Essential WordPress Tutorials for website users which are easy to follow

WordPress is by far the most popular technology to create a website today. It powers more than 27% of websites currently deployed today, and you can rest assured that the market share will only grow in the next few years.

But you know this already probably. Because if you're on CollectiveRay looking for WordPress tutorials, then you've already made the right choice of picking up WordPress to power your website.

Good choice!

Of course, if you don't deal with WordPress every day, (like us, where we work on it for a living - and yes, even write about it for high-profile publications) you might tend to not be aware of how to do everything with WordPress.

But that's what we are here for.

Our WordPress tutorials are written specifically for people like yourself in mind. We find specific WordPress, or website needs and write an article about this, making sure we don't go too much into the techy bits.

We write our tutorials in such a way that they are all about achieving the result you need for your website, without getting  technical (unless we have to).

Topics covered by our WordPress Tutorials

We delve into several areas of WordPress in our tutorials. We discuss

Specific features of WordPress

We identify a specific function or feature, which is not very straightforward and we tear it down, explaining everything you need to know along the way. A good example of this would be the login functions

Issues, errors or problems which you might encounter when working with your website

Given that you'll be working in an environment which is technical, and sometimes not too familiar, it is more than likely that you will encounter problems. The likelihood though is that this problem is common and there are simple solutions for it. We'll go through all the known solutions and suggest ways to go about with your business.

WordPress plugins which might help you achieve a need your website has

Plugins are one of the things we love best about WP, because it the possibilities of what you can do with your website are limitless. We identify great plugins which can help you achieve a specific benefic or feature.

How to hire great WordPress developers for your projects

Giving that most WordPress users are not developers, and might encounter the need to enhance parts of their website, or perform specific customizations, we show you how to hire the greatest and best developers to help with your website's development needs.

What you need to do to create a great email list

i.e. how to convert traffic to email subscribers - to keep getting value from your website's traffic, you need to keep users coming back. The best way to do this is to hook your visitors to your website, by making a great compelling offer of why they should join your email list. We've got several tricks which can help you increase significantly the rate of people subscribing to your email list.

How to enable such technical things as HTTP2 and HTTPS for WordPress

There are some technologies and technical features which can help your website in multiple ways. HTTP2 will make your WP faster, while HTTPS will make your website safer both for you as a company and for your users. We help you to enable these technical features on your website.

Doing optimal onpage SEO (search engine optimization) for your website and posts

Although SEO requires a strategy, the first thing you need to do, is make sure you've fully optimized your website for SEO. We show you step-by-step how to do this for your articles and WordPress pages.

How to make your WordPress pages load fast - very fast

As we we've said time and time again, fast websites are great websites. In our tutorial, we show you all of the things you can do to make your WordPress fast.

We compare different plugins and themes, discussing which works best for specific needs

When you are considering installing one of many popular plugins, you might not know exactly why one is better or worse than the other. Given our experience working with WordPress, we share with you our experience such that you can make an informed decision.

Essential security tips to make sure your website is not compromised by hacking attacks

WordPress security is another aspect which you need to make sure you give enough attention to. We discuss this topic in depth, to make sure your site is not hacked or attacked by malicious software, or spam.

How to move your website from one hosting server to another (migration)

Inevitably, sometimes, you might need to move your website from one host to another. Even though this is not something we enjoy doing, we've mustered enough experience in this task, to be able to do it (and explain how to do it) easily.

And yes, even how to create a WordPress website from scratch. For those who have never created a site from scratch, we are able to show you exactly all of the things you need to do.

Our tutorials are meant to be fully comprehensive, we don't do things in half-measures. When we write tutorials, we make sure we covered a topic from each angle possible. You'll find that our articles typically run into several thousand words. 

Of course, don't let this overwhelm you. They are all pictorially enhanced, to simplify concepts. We also split each tutorial in specific sections, with an appropriate table to contents, to make sure you can skip sections you're familiar with, or skim and browse to the parts you're not sure about.

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