The Best (and most useful) WordPress Themes you can get your hands on

WordPress themes are what make your website beautiful- or not.

If you weren't aware already, the design of your website is a key factor to whether your users trust your website or not. It's simple, a website which looks like crap means that the company has a couldn't care less attitude - surely not the impression you'd like your potential clients to get.

Beautiful websites with stunning designs, on the other hand, they implicitly convey trust to your visitor, especially the ones who have never done business with you.

When you put effort into creating a great looking website, it results will show on your bottom-line.

But how can you create a beautiful website if you are not a designer? Or how can you create a beautifully designed website without breaking the bank?

The answer is: WordPress themes.

Themes are what define the look and feel of your website.

They don't define the actual content, that's up to you to write- but the theme makes your website look beautiful. Essentially, the way it works is this. Website theme vendors such as ElegantThemes or the authors of items on Themeforest create stunning website designs using their design tools, which are then given to WordPress developers who convert those designs into a theme which is compatible with WordPress.

This, of course, is a laborious process which requires lots of time, skill and experience- making it a very expensive endeavor. In fact, creating a custom WP theme is a very expensive piece of work and very few people actually undertake this.

So how do WordPress theme companies survive? And how can you get a beautifully designed look for your WordPress website?

WordPress themes are typically developed in such a way to make them 100% customizable to the needs of your specific website.

Essentially, themes are sold at very affordable prices, typically $30 to $80 or so.

The customer who buys the theme then slaps on their logo (from a free logo maker maybe?) and imagery and voila - a brand new designed, but affordable website is born. The vendor can be profitable by reselling the theme multiple times, recouping their investment, while the website owner has a great-looking site for a few tens of dollars.

In fact, the WordPress theme niche is both lucrative and highly competitive. This is great for website owners like yourself:

  • You are spoilt for choice
  • Prices are kept very affordable¬†
  • The quality of the themes is kept high

You can also be assured that such common functionality which is used by most sites is actually built-in to the themes. These are two main types or categories of themes

  1. Multi-purpose WordPress themes
  2. Niche WordPress themes

Niche WordPress Themes

Typically, niche themes have been designed for a very specific industry. Let's say, lawyers, artists, real-estate, minimal themes, dating, social networking etc. These are all niches which have very particular requirements. For example, real-estate times might need to operate with a Real-estate plugin, while a lawyer, a photographer or other service-based niche will require a strong portfolio of clients and good testimonials.

You'll find that niche WordPress themes are very common. At CollectiveRay, we create a bunch of round-ups of niche-specific themes, so you can find the best-looking themes for your website without spending a lot of time browsing endlessly. 

Multi-purpose WordPress Themes

These themes are the ones that get very popular. You'll find that the most popular themes such as Divi, Avada, X, BeTheme and other popular themes have racked up literally hundreds of thousands of sales.

This allows the authors of the themes to keep investing and improving these themes, which is great for everybody involved. Customers keep getting more and more improvements to their themes.

Two of the more popular such themes are Avada and Divi. We've reviewed both, separately, and compared to each other.

Theme Comparisons

Besides, reviews of specific website themes, at CollectiveRay, we also compare specific popular themes. When you're at a point when you're just about to decide between two major vendors and/or themes, you'll probably do some final research to see which is best.

We've actually done the work of comparing most of the popular themes, so that you don't have to.

We've done such themes showdowns as, Divi vs Avada, Avada vs The7, Divi vs Genesis and plenty more.

WordPress Theme Roundups

A few of the most popular articles on our website are our theme roundups. Essentially, what we do here, we pickup a topic or a niche and we find the best and most popular themes in this niche. We typically feature both free WordPress themes and premium themes, so that we fit the needs of all budgets.

So far we've done, minimal, photography, shopping carts, real-estate, membership or subscription, business themes, cafe and restaurant, responsive, blogs and many more.

Stay tuned and stick around, this is one of our favourite pieces of content we love developing.



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