (or other hosts for that matter)

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Create a Sender Email

  1. Log on to your GoDaddy Account. Click on Email > My Email Account

  2. GoDaddy My Email Account

  3. Click on Manage Account


  4. If you do not have any email accounts, create one. Use an email which makes sense such as, thus if anyone replies to the email sent by the web server, you will receive the email.

Setup your Joomla Mailer

  1. Log on to your Joomla Administration. Go to Global Configuration. Click on the Mail tab. Ensure that you the following settings. Remeber to insert the password you setup on your email address. 

    Joomla Mail Setup

  2. Setup the Contact Us form. Go to Components > Contacts > Manage Contacts

    Manage Joomla Contacts

  3. If you want that your contact form sends emails to make sure that you have configured the Contact User's email address to 

    Joomla Contacts Setup

  4. Try using your Contact Us form by sending an email to an address that you monitor. You should receive an email similar to this "This is an enquiry email via from <email address you specified>". Or else try to register a new user and check if your web server sends the email.

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