[How to] Create blog in 2 minutes - a tutorial for beginners

If you want to know how to create blog - the easiest way to do this is of course using Wordpress. Although you may think it is difficult to create blog on Wordpress - we can show you that is literally very very easy to do this - all it takes is 2 minutes literally if you use our recommended method. This is because rather than having to do it all yourself, you can just create blog with an automatic installation on a hosting server.


How to create blog

We recommend using Wordpress. If you heard of ways to create blog, you know of course Wordpress is used for all types of websites - but one of its main reasons has always been to create a a blog. 

Wordpress blog themes

Step 1: Create a SiteGround Account

We recommend SiteGround because we have use them ourselves, we find them great, and more importantly we can show you how to create blog in 2 minutes with SiteGround. You can see our full review of SiteGround here.

Step 2: How to create blog in 2 minutes

Once you've logged in to your SiteGround account - you'll need to visit your CPanel by clicking the button as shown below. Here we will show you how to create blog in Wordpress.

 How to create blog Click on cpanel

Once you are in the CPanel - you'll immediately be able to see how to create blog via the Wordpress autoinstaller. This will do all the dirty technical work for you, so you don't have to worry about creating databases, passwords, downloading source code and configuring anything. You don't need to know how to create blog yourself - all of the work will be done for you vai the autoinstaller.

how to create blog - wordpress autoinstaller


Once you click on Wordpress - you'll find yourself on the following screen - as you can see you just need to click on the Install button to create your blog.

how to create blog wordpress - install with autoinstaller


Once you click on the Install button you'll get a few options - but this tutorial on how to create blog will explain everything you need to do in detail so you don't need to worry :) You can leave all the options as they are - no need to do any changes. The first option is the Protocol - just leave it as it is as http. The second options is the domain, which you should have registered as part of your setup process.

How to create blog domain settings The second part looks more complicated but it really isn't. The only things you'll need to do are the following:


1. Change the name of the blog to what you would like the blog to be called (don't worry if you don't know - you can change this later)

2. Change the description of the blog - again don't stress too much you can change this later.

3. TAKE NOTE of the admin username and admin password. This is VERY IMPORTANT - though if you forget them we've got a way to reset your WordPress password.

4. Change the email address to a working email address which you have.

How to create blog database settings and login details


The rest of the settings are pretty straightforward, and unless you want to change the language of your blog you don't need to touch anything! We would recommend you enable the Limit Login Attempts as part of the process of how to create blog because it will make your blog more secure against people trying to guess your password.

How to create blog language advanced settings

Click Install to make the magic of creating a blog happen!

Once you do that - you'll see the below screen whilst the installation happen!

How to create blog installation in progress


And once this done - you'll see the next screen as follows - and your blog is ready. You'll get two address

1. The address of your newly created blog

2. The administration add of the created blog. You'll use the admin details we told you to take note of earlier to login as the administrator of your blog.

Next steps - install a great theme on your created blog

Now your blog is ready - but ff you want to create a blog which makes a hit though, you'll need to make sure your theme is spot on. Using a default theme, or one which is not visually appealing, or does not offer certain functionality and features for your readers will create a bit of a barrier to your readers. We've done a lot of research to find some of the best Wordpress themes you can use to power your brand new (or old ;)) Wordpress blog. 

Here are our favourites blog themes for Wordpress. Enjoy!

Brixton - Minimal Personal WordPress Blog theme ($38)

One of our favourite themes for a WP blog is Brixton - News from the City. Very trendy, very hipster - you'll love this theme with a very elegany and clean design. It is a very good choice for any personal blog, no slideshows or animations, just straight to the point with information presenation cleanly and minimally. Social media is covered with widgets as necessary! Besides the awesomeness of this Wordpress blog theme, you also get the PSD files, so that you can do any changes you want. A recent update of the theme has included font-awesome icons. The logo of the theme is also available for free for you to use in anyway you would like. Let's see some of the features Brixton offers: 

  • Brixton - Minimal personal Wordpress blog themeUNLIMITED COLOR VARIATIONS
  • Super fast loading
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Full width and boxed version
  • SEO optimized
  • Instagram Feed
  • Made for readability
  • Creative Design
  • Video, Gallery, Audio, Quote, Standard and Link Posts Templates
  • Clean and Crisp Design
  • CSS3 Features and Animations
  • Detailed written help file
  • Use your custom logo and favicon icon.
  • 7 Post Templates (Standard, video, link, gallery, audio)

Have a look at the LIVE DEMO here.


Hoarder - Responsive Wordpress blog theme ($53)

Hoarder is a grid-based theme with support for all types of content. The name "Hoarder" is a play on the style of the theme - you can hoard as many items as you want on the frontpage! Essentially, it is  whole grid of 'featured' articles - which link to the actual item itself. So you can "promote" each blog item on the frontpage, allowing your frontpage to be a whole display board of your best items. Of course it's responsive design - so you don't have to worry about the theme not looking good on different devices.Various post forms are supported so you can post on your blog video, audio, images, galleries and of course good old standard posts. It's also built on the Zilla framework, so if Zilla is your thing, you can defintely get the right fit from this Wordpress theme.

These are some of this blog theme's features

  • Hoarder - Responsive Wordpress Blog ThemeMultiple Homepage Layouts (3 Col, 2 Col + Sidebar, Blog Style)
  • Responsive Design (Optimised for iPad and iPhone)
  • Accent Color Control (via Color Picker)
  • Full Localisation Support (contains .po/.mo files)
  • 4 Custom Widgets (Twitter, Flickr, Video, Ads)
  • Post Format Support (Image, Aside, Galleries, Standard, Quote, Link, Audio, Video)
  • WordPress 3.1+ Ready (Menus & Featured Images, Post Formats)
  • Page Templates (Archives, Full Width, jQuery Contact Form)
  • Custom Admin Login Logo
  • Built on the ZillaFramework and compatible with various Zilla plugins
  • Layered PSDs for Customisation
  • Extensive Documentation

 Ready to look at the LIVE DEMO of this theme?


Hemlock - A responsive Wordpress blog theme ($38)

This is one we really really love! It is an awesome awesome template - we do believe it is quite girly and feminine and a perfect choice for a Wordpress travel or food / restaurant or lifestyle blog. The structure and layout is perfect for highlighting the "blog of t

Homelock - responsive wordpress blog themehe day" - gives a lot of prominence to whatever the author is blogging about that day. This theme is all about form, though function is obviously very well done too! This theme will make sure your blog stands above the rest - screaming modern sophistication.


Blogoma - Sweetest Simple Blog Theme ($43)

This is another theme we absolutely love! There's something about simplicity that makes it the ultimate sophistication! Whilst Hemlock above has a girly feel - Blogoma has very techy feel and is a perfect choice for something such as Tech, Gadget, Sports, Watches, Cars or other technology blog, or other manly or geeky stuff :)

Blogoma - Simple Sweetest Wordpress blog theme

Of course, the theme is very adaptable to many uses, so don't limit yourself to what we're saying and have a look at the LIVE PREVIEW right now.


John Doe's Blog - Clean & Personal WordPress Blog Theme ($48)

John Doe's Blog - just like its name is a simple, clean and modern theme for blog which is ideal for sharing your personal stories. It's of courses responsive. It's got many features which won't bloat your Wordpress installation.

The theme features 10 predefined CSS styles, 8 custom widgets, 60+ shortcodes, and 8 post formats including Standard, Aside, Gallery, Link, Image, Quote, Audio and Video.

The powerful and friendly admin panel is focused towards user-friendliness, rather than other bulky themes, where the newbie blogger might get a little bit lost. The theme is also social media ready, so you'll be able to integrate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest profiles with your website from the get go.

It also had Fontello integrated, so you've got literally over a thousand icons to choose from to use with this theme. There are also 6 blog layouts, and 15 custom page templates which you can "style" your blog pages with the essential stuff like galleries, contact us pages, filterable blogs and full width pages.

John Doe's Blog - Clean Personal Wordpress blog theme

But enough descriptions - maybe it's better to just see for yourself in the LIVE DEMO ?



Retro Portfolio - One Page Vintage WordPress Theme ($43)


The great thing about the internet is that whatever your style, you're Going to find something that fits you. So we've just mentioned technology and sophistication in our previous two spotlights. Our next Wordpress personal theme goes VINTAGE. If you love a retro style, Retro Portfolio is a one page vintage WP theme. It has just been released as a responsive theme...something which happened only quite recently!

Let's see some of the features of this theme 

Retro portfolio - One page vintage wordpress theme 


  • Fully Responsive
  • Retina integration for logo and banner
  • Can easily add, remove and rearrange sections in the homepage
  • can easily change the colour of any single section, page or blog post thanks to the introduction of a new color picker
  • Google Fonts integration
  • New icons
  • New responsive slider
  • Portfolio gallery
  • Anti-spam filter on the contact form
  • More CSS, less images
  • Completely Translatable
  • Updates Notifier
  • Detailed Documentation

Check out the live demo of Retro here


Elantra 2015 - Elegant Personal Blogging Theme ($43)

Another really neat and stylish personal blogging Wordpress theme is Elanta 2015. If you don't know how to create website, this template is simple but elegant design makes a very good choice for a personal blog, and it's powered by Bootstrap 3 - so responsiveness is built-in to the template. It is an absolutely good choice for those wanting to create a travel, hobby, cooking or fashion blog. All images are displayed via Magnific Popop Window, so they literally jump out of the (browser) window when you click them :)

It's easy to add SoundCloud songs, Vimeo/YouTube video, audio and video by WordPress Hosting Url, Quotes & Links posts, or Mosaic/Slider Gallery post. 

And with the inclusion of 600+ Google Web fonts - you're sure to create the special style just for you!
Elantra 2015 - Elegant Personal blog wordpress theme

 Why don't you check the beautiful LIVE PREVIEW here?


So what do you think of our choices? Can you make better better recommendations? Do you find this article about how to create blog useful or is there something more which we can add to this content? We'd love to help!

One more thing...

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