40 Best WordPress Blog Themes in 2024 (Tried and Tested)

Power up your new site with our selection of best WordPress blogging themes 

Want to become one of the many successful WordPress bloggers out there? Want more features than a free WordPress theme? Can’t decide which of the thousands of WordPress blog themes out there is right for you?

We can help!

This page is going to showcase 40 of the best premium WordPress blog themes available right now. Blogging themes that look amazing. Blogging themes that are easy to use. Blogging themes that deliver the features your audience expects, with a few features they might not.

Themes that can turn any blog into a professional WordPress website with the minimum of effort.

This article was last updated in June 2024 to ensure the most relevant templates for bloggers are featured. This content is as fresh as it can get!

Wordpress blog themes


WordPress for bloggers

If you have a passion for a subject, want to share your adventures, have discovered new things and want to share, a blog is the way to go. A WordPress website is your window to the world and your opportunity to have your say.

WordPress is ideal for running a personal or professional blog, running a company website, online store or anything you like. Not only is the WordPress platform free, it’s also user friendly and very straightforward to set up.

There are some seriously good themes for bloggers around for it too!

As well as themes, there are also plugins that can add features, fix issues, deliver a range of blog layouts, add security, add social media features, import complete websites with one click, make it translation ready and perform almost any task you can think of.

After you've worked hard on your blog idea, brainstormed a few good names, and finally settled on one you like, it's time to do it justice by finding an appropriate WordPress theme. Let's continue to our selection of favourite WordPress blogging templates. 

40 Best WordPress Blog Themes

We have searched everywhere to find the prettiest, smoothest, and easiest to use WordPress blog themes around. After a thorough evaluation with our team, we strongly believe that the 40 in this list represent the best that’s out there right now!

Each of these WordPress themes is fully responsive, includes a page builder or is Gutenberg block-friendly, has all necessary social media elements, is highly customizable and fully SEO optimized.

Most of them are WooCommerce-ready for monetization through an online-shop. All of them include one-click demo importers and several colour and skinning options too.

Here is the list:

  1. Divi - Fashion
  2. Astra - Lifestyle
  3. OceanWP - The Simple
  4. Hestia
  5. ElegantThemes
  6. Neve Travel Blog
  7. Recipe Blogger
  8. Jevelin
  9. Newspaper
  10. Brixton
  11. Travelista
  12. Hemlock
  13. OceanWP - Simple blog
  14. Revolution Pro
  15. Astra - Food and drink blog
  16. Soledad
  17. Sarada
  18. Uncode
  19. Neve
  20. Infinite
  21. Kalium
  22. Morning Time Pro
  23. Foodica
  24. Divi Travel Blog
  25. GoBlog
  26. Vixen
  27. Pixwell
  28. Avant
  29. TheGem
  30. Bridge
  31. Overlay
  32. Kale Pro
  33. Blossom Recipe Pro
  34. Writing
  35. Gillion
  36. CheerUp
  37. Typology
  38. Webify
  39. Sitka
  40. Johannes


Let's go through each of them one-by-one and see why each of this is a good option for WordPress bloggers.

1. Divi - Fashion

Divi Fashion

Divi Fashion is one of the many premium WordPress themes available for the Divi family.

While there are also free WordPress blog themes too out there, it’s with the premium products that websites really shine. Divi Fashion is a fresh and clean design with strong header image, bold colour, strong white fonts and a welcoming feel. If you want more inspiration you might want to check out our stunning examples of Divi theme in action.

Pages are well balanced, include a lot of white space and are designed to make any site sing.

The design may be feminine but could easily be tweaked to suit any kind of site with the minimum of effort using the built-in drag and drop page builder. It’s a great WordPress blog theme with a ton of theme options that contain all the ingredients you need for business blogs or something else.

Click here to get Divi for 10% OFF until June 2024

Read More: Divi vs Elementor - Page Builder Comparison | Divi vs Avada - who wins? (Hint: it's Divi)

2. Astra - Lifestyle

Astra Lifestyle

Astra is another strong family of WordPress themes with dozens of top quality designs, one that we've reviewed here.

They include both premium and free WordPress blog themes like Divi. The Lifestyle Starter templates stands out because of its header image, superb modern fonts, good full width layout, smooth scrolling and use of white space.

Astra also has excellent integration with most page builders or Gutenberg to make modifications easy. If you don’t like the default theme, photography, colours, fonts and page elements can be quickly moved, added or changed.

It’s an excellent blog theme to try.

And it focuses on being very very quick to load, something which is great for the User Experience.

Download Astra Now

3. OceanWP - The Simple

OceanWP The Simple

The Simple from OceanWP lives up to its name.

It’s a minimalist WordPress theme with side navigation that stands out as much for what it doesn’t have as much as for what it has. Minimalism is a powerful design philosophy that works well on the web and this theme is an example of that.

The inclusion of simple but effective fonts, a modest colour palette, simple image blocks and the option for content, parallax, photography galleries and other common WordPress site features makes this a strong contender for a business blog theme or something else entirely.

Check out OceanWP and Simply

4. Hestia


Hestia is a classic, yet modern WordPress blog theme.

It’s a modern theme with a flat material design with a bold header image, simple site navigation, full width layout, strong font and bold contrast colour. Despite looking very professional, the template is simple to set up and takes just minutes to build with the one-click demo data importer.

Hestia comes as a free WordPress blog theme and also has a premium version.

As per usual, it’s the premium that has most features. Pages can be customized to suit any subject or target market. Page elements can be added or removed, colours changed, features added and personality expressed in full.

Check out the Hestia Demo

5. Elegant Themes – Extra

ElegantThemes Extra

Extra from Elegant Themes is a magazine-style WordPress theme but is often used for news style sites, such as blogs that are frequently updated. We know this is very popular for these types of blogs/people.

They use this as their preferred template as it allows the site to cover multiple subjects without diluting the message.

Extra is a very accomplished theme from the same people who gave us Divi.

It can be customized to suit any subject, the layout can be modified to include as many categories as you need and the entire theme has been designed to be flexible and good to look at.

Two things every page needs!

Visit Elegant Themes and get 10% OFF Until June 2024&nbspOnly

6. Neve - Travel Blog

Neve Travel Blog

Travel Blog is a WordPress theme that uses Neve to great effect.

Not only does it set the scene perfectly with a strong header image and headline, but the rest of the full-width page also delivers an effective site design with strong content blocks, good use of colours, multiple layout types and the option to add extra features if desired.

Neve is a strong theme with its own editor, one-click importer, lots of page features to play around with an almost infinite opportunity to customize.

There is a free WordPress blog theme and a premium one. Each has also been designed to be easy to manage and deliver functionality without too much loading overhead.

See the Neve Travel Blogger Demo Here

7. Recipe Blogger

Recipe Blogger

Recipe Blogger from StudioPress is a simple but very effective food blog template for WordPress.

While the demo site uses food, it could easily be tweaked to suit any subject that uses images well and has a selection of post types and layout options.

The design is simple, with a mobile-friendly newspaper style, black and white with a subtle pastel colour for contrast.

These can all be changed of course but the basic site outline is a strong one.

The predefined Subscribe button in the top menu is a small but effective extra bonus.

Check out the demo

8. Jevelin


Jevelin is a best-selling multipurpose and one of the excellent options for WordPress blog themes from ThemeForest that comes with a wide range of responsive design templates.

We particularly rate the Personal Blog theme for this list as it has everything you need in a template. A great layout, strong fonts, a superb post element in the centre and the opportunity to do what you like with the theme.

Jevelin comes with the WPBakery drag and drop page builder and its own element editor. It may be an older theme, having been launched in 2016 but it is still regularly updated, with v4 released fairly recently.

Visit Jevelin and Check out the Demos

9. Newspaper


Newspaper is another magazine WordPress theme that we rate very highly.

It’s ideal for a news-style site that covers multiple subjects. The theme has a dozen or so demo themes that have different colours, looks and target audiences and can be customized to the nth degree to fit your brand.

Newspaper comes with its own editor called tagDiv. It works in a similar way to Elementor with drag and drop and simple element selection to fully customize everything on a page. Well worth checking out!

Learn More about Newspaper from tagDiv

10. Brixton


Brixton is another WordPress blog theme from ThemeForest that delivers a lot of flexibility alongside strong design.

There are multiple layout full width or boxed options that all have dark and light elements, simple navigation, strong modern fonts and effective page designs that would work on any site.

Pages for Brixton work well with content blocks and darker background to make them stand out, san serif fonts for modernity and a mixture of heritage tones and modern tones depending on what demo you view.

Learn more about Brixton

11. Travelista


Travelista is ideal for a travel blog but could also be used for anything you like.

It’s a simple yet effective WordPress theme with a traditional layout, double navigation up top, a slider and a post layout with side menu.

You can customize all these elements as you like and there are nine layouts and nine post formats you can use as well as the opportunity to customize everything on the page to fit your brand.

It’s a strong showing and well worth its place in this list of top WordPress blog themes.

Check out the Travelista Demo

12. Hemlock


Hemlock is a very stylish WordPress blog theme that reminds us of certain popular lifestyle sites.

It has a modern appeal with classic elements that add a certain style to the page. Combined with modern fonts, lots of contrasting dark and light elements and colourful imagery, this is a strong template.

Hemlock was released in 2014 but was last updated just days before writing this page. It has a cool, urban vibe that lends itself to all manner of subjects and could be tuned to suit your site perfectly with a little work.

Visit Theme Demo Now

13. OceanWP - Simple Blog

OceanWP Simple Blog

Simple Blog from OceanWP is a clean, modern WordPress blog theme that could easily be tweaked to suit any type of industry.

While the demo site is travel, it would take minimum effort to change the imagery and design to suit any type of subject.

The default layout is very crisp with lots of white space, a nice flow down the page, full width or boxed options, modern san serif fonts, a cool contrast colour, and simple navigation.

The theme comes with optional page elements if you want to do more with it.

Check out the Simple Blog Demo

14. Revolution Pro

Revolution Pro

Revolution Pro from StudioPress is another example of a top class blog theme for WordPress.

It’s a clean, minimalist theme with strong fonts, almost monochrome design with colour pops here and there, strong imagery and well-thought-out page layouts.

Revolution Pro has several demo site themes you could use or you could use the included builder.

Like all StudioPress themes, Revolution Pro uses the powerful Genesis Framework which provides a very stable, mobile-friendly platform from which to build and run a blog.

Check out the Revolution Pro Demo

15. Astra - Food and Drink Blog

Astra Food and drink blog

Food and Drink Blog from Astra is a strong showing that works amazingly well as the default setup intends or could be customized completely to suit any site.

The general layout is simple yet effective with distinct content blocks with a mildly contrasting background, strong modern fonts and lots of white space.

As this is Astra, you have a drag and drop page builder, the option of free WordPress blog themes and premium ones, many dozens of page elements, social media, different colours, layouts and customizations and anything you could conceivably need for your site.

Visit Astra Food and Drinks Blog Demo

16. Soledad


Soledad is a powerful ThemeForest template with dozens of layout options.

Video Blog is a particularly strong showing and something a little different as it’s about posting videos rather than text. There are more traditional business site layouts too, hence its place in this list of WordPress blog themes.

Layouts are modern, clean and a mixture of traditional blog, magazine and traditional full width or boxed website layouts. They can be easily tweaked to suit any subject or any brand with the included Elementor drag and drop page builder with its hundreds of elements and options.

Check out the Soledad Demo

17. Sarada


Sarada from Blossom themes is a feminine blogging theme with an informal feel.

A mixture of standard fonts and handwritten fonts, soft pastel colours, imaginative image alignment, soft buttons and calls to action all blend to create a friendly, accessible blogging theme.

Sarada uses the WordPress Live Customizer and comes with a range of design options and even a dedicated dark mode if you want to create a feeling of luxury or exclusivity.

18. Uncode


Uncode is another ThemeForest best-seller.

It’s a combination of magazine and traditional business site layout with side navigation and very strong visuals. Copy is minimal on the demo page with a simple headline and snippet under each image. It’s a strong blogging theme that could be perfect for visually-driven audiences.

Uncode uses a powerful front end editor that allows you to customize pages in real time.

It works like others in this list with drag and drop functionality and the ability to add, change or remove page elements with ease. It’s a very accessible template.

See Template Preview

19. Neve - Personal Blog

Neve Personal Blog

Neve’s Personal Blog is simple but very effective.

It’s a demo template for the Neve theme and uses traditional serif fonts for headlines to create a feeling of authority and lots of white space and san serif fonts in the content to keep things fresh and new.

The contrasting dark and light elements, strong photography, full width or boxed layouts, colourful icons and straightforward navigation means this is a very easy WordPress blog theme to look at and use, which in turn makes it incredibly accessible to your audience.

Neve, like Hestia has a free WordPress blog theme and many premium ones.

Check out the Neve Personal Blog Demo Now

20. Infinite


Infinite from Themify is a great WordPress blog theme.

Clean, crisp and simple, ideal for telling stories. The default design is a fashion site but simply changing the images means you could tweak it to suit almost any site that would work with a minimalist approach.

Themify has its own drag and drop page builder called Themify Builder.

It works in a similar way to WPBakery or Elementor and makes short work of building your pages or customizing pages from the one click demo importer. Well worth exploring if you like the look!

Learn More About Infinite

21. Kalium


Kalium is another best-seller from ThemeForest.

It is one of the few templates that literally can be anything for anyone. It’s a very flexible blogging theme with a lot to recommend it.

The blogging demo is the one we’re interested in for our WordPress blog themes.

It’s a strong, yet subtle design with grey background, black fonts and white page elements. It’s a nice design that welcomes you and almost invites you to scroll down. It has lots of customization options like any other theme too if you don’t like this design.

Check out the Kalium Demos

22. Morning Time Pro

Morning Time Pro

Morning Time Pro is another subtle WordPress template with an almost Scandi feel.

The demo site also has a grey background with white content blocks and comes with modern fonts and some subtle colour pops in buttons and subheadings that work exceptionally well for such a minor thing.

It’s a traditional blog layout here and works well with the white content block and slightly darker background. The addition of simple navigation and stylish page elements means this could be a very effective blogging theme in the right hands.

Learn more about this theme

23. Foodica


Foodica from WPZoom is a fresh site template that uses fonts exceptionally well.

There is a real mix of serif, sans serif and handwritten fonts that combine to create a friendly space all on their own. The simplicity of the design and the imagery make the page a genuine pleasure to use.

Foodica comes with several default colours and pages can be further customized with the page builder.

The theme also comes with some very effective recipe cards that would be ideal for a food blog. It’s a small thing but can make a real difference!

Check out Foodica and its Demo

24. Divi - Travel Blog

Divi Travel Blog

Travel Blog by Divi is a very powerful WordPress blog theme.

A strong header image sets the scene while distinct fonts create interest and a desire to explore. A range of different content blocks add even more interest while guiding you gently down the page and keeping everything logical and easy to navigate.

Travel Blog is a very strong showing. A mix of white and off-white backgrounds, dark modern fonts, a distinctive contrast colour and social elements make this a particularly strong theme for travel blogs or any type of blog.

Visit to see the Divi Travel Blog Layout Demo

25. GoBlog


GoBlog is a darker WordPress theme that creates almost a moody atmosphere that can be a big draw to an audience.

It’s a traditional blog layout with a small header image and then a blog post layout with sidebar. You can change this site layout if you like as you can change the colours, fonts and entire look and feel.

This combination is a good one though. It could be perfect for urban or city blogs, a travel business or blogs about premium brands. It’s a flexible blogging theme with a lot of customization options, which is why it’s on our list.

Have a look at GoBlog

26. Vixen


Vixen from ThemeForest is from the same developer that gave us Brixton which appears earlier in this list.

Vixen is an equally accomplished responsive design but with a completely different look and feel. This is more relaxed and perhaps more feminine in its appeal, although that could be easily changed.

The page is simple with image blocks and a mix of handwritten and formal fonts, contrasting white and darker backgrounds and a very subtle be effective shadow effect behind each image block.

All conspire to deliver an upscale feel that would work wonders for a blog.

See Vixen Preview

27. Pixwell


Pixwell is another superb WordPress blog theme with lots of options.

There are dozens of layouts included in the package covering all industries, layout types and interests. From magazine layouts to standard blogs, the template has everything.

Pixwell uses the Ruby Composer as its page builder which is as good as Elementor which is also included.

It supports WooCommerce and most other WordPress plugins and has been completely designed to load quickly, be highly customizable and work seamlessly on different screen sizes.

Visit the Pixwell Demo

28. Avant


Avant from Kaira is a flexible theme with both a free and a premium version.

The premium version is a combination store and blog but could be turned into a dedicated blog with minimal effort. We like it because it’s simple, attractive and pleasing to the eye.

A well-chosen colour palette in the demo works well. As do the fonts and photography. White blocks on a slightly darker background always works well and combined with the contrast colour options for the side menu, creates a very relaxed feel that will work very well for some types of blog.

Check out the details

29. TheGem


TheGem is a firm favourite of ours here at Collective Ray.

We like it for its flexibility, ease of use and sheer volume of customization options and demo themes. Those demos cover everything from corporate WordPress websites to online stores and there are more than a few that could work perfectly for a blog.

The demo we highlight in the image is Lifestyle Blog, one of several layouts that would work.

It’s a modern design with black and white elements and a strong yellow as the contrast colour. Thanks to the inclusion of the Elementor page builder, you could customize any of these templates to your heart’s content.

Learn more about this theme on Themeforest

30. Bridge


Bridge from Qode is a hugely popular WordPress theme.

That popularity is partly down to its flexibility and partly due to the fact it currently has 514 demo themes to choose from. Anyone would be hard pressed not to find one that’s a perfect match from that selection.

Bridge has 34 blog demos in the range and we like most of them. The range and variety of designs means there is something here for every type of blog.

If you don’t find the perfect match, you can use the Elementor plugin to customize it so it delivers exactly what you want in the way you want.

Check out the blog demos

31. Overlay Pro

Overlay Pro

Overlay Pro from Kaira is a very flexible WordPress theme.

The demo has store elements with a blog as a secondary consideration but you could easily switch that around. We like it for its simple, unfussy design, great use of white space, modern images and fonts and the integration with the WordPress Live Editor.

The default page can be completely customized to suit any requirement but works well in default guise.

It’s a simple page that lets the content shine, has lots of white space, straightforward layout options and the features necessary to build the page out further if required.

Check out Overlay Pro

32. Kale Pro

Kale Pro

Kale Pro is a simple but effective WordPress blog theme designed around food.

Like most of the themes we feature here, it is easy to use, can be easily tweaked to suit other niches if you like the look.

What makes Kale Pro stand out is the unique use of patterned background. It’s a simple statement but works very well. Combined with almost monochrome design with images providing the only colour, clear navigation and well-designed sidebar, this could make a superb blog!

Check out the Kale Pro Details and Demo

33. Blossom Recipe Pro

Blossom Recipe Pro

Blossom Recipe Pro is a premium food blogging theme that uses colour and photography very well indeed.

Soft tones, lots of white space, pastel dividers and subtle design elements makes this a very chic design. While the demo is food, it could be used for any type of blog with minimal effort.

The theme comes with a selection of headers, content blocks, image options, SEO tools, video blocks and other goodies. It’s a very accomplished WordPress blog theme that has a definite professional image.

Visit the Live Demo

34. Writing


Writing is a simple but very effective ThemeForest template.

We like it because it offers a selection of effective blog layouts, it loads pages quickly, uses great fonts and is designed to let the content shine. It is also very flexible and could work with any type of blog with minimal work.

Even though the design is minimalist, the package isn’t. You get lots of social options, colour options, clean typography, WordPress Live Customizer compatibility and it is RTL and Retina-ready too.

Learn More about this Personal Blogging Theme

35. Gillion


Gillion is a great WordPress blog theme. It’s an exceptionally flexible template with a selection of layouts already included.

Themes are simple but effective and are available in a range of styles from grid to masonry and everything in-between.

Gillion shines because of its 50 modular page elements, use of WPBakery drag and drop page builder, range of professional-looking WordPress themes and the ability to integrate a WooCommerce shop with the minimum of fuss. It may be last but it certainly isn’t least!

Check out the Demo

36. CheerUp


CheerUp hits the mark for being colourful, well balanced, modern and very easy to use. It’s a very fluid template with magazine layouts and traditional layouts.

Each has great balance with lots of white space, strong content blocks, simple navigation and design elements that lend themselves well to their target audience.

CheerUp has 14 demo templates that utilize different page elements. Use one of the professional-looking demos or create your own with the included WPBakery drag and drop page builder.

Click Here to Learn More

37. Typology


Typology is an interesting blogging theme for WordPress in that it concentrates almost entirely on copy rather than photography. It’s a unique take that works surprisingly well.

Typology won’t work for everyone but if you’re an author, poet or something else that specializes in words, this could be the perfect blogging theme.

It’s fast, colourful, has attractive design elements, flexible pages, is easy to use, has lots of colour options and a huge range of fonts to choose from.

Visit the Typology Demo

38. Webify


Webify is a very responsive layout.

It is very flexible and comes with demo WordPress themes that cover all designs, industries and niches, including blogging. The theme is clean, well coded and works very well both as a user and an administrator. Just a couple of reasons why this works so well.

Webify uses a live customizer to make changes and can work with many WordPress plugins including WooCommerce.

It has great typography and uses clean design and white space to great effect. Alongside strong imagery and the social features you want, this theme has it all!

Click to Learn More

39. Sitka


Sitka is another incredibly strong WordPress blog theme.

It may not have the volume of demos of some of these others but those it does have are top quality. Each exhibits great design, superb fonts, lots of features, nice balanced layouts and all the qualities your audience looks for.

The WordPress themes work seamlessly with the Gutenberg block editor, has specific custom widgets, works with WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, MailChimp for WordPress, Loco Translate, WooCommerce and others and is very easy to use.

Visit the Sitka Blog Demo

40. Johannes


Johannes is our final offering for the best WordPress blog theme.

It is a very popular theme with dozens of demo site layouts that cover most post types you can think of. Each design is modern, easy to navigate and lets the content shine. There is a lot to like about each of the demos so you may find it difficult to choose a favourite.

Johannes uses the WordPress customizer to make changes and includes lots of optional page features to build up pages as required.

The template supports most WordPress plugins, has strong image-handling tools and makes it easy to add monetization options or other features. Johannes is a great way to end the list!

Click here to see Demo


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Premium blog themes vs free WordPress themes

Did you notice we said ‘This page is going to showcase 40 of the best premium WordPress blog themes available right now’? We believe you get what you pay for.

There are lots of great looking free WordPress themes out there, so why pay for one?

We have outlined a few reasons why you should consider premium WordPress blogging themes such as the ones we've listed in this article. If you're interested in other options, we feature many free WordPress themes here on CollectiveRay.

Features - WordPress themes, like most things, use the trickle-down effect for features. What you would initially see in premium themes may eventually appear on free WordPress themes. There is usually a wait though. You may be happy to wait, but will your audience?

Updates - It is quite common for free WordPress themes to have bugs which may lead to your website becoming compromised or the theme not working properly. Premium themes will usually be regularly updated with fixes and improvements. Some premium blogging themes we know still receive updates six years after release!

Support - When things go wrong with a free WordPress theme, you’re usually on your own. You may even need to hire a WordPress developer. Premium themes will usually come with premium support, at least for the first few months so you have the backup you need to succeed.

Incidentally, if you're looking for a multipurpose WordPress theme, read our in-depth review of Avada.

A quick word on nulled scripts

During your search for WordPress themes, you may come across nulled scripts. These are copies of premium templates that have been pirated and offered for free. While it may be tempting to save yourself $50 or so on paying for a legitimate template, it really isn’t worth it.

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If you’re pouring your heart and soul into your blog, the last thing you want to do is give a hacker free access to it. If you’re building a business blog, that’s even more true. Don’t use nulled scripts. They present a significant risk to your site and can cause havoc with your SEO!

Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress Blog Themes

What is the best WordPress blog theme?

The best WordPress blog theme is the one you find easiest to use while delivering the aesthetics and features your audience expects. Divi is a definite contender for best WordPress blogging theme. It is easy to use, comes with access to dozens of high-quality templates, is translation ready, works for business or personal use, has a drag and drop page builder, and everything you need built-in.

Can I use a blogger theme in WordPress?

You can use a blogger theme in WordPress. You don’t have to though. You can use whatever design you want, with any layout, colour scheme or page features. That’s the beauty of WordPress. You can customize it however you like. As long as you bear your target audience in mind, you have total design freedom.

Which free WordPress theme is best for blogging?

Any of the themes included on this page could be the free WordPress theme best for blogging. Astra is a very strong theme with an excellent free version. It has a wide range of default templates to suit every niche and uses page builders to make short work of construction. Like Divi, Astra uses a page builder to make short work of building and customizing every part of your website.

What is a theme in a blog?

A theme in a blog is a graphical skin that lies on top of WordPress to provide attractive visuals and page features. There are hundreds of blogging themes available for all kinds of business, industries and tastes. Most themes come with a simple one-click demo important to make it easy to set up and begin right away. This page of WordPress blog themes is just a tiny fraction of what’s out there!

Is WordPress free for blogging?

Yes, WordPress is free for blogging. WordPress is free and open-source. You will need to pay for a domain name and web hosting. You can also opt to pay for one of these premium WordPress blog themes or use a free WordPress theme. Once you have these things, you can build any type of blog you like, business, photography, music or whatever!

Wrapping up our list of WordPress blog themes

The WordPress blog themes listed on this page represent some of the best out there for the money. They are all different, have a wide selection of theme options and will appeal to the widest possible target audience.

Whether you’re creating a hobby blog, photography blog or business blog, there is a theme here to suit.

Each is also easy to use, will support popular page builders, be translation ready, be fully responsive, include social media tools, have flexible page features and offer unlimited customization options.

Each blogging template is also easy to look at and see the potential in. It is for those and many other features that we built this list.

It wasn’t easy though. We tried and tested over 200 WordPress themes to come up with this list of just 40. We used a combination of our own extensive experience, customer reviews and good old user testing to refine a list of hundreds to just the ones you see here. We hope you like them!

What do you think of our list of the best WordPress blogging themes? Do you have or use another theme you think should be included? Have a free WordPress theme to suggest? Tell us your thoughts below!


About the Author
David Attard
David has been working in or around the online and digital industry for the last 21 years. He has vast experience in the software and web design industries using WordPress, Joomla and niches surrounding them. He has worked with software development agencies, international software companies, local marketing agencies and now is Head of Marketing Operations at Aphex Media - an SEO agency. As a digital consultant, his focus is on helping businesses get a competitive advantage using a combination of their website and digital platforms available today. His blend of technology expertise combined with a strong business acumen brings a competitive edge to his writings.

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