Whether guest posting or pitching for coverage these blogger outreach email tips will put you on the right track

As the owner of CollectiveRay.com, I am both on the receiving and the sending side of blogger outreach emails, so here's my take and tips on doing it successfully. I receive plenty of blogger outreach emails and offers for guest posts which get deleted instantly. I've also got quite a good hit rate with my blogger outreach. By following these ten email outreach tips, you'll be breaking outside the mould, increasing your chances of success significantly.
Blogger outreach emails

1. Warm up your recipient rather than sending a cold email.

Humans are social animals. They have an inherent, instinctive mistrust of the unknown. Before you can earn trust, you need to be seen as a friend rather than a foe. This is human nature.

Blogger outreach is the same. Your cold email outreach is liking getting sweets from strangers. The recipient is wary of you.

You have to foster a relationship first. But how do you build trust? It's not as hard as you might think.

Engage with the blogger on their own channels.

Comment on their site or blog. Like and reply to their social media post, share and retweet their stuff. Interact with them. When you pitch with blogger outreach email, your name will be familiar. And you won't be the mistrusted stranger.

 warm up blogger before outreach

2. Make it all about what will be beneficial to the recipient.

You've got all to gain but nothing to lose. What benefits are you bringing to this new relationship?

As a person doing outreach to bloggers, for you, it's a numbers game. Anybody who replies and gives you a link is a win. 

The site on the other side needs to get a benefit too. It takes two to tango.

What is your blogger outreach pitch bringing to the table? Work and edits? Publishing your post? Why is your pitch worth my time?

Make sure your pitch brings benefit to the site you're pitching.

 Make your outreach beneficial to blogger

3. Do create an outreach email which is specific to the blogger.

As a high traffic site, you are not the first to make a pitch. We specifically ask for people to Write for Us, so we've seen hundreds of guest posting pitches. We've also done plenty of guest posts too, so we've had to send tens of blogger outreach emails.

So grab our attention. Pique our interest. Do you know what we are passionate about? Did you just come across the site in your keyword search and thought you'd "try your luck".

Pique their interest. Study and show that you really know and follow the blogger.

Address the blogger by their name. Do not send a generic email without addressing the person. "Hi" there is very different from "Hello David, how are you doing? How's the newly married life going?"

 Check out the interests of the blogger on twitter linkedIn

4. Do not use a blogger outreach template from your guest posting course.

Blog owners receive far too many near-identical blogger outreach emails. It gets very stale very quickly.

It even becomes funny at a point.

It also gets very unsuccessful. If all the effort you did was a copy paste from a template, then I'm sorry, but your work ethic leaves much to be desired. 

We've been in the business. We've learnt to smell guest post templates.

We've even learnt the template structure.

Break out of the blogger outreach email template. Make sure your outreach email is for me specifically, or for the blogger you're addressing the email to.

Oh look, I've seen this before. Several times. Thanks but no thank you.

Blogger outreach template  - do not use!

Blogger outreach template


Then again, some cold email templates are pure gold. Dmitry from Criminally Prolific has been hugely successful at creating very successful cold email templates, so you might want to have a look at this stuff.

5. Keep your pitch short but interesting.

Bloggers would rather read a long outreach email which clearly shows how you could benefit their site.

When your outreach email pitch keeps me interested in what you have to say - I'm going to read it. If you want to make it interesting and compelling for me, research and understand what interests me. Have a look at the articles I post, my personal Twitter account and find out whatever you can about me. If you spend all of 5 minutes doing research, you'll learn a lot of what keeps me going, and what gets my juices flowing.
Then think about how you can make your blogger outreach interesting for me.
If you're pitching something which is interesting to you rather than me - you're wasting your time. And mine. But mostly yours. I'll probably just delete your outreach email.
My eyes! They hurt!
Keep your blogger outreach interesting

6. Do make sure your spelling and grammar is spot on.

Especially if you want to guest post. Not getting your blogger outreach email spelling right, says a lot about your overall reputation and perfectionism.

Read it and proof read it. Twice. Send it to yourself and read it again.

Use Grammarly if you're not a native english speaker.

Do not send this type of blogger outreach email - it is a fail on so many levels it hurts.

Blogger Outreach email fail on multiple levels

7. Do create awesome content or offer the blogger something awesome to link to.

When asking for links through blogger outreach emails, only pitch your best content. Pitch only to sites which have shown a constant interest in the topic.

Linking to content requires means a huge endorsement of your content.
These are the levels of endorsing as I see them
Level 0: I click on a link because it roused my interest
Level 1: I bothered to read it
Level 2: I liked it on Social Media.Takes just a click, very little endorsement. Can actually like it without reading it to shut you up
Level 3: I commented on it because it intrigued me
Level 4: I shared it - I found it useful and want to make a statement with it
Level 5: I linked to it from my site or allowed you to guest post it. That's putting my recommendation to it.
As the level goes up, the endorsement goes up. Going from one level to the next is quite a leap. Linking to a piece of content is an incredible endorsement.
Your content must be incredibly useful for me to make such an endorsement of it. Don't bother with your tired, repetitive suggestions.
Only pitch your best content with outreach emails

8. Ask for feedback, not a link.

Rather than sending a link to the post you want to get linked you should ask the blogger for feedback. Send an enquiry whether they would like to see a post about their favourite topic. The link may come if the content is great.

If they don't answer you within a week - resend. Some people are busy. Or away. Or on vacation. Or your blogger outreach email ended in their spam trap. Or something. 

Use SideKick to know when they have opened the email. If they open and don't reply within half an hour, resend while it's hot. Use your judgement though.


9. Ask for their preferences, don't pitch yours.

If you are sending an outreach email asking for something from the blogger, such as a guest post, ask whether they have a preference towards specific topics first. Don't just offer to guest post about topic which interstate you only - make sure the blog will benefit the recipient too.

Remember that for you, it's always a win. 

Make sure your blogger outreach email gives something valuable to the recipient. If it doesn't, why should they act on it?

It would be nice if you asked ME, what I would prefer rather than asking me to post what you need.

blogger outreach fail

10. Save the blogger some time.

When TemplateMonster offer to guest post on my site, they prepare the guest post in full HTML. Headers, italics, links with affiliate code built in, and images ready with the correct name. I just copy, paste into my editor upload the images, save and publish. It takes me all of 5 minutes. 

Offer to do that for the person you will be submitting too. Style to what their site looks like, not what you find easiest.

Ask them what format they prefer. Google Doc? Markdown? Pure HTML? Do they prefer if you actually upload it? 

Prepare the imagery and designs which go with the content. Make sure they fit the style, or ask for guidelines.

Only include a pitch about your product where it compliments the content only. Even if it does, ask for permission to link. Website owners hate becoming unwitting banners and endorse products they are not fond of

 save some time for the blogger with your outreach
Last but not least, it's really nice if you end the email nicely. Again, the king of cold outreach email has some very great suggestions for email endings.
Do take note of the above do's and don't for your next blogger outreach email. It will drastically improve your chances for success ;-)
One more thing... Did you know that people who share useful stuff like this post look AWESOME too? ;-)
Please leave a useful comment with your thoughts, then share this on your Facebook group(s) who would find this useful and let's reap the benefits together. Thank you for sharing and being nice!

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