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WordPress is a versatile platform that enables us to develop any kind of website and add different features to our existing sites. Doing any of these requires some experience in coding.

In case you don’t have the experience or don’t have the time to do the coding, you have to adopt a different strategy. You need to hire a freelance WordPress developer.

WordPress developers are specialized professionals who have extensive knowledge about how it works, the coding structure, and the necessary best practices.

It is always a good idea to hire a reliable WordPress developer for any customization, tweaking, or other tasks that involve coding.

You might be thinking that’s all great, but where can I find a dependable WordPress developer?

Well, that’s why we have put together this comprehensive guide to finding the best freelance WordPress developers.

After reading this post, you will know exactly, with confidence, how to go about hiring the best freelance WordPress developers.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Irrespective of the business you run, it is imperative that you maintain an active online presence. The first step to this, of course, is to get a web developer to create a website for you. 

Today, WordPress websites are the standard. As such, the developer you end up choosing will probably use this platform to create your site. Before hiring one, however, there are a number of things you need to know. These include the following: 

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WordPress email subscription

Did you know that email marketing has a RoI of $38 against every $1? This means you should focus on getting more email subscribers from your website. People have built million-dollar business by using their email list. You can achieve the same results with a sizeable email list. That's why you need to put much much effort into boosting your WordPress email subscription rate. 

Creating an opt-in form and displaying it is very easy. However, it is not as effective as some of the more established technique to boost WordPress email subscription. So, the question is, how do you boost your email list?

That’s the million-dollar question. And that is also the question that we will answer in today’s post. Continue reading, and you will find out the most efficient ways to boost your WordPress email subscription.

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WordPress Mailing List

Wouldn’t it be great if you could double or even triple your WordPress mailing list?

Building a massive list is an essential step to run a successful online business. Some of the benefits of a massive email list are

  • It attracts consistent traffic: Most of your first-time website visitors will never return to your site. If you could entice those first-time visitors to get into your list, you can build a long term relationship with them and encourage them to return to your website more often. 
  • Generate more revenue: By properly nurturing your leads, you can generate more sales and online revenue.

Growing a WordPress mailing list is nowhere near an easy task, but with the right tactics, it is totally possible to transform your website into a lead generating machine.  

If you’re tired of testing different strategies to grow your WordPress mailing list, take a look at this post—you’ll find some cool ways to grow your list, which you might not have tested yet on your website.  

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WordPress login

The WordPress login is one of the places you'll visit most often - here's all you need to know about it

If there is one page which you'll visit as often as your WordPress website, (or even more) it's the WordPress login. Whether it's your authors, yoru content marketers, your webmasters, or whoever else will be accessing the functionality of your WordPress, anybody who needs access to your site wil have to go through the WordPress login.

Since it's such a critical piece of functionality for non-anonymous visitors, or members of your site who can login, let's go through a full and thorough understanding of the WordPress login. In the end we'll have fully answered this question?

"How do I login to my WordPress website?"

WordPress login

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What's new in WordPress 4.6

WordPress 4.6 was released jtoday, the 17th of August 2016. Being a major release, (the 2nd one of the year 2016), there quite a few improvements besides of course there are quite a few bug fixes. Here's all you need to know about WordPress 4.6. Once you've seen what's new, you might want to go and try these new features.

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A few months back, it was announced that the specification for HTTP2 has been finalised and released. HTTP2 offers significant performance advantages to any website, so seeing as the majority of websites are powered by WordPress, it was only a matter of time before we needed to know how to setup WordPress HTTP2.

So here we are with a complete a full guide of what HTTP2 is, why you should enable WordPress HTTP2 on your website, what are the advantages and finally - how to actually do it.

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Complete guide to enable WordPress SSL

..because you do not want to botch your WordPress Website's Security.  Let's help you implement WordPress SSL or HTTPS TODAY

You may wonder why would we need to implement WordPress SSL/TLS, or enable WordPress on HTTPS? Let's just go on a bit on a tangent for a moment.

With 3,376 million users using the internet (and growing every day) and 1,025 million websites on the internet we can certainly say that the internet has emerged as our second dwelling place. Facebook has grown to at least 1 Billion monthly active users. We used to speak about "virtual" but the Internet has become as real as real can get, part of our every day life. 

These statistics are simply overwhelming! 

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WordPress onpage SEO Checklist

Because WordPress onpage SEO should become second nature

Hold off on the whole optimize WordPress for onpage SEO thing for a moment. Let's start somewhere else:

A little while ago, we were witness to a big Rap Genius SEO scandal. TLDR; they were penalized for their extremely spammy link building practices, and as a result the site was dropped from Google completely.

Overnight, they went from 700,000 unique visits per day to only 100,000, according to Quantcast. That's an 85% drop. If Rap Genius hadn't solved that problem eventually, they wouldn't have been with us today.

What this whole story basically means, is that you cannot disregard optimizing WordPress onpage SEO as a blogger or a site owner. Because if you do, you've already lost the online game.

So here's the question:

How to optimize your WordPress site to be SEO-friendly? What do you do if you want to organically increase website traffic?

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Divi vs Visual Composer Review

WordPress PageBuilder Showdown - Divi vs Visual Composer Review

Building a website may be an overwhelming task for many. However, the fact of the matter is you can conquer any battle if you have the right tools. And building a website is no exception. There are a lot of tools available to choose from, and drag and drop WordPress page builders are one such tool that have gained much popularity recently. These page builders come in handy when you need an easy way to build your WP website.

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Improve Wordpress security to prevent your website from getting hacked

or How to resolve common WordPress Security issues

There may be a lot of content management systems around, but none of them can hold a candle to WordPress. Hey, 16.2 million sites as of November 5, 2015 should give you an idea just how vastly superior and beloved this system is. WordPress security and actionable tips to prevent WordPress hacking though - still has a way to go. However, we want to help you secure your WordPress website from the get go - preventention is better than cure, so make sure you action these tips to prevent WordPress hacking.

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Securidad de WordPress: 17 maneras de evitar el Hacking en WordPress

Puede haber un montón de sistemas de gestión de contenidos por ahí, pero ninguno de ellos puede compararse a WordPress. Hey, 16,2 millones de sitios el 05 de noviembre de 2015 debería darte una idea de cuán infinitamente superior y amado este sistema es. La seguridad de WordPress y consejos útiles para evitar que WordPress sea hackeado - tienen todavía un camino por recorrer. Sin embargo, queremos ayudarte a asegurar tu sitio web WordPress desde la salida - la prevención es mejor que curar, así que asegúrate de seguir estos consejos para evitar que WordPress sea hackeado.

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If you've been around for web design you know, that there are three standards when designing a website theme. PSD (Photoshop files), WordPress and fairly recently, Bootstrap - which is a framework for developing responsive sites. In this post, we're going to give you a complete and easy guide on how to combine all three: how to convert a PSD to a WordPress (Bootstrap) theme, in 5 easy steps. 

Later on in this article, you'll find templates, ready for download, for you to use as a basis for this tutorial. 

But why would you want to convert a PSD file into a Bootstrap WordPress theme?

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Wordpress fast

Follow the ideal steps to make your website powered by WordPress faster

Your WordPress website is dead in the water if it does not load quickly. It's useless having invested in excellent design, bought great plugins, and spent a fortune in marketing - if your WordPress website is slow, it is literally dead in the water. As the loading time of a website increases, so does user abandonment from your website!

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...or how to transfer a website to a new host without problems.

If you’ve got a long experience with WordPress, you have probably realised that there's no easy of way to transder a WordPress site to a new host. Moving or migrating a website to a new server or domain is not a trivial task. Simply moving the files and database over to a new server, isn't enough to transfer a website to a new host. Most likely you'll find lots of Error 500s and Internal Server Errors due to misconfigured .htaccess files or other redirects to your old domain or website. So here's a full guide on how to transfer a WordPress website to a new host or server without  any problems.

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If you've heard about Wordpress, you probably would want to know how to go about building a new WordPress site from scratch. It's not VERY difficult, but we wanted to guide you through all the actual steps, not just the installation but the whole actual procedure from having nothing, to having a complete functional, fully working, optimized WordPress website. If you have just heard about WordPress and want to do it all yourself, this is the article for you :)

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