InMotion Hosting Review - 7 reasons why it is worth the money!

InMotion Hosting have long established themselves as a trustworthy business hosting company. Our InMotion hosting review will detail: that their excellent technical support is second to none, their servers are fast and reliable and optimized specifically for growing Joomla and WordPress sites and can easily scale up to meet your website and blogging demands.

In this article, you can read about our experience using their business hosting services.

Inmotion hosting review


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Our overall rating: Excellent - highly recommended



Technical U.S. based support who are able to resolve any issue thrown at them


99.9% uptime and your choice of Max Speed Zones for business hosting


Fast SSD Drives and optimized for WordPress and Joomla make their servers blazing fast. Shared accounts are limited so that servers are not overwhelmed and resources are assigned in real-time when servers receiver sudden spikes.


Although not the cheapest around, you get excellent value for the price you are paying. You're better off paying a bit more for better service. CollectiveRay readers also get 47% off on Business Hosting.

See the rest of this for our InMoting hosting review pros and cons.

InMotion Hosting offer all kinds of web hosting for your business - if you are still small, you can get started with their Shared Business Hosting, starting with the Launch plan.

As you and your business grow, InMotion can grow with you - either through Power or Pro hosting packages, using Virtual Private Servers (VPS), or a full dedicated server for sites with heavy traffic. Even with their shared hosting, you've got lots of great perks which you won't find on other web hosting services. SSD drives are free, making your site faster.

Established in 2001, InMotion hosting has grown to host more than 300,000 domains and to a level where they've been awarded 3/3 CNet rating, and the highest A+ rating by the BBB.

It's no wonder that business looking for a fast reliable web hosting services choose to go with InMoting Hosting.

When you've dealt with as many hosting companies as we have, you can recognise a good hosting company from a bad one - and InMotion hits all the right spots.

InMotion Hosting Options


Getting Started with InMotion Hosting

If you just want to get started, there are 3 plans you could go for.

Launch plan is typically enough for most people, something which our website started with, allowing you to host up to 2 sites, whilst if you want to host more sites, you can go for the Power or Plan hosting plans. The PRO is unlimited in everything, but the other two plans are also very good. Most important stuff such as Free SSD drives, backups, unlimited disk space and transfers, Max Speed Zone are available on all the plans, so you're covered.

Also, remember that if you are already on another hosting service - transfers to InMotion is done by them for free so you don't have to worry about the hassle of moving your website.

On to the next parts of our article - why there is so much added value to getting this hosting package and why you don't have to worry much.

Free stuff and 90 day Money Back Guarantee

Once you're on board with InMotion Hosting, you're going to get lots of free stuff. Their $250 worth of advertising for example, is almost the price of two years of web hosting, so you're getting an excellent deal. And they are so convinced that you'll be happy, that you have a full 3 months to change your mind - with a full money back guarantee. This is of course quite unique to InMotion Hosting.

InMotion Hosting Plans

Full control of your account with Account Management Panel (AMP)

In our article, we won't be looking at common hosting functions, we will keep our review with the real differences between InMotion and other hosting companies. One thing which definitely deserves a mention is the Account Management Panel, something which is quite unique to InMotion.

InMotion have recently released their new and improved AMP. When compared to other services we've seen, the AMP is a very user-friendly and straightforward interface to deal with your account. Through the AMP, you can launch any process you need. You can go straight to your CPanel account, Reset Passwords, install software such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal with their 1-click installer, upgrade your hosting plan, request a data restore and lots of other tasks related to your web hosting account. That way you can focus on the more important parts of building with your website, like making sure it's looking great!

The good thing is that the intuitive interface makes it very easy to find what you need to do.

Inmotion account management panel- AMP


A great thing about the AMP is that once you logged in, you don't need to go through another login to get to your CPanel. Many of the large companies actually require to login to a different CPanel website to access your site. This is a welcome change.

Another great benefit is that you can quickly upgrade between one plan and the other seamlessly from the AMP. So if you want to switch from Power to Pro, or from Shared hosting to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) it's just a few clicks and you're done.

Of course, our article would not be complete if we did not mention all of the features and functions which are available through the InMotion CPanel.

Once you get past the AMP - the actual hosting is controlled via the standard CPanel software available in most hosting services. CPanel offers lots of advanced hosting control features. From within the CPanel, you are able to control most of the stuff on the InMotion Hosting Account.

You can manage files, so you'll be able to upload your website here, create MySQL or PostGreSql databases and access the database through PHPMyAdmin, perform backups, setup FTP accounts for access to your site, create domains or sub-domains, setup email accounts, and other administrative tasks on your website.

Before you do that, you may also use the 1-click installation scripts to install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or more than 300 other popular prices of software. These allows you to setup your software without having to go through complicated installation procedures. You just need to follow the wizards to setup some basic information and you'll be ready to go in very little time.

Web hosting CPanel


Already have hosting? - InMotion will transfer your site for free without downtime

Some users worry about moving their website from one host to another. Unless you know what you are doing, the process can be quite a headache, and may result in downtime, broken sites or loss of data. InMotion help you overcome this problem. Their team will move your site to their web servers, ensuring there is no loss of any data during the transfer and makes sure that your website remains live during the transfer so you don't lose any business.

If you are ready to do it yourself, you can still ask them for guidance in the migration process. Migration, of course, includes the transfer of email accounts.

Support when you need it the mostinmotion hosting support

When we do a review, we try to focus on the value difference. In our experience, we believe that there is a real difference with the level of support received through InMotion. Let's go a little bit deeper into that and talk about our experience so far with hosting support services.

As you know if you run a website, support is critical. You might not need support often, but when you need support - you really need to get an excellent service because usually something is very wrong with your site and you need it fixed right now. This is where many hosting companies leave much to be desired.

Support costs a lot of money, so many companies skimp on the hosting. They recruit inexperienced users, give them some hours of training in common problems and they're on the support team. Of course, this shows when you run into an issue which you can't solve - you go to support and you discover that the support person you've found does not know how to solve your problem - and needs to escalate your issue to technical support. In the meantime, your site is still broken and you are losing business.

We've run into this issue with several hosting companies ourselves. It's extremely frustrating to find a user who knows even less than you do on the support team. This is because most support teams are trained to deal with trivial issues such as forgotten passwords and other common passwords.

InMotion hosting is different.

InMotion support knowledge base

When you run into issues, you'll find that the support reps know what they are talking about rather than trying to follow some troubleshooting script they've been trained to follow. This always you to go directly to fixing your problem.

The second great thing is that InMotion hosting has a HUGE knowledge base. If you've run troubleshooting search queries in the past, you're most likely to have come across knowledge-based articles from InMotion hosting. Not only that - but each knowledgebase article is actually a forum-like page. This allows people to ask questions and the support team to answer on that thread - so you might find your solution through people who have experienced the same problem before you. 

Another great thing about InMotion hosting is that whether you get in touch via email, phone, chat, forums,  - the level of responsiveness is the same. You don't have to get on the phone to get a quick reply - you can start a chat or send an email. And no - you won't have to wait hours before you get a reply. 

Web hosting performance - your website will be FASTER with InMotion

Another essential part of our article is of course - how will my website perform if hosted with InMotion? One word. Fast. Two actually. Very fast!

Of course - whilst have good support is great - you're looking for more than excellent support when you want to host a website. You want a fast website which is always on. InMotion Hosting has a great uptime record 99.99% - so in terms of that, you have no problems.

Besides uptime though, you'll want to know that your site will load quickly. Google has made website speed a ranking factor - so you'll want to know that your site is fast. InMotiong Hosting performs very well in terms of something which is measured by Google - Time to First Byte (TTFB). In simple terms, TTFB is the time it takes for the server to send a first response to the visitor. InMotion has a consistently low TTFB response times which are around 0.6 of a second.

This is, of course, a side effect of having all servers equipped with SSD drives which have a very positive effect on the speed of hosted websites.

InMotion Speed Test Results TTFB

Another thing which makes their sites fast is something which is not common across most hosting sites. They do not overload their shared hosting servers with lots of clients. This is why InMotion Hosting is slightly more expensive than other hosts. To keep their costs low, most hosting companies overload their servers. The result of this is that ALL websites hosted on those servers are slow.

By not overloading their servers with many clients, your website hosted on InMotion is fast. And hence such low response times and fast websites.

Max Speed Zone - how it makes a difference to your site's speed

There is one aspect of web hosting performance that most people forget to consider. The distance from the hosting server to the client. The shorter the distance, the faster the site will load. Since InMotion using different locations, you can choose the location which is closest to the location of the majority of your visitors. This allows you to get a marked increase in the reaction time of your website. This is why it is called Max Speed Zone. You can choose which server location you believe will work best for your clients.

Stop worrying about website backups, you've got Free Data Backups

There's more to hosting a website than setting it up. Backups are a critical part of a hosting setting up, for when things go belly up. Next in our article, is the difference InMotion has when it comes to website backups.

When you're taking care of a website, most of the times, you concentrate most of your effort on creating content or a beautiful site. And in the excitement of creating a great website, you forget something critical. You forget to implement a backup mechanism. And you will need a backup - because inevitable something will go wrong. And when it does, it's the backup which is going to save your ass and your valuable work.

Fortunately, InMotion has thought about this before you have.

Free as part of the account - you've got data backups. Whilst most web hosting companies charge for this service - this is built-in and provided for free on your hosting account. Even when a hosting company provides backups, many times you're going to have limits. If you have lots of files or an image-heavy site, you are most likely to hit the data backup limits quite quickly. With InMotion hosting, this should not be an issue because their limits are very very generous. 

InMotion Backup restore


WordPress and Joomla Specific hosting (and many other pre-installed software packages)

If you are interested in a specific CMS or technology to power your website. You'll see that there is no lack of software support.

Of course, most people hosting sites are going to be using Joomla or WordPress to run their website since these are one of the most popular ways of hosting a website. InMotion has specific WordPress and Joomla specific hosting. With their WordPress hosting, you get WP pre-installed, and you also get access to WP-CLI enabled. This allows you to do very specific WordPress administration. As for Joomla hosting, there is also Joomla pre-installed, so you can immediately start working on your site and leave the installation and administration of Joomla to InMotion.

Joomla wordpress hosting 1 click install preinstalled

InMotion Hosting Pricing - excellent value

One of the important considerations when choosing a hosting package is of course pricing. However, in our InMotion hosting review, we are ready to give you a very special offer. This offer is unique to CollectiveRay. You'll get 47% OFF any hosting package you choose. Rather than an InMotion hosting coupon, you need to click on any of our links to get access to this offer - it is automatically applied to anybody who clicks through to InMotion through our website. (You won't get this offer elsewhere)

If you had to compare hosting companies only based on price, you'll find that InMotion hosting isn't one of the cheapest hosts around. So if your only concern is price, then you might find that InMotion would not be the ideal solution.

However, all things considered, you are only spending a marginally higher price, and the level of hosting you get is much better than most companies around - even much better than most of the larger, better known hosting sites! If you want a fast, reliable web hosting service and are ready to pay a few dollars per year more, then our recommendation is to go for InMotion Hosting.

In fact, don't just take our word for it. Have a look at the following testimonials:

Inmotion testimonial client


testimonial 2

Third hosting testimonial

InMotion vs SiteGround

If you've been asking around for hosting recommendations, you've probably gotten suggestions for both InMotion and one of their main competitors, SiteGround. Truth be told, we've used both of these webhosts. Although we have spent a good amount of time hosting with SG, we do strongly believe that InMotion is the better hosting service.

If you want to know how we've come to this conclusion, you might want to look at our comparison of these two popular hosts:

Final InMotion Hosting Review Comments

If you've been looking to find a good hosting service, or want to change your current hosting service - you don't need to look any further. Our use of InMotion described in this InMotion Hosting review should be able to guide you to the reasons why you should be using InMotion for your hosting. Do like we have done, and give your site the hosting it deserves - you won't regret it.



InMotion Hosting Rating: 4.9 out of 5

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