WordPress A/B testing: how to improve your conversion with A/B tests

There are two ways to increase the revenue you generate from your website. Either by increasing your sales by increasing the traffic or by actually increasing the conversion rate - i.e. from the people who people who visit your site, increase the number who actually convert to customers. This is why you’ll need WordPress A/B testing.


The best thing about generating more revenue by increasing the conversion rate is that it doesn’t require much additional investment. Increasing the conversion rate will help you to increase the ROI of your online business to a great extent.

Now, let’s get to the point: How would you generate more revenue by increasing the conversion rate? This is where WordPress A/B testing comes in.

A/B testing (also known as split testing) allows you to test different versions of a page to find out which version gives the best results. You can compare between two or more webpages by showing the variants to similar visitors at the same time. Ultimately, the one that gives the better conversion rate wins.

Let’s take a look at how to create WordPress A/B testing.

Boosting Conversion rates

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WordPress A/B testing: Native method using Google Analytics

The below steps will guide you to create WordPress A/B testing without using a plugin.

1. Make sure you’ve installed Google Analytics on your WordPress site. If you’ve not installed it on your site, follow this guide to learn how to install Google Analytics to your WordPress theme.

2. In your Google Analytics account, click the Behavior tab>> Experiments>> Create experiment and configure your experiment.


In this step, you’ll be prompted to provide information like original URL, variation URL and percentage of the traffic you’d like to distribute to the variations.

3. Find the page id of your original page, for which you’d like to conduct A/B test and replace $page_id on the below code with the id of your original page. You can get the page id by navigating to the page or post editor. You can find it in the browser’s address bar. See the screenshot below.

page id

Once you replaced the id, get the experiment code from Analytics and add it to the below code.

<?php if (is_page($page_id)) :


Add Content Experiment Code Here

<?php endif; ?>

4. Save this code to header.php file and click Next>>Start experiment in Google Analytics.

experiment 4

If you’re building landing pages using Thrive Landing Pages plugin, it’s very easy to conduct A/B tests using Google Analytics. Simply copy the code snippet and paste it to your control page in the Thrive content builder under custom scripts.

You can paste the code from the experiment in the top field.

Once done, save the changes and publish the page.

Free plugin: Simple Page Tester

Simple Page Tester is an easy to use WordPress plugin that help you run split test in WordPress without having to edit any code manually. Best of all, it is compatible with Google Analytics.

Using the Simple Page Tester plugin, you can create the split test in just 3 steps.

  1. Once you installed the plugin navigate to the edit screen of the page where you would like to run a split test
  2. Click Setup Split test
  3. Create a new split test and edit your variation

Once done, you can access the test results right from the dashboard.

As it is a free plugin, it comes with a few limitations. Below are some of them.

Unable to declare a winner using the free plugin: Unless you use the pro version of the plugin, you can’t declare a winner.

Test is limited to 2 pages: It only allows you to test between 2 pages.

Premium Plugin: Split test URL Rotator

Split test URL Rotator plugin does exactly what the name says. It distributes the traffic between the original (control) and the variations according to the specified weighting.

Below are a few benefits.

  • Unlimited number of URLs to test: You can conduct split tests to compare any number of URLs.
  • Test anything: Be it a headline, design elements, call to actions or copy, you can test anything and everything to see which version perform the better.
  • One-time fee: Unlike other split testing plugins, it’s based on one-time fee not subscription based. You can buy it for just $18.

You can download the split test URL rotator here.

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