Divi vs Genesis - Which of these is themes best for your website? (2018)

So, you want to know whether you should choose Divi vs Genesis for creating your next website, right?

This is an interesting problem that has been going around for some time. Both themes have established themselves in the industry, offer a large number of features, and have a steady fan base. Unless you have practical experience in using these themes, it is really difficult to choose one over another.

However, we have had the chance to use both these themes for a long time. We have built several websites using either Divi or Genesis, and therefore, we have practical knowledge about their strength and weak points.

divi vs genesis comparison 

That is why we put together this massive/ultimate guide to help you make the crucial decision and choose between Divi and Genesis. By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea about which one you should choose to create your next WordPress website.

We will get started with a quick introduction to the themes.

A Quick Introduction to Divi and Genesis themes

Since these two are not the same type of themes, let’s get started with a quick introduction to both WordPress themes.

ElegantThemes best selling theme

Divi 3.0 WP Theme Review

As part of our research into this article, CollectiveRay also reviewed Divi 3.0 WP Theme, which is a regular WordPress theme that comes with a powerful page builder system built-in. There are lots of customization options to help you apply your own styles to the website.

genesis intro

On the other hand, Genesis is a theme framework. That means Genesis will act as the foundation of your website, while you have to use a child theme to get all the customization and styling options.

Due to their differences in the core structure, Divi and Genesis are targeted at different types of users. For instance, you can use the theme from ElegantThemes to build beautiful layouts and customize the layout with the available options. Genesis is more focused on performance and coding standards.

Now that you have a basic understanding of these, let’s dive in to know more about the differences between Divi and Genesis.

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Getting Started with Your Site (Theme vs Framework)

As you can guess from their differences, the two items work in quite different ways. And that is why the getting started process is not the same.

How to Start your project with Divi Theme

You need to be an Elegant Themes customer to use this theme, of course. Once you install and activate the theme on your website, you can get started with designing your website.

Divi offers some ready-made pages, which we will discuss in the next section. You can use these layouts to create the necessary pages for your website or create custom designs for your pages. It is also possible to choose an existing layout and customize it according to your requirements.

Getting started with Divi

The theme comes with a built-in drag-and-drop page builder called Divi Builder. You can use this to create, edit, and manage custom layouts. The builder offers dedicated styling options for all the components of your layout. You will find the website customization options in the Appearance > Customize page.

Starting a project with the Genesis Framework

Genesis is also a premium product, which means you also have to purchase it. However, you cannot use the core Genesis theme to create your website.

At least, that is not the recommended way.

Getting started genesis

You need to use a suitable child theme to create your website.

There are lots of child themes available for Genesis, most of which are premium. Once you purchase a fitting child theme, you need to install it on your WordPress site. And that is when you can get started with your website.

The available customization options and layouts vary depending on your selected child theme.

Divi Layouts vs. Genesis Child Themes

As we said in the previous section, Divi comes with several ready-made layouts. On the other hand, Genesis has lots of child themes for creating various types of websites. Let’s get some more details about their differences.

Divi Layouts

Layouts are actually single pages, which means there can’t be a proper comparison between these layouts and the child themes in Genesis. However, since we are yet to come across any professional child theme for it, we have to consider layouts for the time being.

Layouts, the equivalent of child themes

You will find the layouts inside Divi Builder under the “Load from Library” option. There are layouts for the splash, maintenance, coming soon, landing page, about, contact, team, case study along with multiple variations for the home, blog, shop, project, and portfolio pages.

You can load any of these layouts into the post editor. Then, you have the option to use the layout as it is or customize it according to your requirements. 


Click here to see more Divi layouts


Genesis Child Themes

Child themes offer a complete solution to create different types of websites. There are both official and third-party child themes for Genesis.

genesis child themes

The official directory includes child themes for creating business, enterprise, photography, real estate (you may find more options for real-estate here), magazine, and e-commerce websites. There are several other places like Zigzagpress, Restored 316, Appfinite, etc. where you can get high-quality child themes for Genesis. It is also possible to hire a freelance developer to create a custom Genesis child theme according to your requirements.


Click Visit the StudioPress theme directory now


What Settings Options Do You Have?

Both Divi and Genesis offer a number of settings options to manage your website. Let’s check out what these options are.

Divi Settings Options

The settings options are located in the Divi > Theme Options page. The available options are divided into several tabs.

divi settings options

In “General,” you can upload the logo, favicon, enable fixed navigation, back to top button, show the social media icons, and so on.

“Navigation” includes various options to define how the pages and categories will be added to the navigation menu. “Layout” allows you to control the single post and page layouts.

The theme allows you to display a banner ad at the bottom of your single posts. You can manage the ad options from the “Ads” section.

The “SEO” section allows you to provide a custom title, description, keywords, and canonical URL for the home page and single posts. What’s more, you can enable meta description and canonical URL for the index page as well.

In the “Integration” section, you can add custom code to the header and body of the whole site, to the top and bottom of single blog posts, etc.

Genesis Settings Options

All the Genesis settings options are located under the “Genesis” menu on your dashboard. There are two types of settings –

  1. Theme Settings
  2. SEO Settings

genesis settings options

In “Theme Settings,” you will find options to create a custom feed, choose the default site layout, logo type, enable breadcrumbs for various pages, enable or disable comments and trackbacks, set up the content archive, customize the blog posts along with dedicated fields to add custom scripts to the website header and footer.

In the “SEO Settings” section, you will find options to add site name to the inner page titles, define the title, meta description, keywords, tags for the home page, and apply noindex, noarchive, etc. to various archive pages of your website.

Any Other Features in Genesis vs Divi you need to know about?

Now that we have a basic understating of these two items, it’s time to check out what other features these two offers for the users.

Other Divi Features

Along with the powerful drag-and-drop page builder, this theme also comes with an intuitive front-end editor. It allows you to click on any item and edit its content and style on-the-fly. For instance, you can increase the width or height by dragging the elements to your desired size, and so on.

You already know that you can use Divi Builder to create a new layout or edit the ready-made layouts. But did you know that you can save these customized layouts?

Yes, you can save your own layouts and use these on other posts or pages.

Other features from ElegantThemes

Fully responsive editing is another wonderful Divi feature. All the changes you make in the page builder or the front-end editor will be automatically applied to the relevant mobile breakpoints.

The theme and builder also comes with a built-in split-testing feature. That means you can easily test various designs and content to find out which one works best for your site. You can do all these without using any additional plugin.

If you are creating a multi-lingual website, using this theme from ElegantThemes is an excellent choice for you. With superior RTL support, the theme is already translated into 32 languages. It is also possible to translate it into your own language.

Other Genesis Features

Genesis features a superior coding standard compared to most premium WordPress themes, which is a strong selling point of the framework. As it follows all the coding best practices, Genesis can potentially enhance your website performance.

The better code quality and adherence to the best practices lead us to another Genesis feature – strong emphasis on security. Each release of the framework is tested by WordPress lead developer, Mark Jaquith.

genesis other features

Genesis uses lots of well-documented hooks throughout the website, which makes it a lot easier for the developers to customize the styles. Regardless of the child theme you are using, the hook will work on your site.

These days, most premium themes focus on offering more demo designs and more features, while they forget about basic aspects like accessibility. Genesis is a clear exception here. The framework properly follows the accessibility guidelines to make the site accessible for physically challenged visitors.

Having dedicated plugins is another notable feature of Genesis. Since the framework has a large number of users, there are lots of free and premium plugins available for Genesis. You can use these plugins to add more features to your website.

How is the Support of Divi vs Genesis teams?

Both themes come from well-established businesses, which means you can expect better than average support and customer service. Let’s find what type of support you can expect for each of these.

First of all, ElegantThemes customers have a dedicated support forum to get professional help. You can search the existing threads or create a new thread with your problem.

divi support

The in-depth documentation, video tutorials, and detailed blog posts will also help you get started and take advantage of the various theme features.

On the other hand, Genesis also has an active support forum to help customers with their problems. Besides, you can check out the tutorials and code snippets to figure out the solution yourself.

genesis support

Since Genesis has been around for such a long time, there is a large number of professional Genesis developers that can help you sort out any kind of issues with your website.

The Pros and Cons of using Divi and/or Genesis

So far, we have discussed the user interface, customization options, child themes, etc. for both themes. Now, it’s time to get more serious and find out their pros and cons.

Let’s start with Divi.

Divi Pros

  • Comes with a powerful drag-and-drop page builder,
  • Offers lots of customization options,
  • Lots of ready-made options to create the website pages without too much changes,
  • Style changes are automatically applied to all screen sizes,
  • Makes it a lot easier for the beginners to create beautiful websites.

Divi Cons

  • You can’t migrate to another theme while keeping your layout intact,
  • You need CSS knowledge to change the default structure.

Genesis Pros

  • Comes with a straightforward options panel,
  • Puts strong emphasis on security and performance,
  • Large number of high-quality child themes,
  • Professional SEO-optimized coding,
  • Uses hooks and filters to help the developers.

Genesis Cons

  • Making small style changes is not easy,
  • Lacks direct options to change basic styles like font, color, etc.,
  • You need to purchase both the framework and a child theme.

The Pricing of Divi compared to Genesis

Next, on our Divi vs Genesis, we talk pricing, something which we always have to take into consideration. Here are the pricing plans for both of these items –


There are two membership plans available to use with ElegantThemes, they are currently discounted by 10% until

ElegantThemes Pricing

  1. Yearly Plan: Priced at $89 per year, this plan includes access to Divi along with all the themes and plugins developed by Elegant Themes.
  2. Lifetime Access: For a one-time payment of $249, this plan offers unlimited access to all the Elegant Themes products for a lifetime.


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There are several options to purchase Genesis. First of all, you can purchase the framework for $59.95 and get a child theme from third-party developers.

genesisi pricing

Alternatively, you can purchase an official child theme along with the framework for $129.95.

For a one-time payment of $499.95, you can get the Pro Plus membership that includes the framework, all the existing official child themes, and the future releases.


The User Testimonials

Let’s take a minute to check out some actual reviews from the users.


"If you want a very easy to use page builder that contains lots of really useful and well-designed modules for adding a range of elements to your pages, that in some cases would otherwise require the purchase of a premium plugin to gain access to, this themes is an excellent choice." - Athemes

"... a powerful multi-purpose theme that can help you build a beautiful, professional-looking website without needing to know any code." - Colin Newcomer

"Version 3.0 is both intuitive and easy to use. Whether you like to build custom page layouts in the back-end or using the visual builder, you’ll be pleased with how well this theme gets the job done." - WP Superstars


"The WordPress themes from StudioPress are ideal for anyone who wants an extremely well-built, great-looking theme that they can easily install and have up and running on their site with as little fuss as possible." - WinningWP

"Genesis is no doubt one of the best WordPress themes. It has a fantastic design, killer child themes, premium support, and affordable price. Plus none of the above features require coding or anything, so you’re definitely in good hands." – WP Kube

"Genesis from StudioPress is a really professional and high-quality WP framework to use. It is very powerful in terms of customization. It looks professional and it doesn’t go too fancy with visuals." – 1stWebDesigner


Which One Should You Choose? Divi or Genesis

And now, the big question – which one of these should you choose for your website?

The answer is quite simple.

If you want to create a professional website with the primary focus on SEO and security, you should choose Genesis. Your website will load fast and deliver a strong overall performance. Genesis will also be an excellent choice for expert developers. Regular people might have to hire a developer or purchase a third-party plugin for customization.

On the other hand, you should choose Divi when you want to create a great-looking website with lots of customization options, but without having to mess around with code. You can use the ready-to-use layouts or use the inbuilt DiviBuilder to create unique layouts and manage their styles right from the dashboard. That makes the ElegantThemes option a suitable option for beginners or a regular individual without any coding experience.


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Final Words

As you can choosing between Divi vs Genesis, is not an easy choice. Both offer an impressive amount of features to attract different types of users. It depends on your budget, experience, and requirements to choose which one you should go with.

So, which one have you decided to use on your next website? Let me know in the comments below. And if you want any other information about either of these products, let me know that too. I will be glad to help you out.

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