6 Best Website Traffic Monitoring Tools (2023)

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Are you a website owner and want to monitor traffic on your website but don't know how to do it? That's where website traffic monitoring comes into play.

You've created a new website for your business and it's up and running. But how do you measure your website performance if you are attracting visitors or if users take action on your website?

Website traffic monitoring is very important for any website. If we have website traffic data with you, we can break it down and create a plan on how to improve website performance.

There are a number of web analytics tools available online that not only allow you to monitor website traffic but also help you measure the success of the various campaigns you are running for your website.


What is Website Traffic Monitoring or Web Analytics?

A web analytics tool is generally an online website traffic measurement tool or a website traffic analyzer, which records user activity on websites, such as how the user arrived on the website. website, pages visited, activities such as made a purchase, submitted a form. What is more, it also allows us to see what kind of audience we are getting such as gender, age, device, etc.

Using these tools is very simple as you just need to integrate them into the website and you can start collecting data.

You can analyze the data recorded at your end and create the marketing plan for your website.

In this blog, we will talk about the best website analytics tool that helps track website visitors. 

Best Website Traffic Monitoring Tools

1. Google Analytics

This is the most common and popular tool when it comes to web analytics. This tool is owned by Google. The best part about this tool is that you can get a lot more traffic data including various dimensions and metrics in the free version.

google analytics v4

It also has a paid version, but it's tailor-made for larger websites. When we say larger, that means for the website they have traffic in the millions per month and they want to go deeper.

For small to medium-sized websites, the free version is sufficient.

You use it to check:

  • User location such as country, city etc.
  • User source such as direct, organic, paid
  • Ecommerce Tracking to track sales, transactions and sales value.

How to integrate Google Analytics with your website?

To integrate it, you need to log into Google Analytics and register as a new website. It will provide you with a script that you need to add to each page of your website in the head section before the </head> tag.

If you are using any CMS like WordPress, Magento, etc., you can follow tutorials to implement the code such as this one.

2. Crazy Egg

Created by Neil Patel in 2005, Crazy Egg is popular for its unique features like Heat map, scroll map, Overlay and Confetti to monitor a user's activities on your website. These features are really cool and help to understand behavior, interest etc. 

It allows you to see which part of your website the user finds most interesting and which parts they are clicking on.

what is crazy egg

You can use the help of these insights and create a strategy to improve your website. Once you implement it, your site can be more interesting from the user's point of view, you will get more conversions and better user interaction.

This tool is fully paid but also offers a 30-day trial.

3. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is another web analytics tool created by Neil Patel. This tool is known for its easy implementation. This is also an amazing tool that can give you insights that can help you identify data and work with it.

Kissmetrics makes it easy to track user activity, the conversion process, and analyze the comings and goings of your website, where you are losing your potential customers, which part of the funnel is broken and many other aspects of user behaviour.

If you use marketing methods like SEO, Social, Google Ads, or whatever, you can use Kissmetrics to easily measure the best performance marketing strategy for you.

kissmetrics - product and marketing analytics

This is also a paid tool but offers a demo before opting to purchase.

4. ContentSquare (formerly ClickTale)

ContentSquare (formerly ClickTale) is a cloud-based analytics service or website traffic measurement tool that allows users to view website traffic and its size on various metrics.

You can monitor customer behavior, interactions on your website. You can also find website problems by analyzing data and improving your website design and user experience.

One of its great features is session logging which works with the help of JavaScript and client-side logging.

It is capable of capturing user interaction, their actions, clicks on any web page. It is really cool!

what is clicktale

This is also a paid tool that does not reveal its prices. You need to request a call with them to verify this.


5. Quantcast

Created in 2006 by Konrad Feldman, Quantcast is another web-based web analytics tool or traffic monitoring site, specializing in AI-powered real-time advertising, audience insights and measurements.

This tool has various data metrics that use user demographics and psychographics to track data and represent it.

This tool shows behavior reports at a scalable level so that you can develop the strategy to improve your website to get more users and conversions.

It can count the page views and unique visitors that come to your websites, and their reports are very informative.



6. StatCounter

Statcounter is one of the oldest web-based analytics tools. It was founded by Aodhan Cullen in 1999. This tool was very popular before Google Analytics was introduced to the public.

what is statcounter

But people also use it because it has some unique features.

You can check the segmented traffic data to this application, such as which browser used to visit your website. You can insert multiple filters and label them according to your needs.

The most interesting and popular feature of this is the live visitor feature where you can see live visitor information such as location, source, how they browse and much more. You can analyze this data and decide where your website needs improvement.

This tool is paid for and the price starts at just $5. You can also use 30 days as a free trial to check if it really works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Traffic Monitoring Tools

What is the best website traffic analysis tool?

There are several website traffic monitoring tools or website traffic monitors available on the web. Only a of them are popular with Google Analytics (a free product from Google) being the most popular. Apart from Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, Kissmetrics and StatCounter are the leading website traffic monitoring apps and apps web-based.

How to analyze the traffic of a website?

To monitor website traffic, Google Analytics or any other website traffic analysis tool must be configured and installed on your website. Once configured, it monitors traffic based on users' country, age, browser, to the most visited pages etc. Once you can see this data, you can analyse it and reach certain conclusions which you can then use to optimise your website.

What should I look for in website analytics?

To optimize your website based on the data you received from website analytics, you should search for sessions, page views, bounce rate, average session length, most visited pages etc. All of this data can be used to see which are the most popular topics, and which pages might need improving such that their metrics are improved. You can also look at trends over time to see which pages are getting better and which ones are getting worse. You can also add conversion events, to understand which pages are generating valuable actions. 

How do you know if a website is successful?

To analyze if your website is successful you need to search for:
1. Website traffic from various sources
2. Conversions (total)
3. Bounce rate
4. Click-through rate
5. Conversion rate, i.e. the percentage of users who convert out of the total visitors

What is Statcounter?

Statcounter is one of the oldest web-based website traffic analytics that allows marketers to measure their website traffic on different dimensions.

How to check website traffic free?

To check website traffic for free, Google Analytics is one of the best tools that allows marketers to measure website traffic. It offers a lot of good data for a free tool, though understanding the data well requires some experience.

What is the best website traffic checker?

Google Analytics is considered to be one of the best website traffic monitoring tools for checking website traffic and website traffic data. The extended functionality it offers and the vast community around it make it the best option around to check traffic.

How can you check the traffic of competitors?

To check the traffic of competitors you can use tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, UberSuggest and Alexa. Most of these services offer an estimate rather than an accurate count of traffic, but this is usually the best you can get because you can never get the exact traffic of competitors unless you have direct access to their traffic monitoring tools.

How to check the website traffic of other websites?

There are various tools on the web that help to control the traffic of competitors such as UberSuggest, SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc. These tools offer an estimate of traffic based on their organic search results, PPC ads and other data that can be used to get a pretty good guess of traffic volume.

Wrapping Up

There is a huge list of these web-based traffic analysis software.

The bottom line is that no matter what tool you are using to monitor user traffic and behavior, it is very important to promptly analyze the data you receive through them and create an action plan to implement it on the website.

Always use them in the right way to keep up with your competitors and win the business.

We hope we were able to cover every point of this blog, but if you think we missed out on any important web analytics tool or any other tool you use on your website and that we're great, let us know in the comments below.

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