Yahoo Small Business Hosting

Yahoo Small Business Hosting

To maintain a business web site is the initial way that one can start using the advantages of the Internet. So, getting a website is essential for business. But some people doubt whether it is worth the effort to have a business web site?

The Internet makes it easier for entrepreneurs to overcome their competitors. The low cost and flexibility of the internet is an added advantage to your business. And if you think maintenance is your primary problem to start a web site business, or worried about learning web programming tools like HTML then forget it. Yahoo Web Hosting is one of the biggest and well known providers well. Their offers include e-Commerce and business hosting, hosting for small businesses, large businesses and individuals. Yahoo Web Hosting offers a good number of plans for small businesses.

It offers a starting plan for only $4.99 a month. And it also gives you other facilities for fast and easily building and managing your web site. Email and VoIP communication facilities are at an affordable price even for the smallest of businesses. They can reach more customers by these facilities which are important for a business.

Are you are a novice and want to start building your site?

First determine the use of the site you want to build and the contents to be in it. Many websites fail mainly due to their content so think well about keeping content. Use all the helpful ways to write content which defines your website. There are many sites including yahoo which have templates for a building a site which is either free or cost very little. Yahoos Site Builder provides more than 200 templates such as professional services, interior design, real estate and travel etc., users can drag and drop images on the site, insert backgrounds, layer designs, edit, preview and undo option for mistakes. Site Builder also provides a Getting Started Guide. It also provides offline management which gives freedom to modify your site without be connected to the Internet for example while you are travelling. It uses open standards, designed for create multi-page sites, allows for navigation bar building, link management plus it gives you additional resources to add to your web site, such as Yahoo Search, Yahoo Maps, Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo News. One should make their site informative and attractive to get noted. Also make use of a combination of online and offline solutions.

Obtaining a good domain name is an important process. There are number of providers to host your domain. One can check for the domain availability, Yahoo has a domain name service check, which can do a check in minutes and is $9.95 for year. Also determine how much space and brand width is necessary for your site and yahoo provides 100GB of disk space.

Yahoo provides a number of PHP functions, and also MYSQL databases. If you are hosting your website with Yahoo Small Business Hosting you should use a web based admin tool to manage MYSQL database.

Yahoo help provides an easy step by step help to beginners such as how to quickly start web hosting. This includes details such as what is web hosting and new things in web hosting, plans offered, general information about billing, registration process etc. It also gives details about how to monitor your site, using emails facilities, tips on promoting your site, updating and creating process, user guide and other resources. So it's a hassle free web hosting for your business site. It also gives 24-hour customer support.

Yahoos Packages for Small Business:

For a small business, the plan starts at $4.99 per month plus a $25 set up fee, gets 250 e-mail accounts with a multiple of features such as Spam guard, anti-virus protection through Symantec's Carrier Scan Server technology.

Yahoos Address Book and Yahoo! Calendar integration and e-mail access from any Internet-enabled PC. Yahoos Mail - Business Edition is stretched up to 500 e-mail accounts and is currently available to users.

Sell Online facility is provided by Yahoo which makes it easy to set up an online store. This option offers a number of sharing options for small businesses to control the Yahoo network in order to reach an unmatched buying market online. The leading online store has enabled more than tens of thousands of merchants and small business owners to establish an online presence and sell their products and services on the Web. Yahoos Pay Direct option will allow a person-to-person payment system that enables small businesses to receive payment without a merchant account. Yahoos Small Business provides business planning content and tools, office supply shopping and mailroom resources. This will help small businesses grow business and manage daily operations.

In this way yahoo is serving the needs of small businesses to establish and grow a business presence on the Web with above attractive plans, necessary solutions and services to allow small businesses to get online, sell online and develop online marketing and promotional strategies.

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