3 simple ways to get lots of traffic

These are simple tips to get lots of website traffic

Establishing a steady stream of users, is one thing which all websites strive for, but many simply fail to achieve. We at DART Creations want to share a small secret with you. Getting traffic is not as difficult, and as expensive as some would have you think. Read on to see how to generate great amounts of traffic, for very little cost.


1. Be genuine in trying to help people

No matter what your website is about, be sure that you will be helping someone out. Whether technically, spiritually, physiscally, educationally,entertainfully ... make sure a user who hits your website leaves your site happily. A happy user, will recommend your site ... and will visit again and again. Remember that someone who believes you are genuinely tryin to help you is more likely to spend money on your services / products than someone who has seen and heard the same hype over and over again.

2. Start your own blog

Do it now. Today, this evening, tonight ... start blogging. Blog on your website, not on a 3rd party website like blogger or wordpress. Don't give them your content, and your traffic, keep it on your site. And don't be afraid to genuinely help people who come to your site. Write tutorials on how to solve common problems based on your website's topic, tips and tricks, give out small tricks of the trade. People will love you for it, and keep visiting your site, because they will feel your real desire to help them out. Document any problems you have encounterd, and how you have solved them. People going through the same experience will thank you for your article, and then join your site, or hire you for your services ...

Again keep the first point in mind. Write content which genuinely helps people who visit your site. Trying to make a quick buck off them, will lead you to a sure failure!

3. Give out something useful for free

Everyone loves getting stuff for free. We mean really free. Not free if you spend a $100. Just visit the site, and get it for free. The more stuff you give out for free, the more traffic you will generate. Again, something useful which will genuinely help people. What this will do is generate lots of free incoming links from people who will recommend your free useful traffic. And then you can monetize your traffic ...

Ideas for free stuff:

1. Free eBook with useful information

2. Free (limited?) subscription to your website

3. Free software with limited functionality.

4. Small modules related to the fully blown software you are selling.

5. Ideas for helping out people in your industry

6. Free instructions on how to create that which you are selling. E.g. if you are selling specialized artisitic stuff, don't be afraid to share techniques on how to create what you are selling. If you are selling software modules, suggest ways on how to implement similar functionality for free. People with limited budgets will not buy now, but will come back and buy eventually because they will like you.

At the end of the day, make sure you focus on helping people out. A happy user, is a returning customer! 

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